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1 Turf Wars [Nova] on Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:51 am



Mission name: Turf Wars
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Pick a side, kick some ass.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4 EP.
Mission Description: Lessen conflict by resolving some through victory.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: The desert is covered in warring groups who will gladly hire shinobi regardless of their affiliation (or lack thereof) to aid them in whatever conflict they currently find themselves in. Specifics of the involved parties are up to the writers but the opposing force will be lead by an A-ranked Senju clan member with all Ninjutsu, Doton, Suiton and Mokuton library techniques, along with at least fifteen B-ranked non-ninja. Alternatively, this mission can be done in opposition to another Player Character who would be able to take it who has sided with the opposite force; if it is, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission.

Invite only


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2 Re: Turf Wars [Nova] on Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:13 am



Verdandi responded to an emergency broadcast on her radio. Konoha-nin were requesting support from allied forced on a specific base nearby Dandi's current location. Without much thought and seeing how she was fully in battle mode already as of late, Dandi gave the coded sign to accept the request leaving her current battle tag as confirmation. Once that was done. She tried to coordinate herself with the given info's of the supposed location and the map in her palm. Having been here for months by now, Verd had a very good sense of the outlines of these lands especially the ones surrounding the border camps. It would take a while for her to get there. Dandi jumped on the back of her polar bear pet and let him do most of the work carrying her there like a good boy. The bear was growing thick and strong. But he still needed the occasional infuse of Verdandi's Hyouton chakra, seeing how he wasn't really doing well without sun protection. A thin layer of ice gently started to glisten on his fur and made up for most of the heat. Verd also adorned herself in a layer of icy fun. Got to keep yourself cool and easy as a foreigner here. Her palms tightly locked on her pet's fur as he quickly jumped up the dunes and playfully slid them down again, surfing over the sand as if he was born to do so. Verd enjoyed the fact that he was starting to really like this place.

Once they arrived at the camp. Verdandi would see how the incoming forces of mercenaries and bandits were clashing at the outer rim of konoha's defences. Walls were being torn down. Watchtowers set ablaze and several village-nin were losing it to the radical forces trying to openly push them back. The civilians of the Konoha camp were luckily still far behind, away from all the misery at the front. But seeing how their own soldiers were having a tough time fighting the enemy they were constantly begging Konoha HQ and allies alike to send reinforcements. Especially since it seemed more like the merc's were on an advantage in numbers and gear. Verdandi quickly pushed her thighs into Avalanche's hips. The bear could smell battle. The blood at the horizon was getting the monstrosity all riled up. Verdandi's eyes started to glisten in deep cyan blue. Hyouton chakra was amassing inside her and she was ready to jump the fuck down on the whole lot of those merc's and show them the joy of being massively impaled on frost pillars. As Avalanche reached the frontlines he came from the side and tackled his way through the enemies like cavalry would. Lower ranked men would be crushed beneath his weight, his paws crawling past their face, his frontal body clashing with multiple heads, limbs and breaking or rather just, fracturing bones alike simply by passing by them like the living tank that he was. Seeing the first commander ahead he would ram him head on. Smashing his body to the next best wall and crushing his rib cage.

Verdandi used the momentum of Avalanche coming to a sudden stop to jump off her pet. Knowing well he could fend for himself and also retreat if his wounds started to become of annoyance to him. The bear bit his jaw into the leader's neck and ripped a large portion of flesh out before screaming a loud roar at them men surrounding them. Fear striking into the heart of the troops. The idea of being ripped to pieces alike the captain was not really a fun thought. Meanwhile Verdandi jumped from head to head and from helmet to helmet to stay above the enemy forces. Avoiding any swords that tried to cut her legs and spears that aimed for her body. Until she could jump at one of the half-torn-down watchtowers to gain some height. Without much thought she exhaled her Hyouton chakra into the ground. Forming the hand seals necessary to raise the earth below and let the water supplies from deep beneath the sand reach up onto the surface. Once arriving there up to three spears would break past the sand surface and bury themselves past the troops, easily wounding a dozen enemies and impaling a weak soldier on one of them. His spiked body a reminder to the troops that Verd the Impaler had arrived. Time to put people on sticks that didn't want to listen.


