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1 Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Akira Nekuro

Akira Nekuro

Mission name: The Litter Bug Gang!
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Stop the gang of troublemakers from littering, and vandalizing around Konoha.
Location: Konohagakure
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: There have been multiple complaints from citizens from around the village about the Litter Bug Gang, a genin squad of Konoha. Your job Is to find, and stop three troublemaking shinobi In Konoha from causing property damage. Their crimes range from massive littering to complete vandalism for no exact reason. Be cautioned, however, these aren't children, but young men In their twenties.
Mission details: The genin are armed with the basic shinobi equipment. Three Kunai each, three explosive pouches, and one of them has a stolen rusty katana.

Name: Haizen Tenzo
Age: 26
General Appearance: Poor Looking, muscular, a scar on the right side of his face
Personality: Arrogant,unintelligent, god complex
Motivations: To be an all around nuisance, and do anything that he wants. Basically....YOLO
Fears: Fighting alone, fighting someone stronger than him, being embarrassed In front of his gang, and being arrested.
Other: He lives on the streets, sleeps In the back alleys, and can be seen around town flirting with women. He Is mildly trained In kenjutsu with his katana.

Name: Tadao Fugumi
Age: 23
General Appearance: Rough,lazy,and skinny
Personality: Follower,stupid, Impulsive, coward
Motivations: Being accepted by his gang, trying to become cool, and intimidating. Being feared.
Fears: Being alone, being kicked out of the gang because he's weak looking, getting beaten.
Other: He lives wherever he can, steals food from restaurants, and can be found begging for money on the streets when he Isn't with his gang. He Is trained mildly In ninjutsu with his katon element

Name: Jako Dakkinju
Age: 22
General Appearance: Tough looking, overly muscular, intimidating.
Personality: Knuckle head, relies on his strength, thinks he's the leader of the gang, angry when he doesn't get what he wants.
Motivations: Being the most feared thug In all of Konoha, money, being a menace to society, and showing his dominance.
Fears: Losing his gang, being arrested.
Other: Does any, and everything he wants. He carries the regular equipment, but Is surprisingly good with taijutsu that Is a conjunction for his unusual strength.

Konoha was in a particularly busy state. There was bustling and movement everywhere it were, people moving about. It seemed to be a busy day. Akira, after coming to Konoha, decided to pay his way by doing missions for the village. He hadn't summoned Akisu sense leaving Suna to come to Konoha because she “doesn't like the long journey,” so in response he summoned her away. Akira was told to wait at the water tower to be briefed on what to do next
He used the Summoning Jutsu to manifest Akisu into existence. “What do you want? I was enjoying the rest.”

“Greetings Akisu. You and I are about to partake of a mission for Konohagakure.”

“Dragging me into a mission? Really?”

“Refrain from complaining. He should be arriving soon. As a matter of fact I shouldn't have summoned you. There is no purpose for you to be summoned here.”

“You mean you summoned me just to summon me awa-”
As usual Akira summoned her off before she could finish her piece. He continued to wait for the Chuunin.

Not before long he was met with with a tall and handsome young man. “Hey what's up. Akira right? Got a mission for you. There is a gang of troublemakers going around, literally littering and doing graffiti. Put a stop to them. They call themselves the Little Bug Gang. Stupid I know. Anyway, you go on ahead and wait here for your partner. It's a Genin named N’Jobu. A member of the Aburame clan. I'm sure you see the irony. Anyway just be patient. He should be here soon. Anyway their names and what they look like are on that scroll, along with the places they like to go. Now I'm going to be off. I have my own mission to get to.” The Ninja then left. Akira used the summoning Jutsu once more.

“I REALLY freaking wish you wouldn't do that. If you are going to summon me, either keep me out or just summon me away.”

“You and I are both aware you don't have much a say in this matter. With that out of the way our mission is to take down the little Bug Gain. For you to take them down anyway. Considering you are far more powerful than I am.” Akisu blushed and crossed her arms, looking away. “So, what are we waiting for then?”

