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1 Rapid Response [Takao] on Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:40 am



Mission name: Rapid Response.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Protect relief efforts from enraged wildlife.
Location: Suna Excavation Site.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4 EP
Mission Description: Increased shinobi and military presence has disturbed local subterranean creatures, deal with them.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Monstrous creatures have been coming from beneath the sand at night, killing and destroying throughout the ruins which threaten excavation and extraction efforts. Shinobi have been called to respond in the dead of night to a large scale disturbance at a supplies storage camp. There are a large number (20 or more) B-ranked creatures which will call upon a much larger Gigantic creature after being attacked for too long, the Gigantic creature has A-ranked stats but its blows are easily able to crush human bones and it possesses a Fire affinity and all Fire library techniques. The exact wildlife encountered may be determined by the writer.


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2 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:03 am



It was night, in the middle of the desert. A caravan was passing the dunes. Their guide had reiteratively begged the men to stop at the oasis, set up a camp. The talk about desert monsters that were claiming lives within these lands were more than just a folklore to scare young kids. But only Sunaan men and women would really fear those tales. Village-nin that travelled her far from overseas would not listen, call the guide a crazy man and make fun of him. It would ultimately be of the guides satisfaction if he knew that he would end up being right in warning them. But it sadly would be of no use to the dead. He should have honed his own warnings. Take supplies and set up camp alone in the oasis. Maybe he would have survived like that. Maybe he would have escaped the wrath of the sand demons. A title so many had given them already. But no one could either believe it or live long enough to tell the tales in deeper detail. Those who might, were called crazy. Verdandi would find herself at a local market. Buying fruit and munching on some rather juicy weird mixtures between pineapple and peaches. Peachapples? She didn't know. She had encountered those things with Mizuki before and was certain they alone already were the work of the devil considering how they mixed sweetness with healthy hydration. But she had not come here for messing around with fruits.

Verdandi was here solely for the purpose of obtaining intel on the Sand Demons. Artists would draw images of dragons slowly raising from the sand. Others would draw images of horses. Then dragon on horses? Then men riding dragons with horse legs. Verdandi was confused. Whatever those creatures were, they certainly were ugly in ways only a mother could love them. But while she was making this joke, Verd knew, those monsters had a mother and god forbid if she was alive and out there as well. If the young demons alone could wreck humans to shreds. She wouldn't want to find out what an adult of them could do. Verdandi sat next to an olde Sunaan telling scary stories how these horsemen come at night. Raise from the sand and clash into anything daring to step on their territory. Eating animals and men alike, flesh to them. Nutrition's for the beasts. Seemingly not picky with their food. Verd would listen to the various folklore he added into the mix. Stories of heroes that once managed to capture one of those sand horses. Riding them into battle as they would reap havok on all of suna's enemies. The idea that an extremist might have found the origins of these tales and was trying to revive the legends in order to drive away the evil intruders from the sands, was creeping up Verdandi's neck. Wouldn't be the first time some fanatic used mythic creatures to feast upon the weak humans in their realm.

Verdandi wouldn't bother too much with details about the folklore. She only wished for this mission to come for a quick and easy conclusion. But she felt like she would end up missing out on a crucial detail if she didn't at least try to listen to the mans stories about the sand dragons. Once she had all info's gathered. Verdandi went to examine the storage facility that was last attacked. Using her bear pet to ride into the desert, past the dunes, feeling a bite more secure doing this during daytime. She would probe the area for various signs over what might have happened here. There were no corpses left behind. But one of the caravan guides was meeting Verdandi here. He would ride on his horse and might have looked like one of those nasty creatures from afar. His words were harsh. Telling Verdandi that it might be better for her to get lost and not dare to pull the rage of the desert demons onto her. Verd ignored the warnings. She was here to assess and remove the potential thread. It was only by the time she examined the various claw marks on the supply buildings that she realized that she alone would never be able to deal with that kind of enemy if it really came in the dozens as it was implied. Verdandi's raven would be sent to HQ. Requesting for backup to the supply location. However, Verd wasn't finished with her examination.

She could make out quickly that all the caravan remains were somehow spiralling down to a central point not far away from Verd in the desert. The caravan guide would turn more and more displeased the closer Verd came to the centre of the spiral. Until at last. Her suspicions would prove themselves come true. Verdandi, covered in her Hyouton layers. Clinging to her polar bear. Would turn around as she could see the sand dunes slowly opening themselves up as if a maw of an insanely large creature had just spread its lips. From its bowels, a monstrosity neither horse nor dragon appeared. Three of them for a start. As they began to circle the horseman, the sunaan guide. Obviously hungry for more… human flesh.



