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1 Miracles of Glass [Mission | Invite] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:21 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Mission name: Miracles of Glass
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Route the enemy Forces without bloodshed.
Location: Suna
Reward: 1000 Ryo + 4 EP
Mission Description: A large rebellious force has been sighted near an expansive glass monument out in the heart of the Sunagakure, they seem to have used this glass lotus as a symbol of their identity, and have crafted replicas throughout the sands. Go to one of these monuments, and begin the campaign to route these savages without bloodshed. Their passion for Suna would be an asset to us.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Arriving at one of the large Desert Loti, the ninja is to somehow make their way in to present to their leader or present to the group as a whole an argument worthy of turning the force and routing them to the side of Kumogakure. The presentation itself will take preparation and tact, learning what they want, placing marks in the crowd to work your angle and more.

Raphael and Mizuki will be leading the mission. Kumo-nin welcome.

2 Re: Miracles of Glass [Mission | Invite] on Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:55 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Mizuki was used to missions that involved patrolling or taking out troublemakers, but the A-rank she had been given surprisingly involved proper diplomacy. Interactions with a group of rebels was to be established, casually dubbed the 'Glass Lotus' by the forces of Kumogakure for the peculiar glass lotus flower they had crafted and used as their symbol. Their intentions were not known to Kumogakure but the obvious lack of desire to oppose the Kumo shinobi forces during the cleaning of Sunagakure had attracted the interest of the Raikage. Aside from wondering if that was to be considered a good thing to begin with, the idea that an interaction as this was classified as an A-rank despite not requiring one to put their life on the line gave the kunoichi a reason for worry. What was the catch?

A shinobi was to be prepared for the worst. Mizuki would not disregard that sort of wisdom. Under the white cotton shirt she'd wearing, the solid leather of her personal armour would be hiding. On top of that, white cotton robes would cover her arms and most of her torso, functioning as a second layer to hide her armour and the white skirts she was wearing. Her black hair would cascade down the robes, partially tied together in the middle with her favourite purple ribbon, and scented with jasmine flowers. The headband bearing the Kumogakure kamon would be tight around her forehead to make her affiliation clear as an honest indication she had come to speak in the name of the Raikage. Lastly, as usual, her trusted katana would be attached to her tool belt, the scabbard resting snugly against her hip and positioned so she could draw her katana at a whims notice.

Considering herself ready for the mission, Mizuki would move to meet up with the rest of her team. One of those would be Raphael, but the others, if there were others to begin with, would reveal themselves as they gathered up. Two special jounin, just in case things went south, would have to create the opportunities needed for a swift escape. Precautions despite the non-violence the mission boasted. Additional members, if there were any, would be interesting to have either as an additional pair of eyes and ears that could gauge the mood and desires of the crowd they were to meet, or as assistance when escape was necessary. Even without violence, with the mission being an A-rank, political strategies would be required.

Waiting at the gates for the team to gather, Mizuki would be watching the horizon and the slowly rising sun as a new day greeted them. Those of her team that arrived would be greeted politely with a bow and a good morning, as was typical to Mizuki's elegant behaviour.


3 Re: Miracles of Glass [Mission | Invite] on Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:10 pm



Raphael woke before the morning sun rose over the horizon, the young special jounin had a busy day ahead of him. A rebel force has formed, they call themselves the glass lotus and though there is no real information on them he was chosen along with Mizuki to lead an investigation into them as well as try to conform them to help Kumogakure in the implementation of the Raikage's plan for the land of wind.

Raphael got dressed in his normal attire of his white pants and black sleeveless shirt before putting on his anbu armor, he knew that this was to be a peaceful mission but it was better to be safe rather than sorry as even the most peaceful meetings had the potential for danger. With his armor secure the boy tied his hitai ate around his forehead and strapped the rest of his gear into their positions, his windmill shuriken on his back and his tanto in its sheath running horizontally on his belt in the back. After checking his pouches for his other various weaponry the boy threw on his all white travel cloak bearing the Kozai clan symbol on the back. His cloak would effectively hide all of his gear as well as his armor. Once the boy was satisfied that he had everything and he was ready to go the boy pulled the hood of his cloak over his head and left his tent headed for the gate of the border camp.

