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Mission name Forbidden Communications.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Deliver ciphers to independent groups.
Location: Any.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: When a message needs to be delivered, it requires a courier.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Groups who roam the sand that have remained unaffiliated until now have begun sharing messages between them and are hiring willing shinobi to help. Ninja will pick up and deliver unmarked scrolls from one group to another.

"You understand what you need to do right?"

The question came as a shock to the young shinobi, why would he be here if he did not know what to do. What kind of idiot was this guy that hired him, if this was the kind of brains the so called leadership that the land of wind had to look forward too then it only proved that what he was doing was for the good of the people of this wasteland. The young boy did not speak out against the man nor question his stupidity, he simply nodded in response to the question before heading out the doorway of the bandit tent. The message he was meant to deliver tucked safely away in his belt pouch, everything was going according to plan. It had taken a little less then a week for the boy to reach this point and the closer he came to his goal the faster his blood seemed to pump through him. The young shinobi had been living on an adrenaline high for the past several days since the attack on the fortress was successful, using the information he had gathered from that fortress the boy had been able to infiltrate the enemies forces as a messenger all leading up to this moment. The countless lives the boy had taken to get to where he was now was a pale comparison to the lives these low lives had taken, or would continue to take if they were left to their own devices. The boy slept easy knowing that the lives he took were of those unworthy of life, the lowest of the low life scum that haunted this land and its people. If the boy's mission was a success then it would all be worth it, he would help to bring order back into this dreadful and weary place he would be able to help shape the land of wind into ths country that he knew it could be. Since the boy's arrival back in this desert so many weeks ago he had but one goal, and that was to help the people of the land of wind get back on their feet and out from under the thumb of these degenerates into the loving embrace of law and order. The boy believed whole heartedly that the Raikage's plan was the best course of action, however at the same time he worked with the other village's to meet their goals as well. In the boy's eyes anything that the villages offered was better than what his people had now under the thumb of these idiots and criminals. His infiltration into the bandit's trust had all lead to this moment for him to finally met Tente face to face, it had not been exactly easy but so long as he got to meet with Tente then it would all be worth it.

The boy was snapped back to reality by the sound of someone approaching, looking around the young shinobi realized that he had day dreamed the entire way to his destination. The approaching man was that of a bandit guard that held a katana pointed at the boy's head, "relax, I am here to deliver a message." The boy stated as he slowly reached into his pouch pulling out the message meant for the leader of this camp. The guard reached out to grab the note, however the boy pulled it away from his grasp. "I'm sorry but I was told to deliver it to Tente and that is what I plan to do, no substitutes." The boy said as he waved his finger at the man, the man did not seem pleased by this statement however a faint voice from inside the camp seemed to ease the man and allowed the boy to pass. Walking into the camp Raphael would see a few bandits crowding around, with a man sitting on a throne of pillows. "So your the delivery boy, huh?" The man questioned once the boy stood just a few meters away from him, Raphael looked the man up and down, this man did not look like the description in the dossier that kirigakure had on the man but it was possible that the man was using a henge or it could even be that the dossier was wrong. It would not be the first time, the boys muscles tightened as he held the note up in his right hand ready to strike with his left as soon as he received the conformation that he needed. "So your Tente?" The boy asked ready to strike the moment the man said yes, unfortunately what happened next the boy had not expected. The entire camp burst into laughter at the boy's question, "your joking right? Tente is far too busy to meet with some low level messenger," the man stated with a snort. "I was told to deliver this message to Tente," the boy stated in an authoritive tone, the man did not find this as amusing as his earlier question. "Listen kid this can go one of two ways, the first is you give me that note and leave with your money and I deliver it to Tente. Or you refuse my men kill you and you get nothing and I still deliver the note to Tente. Its your choice." As the man spoke his men stepped closer to the boy, Raphael knew he would not be able to take all of them out together. The boy held both hand up into the air before tossing the note onto the ground in front of the man. "smart choice," the man stated as he motioned for the one of the men to hand him a small bag of Ryo. Raphael took the bag and left the camp he only had one choice now, he was going to have to figure out how to follow the man to Tente without him realizing he is being followed.

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Mission Completed

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