Paying 20 Chakra to keep a Yuki Clan cool

Sand Demons:


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3 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:07 am




Unlike their prior encounter, Takao’s presence was one of personal interest. He held a childlike interest in the fauna of the various countries, each one boasting a vastly different biome and subsequently vastly different creatures to roam them. Konohagakure and the forests and mountains throughout the Fire Country hosted a myriad of different animals, from massive bugs bigger than he, to bears and deer that reached well beyond what one might consider being twice the size of their average counterparts. The creatures that went bump in Sunagakure’s night, however, had entirely eluded him, much to his chagrin. He was interested to see what sort of monstrosities lurked beneath the blighted sands, yet fortune had not blessed his wish. Until tonight.

By sheer chance as he traversed the cool crisis-ridden countryside, Takao had encountered beasts of mythical descript. Perverted hybrids of features native to other animals, all combined in a truly demonic amalgamation tore across the sands, easily several times larger than himself. Their bodies seemed laden with armour and weapons; large, muscular legs with bladed paws, whip-like tails, and heads that boasted spikes that could easily skewer him through all added to the growing threat. Before his battle with them began, Takao had opted for the use of a defensive technique that had become a staple of his in the desert. For a place teeming with violence and danger, it seemed only natural that a strong defense was paramount to one’s survival.

Two of them had burst from the sands below and attacked prior to his armour being erected. He had managed to do so before they encroached upon his position on the dune, and withstood the full brunt force of one’s tackle with his own might. The second of the duo struck whilst Takao was preoccupied and sent the scale-clad shinobi tumbling across the sands, although the damage dealt was negligible thanks to the draconic armour covering his skin. Takao wobbled back to his feet, briefly jarred by the force of the strike, just in time to see the first that he had intercepted upon him again. A powerful swipe from the tail connected with his chest just under the ribcage and thrown him into the sands once more, this time tumbling down the dune in which he had perched himself prior to the fight. Each almost-successful attempt to regain his footing as he stumbled down the dune had failed, and the onslaught of attacks at the hands of the two quadrupedal sand demons left him hard-pressed to react. Eventually, he would reach the bottom of the dune, and immediately reclaimed his balance just in time for the pair of demonic assailants to crash into the ground where he had been standing just an instant prior.

As the sand settled around their clash, the shrill whir of wind slicing through air grew above them. Their plated heads whipped upward, just in time to witness the glow of a bright blue ball of spinning chakra bearing down upon them. Winding blades rapidly orbited the spiraling sphere as it flew, slicing through the air in its path until the dense ball collided with the back of one of the creatures. The sands shook beneath its feet as the sphere collided with the monster’s back, and the blades of wind sliced clean through its body whilst the secondary detonation blew the two halves in different directions. Takao, whose descent had placed him above the remaining creature, spun his body a full one-hundred eighty degrees just prior to making contact. His right leg swung out like a guillotine and slammed into the neck of the creature, dislocating several vertebrae before slamming it into the ground, leaving it partially twitching from the severed spinal column.

The distant rumble of commotion caught his attention. More of them, he assumed. Nothing in particular drove him onward but sheer, unabashed curiousity. His boots carried him in the direction of the commotion, and his glowing eyes that pierced the darkness set upon the infernal visage of three more creatures not unlike that of which he had just culled. His scaled mouth curled into a wicked smile as he glanced down from his perch upon the dune, still above ground-level where the three creatures circled. The distinct crackle and pop of Burning Ambition began to burn at his back, forming flames that intensified into jets in a second. As Takao leaped down the dunes and slid along the sandy surface, the jets grew hotter and more intense, and he was propelled along the sands, creating plumes of fire and sand in his wake.

Takao reached the base in record time and went beyond that still, encroaching upon the trio of the demonic amalgamations in mere seconds. The raven-haired shinobi leaped into the air and utilized a secondary set of jets to shoot himself forward. Both feet collided square with the ribcage of one of the creatures and left the bones shattered, whilst the creature itself tumbled along the sands while whining in animalistic pain. Takao spun himself in the air before he fell utilizing jets of flame produced from his hands and landed on his feet. His attention fell upon Verdandi, and the smile on his face persisted slightly.

Princess! We can’t keep running into each other like this, people are gonna start to talk.” His ghoulish voice said, coy words accentuated by that familiar shit-eating grin.