“An Aburame clan member. He's helping us with this mission.”
“Is he strong?”
“He's a Genin.”
“So no then. Gotcha.” After Akira stared silently at the nonchalant Akisu, the two waited for their companion.

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2 Re: Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:55 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

The day was quite the busy one. The village was buzzing from activity as the sweet smell of the bakery in the market district wafted through the air. N'Jobu was musing about through the Aburame clan's estate near the training grounds when a mission scroll was delivered by hawk from above. He outstretched his arm to the side to allow the hawk to land and deliver its message. The hawk landed peacefully upon his arm, N'Jobu welcoming it like an old friend. He gentle took the small scroll from the birds legs and let it fly back off to the administration building from where it came. After unfurling the scroll, he read the mission briefing to himself to familiarize himself with the task at hand. "Stop the Litter Bug Gang from vandalizing and littering throughout the village. Three suspects of genin rank. Do not kill or seriously injure, only apprehend," he read to himself in his head. "Should be easy...I'll have a partner to so should be a relatively routine job. I guess I should go off to the rendezvous point then..." he mused to himself. He furled the scroll once more and tucked it into his back pocket.

With his mission et teched into his mind, he set off towards the meeting point near the market district. The streets were busy with foot traffic moving from shop to shop throughout the market so N'Jobu figured it may be a bit easier to blend in with the crowd and sneak up on the group who would likely be causing mischief somewhere nearby. As he made his way to meet up with his supposed partner, he noticed some suspicious activity from the corner of his eye. As he walked through the crowd, he spotted three young men seemingly tagging a wall down an alleyway with graffiti. "That's probably them over there. Let me tag them and then I'll go meet up with whoever is supposed to be with me on this mission," he contemplated to himself. Inconspicuously, he released three female kikaichū to attach themselves to the suspects so they could be tracked easily later.

As he came up upon the rendezvous point, he noticed two people standing at the given location. One was a white haired male shinobi of average height and build while the other was a female with purple and white hair wearing a black dress and leggings. Neither of them had a Konohagakure head band so N'Jobu wasn't sure of their true affiliation. Given the uncertainty of the situation, N'Jobu readied his bow in his left hand just in case he needed to defend himself from the two shinobi. He approached them slowly and cautiously, releasing two female kikaichū into the ground beneath his feet and sending them over to where the two were standing to secretly attach to them so he could keep tabs on them. When he was within speaking range, he spoke up on his usual blunt tone, "You here for the mission I assume? Mission dossier only said one person would be assisting me so who are you two?" he declared to the two. Upon closer inspection of the two shinobi, he immediately realized something was off about the female standing to his right but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He figured they would likely let him know soon enough anyways, and he had an arrow ready for her should she try something suspicious.

WC: 586


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3 Re: Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:48 pm

Akira Nekuro

Akira Nekuro

"You here for the mission I assume? Mission dossier only said one person would be assisting me so who are you two?"

Akira looked at Akisu. He quickly spoke up. “Last minute changes. Anyway, we have the scroll containing who the members of the Little Bug Gang there are. First off. Haizen Tenzo. Twenty-six years old. From what we know he has a massive ego, the size of Kumo Mountains, possibly even grander than size, considering he has a god complex. Despite that, what makes him so damning of a person is that he lives on the streets and sleeps in the back alleys. AND he is quite flirtatious with the women. He wields a Katana. And he knows how to use Kenjutsu on
an intermediate level.

“Now onto Tadao Fugumi. Twenty-three he is very gaunt for his size. He is equal times foolish as he is pusillanimous. He is bit of the odd one out, and receives a considerate amount of hazing from the other two. He is skilled at using Katon ninjutsu. And I use the word skilled VERY loose.

“And lastly Jako Dakkinju. Twenty-two. He is extremely muscular, and heavily built. He thinks he is the leader of the gang, but it's not so much as leading more as bullying the other two into doing what he wants. He has a large temper. He lives wherever he can, steals food from restaurants, and can be found begging for money on the streets when he isn't with his gang. Of course he is proficient in Taijutsu, possibly better than the other members are in their own respective specializations.

