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1 Gakusha Clan on Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:05 am




Clan Name: Gakusha Clan
Location: Iwa
Specialization: Chakra Flow (Primary or Secondary)
Elements: No Set Elements

Clan History: The Gakusha clan works in the libraries of Iwagakure University learning, studying and teaching to others. While they seem like ordinary people obsessed with books their clan is more obsessed with the ability to read and understand all that is around them. So much so that through some forbidden experiments done in the long distant past they were able to modify their eyes and eventually found there were ways to implement far greater improvements to themselves far above that of ordinary people.

The members of this clan were not as much a clan of shinobi as it was of learners and scholars who study hard to learn and understand all that they do. In order to read the secret books they have left hidden in the forbidden sections of Iwa's libraries they created a doujutsu which later became inherent after a few generations of failed experiments with the bloodline they managed to perfect after mixing multiple bloodlines in a laboratory with the help of an unknown mad scientist with snake like features.

To this day the clan serves the village of Iwagakure simply for the university and access to better learning as compared to other villages.

Members: Gakusha Sennin

Kekkei Genkai Name: Renzugan

Kekkei Genkai Description: The eyes of the Gakusha clan are rather unique in that they allow for chakra to flow through them with the use of chakra flow as their eyes are unnatural and regarded as actual items in that regard.

The eyes have a unique retinal layer that allows them to equip multiple lenses inside each eye. Lenses must be bought in pairs or for a single eye depending on their ability.

Their eyes can change appearance based on which lens is the outer lens allowing them to change their general eye appearance naturally. Switching the outer lens takes a post while in a thread and disables chakra flow abilities in the eye or eyes that are currently lens switching. This is mainly for stealth missions where different ocular appearance is necessary.

Members of this clan are also rather gifted with their abilities and are able to take one minor positive without a negative, or a major positive for a single negative.

Renzugan Eyes are trained as if they were a specialization and their abilities always cap at the shinobi's rank

Renzugan Abilities

Lenz Equip: Allows them to equip multiple contact lenses inside their eyes equal to one rank higher then that of the eyes

Immortal Sight: Members of this clan do not need to blink or flinch with their eyes for any reason. The eyes are as durable as an item of their rank.

Eye Flow: Chakra flow can be used through the users eyes as if they were items.

Drawbacks: When utilizing their eyes for any reason the eyes glow slightly red, and when they have lenses with active abilities it causes the eyes to form strange symbols as well.

When an element is channeled through the eyes utilizing chakra flow the element will bring about a slight glow in that color revealing the element used if the enemy has learned which color represents which element. Yellow for Raiton, Brown for Doton, Blue for Suiton, Red for Katon and White glow for Fuuton.

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Okay, so after careful evaluation, this is cannot be considered a dojutsu clan. A dojutsu clan has normal eyes, not eyes that are considered items. The concept of them is interesting and I suggest trying to get them as actual items and not as a clan. However whatever you end up doing, I suggest clarifying what you're actually trying to accomplish, because it's very difficult to understand and vague in it's current iteration.

Finally, I suggest not making a dojutsu clan as your first clan. First gain some experience with a normal clan.


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