CHAKRA: 410/450

Techniques Used:
Name: Dragon Art: Body of Scales (Ryūdō: Sukēru no bodi ~ スケールのボディ)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: n/a
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration
Description: Body of Scales is a technique that requires three hand seals (Tiger → Rat → Dragon). Upon completion, the user bleeds chakra from their tenketsu, which harden in layers over the user's skin. This hardened chakra takes on the appearance of jet black scales, and cover the entirety of the user's body within a single post. The user sustains additional changes to their body as well: their ears are elongated, their eyes lose their pupil and iris and instead glow white, and their mouths glow a similar white while their teeth become sharp. These changes are cosmetic and serve no purpose beyond the aesthetic of the technique. These layers of scales are heavy, reducing the user's speed by -2 tiers. However, in return they grant superior protection, and allow the user to withstand up to two S-Rank, three A-Rank, and four B-Rank techniques, as well as an indefinite number of techniques of C-Rank and below.
Name: Fire Release: Burning Ambition (Katon: Atsuho Hōfu ~ 火遁・熱歩抱負)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary-Offensive
Element: Fire Release
Range: User
Specialty: Ninjutsu-Taijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration
Description: Fire Release: Burning Ambition is a fire release technique that heavily augments the user's mobility using high-speed ejection of high pressure fire akin to jet propulsion, allowing them to move at speeds up to an additional +30m/s of their maximum burst speed. These jets can manifest anywhere on the user, allowing them to quickly dodge attacks or rapidly maneuver themselves within a 3d space as opposed to 2d. When used to climb vertically, the user is only capable of reaching heights of 30 meters above the ground before the propulsion becomes unstable and too difficult to control. This is not sustained flight, however, as it only occurs in bursts. It can also be used to quickly increase the speed of a strike depending on where the jets are manifested. Although not the intended purpose of the technique, the plumes of flames produced by the jets can inflict moderate first degree burns and set fabric alight on contact. Each post that this technique is used reduces the user's speed by 1 tier (up to -2 tiers after 2 posts) for 2 posts after the technique is ended.

4 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:53 am



By the time Takao had arrived. Verdandi was already in action. One of the creatures had tried to attack the guide. Only due to Avalanche's intervention he survived. The bear ramming his massive body into the horse demon's side. Crushing it back down to the sand. The other two wouldn't remain low either. As the sunaan guide irked his horse to ride away, one of the demons would chase after him. Verd made sure that they were of somewhat equal speed and he would be able to keep the pace. However, she was interrupted. The third enemy was launching itself at Verdandi. After she jumped off Avalanche, standing in the sand dune, Verd would toss a myriad of kunai towards the incoming creature. As she rolled aside to avoid its impact, Verd would realize that, despite the bloody wounds her projectiles had left behind. None of them seemed to be of much concern for the creature. The demon just shaking as its blood dripped into the sand. Moving around to charge Verdandi anew. Avalanche seemed to be more successful so far. Having the demon horse pinned sideways with his intense weight. His palm keeping the dangerous teeth away as his own jaw would rip into the side of the horse. Soon ripping its skin open and spilling its blood and organs out into the open. The helpless and pained cry of the horse demon echoing as a nasty noise into the sand. The creature was slowly dying. But Avalanche wouldn't let go until it stopped moving.

Verdandi stepped aside as the creature tried to bite into her, unsheathing her blade and pulling it across the creature's face, slicing an eye into half in the process, leaving the creature to howl and scream. Shaking its head and moving forward in a quick motion. Its head hitting Verdandi's chest and sending her flying backwards into the sand. Dandi realized that, despite their vulnerability, they were still strong creatures. Watching the monster slowly recalculate and adjust to the fact that it was now blind on one side not much unlike Verdandi herself. It started to charge for Verd, lowering its head and potentially trying to impale the ice princess with its massive horn-like head armor. Verd was sure that, if the sharp outline of this would hit her, she'd be split in two considering the body strength she just felt. In the last moment possible. Dandi slipped aside watching the creature ram its massive horn into the sand and getting stuck there for a minute. Avalanche soon moved in and pinned the creature down not unlike he did with the first one. While he clawed himself into the side, Verd would move up, press the button on her sword, changing it into the saw-blade and quickly slice it down the horse's throat. Almost severing its head. Watching the life vanish from his last good eye. Turning around. Verd could see that the guide returned on his horse.

The third monster still chasing in closely behind him. Until at last the demon grabbed onto the normal horses back before biting into it. The guide jumped off aside. Rolling off into the sand dunes as his animal companion was literally ripped apart by the massive jaw of the demon. Verd watched how the monster moved towards the guide now. She quickly ran in order to intercept the beast. But her efforts seemed cut short as suddenly a scaled boy appeared on the scene. Kicking his way into the creature and shattering its bones from the mere impact. He was such a show off sometimes. But Verdandi couldn't help but smile at Takao's entrance. The guide, now rescued by all means would run to Avalanche to hide against the polar bear, whom, badass as he was, got himself busy feasting on the demon horses flesh as if it was any other kind of raw meat. Being bear an all, carnivore, he even seemed to enjoy the taste. Probably demon horse would be a new kind of luxury meat within the sand. However, despite Ava's hungry joy she didn't really feel like eating demonic flesh just yet. Instead she turned around to face the stranger that was obviously stalking her. "You know if you want a proper date you gotta put some more effort into this. Dragon boy." She giggled to herself. "There's more of them below. Up for another challenge? So far it seems 2-1 in my favour…" she added, unaware of Takao's previous 2 kills.

