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1 Lechery and Superbia [Maikeru/Private] on Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:34 am



"I left the House of Wolves-- for this?"

Heat rained down on them like the breath of hell. The scorched sand shimmered in the intense white rays of the sun.Their hats cocooned their heads in warm sweat, the arid heat burnt at their lungs. Nothing and no-one moved in this penetrating heat unless they were desperate, and they were.

Just like hell, there was no escape from this inferno.

Bound and gagged with a dirty cloth, Kyorinrin struggled over the broad shoulder of her captor, his posse's upside grins en tout. With every coarse step of sand, the dust they kicked up almost always made it's way into her eyes. The hallmark of this hell hole were the towers of glass warbling in the distance, and the harsh smell of linoleum from cheap, burning tarps. They were approaching what looked like a large, encampment of dusty tents and disheveled men. Though she could not speak, she struggled against the man's shoulder. Grunting through the fabric as it sucked the moisture out of her mouth and chafed her teeth.

All around the camp, the men watched non-chalantly as he dropped her petite frame, picked her up, and carried on his merry way. Were they not going to help her? Was this the way of this lawless land?

The muggy heat pressed in on them, even sweating was no good. It trickled down their necks and backs like warm soup. Kyorinrin's hair clung to her head like a thermal blanket, locking in the heat, frying her brains. the sand was hot enough to fry an egg. It was high noon and the sun beat down with unrestrained brutality, a few withering cacti cast patches of pathetic shade onto the baked earth.

They brought to a structure who's integrity seemed more structurely sound. It served as, what looked like, the citadel of the camp. So much so, that she was relieved to feel the air-conditioning hit her. They carried her into the basement. She was on her feet now, and they dragged against every step it took to get to the ground floor. They sat her in a sitting position and chained her to the wall. The other men had left her and captor to themselves; he stared at her for a moment and smiled. The dim light made your fair skin sparkle and glow.

"I'm glad I have you forever now."

She finally spit the cloth out, gasping for clean air. "H-how dare you, you obsessed son of a bitch!"

"I wouldn't call it obsessed, I'd call it destiny."

Hands bound and at rock bottom, she sucked in her breathe and spit at the man. 
"Oh sweetheart, you're such a card." He sang as Rin stared silently, glaring at him, bound in her chains at his feet. "Do you know what happens when my pets act out of line?--" he paused, giving Rin a knowing look. She exhaled through her nose in frustration. He stared at her silently, as if debating whether to seriously maim her or not.

He slowly trailed away, out of site in a room to her far left. She looked around. Other than the noise of the generator, the room was a silent concrete box. Rin craned her neck for a window, there were none. If she didn't know better she'd think she was deep underground, in some random room in a isolated prison or in someone's personal cell. Above the only source of light was an old fashioned bulb on a bare white wire and its switch was nowhere to be seen. There was something amateurish about the way the concrete walls had been set. The angles weren't quite right and there was a roughness to the texture.  Her money was on this being someone's personal homemade jail cell and that could either be far preferable or very, very bad.

Then there was scream. It was primal. It had a raw intensity to it that told of urgency, of desperate need. The scream was pain put into the air, writ large for anyone who cared to help end it. Out came another woman, dragged by blonde locks and thrown besides Rin. She cried, but all she got was a slap as a reward. Sending her mind into a spasm of desperation until the inevitable shut down response. Rin looked closer. She was missing toes. Or rather, they'd been cut off. When Rin at the man, her heart was in her mouth, all the warmth her body had seemed to flee. She felt like her breath had been taken away. In his hand was the cold-blade responsible for the severance, swathed in freshly-drawn blood.

And that when she started struggling against her chains, if she could just form a handsign.

"--Ahem, this is what happens." She started to scream. Scream with all her might. Her cries went unanswered, and she knew it wasn't because she was out of earshot. She was alone. Perhaps this was atonement for what she'd done.

"Fate is so ironic."



