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1 Moles Above Ground [Private | Mission] on Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:34 am



Mission name: Moles Above Ground
Mission rank: C
Objective: Acquire the Documents
Location: Bordercamps
Reward: 300 Ryo + 2EP
Mission Description: “Alright, your mission is to take this stone masons’ uniform and make your way into one of Kumogakure’s forward provinces you’ll be able to use our tunnels to keep out of sight as well as the fact they’re in the middle of combat so you should go unnoticed. We want you to identify and steal their officer’s orders and get out. Erase anyone in your way.”
Mission Details: The ninja will infiltrate their way into a town that’s in the middle of combat either through the tunnels or another means. Fighting has broken out everywhere, but Iwas stone mason presence allows for an easy disguise. Navigate your way through the massive battle and steal their deployment documents before returning.

Mission is invite only


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2 Re: Moles Above Ground [Private | Mission] on Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:51 pm



Verdandi sat on the outlook pole of the Iwa camp. She had been dressed in new fancy clothes that were supposed to disguise her as a stone mason. It would fit nicely into her collection of fancy dresses she was collecting. Staring down she would watch the Kumo encampment at the horizon. Her target. Currently in battle right before their doorstep. Their forces spread. Many war lines were drawn. Many fronts. Not only here. But also, all around the suna territory they were working their ways further into the enemy's heart. Iwa had decided to make use of the situation. Verd would pass through one of the available tunnels and sneak her way into one of the forward camps. She eyed the location in question with greed. Trying to make out the outlines of this camp. Then slowly jumped down the tower to make her way to Iwa's tunnel entrance in question. Verdandi wasn't claustrophobic but the darkness of the tunnel was irking her. She snitched a lantern from a wall that was already lit and progressed slowly through the dark depths. Occasional rats, desert foxes and other fun creatures had already made their home down here since it was nice and cozy shielded from the sun. Verd didn't mind, she wasn't the angsty type, despite not finding rats to be very alluring in their nature. She kicked a few away that came awfully close to her. Didn't want to bite or nib on her as if she was some sort of fast food for them.

Once Verd had passed the tunnel. She'd come out in a neat spot not too far from the camp. Another side path on that spot would allow her to bypass the security at the front gate. Getting in from behind. Through a little well placed unsecured entrance. Iwa certainly did its homework on this one. Once inside Verd moved through the camp. Trying to stay hidden. Wherever engaged by civilians or low ranked soldiers she'd act like she belonged here in the first place. Making sure that no one would hold her up for too long however. Dandi knew, from watching the camp from afar and from the many maps she had studied prior to this mission, that the office location she was heading for was one level deeper into the camp. Mace disguise aside. Verd would need a better one if she wished to get into the heart of the enemy camp. Lucky for her, for once there were no ANBU around to mess with her. Feeling a little put at ease. Verd would take advantage of the fact that she could roam around more freely than before, despite it just being a forward camp and not central HQ. She roamed through the various tents and searched for any useful intel. Any secret chambers. Weapons. Supplies and otherwise interesting content. Taking noted during the process as she finally spotted what she was looking for. A guy that casually entered the main part of the camp without being searched.

Verd followed the guy in the next best tent. She formed the long series of hand seals and moved in to place the temporary paralysation technique on the guy. Letting him sink to his knees and then get knocked on the head to completely put him into a k.o. for good. She searched him and slipped into his clothing instead. Sealing away her new mason's outfit into a scroll so she could still make use of it later on. With the guys badge and his new clothing set. Verd just had to transform into his physical appearance. Which wasn't hard considering that she had seen him basically naked save for his undies. Verd mimicked what she had seen him do so often and moved into the inner camp. Once there however, she realized that she was quite lost. One of the guards nicely asked her, if 'he' was lost and pointed Verd in the direction of the office 'he' was supposed to go. Verd nodded as if she just kinda had a space-out and then moved on. In the office there were already a lot of spicy documents but unfortunately none of which she was paid to get. Packing them in anyway she'd leave the back entrance and sneak deeper into the main encampment. Once she could see thee central intelligence office, Verd would sneak her way nearby. To be honest. She was spotted quite some time but the guards probably thought 'he' was fine to have permission here.