But before they could get all too cozy with their challenge, the demons had something to say by themselves. The earth was shaking. The sand started to bump upwards. A whole sand dune collapsed as a giant hole ruptured through the sand. One leg alone was the size of a normal demon horse. The huge creature stepping from the mound below. Its head adorned with dozens of horns and spikes. Clearly showing that it wasn't just another one of these creatures. "I guess killing the kids made mommy angry… she doesn't look all too happy with us. I hope you're in good shape today dragon boy." Verd mentioned seeing the large monster slowly stepping forward in their direction.

880 / 1760


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5 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:53 am




A rumbling snort marked the start of laughter in his throat while he watched the remaining pair of bestial creatures bested by the Ice Princess. His gaze briefly drifted toward the company that she kept with waning curiousity, ultimately writing them off as unimportant to himself, although he assumed that they were temporarily under her charge. Perhaps it had something to do with the strange creatures that sprouted from the sands like sharks on the hunt cresting from beneath the ocean waves, or perhaps they were just mere coincidence that they crossed paths once more thanks to the quadrupedal monstrosities.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t think my girlfriend would like that too much." Takao commented in response to her quip. The mention of his girlfriend was enough to immediately leave his mind wandering toward thoughts that were beginning to become harder and harder to suppress. Had his skin been visible, there would be a visible flush of colour, which left him quietly thankful for the aesthetic coverage of his scales. His gaze trickled over to the two creatures that had been fallen by her hand following her declaration that another competition was in order, and he snorted again.

"Make it three to two. I killed a pair up the dunes there on the way down." Correcting the count only seemed fair, especially if she was going to count her own kills retroactively.

Before they could work out the details of their provisional competition, the sands began to rumble and shift, making way for something large to appear from beneath them. He found that it was a bit unsettling for such large creatures to linger beneath the very ground they walked upon, threatening to burst from the earth with little more than a rumble and shake. That disturbing feeling was only accentuated by the power and fervour in which one had struck him with, and it left him wondering how the more untrained of them traveled across the blighted sands.

"I’m always in good shape." Takao grunted, taking in the sheer size of the creatures before them as it lumbered forward. Loud crackles and pops originated from behind Takao’s shoulders and within the palms of his hand as Burning Ambition began to flare up. His gaze shifted to Verdandi as the creature began to paw at the sands, telegraphing its intention to charge. Before it could even launch toward them, the sands shifted further and more of the smaller creatures began to emerge from within. Three of them appeared in total, in addition to the large mother.

"Oof, that’s a lot of them. I’ll take the big one, you keep the smaller ones off my back!" Takao called out to Verdandi, forcing the plan onto her as the jets erupted from his back and he leaped forward between the Ice Princess and the largest creature. The appearance of flames behind him was enough to urge the charge, and it rocketed forward into a sprint to meet Takao. Scale-clad hands rose to catch the stiff outcroppings on the beast’s head as they lowered in preparation to skewer him. His methodology certainly was not the smartest option of intercepting it, but it was in typical fashion for the impetuous brute to tackle his problems head-on.

His hands caught the beast as it charged and the sands behind him erupted into a plume as it pushed him back, outclassing the force of his strength. But as the beast pushed him back, the same jets from before crackled and erupted from his shoulders, providing additional force to fight back with and prevent the beast from simply flooring him. Despite the immense force of the jets and his own strength coupled together, the mother-beast was far superior yet, and the pushing persisted. With grit teeth and a tense jaw, Takao opted to direct its force rather than stop it outright. The jet on his right shoulder faltered while the jet on his left grew in intensity, and the force of his hands against the monster mimicked that same interaction. The beast pushed harder on the right, which Takao wanted, and allowed for the raven-haired shinobi to apply his force on the opposite side. As a result, its head crashed into the sand, and the momentum of its charge was dampened by the sands in addition to Takao’s own efforts. With a single burst from the front of his shoulders, Takao attempted to create distance between himself and the creature, but was caught off-guard by a powerful and unexpected whip of the tail.

The flail-like tail slammed into his left shoulder and, without the stance nor mind to counter it, Takao was sent tumbling across the sands. The sheer speed in which he was struck left geysers of sand erupting each time his scaled body collided with the sand each time it skipped, and only stopped when he slammed into the tall dune nearby.

"Good fuckin’ lord." Takao grunted as he pulled himself from the collapsing sands. He shook the grains from within the scales on his body and refocused his attention on the mother-beast, which had already launched into another assault on him before he pulled himself from the dunes.

"Ah shit." He wheezed as the monster was upon him, its facial outcroppings slamming him back into the dunes and causing another massive column of sand to erupt from the sheer force. Its head reared back and slammed into the dunes where Takao had been slammed into, and trashed itself in the animalistic manner that such a beast would. It repeated the process of smashing its head into Takao, and even raised its front legs to drop down on him a few times as well, before the faint whir of something within the dune brought it to a pause. The creature was unfamiliar with the sound and it briefly retreated a step or two as a result, but hadn’t moved far enough to evade when Takao emerged from the sands with the help of Burning Ambition’s jets. In his hand was a glowing blue sphere that slammed into the neck of the creature from below. The sheer force of its power crushed through the natural bony plating and collapsed the monster’s trachea in a single blow. The creature was blown back by the force of the technique and struggled against the ground, thrashing wildly as it attempted to assess the damage and make vain attempts at breathing.