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Maikumaru Otsuka


Maikeru took out a cigarette, and placed it between his lips. He put his finger to it, and charged a small blast of Bakuton on his thumb connecting it to the stick. It had become a bit of a habit he needed to quit. He told himself he’ll worry about it later. With him were a couple of ninja, one from Konoha and another from Kiri. He met them while on a mission, and to his surprise they both share his thoughts on what should be done about Suna. He had allow them to enter the world of the Independent Faction’s Confederation, and became important parts to it. Today he had called them in to do a mission. Maikeru had gotten word that there had been kidnappings within the Land of Wind around the southeast area. A captive who had escaped gave the word that there was a camp based around a large building. It was something he couldn’t pass up. He turned to Naiki Hyuuga, the Konoha ninja. Having those eyes on his side, Maikeru deeply appreciated his talents, and his sense of humor. It was a bit of brightness in his now stress filled life. “Anything yet?” Naiki had activated the Byakugan. Veins branched around his eyes, and his pupils became whiter. He stood still for a good long while. “About a Kilometer away. I think they are kidnapping someone right now. We gotta hurry. This way!” Naiki ran off, while Maikeru and Aoi protested and ran after him.

Not long after the sprint had begun, peering over the horizon was a large building of some sorts. It didn’t look too damage, but had shown signs to have had years of experience. There was an encampment outside of it, with some men lying lazily. When the three of them were spotted, they got up and equipped their weapons. Aoi, the petite woman stepped in front of Maikeru and Naiki. She had a big ass sword and a big ass ego to match. “Go and help who needs help. Let me handle these guys. Maikeru nodded, and then Aoi rushed forward, and began to battle the men. Maikeru and Naiki made a break for the entrance, kicking the door down. Just then, Maikeru heard a loud scream. It was one of terror, absolute dread. He perked up in surprise, and then ran to the basement. He kicked the door open once again. The basement was a very large one...possibly overlapping the building itself in width. He looked around and saw that it was poorly lit, adding to the sense of dread. He looked to see a girl on the floor, a handprint across her face. But the more gruesome part is that she was missing toes. He looked over to the man standing in front of them.

Maikeru had what was almost an out of body experience. The amount of anger he had felt was immeasurable. It was as if his hatred had expelled him from his own body to make room to be unleashed. Maikeru cracked his neck from left to right. The man was surprised. At a loss for words. He wasn't expecting company...not like this.

Maikeru roared, a battle cry that man the man flinch. He rushed forward and grabbed him by the neck. “YOU SICK BASTARD!!” Maikeru shoved him into the wall and threw him to the side. He walked over to him, and kicked him in the face a few times. Naiki went to tend to the injured girl, while Maikeru continued to beat the man senseless. Until finally he grabbed him one more time, and suspended him over his head into a press position. As Maikeru made the transition of him being slammed over his knee, a stone grew on Maikeru’s thigh, the shape of a sharp wedge. With a loud and disgusting crack, giving birth to undeniably the most sickening sound of bone being destroyed Maikeru had ever heard in his life, also being the most satisfying,  snapped his spine. There was a loud and horrifying scream. Tears flowed down his face as Maikeru tossed him off his leg. “I...I can’t move my legs...why can’t I...move my legs.” Maikeru didn’t say anything. He tapped the man’s pants, and reached in his pockets, finding a key. Maikeru walked over to the chained girl, while Naiki lifted the other girl in his arms reassuring her. Maikeru unlocked the chains. He walked back over to the man and grabbed him by the wrist. He dragged him over to the chains, and locked a single one to his wrist. Ignoring his protests and pleads, and promises of changing, Maikeru looked down and saw a cloth. It was a little damp. Probably used to gag one of the girls. He placed the gag into his mouth. He shvoed it as deep down his throat as possible. He took out a Kunai, and stabbed and slashed oat the man’s fingers, cuting each one of. “Naiki. Stop the bleeding.” Without a word, Naiki walked over to the man, and placed his hands under his wounds. The bleeding stopped, and even healed some of the overall damage. As far as the fingers went, Maikeru kicked them to the other side of the room. He picked up the black haired girl in his arms, looked at Naiki, and said “Let’s go.” Naiki took the blonde haired girl. They began to leave upstairs, listening to the sounds of the man’s muffled protests. Maikeru would make note to tell the members of the other factions to destroy the building’s first floor. He looked at the girl. “You’re gonna be alright.” Walking out of the building, he saw that Aoi had made work of all the camp members. “We had a sick bastard, locked up these girls. The blond one probably had the worst of it. I locked him in the basement. He didn't need to be killed. Just needed a permanent time out.”