“And that concludes who they are. They are separated at this point in time, and should meet up within a few hours, so I say we go after Fugumi, who is the weakest. Then we go after Tenzo, and finally Dakkinju, who we will meet at the place they are supposed to meet up. And then we will take him out while we are there. We must move quickly if we are to prevent them from getting together and getting a chance at defeating us. Fugumi should be at a restaurant right now. The Hunger Bowl. Come. The three of them ran towards the section of Konoha that was pretty well off. Not exactly luxurious, but rather not impoverished. Akira came upon the restaurant. Walking inside he looked around, skimming for anyone who fit the appearance of Fugumi. He watched a waitress bring him a platter of food. She was headed towards a bony young man, who was rubbing his hands together. “Todao Fugumi. You are coming with us.” For a moment he just stared at the three of them. Until flipping the table over at the group and ran out the window. Akisu instantly gave chase, running after him. Fugumi looked back at her, and blew fireballs in her direction. She dodged, jumped and moved, evading each one. He blew a black cloud of ash at her. She jumped over it, as it ignited into flames. She made a final push and tackled him to the ground. She held him down, and tied his wrists together. “Get off me!!! I did nothing wrong!!!”
“Shut up!” she screamed. Akira turned to N’Jobu. “Alright. One down two to go. We are off to a excellent start!”

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4 Re: Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:30 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

He waited for a response from the two shinobi standing in front of him. The male shinobi spoke up quickly, describing the three members of the gang whom they would be looking for. The first of the bunch was a shinobi named Haizen Tenzo, a flirtaious and egotistical ninja with some kenjutsu skill. The second of the bunch was Tadao Fugumi who seemed to be the punching bag of the group who used katon ninjutsu. The final member of the gang, Jako Dakkinju, was a heavy set muscular shinobi who tends to be hot headed and specializes in taijutsu. After explaining a bit about their targets, the three shinobi raced off to the The Hunger Bowl restaurant where Fugumi was supposedly at.

The resteraunt was in a decent area of Konoha which wasn't neccesarily luxurious but it wasn't poor either. The three approached the resteraunt and looked inside to see if they could find their target. They spotted the young man waiting at one of the tables, waiting for his food to be placed in front of him by the waiter. Akisu spoke up sternly to the young boy “Todao Fugumi. You are coming with us.” He stared at the three with blank confusion on his face before he flipped the table as a diversion and ducked out the window. Luckily it appeared that this was one of the young men N'Jobu had tagged before so he wasn't going to get away so easily. Akisu chased after the boy immediatly and N'Jobu followed after them quickly. The young boy turned back and blew a fireball back at his pursuiants. Akisu quickly dodged out of the way of his barrage of fireballs which was followed by a black cloud of ash. She was able to flip over the cloud as it erupted into flames cutting of Akisu from N'Jobu and Akira. After the flames subsided and the dust cleared slightly, N'Jobu heard Fugumi speak up "Get off me!!! I did nothing wrong!!!". As N'Jobu stepped through the debris from the previous attacks, He walked up to Akisu who was currently holding him down and restraining his wrists while yelling "Shut up!". She turned to N'Jobu and blurted out "Alright. One down two to go. We are off to an excellent start!".

Considering that this was indeed one of the young men N'Jobu tagged earlier, N'Jobu figured he would simply follow the trail to one of the other boys. With a bit of finesse, he jumped up to the roof and released one of his male kikaichū to track down the females he had tagged the boys with earlier. He set off leaping and flipping across the roof tops assuming the other two would be following behind. The male kikaichū led him to an alleyway where a young man was talking to a woman, who clearly didn't seem interested in his advances. N'Jobu stopped on a roof top above them, trying not to expose himself so that he could simply use his kikaichū to restrain the boy. He jumped down on a side alley way around the corner from where the boy was standing. He poked his head around the corner to get a better vantage point and began to draw his bow. In tandem he quickly formed the tiger seal and summoned his kikaichū at his feet to dig into the ground and lay a trap for the boy which would certainly startle him. N'Jobu stepped out into the alley way and spoke out, "Haizen Tenzo, you will be coming with us. We know what you and your gang have been up to. We're here to put a stop to it..." he said in an annoyed tone.

