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Mission name: Greater Good.
Mission rank: S-rank.
Objective: Secure high-value targets.
Location: Any.
Reward: 2000 ryo + 5EP.
Mission Description: “Members of ANBU, high ranking shinobi, we entrust you with this missive knowing you will keep its secrets safe. The war which has escalated in Sunagakure is no coincidence or product of poor timing. Subversive elements discovered by our intelligence operatives suggests a must more deliberate plan. Seek out and capture the leaders of the resistance and bring them here, we will uncover the truth.”
Mission Details: Shinobi are tasked with seeking out and kidnapping leaders of Suna’s resistance movements and rogue groups so that they may be brought back to Konoha and properly interrogated. Targets are S-ranked shinobi NPCs with three elemental natures and all applicable library techniques. It is essential that the assigned leaders are not killed, but either captured, tricked, or otherwise convinced into captivity so they may be questioned. This can be taken as a ROOT mission by replacing the target with an S-rank Kumogakure shinobi NPC (Or A-ranked+ PC, B-ranked if they are an ANBU member) and completing the criminal mission requirements.

No Kill

drawing on my fine command of language, i said nothing.

A cool evening had befallen the dilapidated Land of Wind. Chilly winds kissed the sand like gentle strokes of a brush across canvas, gentle yet consistent enough to leave tatters of cloth in a constant state of motion as they clung to the decrepit ruins of a settlement forgotten by time. Scavengers had long since picked the remains clean, plucking away every spoil that the surface had to offer. Yet something lurked beneath the sands, boasting no value to the typical scavenger but remarkable usefulness for an entire nation’s efforts against another.

The forces of Iwagakure were active and bustling beneath the ruins of Sakuikoi, utilizing extensive tunnels carved deep into sandstone and rock to disguise their efforts against the Land of Lightning. The mesa was shaped like a crescent, with the entrance of the base on the opposite end of the thin opening that leads into the desert. The mountain surrounding it were tall and their faces brittle like shale, which made scaling its surface a toilsome task. It was an ideal location for an ambush and Takao was sure that whoever approached would realize it immediately. Acting as a secondary relay base for sensitive information on the bolstering war efforts, the constituents had done their best to hide away from prying eyes, yet they had not quite succeeded. Their location may have been leaked to one of Kumogakure’s own bases of operation by what the operatives stationed there had assumed was one of their own. This assumed Kumogakure agent spoke of a base hidden within the footholds of a mesa that hosted an old ruin. It didn’t take long for intelligence operatives to narrow down the location, and thus dispatch a force to destroy it. But both sides were being played like a fiddle.

This scenario had been his doing from the beginning. Nearly a week of planning and manipulation had lead to the culmination of his efforts. He had impersonated an Iwagakure shinobi and spearheaded the construction of the base within the strategic bottleneck. Thus, he had set the stage to reveal its very location to Kumogakure, and lure out whatever shinobi they deemed capable of dealing with the base. Any shinobi that they deemed capable of eradicating the base had a chance of possessing the small nuggets of information he sought. Even if he didn’t succeed in his attempts and Kumogakure succeeded in destroying the relay base, Takao would still benefit from Iwagakure’s loss of resource and manpower.

Takao lingered within the darkness of a shallow cavern in the surface of the mesa; the low sun had cast a shroud of long shadows over the mountain face, cloaking the many small caverns and dips in the brittle stone. The black cloak draped over his shoulders aided in the effort of remaining unseen and unheard, whilst his armour-clad torso jammed low end sensory techniques that might have searched for a trace of chakra. Aibāningu had been flickering on and off in strategically calculated intervals, scanning the horizon for approaching shinobi. The reflective tint of his mask kept the shimmering glow of his smoldering gaze from prying eyes, ensuring that his own manner of sensory did not give off his position. The night would shroud the vast deserts of Kaze no Kuni before long, and the warm glow of evening would fade into the cool tones of twilight. It would benefit him more for his prospective targets to appear after the sun had set, but he was prepared regardless. One last check of the blade housed on his arm and a quick visual inventory of his shinobi equipment marked the reassurance of his preparedness, thus the only thing left to do was wait.



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