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No sooner had she been thrusted into her captive state, did her knight(s) in shining arm come to liberate her. Barreling in less than gracefully, one a sullen-faced, earth-toned man, and the other a petite boy with an unsheathed long-sword. The light-haired man's dark eyes bore into every corner in the room. His seemingly phlegmatic countenance was broken when his gaze tore away from Kyorinrin, to the blonde woman whom brooked the severity of the captor. Anger is what possessed him now. His apathetic, icy-calm had been disturbed.

One fell swoop, he closed the distance. The next, he was painting his shoes with the man's face, and no one would envy him now. A nerve must have been struct with the mopey-man; in a single maneuver he took their captor and broke him over his knee. All without batting a lash. The icing on the cake had to have been stuffing her own gag into his mouth. No telling where that thing had been. Oh wait... Kyorinrin's forehead wrinkled with worry, and laugh-lines crinkled around her dark eyes. What-- exactly was happening? Was this a case of greater evil finishes off lesser? Out of all the men, and all marauders in this lawless Wind Country, was she only capable of attracting bad eggs?

She felt a cuff slide off of her, the sound of cold steel hitting an equally cold floor. Her wrist were red and irritated, the chains had been tight, and before then she was bound by coarse rags. As much as she was grateful for her freedom, it was hard for her eyes to peel away from the scene laid out before her. It was almost a trance. She didn't even feel the warm, bumpy limbs of the man responsible pick her up and lead her out the way she was dragged in. If she had realized right away, she might have screamed. Outside was in shambles, men laying sprawled about like they had done when she arrived. Except now their bodies were contorted and injured. The epicenter of the mess of mangles bodies was girl with pale-veined eyes. Hard to believe a lowly trio was her saving grace. She imagined men and women of glittering assembly, gentry, and gallantry to have rushed to her aid. Or maybe those were just a former princess' delusions of grandeur. 

'This is nice--I guess.'

"Ahem!" She touted against the grip of her savior. "Put me down now, I'm fine." Dark heels brought her to her feet. With less the poise and dignity of a princess, one heel suddenly buckled and she dropped to her knees. A flip of her hair to save some face, and frisk of any imagined dust, and she considered that graceful. Undoubtedly they were having some pretty moving thoughts about her already. Nothing but the upmost awe, she imagined. What was she working with anyhow? A tall brute, a boy with a sword probably as big as his ego, and a blind-eyed Hyuuga woman. What are the odds it'd be such a mixed bag? Slightly less photo finish than she would have liked, but was anything around here catalog worthy anyways? Her eyes trekked the dunes. She was parched just by looking at the arid earth stretched to infinity. Not even the horizon knew where it ended. The luxury of the pikes and the caravan had sheltered her from the harshness of the elements. Now she was banished; all dressed up an no where to go.

She hesitated for a moment. Wondering if they were a band of Nuke-nin looking for a royal bounty, or even worse: hired Mercenaries from The House of Wolves. They certainly didn't look like either option.

"I'm Rin." Kyorinrin half-truthed. Her full name wasn't always the warmest title. Nor was it for rolling off the tongue of common folk. "So, is this what you all do? Show up to anyone's beck and call who may need you?"