Chakra 315 / 350:

A Yuki Clansmen has to sacrifice 20 Chakra points in Suna to keep their body temperature at a comfortable level.

Name: Hyōton: Kōri no Yari ~ Ice Release: Ice Spears
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Hyouton
Range: Close (0-5m), Far (5-10m)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 3
Description: By molding Hyouton chakra into a nearby water source, the user is able to freeze and mold the water into stalagmites of ice. They can be used various ways, whether it is to serve as a defensive barrier to keep opponents or their jutsu away, or a very quick attack, aiming to impale an unsuspecting target (1 inch). Advanced users of this tech can form the stalagmites from the water vapor in the air. The size of the stalagmite depends on the amount of water used to create it. These spears take one attack of equal rank to break, and two of a lower rank. While it's nothing severe, multiple wounds of this level would cause one to eventually bleed out. If a spear is broken, the jutsu goes to cooldown. In addition, when this jutsu comes into contact with water, it will begin to freeze the water. This effect is not instantaneous, but it will happen over a course of three posts. Up to 3 spears can be created at one time.

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3 Re: Turf Wars [Nova] on Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:39 pm

Nova Makato


Special Jounin
A battle was brewing, and though Nova herself had no skin in the battle she was being driven stir-crazy from the lack of progression in this bizarre state of Ninja politics. Through the ground, Doku Tsuki could sense the vibration of dozens of footsteps treading across the dunes and toward a Konoha encampment. As most were, this encampment was placed against a dune in attempts to provide cover in case of danger along with the barriered perimeter that encircled the easily dismantlement tents and shelters. Though it was impossible to interpret the intention of the forces just from there presence, that flicker of rage at those who try to have a hand in the fate of this fallen land would burn brighter, emboldened even more by the urgings in her mind whispered by Sasori. Nova sat with her legs draped over the side of her puppets cushioned interior, trying to make a final decision on whether she should involve herself in this minor battle. Across this violence ridden land, how many of these fights were completely irrelevant to the issues at hand? Nova would wonder inwardly what exactly the commands these men had, both those defending the camp as well as those that approached. Over the edge of the Dune, the latter would burst into not only her own vision but that of the guards of the camp as well. Squinting and using her hand to shade her eyes, Nova would try to look closer upon that group that advanced. They bore no village symbol on their clothes, not even one that was scratched out. Perhaps they were residents of Suna before its fall. Left here in the desert with no place to go and working to keep others out of what little they possessed themselves. Perhaps, thought they were more than likely considers bandits and theives and the scum of the earth, they were no criminal at all. Merely those with a similar goal as Nova's own; to reclaim what ought to belong to them.

With a heavy sigh, Nova would lay flat within the puppet and close the lid over her. Fingers dancing to a silent tune, emerald threads would spin themselves from the chakra that ran in her veins and out of the ends of those well manicured fingertips. Not even giving the jutsu time to fully weave itself, her other hand would dart out to catch the thread that extended outwards and rotated it as if to roll it. As though It might never end, that thread would wind together with itself over and over as it would slowly form what appeared to be a ball of yarn of glowing threads. Those threads that trailed from her fingers would stop, breaking away and leaving that glowing orb alone floating inches away from her hand. Pressing forward into the wood of the puppet, the orb would sink into the structure like water dropletts into parched dirt. From the sand the scorpion construct would slowly rise, sand streaming down between the spines from where it had settled against the earth. As though it were a statue that had come to life, the joints seemed to creak for a moment as they refamiliarized themselves with movement.