The desert air was still cool with a slight breeze flowing through the camp as the sun slowly began rising over the horizon in the distance. As the boy walked his thoughts trailed back upon all the things that the hidden cloud village had accomplished so far within the land of wind, all the people that they had been able to help as well as all the criminals and low lives that had been dealt with. Raphael's thoughts soon shifted to the mission at hand, the young shinobi had never really gone on a diplomatic type mission such as this before where words were more important than action as the boy usually worked assignments that involved the use of force. It would be interesting for the boy to have to use his tongue rather than his fist, he was however extremely glad he did not have to do this alone. Mizuki was the diplomat to the Raikage, so the boy had no doubt that she was more than skillful in the use of her words to reach the goal set before them. While it would be easy for the boy to just let Mizuki do all the talking, he knew that if he did not at least try then he would never improve his people skills. A trait that would be needed in the future whenever he took the reigns of leadership of his clan from his mother, something that would happen whether he wanted it or not according to the boy's mother. As the boy neared the camp gates he saw that Mizuki had already arrived at the gate and was waiting for him as well as whoever else would be joining them, the woman's raven black hair in perfect contrast to her white robes that the boy knew to be her normal attire. The boy had hoped that everyone would have already arrived but it appeared that he would have to wait on them. As he drew nearer to the raven haired kunoichi he was greeted with a good morning and bow which he would return in kind, "good morning Mizuki, I hope you have not been waiting long." After he got up next to her, Raphael would lean up against the makeshift wall that surrounded the Kumogakure encampment, as he joined the kunoichi in waiting for whoever else might show up.





What once was one of the five great villages was now a ravaged desert, with the remaining major villages having their own ideas for empty desert and lost citizens. Every village responded by setting up border camps around the desert, all with their own goal. Kumogakure's goal was simple. The leaders of the village hidden in the cloud saw the remains of Sunagakure as an opportunity to bring law and order the animals that sought to live a free life, taking them under their wing as tools for the village. To accomplish this, the village sent every shinobi that seemed like they would have some use out to help. While some volunteered, others didn't have any choice other than to follow the orders of their superiors.

Standing with the ones ordered was Zetsumei, Makoto. To her superiors throughout the village, Makoto showed immense promise. Because of her roots as a Zetsumei, a clan of practical prodigies, Makoto was one of the many sent to the Land of Wind despite only being a genin. While others would fear the wild, ravaged land, Makoto faced it bravely. She saw it as the chance to show her worth as a young kunoichi and was ready for whatever came her way.

Only a day after her arrival, Makoto was assigned to a mission. She did have some experience with missions in the past, they were all D-Rank, which was basically the same as simple everyday chores that were made for inexperienced Genin. The mission she was assigned, however, was labeled as an A-Rank. Missions of this kind were normally restricted to those of Jōnin and involved run-ins with various types of criminals, which meant it wasn't uncommon for one to die while on one. This specific mission, however, involved nothing of that nature. It was a seemingly simple mission that involved diplomacy on a large scale. A mission made for people who were trusted with diplomatic procedures. While Makoto couldn't see herself as someone of that nature, she made it clear to herself that she was on this mission as an observer, acting on nothing besides potential opportunity.

Waking up early the scheduled day, Makoto prepared for her mission. Briefing herself the night before, she was aware that she would be under two Jōnin while on this mission. While this was probably for the success of the mission, she knew that they were there as a security blanket as Makoto, even if they were unaware. For the mission, she threw on what she wore every day. A tight, long-sleeved white shirt under a black vest, paired with a red pleated plaid skirt, black pantyhose, and black-brown ankle boots. While not the attire one would recommend for the desert, it didn't seem to bother the young kunoichi. With her hair combed and her hairband in place, Makoto exited her tent.

As she approached the meeting location by the walls, Makoto was greeted by three shinobi. One was a woman not that far from Makoto's age, but far more elegant. With graceful white robes and long flowing hair, she was definitely far beyond Makoto, a kunoichi worth looking up too. The other was a blonde haired man who seemed closer to Makoto's age, who had a white cloak covering most of his body. Although mysterious, the man seemed powerful and strangely intimidating. When she approached the two, the older woman would bow as a greeting, in which Makoto would immediately return. Bowing deep, she opened her mouth to speak. "Good morning to you as well, I apologize for my tardiness. My name is Zetsumei, Makoto and I was assigned to this mission along with you both. I am rather inexperienced, so I hope I don't act as a hindrance." As she finished her introduction, she came back up from her bow, showing a face of determination and readiness.  