She paced around, heels leaving hooved impressions in the sand. Her lips furrowed before breaking into a grin. "Well--isn't that just noble of you all?" More inclined to be gregarious rather than demonstrating her wit to strangers, she wasn't choosing the latter. She was being deliberately obtuse. Although one might think she'd be in a better mood after having been rescued. Many factors worked in unison: how useless she felt whilst being captured, the crazy man, and overall, it was just really hot. She wasn't one who considered herself a pansied royal subject--at first. But day by day, with zero protection, and few ways to protect herself, she was beginning to doubt that day by day.

"The bad guys were holding the princess--," She sassed, hand feigning light-headedness, "--somewhere deep inside the castle. And you all are obviously the heros so you just had to come save her!



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Maikumaru Otsuka


As Maikeru was walking, he heard the girl’s protest to put her down. He was surprised how easily she recovered, but complied with the demand. While being set down, she had apparently tripped and dropped to her knees. “Ah…well ok…” She then flipped her hair and brushed the her shoulders off, even though there was neither sand nor anything else that would needed to be dusted off. He tried so very hard to not laugh at her, and was triumphant in the mission not to. Naiki had set down the blonde girl, who had passed out, on a blanket that was laid out by Aoi. Naiki was a good medical ninja, so he would be able to properly examine her physical well being. Though the psychological one’s may take a lot more time to heal if they are there.

Maikeru turned his attention back to this...Rin. After asking her question of his technically part time job, he slowly nodded his head. “That’s what we do for the most part...yes.” Aoi wasn’t even paying attention, and Naiki was using healing hands on his the girl. Maikeru felt a bit uncomfortable with his position of socializing with Rin. He nervously scratched his head. He didn’t really think about how much good he was doing. He had saved countless people and put a halt to countless number of Bandit Gangs. He smiled at himself. “Well I guess what I do is pretty nobel.”

And then she made an analogy about them being heroes rescuing a princess from a castle. Naiki stopped operating and Aoi stopped her head from floating further into the clouds. They exchanged glances. Maikeru then said “well...I guess.” And then the other two proceeded to do what they were doing.

Maikeru had to ask the girl some questions. He knelt down to her height, and asked “do you have any family? Any place to go to?”
Before she could answer, Maikeru turned around to see that someone was approaching. “Dammit…” It was yet another filthy bandit. He was getting rather tired of them roaming the Land of Wind. Very tired. It was like many small books gathering around a small area. The first thought would be to kill them all. “Hey...looks like we got a couple of wonders. A few of em.” What surprised Maikeru the most was that he was alone. A lone Bandit was dangerous. It means that they were able to come across many other bandits and dealt with them. Strapped to his back was a long crossbow. Maikeru assumed that it was his main weapon. It was the only noticeable thing on him. “I suggest you give me your belongings. Unless my little frined here would have to be put to use.” He took out his crossbow. Maikeru looked at his companions. “Let me handle this.” He walked up to him, noticing that the crossbow didn’t even have an arrow in it. “Nice bow. Ever use it?”

“What kind of question is that? I’m the best sniper in the-”

“If you are the best sniper, long ranged combat, then why are you this close to us?”


“I know Taijutsu. I’m pretty formidable with it. Do you think you can load that crossbow faster than I can throw a punch?”

The man paused. He the quickly reached behind him. As soon as he did, Maikeru yielded his fast back, and threw it at the man. But the catch being that he activated his Landmine Fist with it, causing an explosion, throwing the man back severy meters. He wasn’t dead. Burnt and some fractures, definitely still alive. “Alright, Maik, she should be in good shape now. We’re good to go.”

“Need me to carry her?”

“I can do it.” He picked her up into his arms and kept walking. The rest followed. “So. Rin. Do you have anywhere to go?”



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The man, skin like leather under the desert sun, seemed to dither for just a bit. He shifted his nerves between either foot. Laugh-lines furrowed his jaded eyes from her slight mishap mere moment ago.

'At least he has a sense of humour.'

Prying into her just enough to pick her brain, her saviour ask,"Do you have any family?" Oh, if only he knew. Sure--she had family. Most people did. A Dad that became self-martyr through the breathe of whiskey, and moms that hid infidelity in their garter belts. Or picture perfect, nuclear families; power couples who have never seen or known a struggle. Where she fit on that spectrum hardly mattered anymore. Not after committing the sins that she had.