Using that realization, Verd bluntly moved into that main office and soon found herself surrounded by staff. One guy would call out 'his' name and ask if he was lost. Verd just acted and shrugged him off then quickly moved around the next best corner. She'd hide herself in a supply chamber and get a breather. Not long until however the door opened and what seemed like to be the janitor greeted her in a rather surprised fashion. Verdandi would however answer it instinctively with a punch to his face to knock him out clean. As he would fall forward. Verd would catch him and silently drop him to the floor. Peeking her head out of the closet to make sure no one had seen that and then slowly close the door again. That being done, Verd would simply switch clothes this time. Taking the janitors keys into her possession. She would swipe through some floors with his equipment and not rarely gain access to some rooms. Excusing herself whenever she saw someone inside. And sweeping all the juicy papers into her stack wherever there was none. With this, Verd would soon also find the deployment room. Seeing how it was staffed by a single secretary. Verd just made her way to the desk in question and acted like she accidentally dropped some cleaning water on thee desk. Swiping it will pulling the deployment papers into her actually empty dry bucket. Winking to the pretty secretary before heading out again.

Once that was all done. Verd would take the quickest route back out. Not even switching clothes despite the confused faces of guards as the supposedly high officer now walked past them in janitorial clothes. They didn't stop her however, which was all that mattered. Once outside. Verd would undo her transformation and unseal her mason's clothing, slipping back into her primary disguise. Moving through the camp, slowly routing her way back to the little back entrance. Slipping through the exhaust pipe and soon finding herself outside the camp. Since all that went so perfectly well. She wouldn't even mind as she could hear the alarm sounding. Probably once the janitor or the nakid officer had been found. As Verd had already dropped down into the tunnel entrance. Pulling the secret entrance way shut and be done with it. She would pick up the lantern she left here earlier and make her way slowly through the cave ways. She could hear a multitude of men above ground move around and search, probably for her. Verd had to admit. These tunnels here were neat. By the time ANBU would arrive at the camp however, she was already far way gone. Verd soon reached the tunnel's exit way, entering into the central tunnel system that was under Iwa guarded control. She saluted the men that were already awaiting her return. Some of them confirming already what she had suspected. That above ground Kumo troops were all giddy about an intrusion that must have had happened.

Verdandi made her way up into the iwa camp and to the mission headquarters. Placing the myriad of documents onto the table of her mission giver and wait for them to confirm its contents. The various extra files she had found… she would keep them. For now. Bringing them home to Kiri instead. Sure they had deeper interest in those than the Iwa ones. Or not. It didn't really matter to her. Her loyalty was, after all, primarily to the mist, despite her personal friendship with the Iwa-nins. Verd would confirm that she was allowed to keep the mason's clothes as a keep sake and then made her way to the kiri camp. On her way, she would watch with amusement as Kumo troops were searching still in the surroundings of the forward camp she just had visited. But Verd quickly moved on. Just in case some sensory guy had actually catched up on her trace while she left. Once she reached the Kiri camp. Verd would move towards the intelligence station. Dropping her report about the Kumo camp, about the mission, about Iwa's request, a copy of the deployment files she had organized for them and the remaining papers she had stolen. Some of the juicier files instantly went to intel deployment and Verd was once more commended for her favourable actions during her mission. She grinned and waved to her friends at the HQ station and would slowly make her way back home.


Chakra 310 / 350:

20 Chakra for Yuki Clan Heat control

10 Chakra for Temporary Paralyzation Tech

5 chakra for sealing clothes into a scroll

5 chakra for transformation

WC Usage:

1500 wc for minimum mission payment.


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