As Doku Tsuki rose above the sand, Nova would look through that tinted window in the front of the puppet to plan a course of action. In addition to the men nearing the edge of the encampment, a more peculiar vision would emerge over the edge of that steep dune behind them. For a moment, Nova wondered if perhaps her eyes deceived her or the heat had finally gotten to her mind. Shaking her head and blinking away confusion, Nova would see that it was in face a large white bear sliding down the dunes as though it were merely gliding across ice. Perhaps under different circumstances this would have left her with some amusement, but even with a complete lack of knowledge on bears and their species she was nearly certain that the person who rode upon its back to be a ninja. Even from here, a headband was visible though the symbol etched on it was not. Brow furrowing, Nova realized that she too must make her approach. Those those village-less invaders looked more than competent in battle, the danger a shinobi presented to those without such abilities was immense, and Nova would not let them be slain as if they did not matter. Doku Tsuki would begin to burrow into the earth, tunneling several meters below the surface of the camp and attempting to position itself beneath the camp itself.

Now at the edge of the camp, those who sought to invade it would begin by pulling down the temporary buildings and fences in place, their attempts to do so met with the resistance of those Konoha nin who resided here. Here beneath the earth, Nova swore she could not only feel through Doku Tsuki but could hear the thudding of massive paws against the sand as what she could only assume was the bear would approach the battle as well. Though she had tunneled beneath the camp in quick time, she waited for a moment as she noticed the bear barrel into battle as though it were nothing.  Those soldiers who stood against it were dwarfed by its size and strength, and several met the business end of its massive paw and were flung to the ground with injuries that would nearly disable them. The bear would near a wall, to which Nova assumed would cause it to stop. Rather, the bear charged into it, pinning a poor man between itself and the structure and crushing his ribcage with a sickening echo of breaking bone. As that would cause the massive beast to stop in its tracks, its rider would fade from Nova's tremorsense for a moment as they would leap from its back. Flickers of them would make their position trackable, as they appeared jump from body to body using helmets as stepping stones. While the bear would hold its own, it's rider would begin its own attack; doing something that cause the moisture in the earth rise upwards as Nova was able to feel. What would happen next would cause even Nova's eyes to widen, from those pools of water that had risen to the surface beneath the feet of the men giant spines of ice would stab upwards. Though several were wounded, one young man would breathe no more as he was suspended on the spike as his blood oozed down and stained those icy spears red.

Red would tint her vision, the loss of life here was unnecessary. Why was this encampment even here other than to cause bloodshed? Towards that figure that had cast that icy jutsu, Nova would fire a projectile of her own. Through the earth it would tunnel to her from where Nova lurked only twenty meters beneath the earth. When it would meet the surface, all would go quiet from the battle around as an explosion of earth and fire would erupt and spew forth from the center. Following the missle upwards, Doku Tsuki would emerge from a tunnel beneath the earth twenty meters away from where that figure had once stood, on the opposite side of them from where those icy spike stood from the earth. Doku Tsuki's bladed tail would sway overhead, ready to strike.

1244 WC


5 chakra
Name: Puppet Technique (Kugutsu no Jutsu ~ 傀儡の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Use of this technique on puppets is only available to those with the Kugutsu specialty. However, people without skill in Puppetry can still generate chakra strings to control weapons they have the specializations to wield, within 30m. This consists of whipping them around like a flail or yo-yo, or controlling their path of travel when thrown. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by any D rank technique that causes blunt force, cutting, or piercing damage.

20 chakra
Name: Puppeteer Clique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 60m
Specialty: Kugutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Double the Maintained Duration
Description: Nova separates a few kugutsu string from an already active jutsu and condenses them into a small orb of chakra threads that float, emanating the users selected color chakra. These yarn-ball like orbs   can, on their own, move at about 5mp/s. On contact with a puppet, owned by the jutsu's user, that would require strings they absorb through the body and float within the puppet. The threads that make up the orb extend to make contact with the puppet, and behave as if they are being controlled by the jutsu's user.
The jutsu can not move outside of a 60m radius of the user or will disperse, leaving the puppet out of the users control. A stipulation of this justu is puppets controlled with this technique must be structurally able to move etc in order to do so, as they have no external force controlling them or holding them up.