Where she felt pain, laughter came to mend it her mind. Her lips quivered to laugh, her eyes slightly laced from her sinister past. "Yes. I. Do. What, why do you ask? You certainly don't look the sentimental type."

Far out lounging in the dunes, a young man with a crossbow tight to his back approach the makeshift nomads with formidable, gaudy confidence. Her saviour, whom she had neglected to retrieve his name, glowered irritably as he approached. His eyes could have rolled to the back of his head, and that was putting it lightly. When he got within earshot, the lone bowman asked them to drop everything they had, and presumably give it to him.  He nudged to his bow. It looked like there was no catching a break. When she had the opportunity, she really needed to leave the Land of Wind. If she could recall, there used to be a prosperous Village among these coarse dunes, to same vain of the Great Five Nation? But her time with the House of Wolves, The House of Aces, pikes, and mercantilist pikes has left her knowledge on present affairs, a bit rusty. Whatever turned this place into the battle royale of the era, it certainly wasn't just that case. No one seemed to be doing anything about it. Order seemed lost among the musty men and hellish sun.

When the young man approached, copper hair and dark eyes en tout with his intent, the earth--toned man was the one to step to him. "Nice bow. Ever use it?"

"What kind of question is that? I’m the best sniper in the-"

If you are the best sniper, long ranged combat, then why are you this close to us?” 


Kyorinrin grinned after he caught him in his lie. Having seen the audacity of him several times over now, she could only wait to see what unique form of torture she had in store for the self--proclaimed sniper, should he break his icy-calm. When the man pulled at his quiver, the other took no chances and struck him. The force was unirronically explosive, akin to a disturbed landmine. His victims was launched, hitting the ground broken and scorched.

"Niiiicce work." Kyorinrin said, coming behind the tall man and wrapping a hand around his shoulder. "I'd say you really have a knack for unadulterated force. You'd make a good right hand man, y'know." The blonde one came to, and Kyorinrin gave the hardest eyeroll in their direction. The dark-skinned man went over and plucked her weight with ease.

So. Rin. Do you have anywhere to go?

'Of course not.'

Rin cast her eyes at him just long enough to catch his red-rimmed eyes and downcast expression. She bristled. You know, sympathy wasn't her thing. Either he could provide a place to stay for the evening or he could not; she was gorgeous and irresistible, he wasn't the only guy that'd be stopping her today. She was sure of it.  Rin pursed her lips, time for a new tactic. "Oh, what's this? Talk about noble! Just at the right time. The place I'm normally at--well, me and family have had a bit f a falling out. " She gave him a simpering smile with partially raised brows and thought about giving him a quick perfunctory kiss as a joke for good measure.

As a princess, she had become so very good at being desirable. And to the same vain, making others so very bad at hiding their own desires. It's not part of her briefing but it lightens the boredom. She has secrets to keep a mile wide, and someone like him knows it too. If anything he knows she might potentially use someone as blunt as him as shield. But perhaps this could be to his advantage. Protection as  pre-madonna, and a sassy, intelligent woman like her as his right-hand. Apparently under all that tough skin, he has a heart of gold, a little hard to see it through all that bulk and muscle, however. She'd offer to help him grow some eyebrows, perhaps if he were a closer friend of her's.



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Maikumaru Otsuka


Maikeru felt a twinge of sympathy. That’s hard to hear? A falling out couldn’t have been that bad right? What’s possibly bad enough to want to abandoned their child? “I’m sorry to hear that. You could stay at the camp if you’d like. We shouldn’t be long.

It had taken an hour to walk to the camp. It was a highly large one out of the Independent Suna Confederation. It was built from wood that was created from Senju and those who could use Earth Release at all. It was a bit like a fortress. It towered over the sandy dunes. It was pure magnificence. Before entering, Maikeru and Naiki had checked the condition of the blonde haired girl. “Is she alright?”