6 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:52 am



Verd would enjoy the little ramblings and teasing's. Takao was a wonderful friend to know. A little bit crazy at times but the best ones are often a little 'nuts'. Whilst he pridefully exhaled his loyal deeds towards his girl. Verd would feel the ground shaking a bit already. She was sure he did so too. But he still felt compelled to add verbally that he was ahead in the 'competition'. However, Verd would soon come to pass that this time, competing for who hit most would not be a real priority. The mother had raised from the sands and Takao was in for his treat. Launching off in his graceful ways of the fire. Dragon boy seemed to be ready for full blown action. Propelling himself towards the huge monster to battle it directly. Verd wasn't given any time to applaud and cheer for him though. The three beasts raising with their mommy would be in need to be taken care of. Takao's motions luckily tugged the mother's attention aside. If Takao's words were true, five kids had already been slain and three more were coming. Verdandi had a feeling however, that this wouldn't be the end of the youngling forces. Seeing how the tunnel remained wide open. Verd was certain she could hear galloping noises coming from within. If that was true and more of these horse monsters were about to move in. Verd would need a plan B against them.

She quickly signalled Avalanche to get going. Moving into direct confrontation with the horses. However at the point of supposed impact. Verdandi gracefully jumped from her feet on Avalanche's back. Sending forth a gale palm. To let the charging beasts tumble and fall if not even be blown back a bit. Moving straight past them and onto the entrance of the tunnel. Verd would become more and more certain that more of these monsters were coming up from the depths below. Hearing the tramples in the sand. She would place her hand onto the surface and conjure a large amount of water with her Archerfish technique. Straight at the entrance. The suiton would be useful for her trap to come once the enemy forces arrived. But now that her trap had been set. Verd would have to concentrate on the three horses charging for her again. Their nasty faces still giving Verdandi the creeps. Not rarely would Verd feel an earthquake like motion as the giant creature's motions often created a massive shockwave during her engaged battle clashes with the dragon. Verd didn't enjoy the feeling of being dwarfed next to such powers colliding. She pouted for a minute but had to face reality and that was filled with demon horses engaging her position. Verd moved her arms and picked up some of the water which she conjured, lifting it like a blubbery ball into the air and then forming what seemed like thousand water born needles into existence. Sending them straight for the incoming horses.

The wave of needles would rain down upon the three demons. Each impacts penetrating only ¾ inches into their skin but the sheer amount of needles would cause hundreds of wounds to appear on either of the three. Most of her attacks were aimed to the lower body, especially their legs. It didn't come to Verdandi's surprise that the three of them would fall to their fronts and slowly crash, sliding forth into the sand as their momentum from charging Verd still let them glide over the sand while their potential thread came but to a sudden halt to Verdandi. With a soft mod. Ice princess and bear would charge forward. Verdandi's blade still in saw-form, slicing into the flesh of the first horses belly. While Avalanche directly jumped at the one most near him. Clawing his natural weapons into its chest and soon ripping its heart from the beasts body. Verd watched how the horses guts presented itself to the world that she had sliced open with her saw-blade. The two of them eventually moving in to the last one. Avalanche biting into the monsters face and tugging on it as Verdandi cut into the throat and saw into it until the head was basically severed from its limps lifeless body. A bloody deed but certainly not unnecessary considering the raw power these monsters head. Rather not having to worry about either of them standing back up to charge in Verdandi's back while she was facing the next horde and that next horde was certainly on its way. Verd stepped back in front of the entrance. Avalanche close behind her. The princess starting to wave her palms and call upon the suiton water she had summoned into existence before. Preparing her monstrous attack against the remaining forces that were approaching from the depths below.

Meanwhile, Takao seemed to be having some troubles. His first impacts with the giant monster seemed clear and easy. But the tail of the queen was sharp and nasty. Hitting him with it seemed to be a lucky deed that it didn't cut him apart. But he was a though one the dragon boy. Still Verd could see him drop to the sands below. Planted there like a seed waiting to be watered and grow. She couldn't help but feel a mixture of worry and amusement. She would lean more to the latter one as she figured, that he wouldn't be taken out that easily. Takao would speed back up and return the favour. Blasting at seemingly full might into the mother's neck. The blow leaving a massive wound behind. The huge mommy slowly collapsing and once again sending a nasty, sand rising shock wave into the earth. Making Verd tumble for a second on her feet. However. If Takao expected that his fight with the giant was over. He was to be mistaken. The monster would, after exhaling its painful gasps, rise back onto its feet. The bleeding wound was so large one could even see internal organs and parts of its skeleton. Huge amounts of blood would spill to the sand below. But the wounds would seem to lash themselves back together. Flesh would return like a net onto the open wounds and the blood spill would stop. Despite that it must look like this giant monster just took that blow like nothing it was far from it. The mother was dying. Her scream would echo over the sand. Verd would soon be forced to face the remaining children rising from below. While mommy would launch her final attack on the dragon. Going to give it all she got to fucking swallow this asshole and make him regret coming here for good.