Items used:

Name:Dorirumisairu(drill missle)
Type Of Weapon:Puppet ammunition
Elemental Alignment:Doton/Katon
Ability/Function:This ammunition is made specifically for Doku Tsuki and its unique ability to go underground. A metal cylinder has a “drill” attachment on the front of it that allows it to be shot from underground and still travel at the speed and range that the cannon its shot from dictates. The drill portion is able to pierce 2 inches into flesh, and after impact with flesh the projectile itself will combust. The elementally charged projectile will explode, sending chunks of earth flying in a 20 meter radius around it forcefully enough to break bone upon impact. In addition, the katon combustion itself can cause major 3rd degree burns within a 15 meter radius.
Appearance: Though the projectile itself is somewhat small, the drill on the front gives it a heft to pick up. When fired the drill starts and guides the projectile in a straight line, able to pass through earth and rock.
History: more weapons!!!

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4 Re: Turf Wars [Nova] on Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:09 am



Verdandi watched as the calamity she casted upon her enemies would unfoil. Claiming wounds and moving the enemy troops to a smaller retreat. While the majority of attackers had drawn back behind a certain line of self defense. Verd shortly blinked back to watch how the Konoha troops pushed the remaining three soldiers at the frontline together. Avalanche would step forward in front of them. The first daring to move forward and raise his blade would feel the large bears claws meet the incoming tool of men, before projecting his own body weight forwards. Pinning the man to thee ground and pushing his palm onto their until they would let go off their weapon. The beasts roar would be directed at the remaining two troopers while the Konoha-nin would gently poke their blades into the backs of the soldiers. Urging them to drop their weapons. Between a large monster and blades at their neck, the two of them would follow suit, their weapons quickly removed and the men in question made to kneel at the mercy of the Konoha soldiers. Verdandi was almost compelled to smile as she realized that her entrance had the effect she was hoping for, the advancing enemy troops now staying at large at a certain safety distance. The field of ice spikes in between and three soldiers caught to be at konoha's mercy. However, as much as Verd would have wanted this to be the quick and easy turning point of the battle. She would have to face the bitter truth now in a sheer reminder of her mortality.

The fences and walls that the intruders had attacked were thoroughly damaged. The watchtowers were broken. The entrance to the camp wide open. The number of defenders left to fight this battle for Konoha weren't much anymore and seemingly despite being at advantage now, it came all down to the new weaponized human of the yuki clan and her 'adorable' pet that had turned the tides of this battle. To Verdandi's positive feel, the number of attackers had their toll as well. However even with the ice princess and the bear, the battle would certainly not be considered to be over just yet. A second attack of the invaders could become to have a devastating result.

The approaching danger from below by far escaped Verdandi's sharp perception. She had vision that could even make out concealed weaponry and tools but sadly none which was able to pierce her vision into the sand below. At best, rumbles of the scorpion's movement might be able to be felt. But if so, the yuki clan would probably mistake them for something else than an incoming enemy. As the missile launched from its point of origin, supposedly around twenty meters in distance, unexpectedly from the ground. Verdandi was quick to react and raised her hands to exhale a thick wall of suiton water that would shield herself and the nearby troops from the projectile. It's impact causing a massive elemental explosion of fire and earth chunks. Verd had never seen a projectile do that much of an impact before and was left with wide open, staring eyes gazing as the water seemed to actually have a hard time to swallow all the chunks and fire blazing over it's surface. Verdandi checked once more just to be sure that her konoha budds were alright.