“Yeah. She’s still passed out. She has had a few bouts of passing out and waking up on the journey. But need not to worry. She will be fine.” Maikeru nodded, headed towards the large gate. It was half the size of a full village, natural for the headquarters of the ISC. Before he could tend to Rin, he needed to get Blondey propper and intensive treatment. He saw to it that Naiki would be getting to the medical area. It made Maikeru happy that there weren’t a lot of personnel that required care. It showed the formidability of the Organization. He left Naiki to it while Aoi went to who know’s were.

After that he went towards the eating area, guiding Rin along. That was his last mission for a while. Which was something of a surprise, considering how he had been working to the bone almost sense he had gotten to Land of Wind. Doing tasks for the ISC and Iwa. Maikeru presented many different foods to Rin’s disposal. “Eat all you want. You look starved. So. Would you like to live here?”

Maikeru forgot how temporary the living arrangement would be. The other nations would have to leave the Land of Wind eventually. And he would die before Kumo gets its dirty filthy hands on it. Maikeru rached over to the food table and grabbed himself as much meat as possible. He was bulking pretty quickly, and enjoying it too. “It might be temporary though. But I can help you figure everything out once things blow over. I will see to it that you have a comfortable place to live.” Maikeru smiled with an earnest and kind expression on his face.



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There was kindness in his smile, a gentleness. It was the smile of one who laughed with ease and saw a person under the behavior, a soul-connector. He was the kind of person who lived how he believed people should, as if he were sunshine that only radiated from the best aspects of those he met, their flaws entirely invisible to his gaze. He was a calm sea, dancing birdsong and the new buds of spring. How was she supposed to react to this overwhelming, unexpected kindness? Humbly? Gratefully? How was that in anyway graceful?

'But what other options do I have--exactly?'

"Little 'ole me? Come with you? Well--if you insist." He must have expected that answer, as he'd already turned heal and began walking. The path presumably to the brash base he mentioned. This was definitely quaint! A little damsel mishap here, knigh-in-shining-armour saves her there. And all the gallantry en tout. Fit for a princess. Now she was gaining an entourage. Royal circles truly are universal, are they not? The heat certainly didn't discriminate however. It was very arid, dry. Dusty boards brooked signs to safe havens of this no-man's land. Equally dusty walls, dusty drapes and windows were the m.o of this hellhole. Cracks grew deep in the barren, parched soil like a wizened old face, baked hard, no more hospitable to the delicate seeds than a scorched rock. Should the four horsemen pass this way, the hooves of their magnificent steeds will surely make no impression on the ground. The clatter of the hooves will echo around the desperate landscape like music calling the people to their final rest. In this eternal-summer baked country, there was no escape from the powdered mud that settled on everything. Nothing that should have been white was, clean laundry came in dirty form clothes lines. It swirled in the dry air and made its way into everyone's lungs; not one able-bodied person in the country of Wind didn't have a dry cough come a few months of being here, or eyes that weeped a red crust each morning.

His stern walk remained brisk the entire time here. Whilst her's went from enthusiasm, to tenacious, and finally: a saunter. Clung like a doll in his colleague's arms, was the light-haired girl that joined her in captivity. In a word, she looked heavy. Poor thing. Four toes short between the two of her feet (could you even call them that anymore[?]), and barely conscious. Kyorinrin wouldn't have thought any less of them if they had decided to leave her as buzzard food. Better they tend to the girl, than her. She would have given her a shallow grave--and slept like a baby afterwards. Burying her might be a struggle, however. The earth here grows wan and weird, defertilized, dehumanized, neither brown nor grey nor beige nor taupe nor ecru, the no color of death reflecting light, sponging up light with it's hard, parched shag and shooting it's back at anyone who looks. Tenacious taproot's galore. A graveyard for the rich flora that used to grow in bundles. The cacti hosting their empty reflections.