Tenzo drew his sword as the young woman ran away down the alley way in the opposite direction. "You think you can take me kid!?" Tenzo shouted back, "I'll cut you down where you stand!". "I'd like to see you won't even make it close to me..." N'Jobu replied in a confident tone. Enraged by the perceived insult, Tenzo dashed forward with his sword with a look in his eyes like he wanted to detach N'Jobu's head from his body. When he was within range, N'Jobu sprung his trap and summoned his kikaichū from the ground which swarmed up around Tenzo's legs and feet trapping him in place. Tenzo let out a shriek of terror as the black mass of kikaichū enveloped his lower body, a nightmare inducing scenario for most. "Put the sword down and I won't have to shoot you," N'Jobu propositioned to Tenzo. Tenzo shook his head in opposition as he tried to get the swarm off of him, but his efforts were futile. "Suit yourself...This is going to hurt a bit. I warned you," N'Jobu said with a smirk. He drew back his bow and fired an arrow at the boys hand, striking his hand and forcing him to drop his sword. Tenzo shook his hand in pain as N'Jobu walked over to him, unsheathing his trusted knife Bītoruhōn. He thrust the dagger out, stopping just an inch from the boys throat. "Its over," N'Jobu said in a condescending tone. N'Jobu looked around and noticed Akisu and Akira looking at him and the work he had just done. "I got this guy. Go ahead to the last of the bunch. I think I tagged him earlier with one of my bugs. Follow this one here and he should lead you both right to the target," N'Jobu said as he released a male kikaichū from his sleeve to guide the other two. "I'll catch up."

WC: 970

Chakra | Hive Count:

Chakra: 50/50
Hive: 10,000/25,000

Name: Mushi Damashi (蟲騙し - Insect Deception)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu | Aburame
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts after broken
Description: Forming the tiger seal the Aburame releases a swarm from their legs which burrow underground at a speed of 15m/s up to 25 meters away from the user in a single direction. They then swarm underground in 3 meter radius, once a target enters this radius the swarm will spring up attaching to the targets feet and legs. (Capable of restraining up to two targets) This swarm holds the target(s) in position until they break free, draining them of 5 chakra per post.Due to the nature of the beetle's absorbing chakra jutsu used by the opponent also cost an additional 5 chakra to cast or suffer a 1 rank reduction in its strength when used against them. A natural strength of C-3 or higher can break free in 2 post without the need of jutsu increasing by 2 post per tier below C-3.


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5 Re: Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:45 pm

Akira Nekuro

Akira Nekuro

After Akisu’s statement, N’Jobu began to take to the rooftops. Akira and Akisu looked at each other. “Was it something I said?” He shrugged and they both soon followed. The two stopped as soon as N’Jobu dropped to the ground. He was approaching a man. "Haizen Tenzo, you will be coming with us. We know what you and your gang have been up to. We're here to put a stop to it..."

Akira looked at Akisu. “Aren’t you going to aid him?” She shrugged. “It's not like he’s in much danger. Besides, gotta let someone do the work sometimes.” She says this while giving Akira a knowing look. "You think you can take me kid!?" Tenzo shouted back, "I'll cut you down where you stand!" "I'd like to see you won't even make it close to me..."

It wouldn’t be long before N’Jobu was able to make swift work of the criminal. "I got this guy. Go ahead to the last of the bunch. I think I tagged him earlier with one of my bugs. Follow this one here and he should lead you both right to the target," N'Jobu said as he released a male kikaichū from his sleeve to guide the other two. "I'll catch up."

