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Searching for Lost Shoes[Private | NK | Mission] GhEc1DS

Searching for Lost Shoes[Private | NK | Mission] Y5cRJCX

Mission name: Find a lost shoe
Mission rank: D
Objective: Someone was moronic enough to lose their shoe. You are tasked to find it.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Its rather simple, just find the shoe.
Mission details: So long as you bring them something, you'll get paid. The owner is rather scatterbrained, and isn't even completely sure of what the shoe looks like, so you can easily just bring whatever you find that is in decent condition.
Word Count Requirement: 750

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Searching for Lost Shoes[Private | NK | Mission] Wm6Woa7

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For N'Jobu, it was one of those days where he wished he could just stay in bed. As he tossed and turned, the sun began to shine through his window and streak across his face. The sun kissed his face and in protest, N'Jobu wrapped himself in his sheets and rolled over for a few minutes. Realizing that he had to get up soon to head over to meet up with a shop owner who had a mission for him, he unwrapped himself from his sheets and got dressed. "Hopefully this mission turns out to be something at least somewhat exciting," he mused to himself as he headed out to the door towards the market district. As he walked he noticed just how beautiful the day was outside. The sun shone brightly and the cool summer breeze dusted across N'Jobu's face as he reached the edge of the market district. The smell of fresh bread and pastries from a local shop touched his nose and made him salivate with hunger from the delicious smell. "I should go get some pastries after this mission. That smells so good. Maybe the shop owner will give me one for free after I finish up his mission," he mused to himself.

He made his way into the shop to see the owner and get his mission. As soon as he walked in he saw an older grey haired gentleman sweeping up the pastry shop floor. "Hello sir, I'm N'Jobu. I'm here to fulfill the mission I was assigned. What do you need me to do?" N'Jobu asked of the old man. "Oh Hello N'Jobu! My name is Mr. Mayakazu. I'm in need of a bit off assistance. See here, I lost a pair of my favorite shoes! They are all red sandals in a size 10. They were so comfortable. I Would be so appreciative if you could find them for me," he pleaded to N'Jobu. "Ok, Ill take a look for you. I'm sure they are around here somewhere. Shouldn't be to difficult I suppose..." N'Jobu responded back in a bit of disappointment at the prospect of a search and rescue effort for some shoes. He didn't complain however as ryo was ryo regardless of how menial the task at hand was to be. He asked Mr. Mayakazu if he had any recollection of where he may have lost the shoes and the old man could only remember that a few places he had been recently. N'Jobu was only able to get a list of places he frequents such as the bank, the ramen shop, and the grocery store.

Without further hesitation, he turned around and walked out towards the bank to see if the sandals got left behind there. He made his way through the busy streets of the market district to get to the bank. Upon arriving, he walked through the front doors and asked one of the assistants if they had happened to come across a red pair of sandals. "Sorry kid, no one left any sandals here," the assistant replied. "Thanks..." N'Jobu murmured as he turned around and made his way towards the ramen shop. The streets were still quite full with busy shoppers, so to avoid the crowds N'Jobu hopped up upon the roof tops and began streak across them as a shortcut to the ramen shop. Within a few moments he reached the shop and did a front flip off the roof to land in front of the store. He brushed off some of the dirt which had gotten on his shoes from his landing and walked in to speak with the owner. "Hello Mr. Tsuyama, have you happened to see Mr. Mayakazu's red sandals anywhere?" N'Jobu asked inquisitively. "I did actually," he responded, "He was wearing them when he left the shop and overheard him saying he was headed towards the grocery on his way out. Hope that helps!" N'Jobu nodded his head and quickly turned around and streaked off towards the grocery store.

"Hopefully he left them here somehow..." N'Jobu muttered to himself as he made his way into the store. He went over to the shop keeper to see if the sandals were there and he was directed to lost and found bin in the back of the store. He walked over to the bin and was greeted with a bright red silhouette. As he got closer he noticed the red sandals he was looking for and grabbed them immediately. "Size 10... these are it," N'Jobu sighed in relief. He stuffed the sandals in his pockets and sprinted back off towards  pastry shop. As the smell of the pastries filled his nose once more, he burst through the shop doors and waved the red sandals in the air for Mr. Mayakazu to see. "Oh my sandals, you found them! Thank you so much! As a token of my appreciation, have a pastry! Pick any one you like," Mr. Mayakazu said with glee. N'Jobu picked out an apple turnover and waved goodbye to the shop keeper as he walked out the door. "Thank you very much for the pastry Mr. Mayakazu," he shouted. He looked down at his pastry and began to salivate.   "Well, at least I got a pastry out of it..." he snickered as he stuffed his face full of the apple turnover.

|~Exit Thread~|

TWC: 914

Mission Debrief:
Mission Status: Completed
WC: 750/750
Payment: 1 D Rank Jutsu

Reaction Time: E-1 -> E-2 (150/150)

Remaining WC: 914-750-150=14


Searching for Lost Shoes[Private | NK | Mission] Wm6Woa7

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