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1 Mercy [Private | Mission] on Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:11 am



Mission name: Mercy.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Help the helpless.
Location: Border-camps.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP.
Mission Description: “There are those who wish no part in this conflict. Those who wish to escape the sand but do not trust the Great Nations to aid them. Guide them to safety, wherever they choose.”
Mission Details: Independent shinobi have been hired to help small refugee groups who wish to migrate to minor nations instead of the Hidden Villages. Meet with them, and subtly extract them from the village camps to lead them wherever they choose to call home.

This mission is invite only


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2 Re: Mercy [Private | Mission] on Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:33 am



It had been a few days since Verdandi's last 'mercenary' mission. The final B-Rank one of the previous series had pushed her into the depths of the system and given her many inside knowledge about the workings of the merc's in suna. However, due to the nature of how she was being hired through a middle man. She never got into contact with anyone of real influence into the radical troops. In the second series, Verdandi would attempt to change that. However, as so often before, she wouldn't just take any mercenary job. It had to be beneficial or directly confront Kumo as Verdandi's political target in question. After she went to the merc's outpost she picked up a simple scroll that was about rescuing a number of refugees that had been locked in a Kumo camp and were supposed to move into their refugee main camp. The security was supposedly non-existent and the inhabitants simply didn't move out because they had no idea where to go. However, the river country has offered free passage into their territory. Being a direct neighbour of the wind country. It would be a long travel yes, but still do-able by all means. Verdandi was tasked to move the convoy from their current camp to the meeting point, east of their location, before they would be picked up by the river countries guides. Verd still had her black outfit and mask on, to keep herself disguised within the mercenary work. She quickly moved down to the camp in question and observed it for a while.

Staring down upon the little camp. Verd could easily figure, that only a few low ranked soldiers were about. She quickly raised a shadow clone and made her use the transformation technique. The clone would slip into the appearance of the kumo refugee camp commander that she had abducted and replaced not all too long ago. Slightly changing the facial features to not make it too obvious whom it was supposed to be. However, the uniform would mostly do the trick. The clone moved down into the camp. Instantly getting into her role as a visit from 'command' that was to inspect the situation of the troops. Verd made sure, that the clone would lure the very few soldiers into the most nearby tent, enclosed from view. Dandi scanned through the camp to make sure that none of the soldiers remained in the open, before she slowly slipped into the tent. A mere five soldiers of barely D-Rank were inside. Verd quickly used the back-end of her sword to knock out the first. Punched the second in the gut. As the three remaining ones would turn around in surprise. The clone would move in and hit the nearest one on the head with a fruit bowl. The last two would be taken out despite loud protest with a punch to the face each, one by Verdandi and one by the clone. The two of them would proceed to tie up the soldier.

Once that was done with. Verdandi would place a large bottle of water nearby for them to hydrate with once they could free themselves. She would make sure they were knocked out and hit one guy once again with the fruit bowl that was obviously just pretending to be out cold. The clone dispersed. Verdandi removed her mask and used transformation on herself. Merging into the appearance of a river country ninja. Moving from the tent she started to address the masses. "Dear sunaan people. Our men have made sure that your guards have been put to bed and will sleep out heir alcohol rush. As per request from your leaders, we will now migrate the lot of you to a new camp nearby. Free of the oppression of kumogakure. Please pack your belongings as we will move out shortly." Verdandi added and nodded with the brightest of possible smiles she could come up with. The caravan quickly formed. The contact man moved on to welcome Verdandi. Mentioning that they had already been waiting for this. Surprised by this wonderful preparation. Verd could easily move out within mere minutes. Minimalizing the chances of the soldiers waking or freeing themselves too quickly. The march through the desert dunes would be long and exhausting. But with no complications. Verd expected someone to follow them if they soldiers were to wake too early. But seemingly they either enjoyed their sleep or had no idea what happened. In due time. The convoy would reach the oasis. Verd wouldn't linger for long. It was a simple task and she already had to move on to the next one.



Chakra 300/350:

20 chakra for Yuki Clan heat counter.

2x Transformation Technique.

Shadow clone

WC Usage:

750 wc for minimum mission payout.


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