Akisu and Akira nodded, and sped off after the bug. It wouldn’t be long before they found him in a back ally, pushing around people who appeared to be children. “How about you give me your money. Its to pay for protection.”
“But we don’t need protection.”
“You will need it from be if you don’t give me your money.” He chuckeled to himself, amused. Akisu jumped off the roof, her foot landing on the side of Dakkinju’s face. He fell to the ground, and the kids ran away, frighten by the sudden action. “Who the hell do you think you are, huh!!? I’ll beat you to a sticky paste.”

Akisu, lacking in the patients, spun kicked the man in his gut. She went for another one, but he grabbed her leg, and tossed her smaller frame aside. She spun in the air, and landed gracefully. “It's a bit of a shame that I don’t even need to use my blade against you.” He roared a loud roar, and charged at her, throwing strikes, that were indeed powerful, but too slow for the swift Akisu. She danced around his hits, occasionally her face getting close to his as a taunt. He starts to get more and more reckless, in his strikes, until after one final missed strike, Akisu grabbed his arm, and flipped him on his back. Akira simply sipped a cup of tea he had ready. “You think you’re hot shit?! You just wait til I-” Akisu smacked him on the head. “Do you ever stop talking. You and your gang are done. We captured the rest. They are going into custody just like you. And to be honest...really? Kids? C’mooon, you are such a lowly weekling.”  After N’jobu showed up, Akira spoke. “Our job is done here. We shall be on our way. My apologies for the rather abrupt departure, but there are some important things we must take care of. Farewell N’Jobu, it was a pleasure working with you. Tata.”

With that, Akira and Akisu sped off into the distance.
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6 Re: Bugs Everywhere! [Mission/Invite Only] on Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:43 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

After handling Tenzo and tidying up the situation at hand, N'Jobu resumed his persuit of the final member of the gang Dakkinju. N'Jobu let loose one of his male kikaichū so that he could follow the trail with his other two mission comrades. Within a few moments, he had come up upon Akisu and Akira handling the Dakkinju. He watched from the rooftop, letting the two of them handle the situation at hand. He snickered to himself as Akira toyed around with Dakkinju, taunting him into a flurry of strikes which continued to miss her. After a few moments, it appeared she grew bored with this one sided danced and threw Dakkinju onto the ground with ease. “You think you’re hot shit?! You just wait til I-” Dakkinju angrily shouted as he lay on the ground, clearly embarassed by his being dominated by a girl. Akisu then proceeded to thump him on the head and retorted “Do you ever stop talking. You and your gang are done. We captured the rest. They are going into custody just like you. And to be honest...really? Kids? C’mooon, you are such a lowly weakling,” in a condescending tone.

Figuring that their job here was done, N'Jobu hopped down from his perch and reunited with his temporary companions. Akira spoke up shortly after noticing N'Jobu dropped down from the roof, “Our job is done here. We shall be on our way. My apologies for the rather abrupt departure, but there are some important things we must take care of. Farewell N’Jobu, it was a pleasure working with you. Tata.” The pair sprinted off into the distance leaving him behind with the restrained gangster. "Well, I guess they were useful I suppose. Works for me," he thought to himself.  He signaled to the nearest law enforcement officer to whom he handed over custody of the gangster. He walked past Dakkinju, shaking his head in annoyance at all the trouble he caused for no reason.  "Well, that was easy enough. Time to head back home," he murmured to himself as he began walking back towards his home.

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TWC: 1915

Mission Debrief:
Mission Status: Completed
WC: 1500/1500
Payment: 1 C Rank Jutsu

Speed: E-0 -> E-1 (75/75)
Strength: E-0 -> E-1 (75/75)
Reaction Time: E-0 -> E-1 (75/75)
Perception: E-0 -> E-1 (75/75)
Endurance: E-0 -> E-1 (75/75)

Remaining WC: 1915 - 1500 - 75 - 75 - 75 - 75 - 75 = 40


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