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1 Clean-up Duty [Nayoko] on Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:54 pm



Special Jounin
Mission name: Clean-up Duty.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Hunt.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4EP
Mission Description: “As we continue to battle on the front lines and break the enemy’s spirit, the groups who stand against us have begun to dissolve into raiding parties led by dangerous individuals. Konoha will not allow these rogues to pose a threat to the people of the Villages and the innocents of this land any longer.”
Mission Details: Following battles across the nation, terror groups have split into smaller units as their numbers become thinner. While smaller in number, these leftovers are far more dangerous now that they have been galvanized by the recent conflict and seek revenge against the villages by any means necessary. Players will hunt scattered groups of radicalized raiders through the sand, putting an end to their violence. Enemy groups contain an S-ranked Rogue ninja and an A-ranked rogue ninja, this master and apprentice each wield S-ranked Katanas and are capable of performing all Wind and Water library techniques (as well as Lightning for the S-rank). They are also accompanied by numerous (5-10) B and C-ranked non-ninja NPCs. Once the targets have been eliminated, this mission is concluded. “Chained” missions can be redeemed cumulatively by adding the rewards together when completed.

Mission is invite only


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