The sudden attack followed, by a large demonic looking scorpion. Raising itself from the depths below. Donning a deadly looking tail above itself. Whilst Verdandi was usually the type to just rush into heated battle, trusting ultimately into her superior movements, this whole situation, especially the nearby death greeting her, would quickly put her into a more passive mindset. She raised her palm and signalled her troops to stand back. Eventually the whole battlefield had come to a halt. Verdandi dropped from the crumbling watchtower she had used as a place to oversee the battlefield. Slowly stepping in front of her men and Avalanche catching up with her.

Sending her little monster to face this weird creature head-on seemed a bad idea. However, Verd would point a bit to the side. Ava would brush his furry head to her palm and licked it before he slowly trotted off into the supposed direction. Still staying at clear distance. However, Verd also pointed for some of her soldiers to move with her bear. Verdandi's eyes would scan the horizon before her. Any further motion would be seen. Projectiles could be avoided if they remained to be shot at such distance or further and defense's could be raised now if needed. For as how long the scorpion would remain still, Verdandi would allow her eyes to glow. Her fingers to cast a water, wind and snow seal each. Exhaling a water gush from her lips that would dissolve and raise to the heaven. The heavens above the battlefield would turn grey and then furthermore black. The clouds would thicken and to what many of the sunaan forces could not believe. Upon the call of Verdandi's wish, a few rain drops would start to fall upon the sand. The water would moisten and dampen the sand upon which all of us would stand. Until the second part of the technique. The wind would start to blow. For now, it would remain a simple gush of wind. But one would realize that this was picking up in speed over time. The fuuton chakra would blow through the clouds and something even more confusing would happen.

Snow would drop from the heavens above. The raindrops having turned to flakes. Tons of them. Hundreds. Thousands would fall. The wind would start to howl. The heavens seemingly angry that someone came here to dare and oppose the Mistress of the frost. Verdandi was excited. Adrenaline shot through her veins. Hyouton chakra starting to raise within her. The sand starting to become muddy all over the place. Suiton would flow into the depths of it. Verdandi was mischievous however. Under the guise of it being solely born from the snowfall. Verd would concentrate some of her chakra into the water that formed inside the sand. Preparing herself to make use of the suiton and hyouton elements spreading within the sand.

1050 / 1810

Chakra 270 / 350:

Yuki Clan Heat Protection is active.
Ice Release: Ice Spears -> 3 posts cooldown.

Name: Water Release: Water Encampment Wall (Suiton: Suijinheki)
Canon/Custom: Library
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 6 meter radius around the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: This defensive technique creates a wall of water around the user, in a 6 meter radius. Enemy attacks can be intercepted intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth when the technique is first activated, but whatever it blocks against will count towards its total defensive capabilities. The water is blown out in the form of a semi-circle around the user, and is raised in the form of a massive water wall . The wall's strength can over come two techniques of equal rank, three of a rank lower and one of a rank higher. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained while defending, one can easily perform another technique, which is a great advantage. The wall can also be formed from a pre-existing water source. Water created from this technique remains on the battlefield for an additional two posts and can be used as a source of water for other techniques.

Using A-Rank Chakra.

Name: Ice Release: Snowflakes
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-A
Type: Supplementary
Element: Ice
Range: long (5-40 m)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 6 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The simple act of making it snow. The user shoots a jet of water and a gush of wind into a nearby cloud. Under the use of ice element chakra, the clouds will be forced to start releasing snow immediately. Different levels of chakra and skill have different effects on the techniques potential area of effect and generated wind power within.

D-Rank: Casual Snowfall, 2cm snow/post, 5m radius, 25 km/h wind speed
C-Rank: Harsh Snowfall, 3cm snow/post, 10m radius, 50 km/h wind speed
B-Rank: Snowstorm, 5cm snow/post, 20m radius, 100 km/h wind speed
A-Rank: Avalanche, 8cm snow/post, 40m radius, 150 km/h wind speed

It is to be noted that Verdandi is preparing suiton chakra for a potential water based technique. This chakra will not be wasted if she decides not to cast the technique by next post.


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