1130 / 2890

Chakra 285 / 350:

- Archerfish at A-Rank (25 Chakra)
- Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death (20 Chakra)
- Preparing Erosive Lake (0 Chakra yet)


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7 Re: Rapid Response [Takao] on Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:34 am



「A low, guttural growl built in Takao’s throat as he watched the creature arise once more, and the rend flesh stitched itself back together in flawless fashion. Black eyes bore daggers into the creature behind the glowing white veil in front, equally animalistic in nature despite their vastly different physiology. It was clear that neither of the quarreling pair would be easy to take down. His feet sunk into the loose sand as his stance became rooted, enduring the bestial screech she bellowed with a faint flinch that he quickly shrugged off. Oxygen inflated Takao’s lungs to capacity in unison with the beast’s screech and his own roar was howled with chakra augmenting his volume, distorting it beyond the tones of a human. It became inhuman, draconic and more like an animal than a man. Then, she finally charged, perhaps intent on ending Takao as quickly as possible. He returned that sentiment, unwilling to tussle with the creature any longer than what was necessary. Thus, he inhaled again, this time filling his lungs to capacity and then some. The dams of his tenketsu broke and chakra flooded his lungs en masse, perverting the oxygen within him and damning it into volatile hellish flame.

He didn’t need to wait for it to come closer, yet he did. His chest distended and bloated in anticipation, and when the beast was within ten meters Takao finally exhaled. A tsunami of flame was vomited from his agape maw, spewing forth with mayhem unseen in the blighted lands of the Wind Country since the fall of its capital. Seventy-five meters of desert were claimed by the tidal wave of fire, melting sand into glass near instantly. It claimed the mother beast within seconds and burned her fast enough that whatever brain hiding within the bony outcropping of a skull would feel no pain. It would only register the crashing wave of flames enveloping it, and then it would be at rest. The roar of the flames itself was deafening as nearby sound was burnt away, and inane amounts of heat radiated from the flare-like tendrils that whipped about capriciously. Takao maintained the fireball, and illuminated the nearby area of desert as though the sun itself had descended from the sun and settled where the fireball now lay, burning everything within it into ash and then burning that ash. There had been several of the children-beasts burrowed beneath the sands, yet they met a similar fate. Either their flesh and muscle was burned and their bones turned to ash, or an even worse fate would befall them, and the molten glass would melt around them and encase them for the remainder of their brutally short lives.

Takao kept pouring more of his breath and essence into the flames, ensuring that they would persist and continue to burn away any of their bestial assailants that were too unlucky to avoid its wrath. His eyes, wide with stress from the technique, might have looked a tad blinded by some semblance of rage burning with him, fueling the willpower it took to maintain the fireball.」


Techniques Used:
Name: Fire Release: Immaculate Sun (Katon: Sundataiyō ~ 火遁・澄んだ太陽)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire Release
Range: 60m | 75m Radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous | 2 Posts
Cooldown: 7 Posts (Twice per thread)
Description: (Costs 45 Chakra)

Fire Release: Immaculate Sun is a technique that requires eight hand seals (Horse → Tiger → Boar → Ram → Tiger → Hare → Dragon → Horse). After inhaling a large breath and kneading chakra into the oxygen within their lungs, the user exhales a massive swathe of fire that rapidly expands into a projectile seventy five-meters in radius as either a continuous flamethrower or a single globular projectile. When this technique comes into contact with lesser Fire or Wind Release techniques of B-Rank (A-Rank for Wind Release) or below, they are engulfed and cannibalized, inflating its effective radius by five-meters per technique consumed. Regardless of the manner in which it is exhaled, the fire travels at speeds of 70m/s up to sixty meters from the user, using the closest point of the projectile or fireball as reference for the distance traveled. If used as a continuous flamethrower, it can be maintained for up to two posts.

The flames effortlessly reduce everything-- indiscriminate of the user or otherwise-- that they touch to ash. The damage is unhindered by buildings and structures, either completely leveling, melting, or otherwise razing wood, stone, metal, glass, and other materials alike. The sheer intensity of the heat is capable of inflicting severe third-degree burns to anybody standing within five meters of the fire. The fire will continue to burn until it is manually extinguished. Immaculate Sun is massively destructive to the environment as well, leaving craters the same size as the projectile where the flames land, and enormous scars across the earth where they travel.

The amount of fire produced by the user is harmful to their body even if the technique itself does not damage them. Because of this, the user is incapable of producing breath-based jutsu for the duration of one post after this technique's cooldown begins.