An hour or so, if she was reading the sun right, and they arrived at a tall citadel made of unnaturally contorted wood. God knows where they found a tree anywhere in the middle of this desert, but as long as it had air-conditioning, the details could be solved later. Not long after entering, briefing with officials, and tedious stops for her self and the other woman, and Rin found herself in a mess hall. Men stuffing themselves silly, and woman trying to look as petite as possible whilst doing the same. Kyorinrin cringed.

Eat all you want. You look starved. So. Would you like to live here?

"I look starved? Well--," Now she was really clutching her pearls. All in good fun, of course. "--I'll try not to take that personally. As far as--permanent residency is concerned, I'm not so certain of that--"

She had been forging for food for weeks now. Raiding different encampments. Every movement in the abandoned houses sent a vortex of dust into the previously stagnant air. With the rotting doors were now wide open, the dusty particles reflected the sun-rays taking on the appearance of glitter, or perhaps pixie dust, rather than a dull grey sheen over the sandstones. A little plunder hear and there, when settlements appear unattended to. So a nice warm meal was nice change of pace. But she would try not to get used to it. "--Two is perfect, and three's a crowd. A few hundred or so is definitely not ideal." She buttered a piece of bread. A peasants meal, but a guilty pleasure none the less. 

"I'll make up my mind. Do you worry. So hero, what brings you all out to the Land of Wind? In fact, what's going on around here? I distinctly remember a Village, a silly-hatted Kazekage, you know, the whole nine-yards?--"

She parted a few loose strands away from her right horn. "Looks a lot like hell, yah?"    



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Maikumaru Otsuka


Maikeru shrugged, prepared to answer her questions. “I was originally raised in the Land of Wind, but found myself becoming a Ninja for the Hidden Stone. I came back for the same reason you don’t see a village around anymore: The Sand Village was destroyed. No one really knows what happened. Some say it was a freak accident and others say it was an attack. My guess is the latter. Anyway, I should be heading out soon. I'll be setting up your tent and-”

Maikeru had noticed that around the camping area, people had been scurrying more erratically than usual. He stopped a walking Shinobi and asked “What's going on?”

“It's a bandit raid.”

“You've got to be kidding me.”

“Wish I was. Not too much of a problem. It's a small raid with only a few of them. Not much to actually worry about.”

“Dammit. Rin, wait here. I'll be right back.”

Maikeru walked to the entrance of the Gate. Sure enough, over the horizon there were many charging bandits running through the dunes. They looked like roaches in an unorganized and disgusting scurry. Maikeru clenched his teeth and fists. Oh how he hated bandits. They had been a plague on the land of wind, one that was in desperate need of purging. He cracked his neck from left to right, and then cracked his knuckles. There were fifteen bandits. The number of people in the entire Forte was many times that small number. So they had only sent nine of their own, Including Naiki and Aoi.

He whispered under his breath. “You disgusting pigs. I'm going to enjoy this.” Naiki and Aoi were there to. As the group charged. Maikeru was headed by five of the fifteen, as were his companions. “At least you are all smart enough to know math. Too bad you are all still too stupid to know not when to attack a high profile Forte.”

One of the ninja body stepped forward, a look of confidence on his face. Maikeru would never admit it, but he'd have to watch out for that one. If someone shows confidence in a fight they usually had something up their sleeve. Especially with the fact that only fifteen of them had decided to kickstart a raid on a camp like this. “Yeah, keep talking. Those words are going to be your dinner.”

“Try me.” One of them threw a fireball at him. Maikeru side stepped it, and realized that one of them was following behind the ball of flame, a katana on hand. He raised it in an over hand position. When he had heaved his sword down, Maikeru slapped his hand a way, and placed his fist thoroughly on his stomach. Then his knee. Maikeru noticed how green he suddenly looked and then turned him around and kicked him in the back, towards his mouthy companion, throwing up on him. Maikeru took out a Kunai, and as a man had decided to create an incoming attack in the form of a side kick, Maikeru raised the Kunai to level with his leg, and as a result, it was stabbed inside his leg. Maikeru backed away to evaluate the situation. The throwing up man and the man who was thrown up on had recovered. Looking to his left he saw the one with the stabbed leg wasn't getting up any time soon
He had been successfully incapacitated. Maikeru turned from left to right. So far he only permanently took out one of the ninja from the fight. He took a step back and spat a flop or mud on the ground. Maikeru touched it, applying his Detonator Jutsu. It separates into mud wolves. Maikeru cracked his neck once more. The fun wasn't ending there.