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J U T S U    I T E M S

Zetsume Zix


Zetsume found himself between a rock and a hard place. Repede, just learned of a possible mission that could involve working with Mizuki. Zetsume for one did not want to take the mission, but after hours of literal hounding by Repede, he caved. He was not one to bring much on missions anymore. Even his original bow passed down to him, Hishu, was not used in so long that the dust on top of it was noticeable. The main and probably only reason he did not want to partake was because it specifically stated to not cause any blood shed. Zetsume let out a long sigh as this was not his thing. The idea of being Raikage never interested him for all the politics involved. Oh how he hated conversing. By the time Zetsume was ready to leave, Repede was already too excited to stay still. The dog would run around Zetsume, nip at his feet as if saying hurry up, and would bark if he was talking too long. The thought of shooting the dog was not far from thought nor reality by this point. When Zetsume opened the door, Repede ran out running far ahead of him with eager eyes. Letting out a long sigh, he yelled to the dog which caused others within the encampment to look at him, "Do not run too far off!"

The dog did listen at all, his only reply was a half bark that was mixed with his running. Stuffing his hands into his pockets and cursing the day, he followed but in a much slower pace. Zetsume would not be that late, just a bit though. He wondered how much strong Mizuki had gotten since he had seen her. During his slight walk he could not help but to think how little he has grown recently.

Repede darted forward without much resistance. Aside from the heat, nothing seemed to slow the dog down as he made his way towards the meeting zone. Upon arrival there were faces the dog did not know but there was one he did. When his eyes landed on her, he bolted like never before to her side and rubbed his soft head against here in hopes she would show him affection. To Repede for the time being, it would be as if the other two were invisible.

Zetsume was not far behind perhaps a minute, though when he reached the meeting spot he was perplexed by the other two shinobi. He was told that they would all be members from Kumogakure and deep down he should probably feel embarrassed not to at least know one of them. One was a kunoichi, dressed with a long sleeve white shirt covered by a black vest. If it were not for the skirt, Zetsume would have wondered how she would stay cool out here. Then again, not like his short sleeve white shirt with a black jacket was much better with his black jeans. Even he was far too hot for his own comfort. The other person he did not recognize was a male that wore the anbu jacket. Zetsume was surprised by this, and also impressed. He did not particularly care for his choice of weaponry as he could not see a bow. At least he would remember them for this, even if he should have known they were in his village but then again it was not like he was living near the village to hear rumors of any sort. Zetsume took his hands out of his jacket and waved to the people. Mizuki bowed as if greeting, but Zetsume was not one to bow these days. Giving a quick glance at them all, including Repede who was off in his own world, Zetsume flashed a smile before speaking calmly, "Quite the force we have here, I'd say. Oh my name is Zetsume Zix, and that is Repede. You can just call me Zix because it is easier. Good to see you again Mizuki, you seem well and it is a pleasure to meet the both of you. I look forward to working with all of you."

His eyes flashed among his fellow shinobi. There was a sense of pride and fulfillment seeing them here all ready for missions. Zetsume's small pause in sentence was picked back up before anyone could say another, "Speaking of this mission. I noticed it states no bloodshed. That means no killing right? It would be far easier to subjugate them through fear than a promise of loyalty. For all we know they could already be working for another village and this would give them a chance to sneak people into our encampments. I for one cannot trust their word so easily. Has anyone discussed a plan or thought of one? This kind of mission is not my specialty."

He paused before saying more, he knew if he continued he would have an even worse first impression than already. Deep down though, he felt like he was right. How can we really trust these people we are recruiting.... Zetsume looked at Repede, who was finally with the conversation. It would only be a matter of time before he tried to get attention from everyone.



