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Maikeru took a deep breathe. His efforts were not going to be in vain today. There was work to do. And a lot of it. He was tasked to do a string of Jobs. Quite a few of them. By some officials of Iwa. It was a…off the books string of jobs. He was tasked with stopping bandits. By any means necessary. And it wasn't just people who were from Iwa either. It was from many organizations across Suna. Many militias and help groups organized by the people. Maikeru liked Suna. It was dirty. It was dusty. It was full of crime. But it had potential. It had character. It had Strip clubs. Damn did Take love this strip clubs. And after the explosion, it became vulnerable. And in its time of vulnerability, bandits and dictators have decided to take advantage. Maikeru could finally stretch his legs too. He needed the exercise. And the Ryo. Damn straight he was getting paid. Maikeru stood with the Sand Saints, one of the factions of the Confederate Alliance, a group of organizations that allied with themselves to keep the bandits and malicious foreigners out of the Village. This time Maikeru was accompanied by a friend. Chie. She was the girl he met after going on a mission with Tenjin.

“Nice to meet you Chie.” She sat down next to him. She was blank across the face. Maikeru, feeling uncomfortable, thought of something to say. “So are you from Suna?”

“No I'm not. I've come to Suna in search of something.”

“What would that be?”
“For what?”
“I can't tell you unless you guarantee to me that you will help me find it.” She had a look in her eye. It was a look of deathly seriousness. “This is quite dire. I have to find those blueprints.” Maikeru scratched the underneath of his chin. She sounded like she needed help. But Maikeru just met her
He could be getting involved in something rather shifty. He then looked at her again
“Can you fight?”
“Yes I can. Adept at it I'd say.”
“Sk here is the deal. You help me with Suna things and I help you find what you are looking for. Deal?” She stood up. Maikeru hadn't realized how blank her face was. It was a cold look. Yet so very formal. “Deal.”

Maikeru cracked his knuckles and his neck. They had a mission. Drive away bandits. He turned to the blonde girl next to him. “You ready to kick some ass?” She huffed at his remark and took out a pair of goggles. “Encampment ahead. None of them look relatively strong accept-...huh!?”

“What what is it?”

“There is a man over there. His biceps have biceps.” She spoke in a tone that wasn't overly excited, but just a little surprised.

“It's nothing I can't handle.”

“Maikeru, he can crush you by just staring at you. Now let's go, we should go to the CA, and tell them of our findings. Be prepared for an all out battle.” After leaving the site and feeling a blow to his ego, Maikeru sped back to one of the commanders. She was tall. Very tall. Yuuko wore a robe and a hood. “Did you find anything?”
“Yes,” Chie quickly added. “We found an encampment not too far from here. Full of bandits. One particularly more powerful than the others. At least that's what it appears.” She nodded. “Are they caught off guard? Do they look like they are expecting anyone. “No. It looks like they are getting some rest and relaxation.”
“Good. We strike a full frontal assault.”
“C’mon, Chile. We should get going.” Maikeru and Chie then left Yuuko and continued to another Faction of the Alliance. The Glassed Children. He went to their leader, overseeing training of younger Shinobi. “Maikeru. You're here. And who's this?”
“This is Chile. She will be assisting me on my missions.”
“A friend of yours is a friend of mine. A smaller band of Shinobi is kidnapping children and selling them back to their guardians for money. Put a stop to it immediately. They are few in numbers and aren't relatively strong. I have too many hands on other matters and I really need you to take care of this one.”

“I'll get right on it. Where are they?”

“They base is one of the destroyed strip clubs. The big one in the red light district. Go there, take them out, and rescue those kids.” Maikeru and Chie nodded and walked off. They sped to the abandoned strip club as instructed. Maikeru remembered this place. And how Takehare would always sneak him in with the transformation technique. The building wasn't in to bad of a shape considering its surrounded by other buildings that are absolutely decimated. Chie pat Maikeru on the arm. “I'll get a survey of the place. When I can locate both hostiles and the children, we will formulate a plan and immediately take action.” She reached in her bag and picked up an orb. It was small, a metal ball with an ex carved into it. “Spying Eye Jutsu.” The eye began to float, and fly inside the building. Maikeru waited. Chie just sat there, a focused look on her face. “Got it. The kids are on the floor. And the kidnappers are just behind the door. This door. They are playing Shogi.” Maikeru put his gauntlets and wiggled his fingers. “Let's do this.”