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9 Re: Lechery and Superbia [Maikeru/Private] on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:25 am



"I'll be here. When you--get done. I guess." The man on a mission flutters violently in the wind. It was cute on the village streets but here inside the confines of this citadel, this gate, he moves so quickly and noisily that Rin wonders if it might break the entire foundation of this place. She watches their cheap bodies bending and the flesh wounds he inflicted. She stays that way, a battle between brute and fallen until the everything comes to a head. And everything will. At some point. Kyorinrin switches her attention to the changing scenery, day to dawn. So this place had been sitting under her nose? Yet she called the Land of Wind home for some time. It feels so alien, yet no doubt when the time comes to go she'll feel a wrench to leave. And it looks like the time has come.

Today she was going to leave her past behind. She leaves a place that has been her childhood cocoon, somewhat. She had loved The House of Wolves up until her defection, but she resolved to bury that part of her past and with it, all the pain. To those that take her place it is only walls, the streets only concrete, but to her there is something--perhaps sentimental here. As she turns, looking at the parched distance, and it wavers in voyage; to depart it feel part of her soul imprint onto these sandunes, a parting gift from her to this place. To be frank, years ago she imagined leaving home - mother in tears and father being stoic. She wanted to ghost on everyone the moment she realized her sister would become Princess of The House of Wolves. She could see it. Ideally, she leaves home with her parents begging her to stay, but really they wouldn't show anything but banal indifference. No money ease her transition. Nor parcels of food in  oddly shaped packages.

Trading blows and jutsu. After a few more trades, she'd hope the bandits would be taken care of. Somehow now she is light again. As she munches her bread she makes “mmm,mmmm,mmmm” noises and instead of being irritated she is surprised to find it makes her almost grin. The crumbs make a trail down her cloak on their way to the ground and somehow this is OK with her.She chalks it up to knowing the brute of a man will be coming in soon. It was so strange how the act of carnage seemed to get him hot and bothered. 

'Am I actually in a good mood?'

Rin is in such a good mood she wants to smack herself. Her-snuggle up and make friends? Tsk! No matter how much negative spin she put on everything this guy knows just how pull a "everything is going to be alright." Even though a smile hasn't touched his face once, and he's looks at her like she's small and frail. Good mood songs, good mood food and the Wolves seem to be off her tail. She's got how to get into a good mood down to a science - no, not science - an art. So long as she didn't do it too often a little self-indulgence goes a long way. With her new friends to serenade her, a glass of chilled white wine and gooey brie on fresh bread, she can only succeed. She can feel the warmth rising already, though to be fair, that could be the alcohol.

'Is he done ripping those guys a new one yet?'


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10 Re: Lechery and Superbia [Maikeru/Private] on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:40 am

Maikumaru Otsuka


Maikeru had added the highest rank of Detonator he could achieve on one of his mud wolves he smiled at the bandits who were having a difficult time finding off the mud  wolves assault. He wanted to end this fight quickly that's his other two companions we're just about wrapping of their fights. He backflipped on his hands and then to his feet and created the half tiger seal detonating one of the Wolves and causing a large area of Destruction. He had ended the bandits quickly and with haste. The charred bodies lead on a sand smudged with sit their bodies pounded from the impact of the Explosion. He turned towards his other two companions. Naiki looked at them emotionless as ever and Aoi put an elbow on his shoulder. "BBQ Bandit. Blown Up Special


After the Bandits had been dealt with. Maikeru had returned to the inside of the camp. But this time, someone was waiting for him.

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