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1 Lying in wait [Private | Mission] on Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:37 am



Mission name: Lying in wait.
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Map village movements.
Location: Any.
Reward: 300 ryo + 2EP.
Mission Description: “Watch carefully where the troops of the Great Nations move and study their paths, record the movements of their troops, and make note of their camps.”
Mission Details: Shinobi should carefully scout around battles and camps where Village troops have been or are fighting. Independent groups are paying for all information about village shinobi movements and locations so all information is vital. Breaking stealth or alerting the village will result in a B-ranked ANBU shinobi with Water and Lightning and all A-rank and lower library techniques, as well as an A-ranked katana pursuing the character until escaped from or eliminated.

Mission is invite only


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2 Re: Lying in wait [Private | Mission] on Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:42 pm



Verdandi was done with escorting the Kumo refugees away. She already heard positive news about how the convoy had made it past the border into the river country. Next up on the Mercenary mission list was scouting duty. Verd didn't mind to dirty her hands with more menial task. Combining lower risk with increased reputation among the mercs was probably one of her favourite combos. Considering all of that. She still dressed herself in her usual outfit, black and masked. Verd would make her way to the outer rim of the territory. Slipping right back into her Kumo Commander transformation. But not before creating 4 shadow clones. All of them slipping into the same disguise. They would take some time to each alter their facial structures differently. Having 5 people around that look exactly the same would come suspicious. Verd played with various hairstyles and different colours but kept the general characteristics of the sunnan skin taint and the commander outfit the same. Verd then scattered her 'forces' all across the Kumo encampment. Moving slow. Moving low and primarily staying at distance. Especially the clones would make sure to not do anything harsh. Worst comes worst she'd have to disperse them and run for it. After all, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to lose a supposed Kumo Commander clone as long as her disguise was kept, it would only leave behind questions rather than anything else. Even if any of the clone's transformation would break, they were still disguised and masked below.

Verdandi could easily map the outlines of the main camp. Moving on to the outer camps and trying to figure out each of the camps purpose. One seemed to be full of priests and worship to Hastur. One was for food and water supply. Two for weapons and explosives. Five for refugee concentration. She had been at the refugee ones before and just checked if their layout was still the same, considering she had been inside those camps, Verd didn't need new intel to map them. After hours of tediously running around. She figured that she had mapped the outlines and understood the basic purposes of the camps. But however, was missing a deeper understanding of either of them or the actual mapped outlines inside the camps. Verd would notice, that getting into them was in different difficulty level depending on which camp she approached. While for the low security ones she could just walk right in with a certain mass of people, the mid and high risks ones were more of a problem. Verd would start dispersing her clones to the mid-risk levels. Using the silhouette technique to casually slip inside, the mid-risk ones were seemingly controlled and a lot of soldiers were on the premises but not many ninja to sensor the place. Verd could slip inside. Map the place and get all the important tents and locations down without being seen. Remaining in stealth in people's shadows to spy on their conversations and eventually picking up some gossip.

After another multitude of hours. Verdandi would figure that she had a lot of good intel. But she was giddy to complete her task. The juiciest bits, were, after all inside the main camp. The very central one, probably housing the most important commanders and such, were protected by massively high ranked shinobi. Verdandi made sure to stay away from them. But the outer parts of the main camp still donned some interesting placed. Like the mission administration she used to go while working for Kumo in diplomatic missions. But even back then she was monitored and clearly restricted. Verd and all five clones would enter the premises from different entrances under the silhouette disguise. Moving into the camp didn't seem to be a problem at first. Verd clearly was able to map the edges and corner but as soon as she passed the mission administration, Verd could clearly feel that she was being watched. There is no telling on how someone feels, when in stealth, but still knowing that someone knows that you are here. Verd quickly backed off, supposedly to meet her clones in an empty tent at the furthest, outer edge of the camp. It was one of the guest quarters. Verd knew she would be safe here, or at least, less obvious. However, before her clones returned. Barely a few minutes after Verd had entered. A masked shinobi entered the tent with their weapons drawn. An ANBU. Clearly the one that had sensed or spotted her presence.

"I am not aware of another commander of your rank to be appointed to this camp. Your unit is restricted to the refugee centre… but you aren't really a Kumo-nin anyway, now are you?" he asked in a rather smug voice. Of course, he was completely right. In ways he couldn't imagine just yet. But he did one particular mistake. He did only notice Verdandi herself, whom had come too close to the main area. Now that he was here, he didn't sense what else was coming for this location. The first of Verd's clones wanted to step into the tent as she heard the voices. The second and third joining the entrance not much later. Spying inside shortly to get a picture of the situation. They would stay outside and listen. "Rats like you stumble in here every day. Thinking they can just roam around here without paying the 'entrance fee' and then get away with it. I will bring you where you wanted to go. The central prison isn't far from here… right in the centre of the camp. That's what you were looking for wasn't it? Don't worry, your friends are all there… deep within the caverns. Unfortunately, alike them, you won't be leaving it once you step in either." Verd had to admit, she was disappointed. Expecting more than just nasty talk from a guy like him. But seemingly he wasn't as bright and skilled as she had anticipated.

Verdandi didn't say anything. She didn't want to exhale her real voice into the room. She would just remain silent and didn't move. Knowing that motion could trigger the guy. Maybe lead him to attack her. While playing on time was currently working in her favour. If her clones returned, he wouldn't stand much of a chance against the lot of them. So, for a while, she decided to listen to his ramblings. "I'm so fed up with you guys. What are you? Suna scum? We're going to 'liberate' your country. Don't worry little rat. All your friends are slowly but certainly succumbing to the one TRUE GO-" eventually the clones had been fed up with his crap. Clone one and two gripped the guy's arms from behind. By the time he tried to pull himself free ice was already growing from his feet slowly upwards along his body. Since he turned around Verd could easily his him on the head harshly. He would find himself in dreamland shortly after. Luckily, he had passed out before he realized it was ice that was creeping up on him. Verd would soon freeze him down to the tiniest possible frosted size. Moving him on his back and using location specific freezes and unfreezes to put his limbs into place. Verd would put him on a medical barrage. Telling two of the clones to transform their henge into Kumo med-nin. The fourth would be sent further into the camp again once he returned.

It was time to leave. Verdandi would go for the least secured door. Melting her armor before she actually had to go past it. Leaving her knocked out target wet as if he had fever. The guards at the entrance getting all scared as they could feel how cold he was. Verd made something up like… he has a rare heatstroke that makes his body temperature drop? It didn't take too long to get past them and hurry off into the distance. At some point. Verd was outside. Disarming her enemy. Removing most of his clothes and armor. Gagging him with one of his socks as she sent a raven to the nearby Kiri-nin so they would come and fetch the guy. He'd certainly proof to be an interesting prisoner for them. If he could shut up. Verd's clones dispersed at last. Returning all their combined knowledge about the Kumo environment back to Verdandi. She used this to finish her mapping. Add details. Add basic information about places of interest as well as various note about the conversations she could spy on meanwhile. By the end of the day. Verd was exhausted. This could have gone further wrong in many ways. She was just happy that everything worked out even without killing anyone. She despised that mostly. Kumo were her political enemies. She didn't intend to slaughter innocent ones that are just following orders. Despite the fact that her supposed Kumo ANBU was but a pretty weird and arrogant twat.



Chakra 185/350:

20 chakra for Yuki Clan heat counter.

Shadow doppleganger

5 x silhouette technique

5 x transformation technique

Ice Prison

WC Usage:

1500 wc for minimum mission payout.


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