“The best course of action would be to use your Curb Stomp Jutsu as a surprise attack.” Maikeru nodded and stood behind the door. He stomped into the ground, the ground to crumble in a straight direction. A large explosion was heard from the inside, causing dust to be seen from the windows. And brick flying. Maikeru kicked the door down, to see them all dead. They were splattered against the wall,limbs twisted, one of their faces were burnt. Chie turned towards Maikeru. “We can't let any of the kids see this.” He nodded and jet upstairs. Maikeru found five children, particular dirty and cuffed. Maikeru ran towards them. “Don't worry. I'm going to get you back to your families.” Chie ran upstairs, her face softened from her usual emotionless face. She picked up a two children while Maikeru picked up three. The jumped out of the window to avoid having them see the piles of dead men downstairs. From their they carried the children back to the encampment.

Maikeru stretched and sat down. Chie sat next to him. “Okay we got this far. Your payment has been set. Now what do you need help to find exactly? Again?”

“Blueprints to items. Technology made by my clan. The Ushinatta. They have valuable technology I wish to obtain.”
“Oh? What do you gain from these technologies.”

“That's none of your concern. All you need to know is that I completed what you wanted me to complete.” Maikeru nodded. “So where do we look first?”
“A hospital. A member of the clan  has an abundance of documents on technologies. Some medical some otherwise. It would be imperative if we could get our hands on it. Most members of the clan keeps record of their findings and technological discoveries and inventions documented and sent to the archives. The hospital is a bit of a way away. We are going to have to get there quickly, to assure the data is intact.”

“Shouldn't all of the information about this be on the archives?”

“No, we give documents on where the actual information is. Incase they were to ever die, we would have informational of where to get the information. It's like a Will, so to speak.”

“Alright. Lead the way.” Maikeru and Chie both walked to the large hospital. The size was huge. Maikeru remembered checking into the hospital a few times after either he or Takehare had gotten hurt on the hunt for Bounties. The both of them walked in. The feeling was haunting. Eerie. The sunlight beamed through the cracks of the walls. The both of them were highly on their guard. Maikeru had his Smackaroos set and ready. He didn't like the situation they were eon. Not one bit. He kept his fists up. Chie calmly walked behind him. “He was the head of this hospital. His office should be-” She was cut off from a tackle of a masked man. “MMMMM YOU SMELL SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD HAHA HAHAHA HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!” Maikeru jumped to spin around to find the masked man laughing, pinning down Chie. He ran toward him, and kicked him in his ribs. He rolled off her, but jumped back up. “I AM GOING TO PUT YOU ON MY WALL, AND PAINT THE WALL WITH YOUR JUICES!!! YAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Maikeru, wasting no time, punched him in the face. The man jerked back. Maikeru cough him and shoved him into the wall, kicking him in the gut. He punched him in the face again, cracking the mask. Maikeru lifted him up, and slammed him in the ground. The man finally was knocked out. Maikeru breathed heavy from the encounter. Chie, who had gotten up, dusted herself off. “Thank you, Maikeru.” Maikeru, still panting, nodded at her. The two walked up stairs, headed down the hall. They came across a large door at the end of the hall. Chie opened it, and walked in the desk. She shoved it over, and kicked through the floor, breaking the wood. She gathered the papers that were hidden. Blueprints. “Alright. What is it?”
She opened her bag and carefully placed them in their.”
“That's confidential Maikeru-kun.”
“So we done here?”
“Well…I was hoping you could assist me to get more of these and…”
“Hold on. I didn't promise say I'd help you find more of those.”
“I assumed if I kept assisting you, you would help me continue to search for them.”
“And what if I don't need your help huh?”
She huffed. “Then I guess we part ways…”
“Now wait a minute. I have a proposal. You join Iwa. And I can help you get the blueprints. But whatever you find has to be mass produced by Iwa too.”

She simply nodded and extended her hand. The two shook on their deal.

Taijutsu C-> B

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