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Mission Taken - Light in the Dark (A-Rank):

Mission name: Light in the Dark.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Help the victims of war.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4EP.
Mission Description: “After the battles end, there are innumerable wounded who require assistance and extraction. Providing humanitarian relief to those in need is as important as advancing our own goals.”
Mission Details: Iwagakure medical ninja (PC or with a Medical NPC) have been dispatched to warzones to provide aid for injured and extract wounded soldiers. The primary objective of this mission is to secure the wounded, but en route back to Iwa border camps with injured victims, shinobi will have to deal with numerous A-ranked non-ninja combatants, though they are armed with S-rank weapons and possess a multitude of (15+) explosive tags. Protecting the wounded soldiers is essential, and death of them means failure.
This is what I was preparing for without realizing it.

Niala didn’t know when the realization hit her or even how she felt about it. Her puppets, their chambers to protect and collect, her healing jutsu meant to work with her puppets so that she could serve the greater good even from a distance, it all had been in preparation of a situation like this and she hadn’t even known it. How many evenings had she worked late into the night creating something that subconsciously in the back of her mind she never thought she would end up using? How many times had the thoughts crossed her mind to scrap her creations and make what others would consider a more traditional puppet that focused more on dealing damage than on defense? She couldn’t even fathom the answers, all she knew was that on more than one occasion the idea had came to her to do something /else/, something different, and she had ignored it: now she was glad she had. Her own skills, her own abilities, along with her puppets, would make the mission she had only been made aware of fifteen minutes ago go so much smoother.

Of course, there was something else that would have made this go smoother too: her uncle. But, alas, they were ‘working’ on opposite sides of things it seemed and she doubted he would be able to provide her aid on this. While she wasn’t privy to all of the details a lot of things had ended up revealed to her shortly after her rank up, things that made her raise unspoken questions and take pauses to consider things before following blindly. There had even been a mission or two she had turned down, claiming to be busy with other tasks, because she simply didn’t agree with them. But this? She couldn’t do that here. Her skills were needed, she was needed, and she had spent her whole life training as a medic so it was time to use those abilities once more. Of course there was the factor that this would be different than a controlled hospital setting, field medicine always was. There would be no machines to rely on for support if she began to lose someone, no stock rooms filled with medicine to ease the pain or stop the bleeding. It would be her, the skills she had learned, and her own raw knowledge. It would have to be enough, she would accept nothing less. Though, there also was something else to consider here too, and that was the general danger of the situation. Just because the battles had ended did not mean the fighting was done. It was logical to strike when your opponent was weakened, and gorilla tactics came in handy quite often during situations like this: hit them fast, hit them hard, hit them while they were weakened, and get out fast so that you lived another day.

And now, on top of everything else, I have to worry about you… joy.

What’s this? Are we worried and nervous?

No, shut up and go away. I don’t need you right now.

I think you do. I have bigger balls than you at least. Come on, let me out to play.

Not on your life.

Your life, too, remember that. I’m less likely to hesitate if someone needs to die.

Yes, but you’re also more likely to let someone die.

Mmm, well you’re not wrong. If I feel letting someone else die serves a better purpose I’d do it. Then again I have a larger urge to protect ourself than some random stranger.

Niala could only shake her head with a sigh: above all else that she had to deal with now this was added to her plate too? Her dark half was awake and talkative, and more than willing to let a comrade die if it served a self-preserving greater purpose were she to take over. Joy, just lots of joy. Instead of responding back to the mental ramblings of her darker self she instead set about grabbing up her weapons, the scrolls that contained her puppets, as well as anything else she even thought she might need on her, a relatively easy and fast task since she always kept everything close by, organized, and well maintained: her mother had taught her and her twin from an early age to never be sloppy when it came to one’s tools and weapons as that sloppiness could cost one their life.

I know it’s impossible to get to him and ask for help, but I really do wish I could bring my uncle on this.

There was a feeling in the pit of Niala’s gut that was acting like a warning: something about this mission that she didn’t like. While she knew most shinobi were taught to rely on their senses most tended to ignore this gut instinct, and yet her mother had always taught her the opposite. Hanae had always preached that it was better to listen to it, that it was like an ancient warning sign that each human being was given that gave them an inkling when something was going to happen. Here and now she had that, and it made her wish she could go find her uncle and drag him with her - but she didn’t have the time for that, and she knew it. So with a sigh she headed towards the entrance to her tent, pulling long curly black hair up into a ponytail at the high point of the back of her head, ignoring the way her Iwagakure headband shifted around her neck as she did so.

Word Count: 970


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