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Verdandi would glare at the monsters charging up from the hole the mother emerged from. The caves in the sand seemed huge now. Probably a whole system created by the mothers simple movements through the sand. She had seen them coming before. Verdandi was prepared. Archerfish had been infused into the sand. Even more water once the actual trap of her erosive lake technique had been charged. The amount of suiton based water was large. So the moment the first three monsters came to charge from the depths, Verdandi would activate the trap and make the monsters slowly but certainly sink to their doom. Watching them scream their horrible screams of pain, befitting the screetch of demon horses. Verdandi flintched at the noise but soon watched how about three or four more of these monsters would blatantly, like sheep, follow into the trap and sink into the huge hole created in the ground. Soon the sand would come crashing down upon their heads. Slowly burying them alive and making them slowly suffocate within. Once properly stunned and buried. Verdandi knew the technique itself was no finishing move. But it would keep the demons in their coffin for a long time.

Verd however, didn't wish to just sit things out and placed her palm on the sand. Soon her Hyouton chakra would flow forth into the suiton body of the erosive lake. Screams of utter agony could be heard as vertical spears started to shove into the bodies of the buried monsters. Cutting into their flesh and leaving them to bleed while they were stunned beneath the muddy sand. Verd would march upon her own trap field while some frost spikes had visibly pierced through the ground upon the surface. Unsheathing her blade as she turned it upside down and started to shove it into the mud from above. Cutting into the flesh of trapped horse demons. Giving the last survivors their mercy kills. Verd gazed up into the heavens. Takao fed up with dealing with the seemingly immortal mother of demons. Inhaling a huge amount of chakra, in depth Verd had not seen in quite a while. Spewing it at his enemy. The flamethrower of his breath splattering all over the mother, jizzing his lava to melt her face and body beneath the heat. Blasting his massive fire loads over the remaining monsters on the surface. Slowly incinerating them to ashes along with their mother. Overkill much? Maybe. Effective problem solution? Certainly.

410 / 3300

Chakra 245 / 350:

➕ Water Style, Erosive lake:

Name: Water Style: Erosive lake (Suiton: Fuhai no mizūmi)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water (Suiton)
Range: 12 m Radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post prep, Indefinite activation
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: The user sends a wave of their chakra into the ground that breaks up the earth and soil for going 7 meters deep allowing trapped ground water to rise to the surface while softening it with the only indication showing as the ground getting moist, after the prep post the user can weave the boar hand-seal in order to collapse the ground underneath the target's feet at a speed of 30m/s causing them to fall while the water dense earth falls on top of the target stunning them for one post before there able to get back onto the surface due to the heavy soil becoming nothing but mush. This jutsu is avoidable through A rank Speed or Reaction time as well as a jutsu that can re-solidify the ground or create a temporary footing.

⚔ Ice Release, Certain-Kill Ice Spears:

Name: Certain-Kill Ice Spears (Hissatsu Hyōsō )
Origin: Library / Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Hyouton
Range: 10-50m
Speciality: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1
Cool-down: 5
Chakra: 20
Description: The user concentrates an intense amount of hyouton based chakra into the ground below. The area can be chosen while casting the technique. It can either be 50 meters in a direct path forward or within a 10 meter radius around the user.

The hyouton chakra only takes a mere second to form beneath the surface. As the type of attack-field is chosen, spikes start to erupt from the ground at 30mp/s. These large and scary ice spears are 5m long and 1/2m thick in their mass. When they come in contact with their target, the spike can cut up to 2 inches deep into their target and every wound will cause minor 1st degree tissue damage in form of frostbite.

Deep Freeze: This technique is extremely cold. When in contact with water or suiton, the hyouton chakra causes said water to instantly freeze into ice within a 5 meter radius around collision impact and then continues to freeze the remaining body of water as usual. This ice has no specific effect other than it's natural properties. The interaction powers against suiton remain exactly the same.


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「The torrent of flames continued to spew forth from his gullet, burning away everything that the swathes of fire licked. His saliva, superheated and glowing red but not evaporating, dripping from his tongue like molten lava. It burned the sands in which he stood upon as his head slowly turned, glassing more and more of his surroundings. Veins and muscle in his neck were clearly stressed and protruding as he ensured nothing within the range of the technique was left. Even the organic matter that was burned to ash had their ashes burned themselves into nothing more than scattered matter. The sheer force of the technique had pushed his feet into the sand nearly a foot as he resisted, acting a testament to the power the crude and monstrous fireball possessed.

Slowly, Takao’s breath ran out, and the fireball faded away. With it went the light, and the desert was plunged back into chilly darkness as the last wisps of flame danced away into nothingness. Heavy breaths followed and worked to inflate his spent lungs, flooding them with the life-giving oxygen he deprived them of. Straightening his posture to full height indicated that he had regained his composure, and the faint embers of his rage were doused. His slow breathing was cooling him off, both literally and figuratively, as he admired the fruits of his handiwork. The molten sand that cooled into glass, the faint smell of flesh burnt so thoroughly that only its stench and ash remained, and the small crater of sand burnt away to nothing that the nearby dunes began to sink into.

