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1 Nothing Matters Too on Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:13 pm



Hika wrote:Likely you're wondering how I got in this situation. I'd say it's a simple or long story, but it was not - is not. The events are complex despite what the surface of the matter might suggest. This massacre erupted in an instant, flourishing from no source any civilian or even political official could discern. Only three persons were needed to foist the world into confusion with this sudden upheaval. A Kage nowhere in sight - though the Sand seemed more than accustomed to that by now. One of its own operatives and two hailing from its supposed ally reduced the village to ash and glass.

But what am I telling you this for, eh? Seems an errand in near-comedic futility to explain things to something that's been watching the entire time.

Try and tell the others not to fuck everything up next time. 'Kay?

Gods, my head....

Gods. What....what's a god? Is it defined by the possession of that abstract thing called divinity? Or might it only have to do with the absolute power that can merit subservience equatable to worship? These streets....once bustling centers of life, now paved with shards and cinder, were the work of no god. I know I am mortal. By definition I cannot comprehend the divine. Whatever entities that wrought this wasteland are not deserving of power if they use it this way. Or perhaps I'm a naďve kid that can't comprehend their motives - even more likely, I'm so powerless to judge them that I oughtn't until I have the strength.

Sleeping in the ruins of the Sands' Domain was easier than attempting to live out of the desolation of this aftermath. It was likely the people. In uninhabited areas, thieves and those who would take everything from you for their own survival didn't exist, plain and simple. Not to mention fewer encounters that people might remember...

Hika wrote:I didn't remember at the time, as I had passed out from the heat some time earlier, on the outskirts of the village. One of them seemed to have spared me from that think that I owed my life to one of these people sickened me. Or did it give me hope? If they had let an innocent live, there could have been some glimmer of good within them, or even in their actions.

What about you? Would you have manipulated things to stop them? Were they wrong, or justified?

It wasn't pretty. The last time I'd been to the Sand in disguise I had a comfortable room, at the least. Now, the same building I deigned to stay in was collapsing in on itself. My simple linen shirt and slacks are becoming worn, close to sprouting holes. A roof is something I'm still lucky to have. It's a little over my head, really.

...oh-ho. Yes, I didn't see what I did there at first. Good catch.

Saddening, yet mind-bending at the same time. I keep trying to come up with reasons why someone would destroy an entire village without any regard - or so it seemed - for the ninja and civilians within. I'd heard a sizable amount made it out relatively unscathed thanks to the efforts of ninja present during the attack, but it did not leave me at ease. Who is so consumed with rage that the lives of those completely unaffiliated with it mean nothing? Is it self-righteousness? Or perhaps madness?

....mhmhmhm....hahahaha..... of course.

Of course it has to be one of you. You've got some twisted malcontents as your omnipotent peers, y'know that?

I'm so frustrated with how things are going I'm actually shaking, my legs pulled up against my chest so I can bury my head in the crevasse between. The verge of tears, really. This wasn't an accident. Not just the attack, but everything leading those carrying it out to act. This was made to happen. And I couldn't have been around to stop it or mitigate it in any way. Why...why can't we just leave each other alone!?

....oh, how entirely unexpected. Do you just like to mess with me?

Three figures stood at the doorway - only the light they blocked would tell. Of course, my ears were a bit inured to the raiders' toils in the background; I tried to block it out as best I could as I stayed in the side room. They'd go for the pantry first....



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The ruins of Sunagakure were a treasure trove of knowledge. Dilapidated and battered as they were, small morsels of sensitive information hid themselves well within the cracks and crevices of the wreckage, just waiting to be found by a scrupulous gaze. Within one of many basements that remained intact-- more or less-- from the destruction of the Hidden Sand did he find himself, staring at a wall covered in slight indentations that held a myriad of aged scrolls. He was apprehensive to even reach out toward one, lest the slightest current of air reduce the decrepit parchment to dust. He had used his time in the Wind Country to investigate various curiousities whose fable floated by his ear in passing. The word of an old breathing technique, akin to the mythical eight gates of legend, had caught his attention and lead to such an investigation within Sunagakure’s ruin. His search had thus far been fruitless, yet he had not given up on the hunt. He was far too stubborn.

Carefully, he plucked a scroll from its cubby and unraveled it. The parchment creaked as aged fibers unrolled, and his eyes spilled across, absorbing the contents briefly before putting it back. The process repeated several times, yet every scroll have him nothing worthwhile. But eventually his persistence did pay off; after a dozen or so scrolls had been shifted through, one in particular had caught his attention. The faded ink that stained the fiber of the parchment explained a vague concept that was well worth investigation, and thus after plucking it from its place upon the shelf, he overturned his arm and added another string to the seal formulae on the bandages wrapped around the appendage.

Takao turned and made way for the ladder that lead out of the battered basement. As his foot made contact with the third rung of the ladder, the brittle wood snapped, and he stiffly fell back down to the hard sandstone floor. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he reluctantly sat up and climbed back to his feet, staring at the defunct ladder.

“Great.” He murmured to himself, his onyx gaze rising to the closed hatch. With a frustrated huff, he quickly resigned to the idea that a peaceful exit was no longer on the menu. The tall basement ceiling was well out of reach, and the slight ember of frustration sparked within his core from the minor fall had turned quickly built up the desire for explosive release of pent-up aggression.

Takao’s head tilted back and a breath inflated his lungs. As his lungs deflated and this breath was exhaled, the chakra that built within them ejected a large burning orb of flame. The foundation rumbled and shook from the force of the collision as the flames broke through the enervated floorboards and opened the basement up to the desert heat. Takao, who had leapt through the flames and landed with a heavy thud on the freshly opened ground floor, coughed and wafted the smoke from debris and flames. As his gaze adjusted to the newfound light and he emerged from the cloud of debris, his eyes settled upon the startled visage of three figures. Each of them was identical to the other, their weathered faces twisted and contorted into cruel grimaces and snarls. In each of their stubby hands, their fingers gripped and squeezed on large pairs of shears, not unlike what one might use for gardening. But their most startling feature was by far their height, or apparently lack thereof. The trio of mirrored images boasted comically short stature, measuring in what at first glance seemed to be halfway to five feet from four.

“Woah-- the hell--” Takao said, struggling to find the right words amidst his jarred thoughts.

“I didn’t know the circus was in town.”

“Fock orf ya tall cunt, ah? Just hand over yer dosh and we won't smash ye.” One of the three barked. Takao forced out his laugh in the form of a loud snort and lifted a hand to his side, which did precious little to abate their growing ire for the shinobi.

“Oh hell, my sides!” He said, his hand lifting to wipe the slightest hint of moisture from the corner of his eye.

“What backwoods hole did you three goblins crawl out of? Do your parents know you’re out here?” Takao snorted out his retort, barely able to form words amidst his overwhelming desire to laugh.

“Hoh, now tha tall cunt is avin’ himself a giggle. Whadaya say boys? Ow’s about we learn ‘em why ye don’t fock wid’a Slumdog Slingers?” Spoke the same gnarled man as before, earning grunts of agreeance from his identical companions and a powerful, wheezing laugh from Takao. He had practically crumpled to the floor from his laughter,

“The fuckin’ Slumdog Slingers, are you kidding me? What’re you gonna do? Kick my shins? Go scuttle back to the cave you troglodytes slithered out of before I pick you up by the ankles,” Takao said, pointing toward the one in the middle that had been speaking. “And swing you around like a big flail to knock the other two out.”



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