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Event Mission B-Rank:
Mission name: Breaking in a Nation
Mission rank: B-rank.
Objective: Enact Justice on the Known Criminals
Location: Suna
Reward: 500 Ryo + 3 EP
Mission Description: Nations are built on the backs of order, however order in its inception is not something easily accepted by the chaotic masses. Many seem to be resisting our rule over the city. Don’t just break their bodies, break their spirits to ensure it doesn’t happen again...
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Ninja accepting this mission are tasked with taking public action to put down criminal or resisting elements within the city in such a manner to dissuade future aggression against Kumogakure’s rule over the area. Within the city there are known to be pockets of violent resistance that have been attempting to build riots of civilians as well as preachers on soap boxes calling for people to resist. Thieves taking weapons and food and more…

Find them, and prevent it from occurring again.

There had been rumors of resisting members within the city trying to persuade others to join their cause. Due to these rumors, it has given others the faith to fight against his village's rule. Though these rumors soon caught wind to Zetsume who then personally volunteered for this mission. For one such as he, how could he stand and tolerate such heresy. They dare steal from his village weakening it even just a little was far unacceptable and to hear it has gone this far is almost an embarrassment. When he got the green light to use any means necessary to prevent others from thinking of trying to do this, a sinister but true smile warped the corners of his mouth ever so slightly. Every so once in awhile, he was able to let loose and focus his hatred towards viable targets. Here, they seemed ever so plenty. When he was accepting the mission, he was told another would come with him. Luckily for him it was another member from his village. This worked in his favor as usually he could attempt to murder them and justify it in the end. Without others to see, who would really know?

Zetsumei, Makoto, ah the one from the diplomatic mission, he thought while moving towards the meeting destination for the three which would include Repede who was always by Zetsume's side. Repede was already in a good mood, so attempting to get attention from another was quite likely. The dog moved around almost as if greeting others while he walked. Zetsume and Repede were never out of eye distance though as they moved. It seems it would just be them, which means they would be trying to urge him to start teaching others. The last thing he wanted to be was a sensei considering he has shot more than not. So in response, they usually assigned him with lower ranks so he ends up teaching anyways. He could not help but to wonder if this was a mistake on their part considering the mission. Zetsume knew when he found indisputable proof, that the end result would not be pretty. They wished for him to make an example of this, and that he shall and then some. Hopefully he would not bring the wrong impression upon his ally. Would not be the first time he has done that, although, he has not thought of that situation in awhile.

Zetsume leaned on the wall's within the city. His village had a small part in all this bloodshed, and they needed to hold it with an iron fist in times like these. Any resistance could fuel another and so on and before long it becomes a formidable force. Zetsume rubbed his scar that resided alongside his face that was usually covered up by his brown hair. So many years had passed and it was still so noticeable. He wondered if it would ever go away or not. Repede was laying down mostly with just his head up looking around. Even Zetsume was unsure of this spot, but if he were to get attacked then it would only speed up this process by a lot. He did not think he would get so lucky for that. For now he would just have to keep alerted and wait for his partner. When his ally arrives he will great with the usual half smile alongside wave. Hopefully she would not bow to him, that would be weird for him. Then again, others bow to superiors which is something he never liked. Even with others in his village, he had a sense of worry about everyone that could not go away. As much as he wanted to protect them and bring honor to them, he wondered if any were traitors. Oh how he hated traitors.



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