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Reptilian eyes stared impassively at the messager-nin, he having rapted against the tent moments prior, waiting for them to deliver the message. Few words were exchanged between the pair, mainly pleasantries, as a scroll was handed over, and taken by Daremo. The silver-haired male watched as the messenger-nin turned around, walking away from the tent, and disappearing amongst the others littered across the main base. Turning around, he walked back inside of the tent, idly twirling in the left hand.

Stopping after only a few steps inside, he eyed the light tan scroll in hand. The official seal of the Raikage binding the parchment together. The unique tinge of raiton coursing through it, letting him know that the seal was authentic, and not a fake made by someone else. Breaking the seal the contents of the scroll was revealed. Scanning over the details, Daremo gleamed the mission was a non-combative, but diplomatic one. He, along with some others, will be interacting with a group dubbed as the ‘Glass Lotus’. The name coming from the glass lotus that has become a symbol for the group. A neutral group, at least in the way that they did not oppose the advancement of the Kumo forces.

Finishing reading the contents of the scroll, a small burst of raiton chakra was used, disintegrating into a pile of ashes. With the contents of the scroll memorized, Daremo’s thoughts shifted to the particular type of mission. It had been some time since he had been on a diplomatic mission. A mission where the solution that could not be solved with brute strength and jutsus, but, needing the finesse that only words could achieve. He enjoyed these types of missions for various reasons. They allowed him to duel with others of similar or superior intelligence than him. To dance in a battle of wordplay with those who may have more experience than he had in the area. To methodically pick through each word, trying to figure out the meaning of each word, to see if the opposition motives could be discerned from them. Not only that, he had to be careful with his own words, making sure his own reasons were blatantly apparent.

Stepping away from his inner musing, Daremo slipped on a cream colored kosode. The article of clothing being followed with black hakama pants, and matching Jika-tabi footwear. A black slash was wrapped around his waist, securing the pants in place. Slipping on a cream colored haori, he made sure everything was meticulously in place. While the conversation might not be taken in a formal setting, it would do him an injustice if he did not dress his part. His hand was put into a low hanging ponytail. For the time being, his headband was wrapped around his forehead. It would most likely be removed sooner than later. The only weapons on his person were a couple of black senbons.

“Ready for this mission?”, Daremo asked his wife. Having brief her on the details of the mission while getting dress. Some time had passed since the pair did a mission with one another due to them being assigned in different areas. So, it was refreshing to get a chance of going on a mission with her again. “Once we meet up with the others, I suggest we both henged into other people. I was going to henged into a woman. Men tend to find it easier to talk to an attractive woman, and while you are extremely beautiful. This mission would go to hell if a man tried to flirt with you. For only I can do that.”, He admitted, slipping on the silver wedding. There was no denying, when it came to Kaia, the silver-haired male was territorial. It came with being a Sage. “This mission might be simple, but be wary of the words spoken. When it comes to diplomatic missions or anything like this, mother used to say ‘politicking is more dangerous than any ninja battle.’ Words have more power than any jutsu for they can make or break a nation, and have everlasting consequences.” With that been said, he waited for his wife before exiting the tent.

The trek to the meetup location was a simple affair with Daremo making idle talk with Kaia. The conversation turned to their twins, wondering what they were doing right now. Was that harassing his giant Komodo companion? Nagging the princess lizard, or were they busy spending time with their great-grandparents. Their conversation soon came to a halt upon getting closer to the gate. His yellow, reptilian eyes looked over the assembled people. Taking note of the woman in white robes, returning the bow that was given. “Sorry for being late, we were just informed about us accompanying you on this mission only moments ago.”, He spoke, apologizing for seemingly being the last to arrive. “Name’s Koyabashi Daremo. It is a pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to working with you.”, Unless asked, he did not see any reason to give out his rank. It meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It was interesting to note out of everyone there, it seemed he was the only one who was not armed in case things went south. His attire being something many would deem inappropriate for a mission of this caliber. It being something that should only be worn on formal occasions, yet, it was not. “What is the plan for the mission? Do we have any idea if they are open to talks or are we going there under an assumption that they are? They could already be working for another village, although, depending on their motives, we could offer than more than their current ally. Turning them against it. Just depends on if the alliance is worth it. “ Nothing else was said, as he waited for an answer. There were other variables to take into account, but, unless asked for his opinion, Daremo would remain silent.


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