"The big one counts as more than the little ones." Takao said bluntly to Verdandi as he approached, the faint and dull glow of his eyes and mouth piercing the dark night with ease. The unintentionally menacing gaze bore down upon the short woman for a brief moment as he addressed her and wandered elsewhere afterward, examining their surroundings for additional assailants.

"Was that all of ‘em? Can’t smell any more." He grunted out, his voice sounding a tad hoarse from the stress of the technique he had wrought upon the desert creatures. True to his words, scaled nostrils flared, and no such scent of the creatures could be detected. Perhaps there were more yet, but he was unable to sniff them out if so, for the ripe stench of the remains were overwhelming his senses.

"Can’t smell shit, actually. Whatever. I’m callin’ this one a draw." As he spoke, the scales began to drop from his skin. One by one they fell, and turned to dust in the wind mere seconds after before they could even fall to the sands.

“You should probably stop following me, you know.” Takao teased, a wry smile curling his mouth up into a toothy grin to accompany his nasally snicker.」


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Verdandi idly gazed into the distance as she came back closer to Takao. His soar voice was influenced by more than just his draconic form this time. Visibly exhausted from using his technique. Verd was still under the impression for it all to be a slight overkill but she had to admit that the results were still quite nicely to appreciate. "You don't have to pester me with compliments. I buried quite a few down there but you could have blasted them away just as well. You win this time. But in total its still a draw. Next time I'm going to personally whoop your ass dragon boy!" Verd hissed in a giggly and yet competitive voice. Gently she would pat her palm on his shoulder. He was a good one. His lady at home certainly a happy woman. Verd would look forward to fight with him at her side anytime again. But for now. It was time to finish things up. Scrape all the remains of what she had still left in this godforsaken sand hell and prepare herself to go back home. Kiro. While so many would think of it as a misty, dark place, the princess born from ice and frost certainly felt ten times more at home when she was surrounded by misty water vapor and damp air, then in the burning sun of the desert. There was only so much comfort her ice layer on her skin could bring to her. It was about to melt down as well. Just making her clothes damp now. Ugh. "Take care, friend." She would wink and slowly catch up on Avalanche as he ran by, eventually disappearing in the dust of her pets' rapid footsteps and gone, off into the distance. Returning once again to camp Kiro.


Verd WC: 300 / 3'600
Thread WC: 6'600

WC Usage:

3500 for A-Rank Mission.
100 for 25 extra Ryo


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Takao's lopsided grin pulled far into his cheek as Verdandi spoke, claiming a compliment had been made and announcing him as the winner of whatever twisted game of death and fire they decided to play solely by chance. A rumble built in his throat as he cleared it, enduring the soreness caused by the extensive amounts of flame that billowed from his maw mere seconds earlier. Unbeknownst to Verdandi, however, the inside of his head was alight with glee. Not just from the rampant voices plaguing his psyche, but with pride of his own ability; it didn’t come from the displayed scale of the technique, but rather the knowledge of his limitations, and what he could turn that technique into. A plethora of methods built within his dome, turning the rusted cog of a brain and releasing the floodgates of creativity.

Turning back to admire his handiwork, his nostrils were greeted by the scent of burnt flesh and his eyes wandered across the field of glass and ash. Nothing was more destructive than fire left unchecked, and this demonstration was only a small sample of what chaos he had wrought under his control. Even still, tinges of flame danced across the sands, burning away at bodies and granules that hadn’t melted as the last remnants of his chakra only now began to fade and wither in the cool Kaze no Kuni winds.

“Was more like... telling a persistent mosquito to go away than it was a compliment.” Takao added, his coy smirk growing ever so slightly at the playful banter.

“Keep in mind that I’ve been holding back this entire time, yeah? You’d be face down in my dust if I took any of this seriously. But it’s fun to see you struggle to keep up!” He continued as his arms folded in front of his chest.

“Maybe the next time I’ll fight seriously and give you a real taste of just how outclassed you are.” With a shrug of his shoulders, Takao had resigned to the idea that he was quite tired of the desert now. It posed an endless stream of threats, the landscapes were unique and interesting but bland and far from what he considered picturesque in comparison to the beauty of the Fire Country’s massive forests. It was, in all senses of the word, unpleasant. The people, the creatures, even the air itself. He was far from home, and it was about time he returned.

His hand rose to Verdandi as she mounted her bear and prepared to depart, vaguely envious of her convenient means of transportation through the desert.

“Til next time, Princess.” He said. His hand lowered and, like its brother, dug into the adjacent pocket of his trousers as he turned and continued on his way. Soon, he would be back in Kirigakure with Fuyuko, and from there the two would depart for Konoha before long. I had been too long since he saw the lush forests of his home, and he was eager to return.


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