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“Aoi my dear can you come in here a moment, please?”, came her Granny’s soft voice.

Blinking in confusion as to what she would be needed for the young Nekomata glanced at the clients in the waiting area of the small-time clinic, then at the door that led to the storage supply closet which was ajar, before finally resting her gaze on the giant all white cat named Ashi who was pretending to be asleep on the receptionist counter. Reaching forward she lightly poked the cat with her pointer finger of her right hand, repeating the action when she got no response. “I know you’re awake because you’ve been eyeing Granny’s fish like they’re going to be dinner tonight. I need you to watch the front for me while I go see what Granny wants.” She then watched as the Maine coon sized cat yawned, stretched out in a very cat-like nature, and then sat up and focused blue eyes onto the waiting area as a whole: while it wasn’t a verbal response it was a response enough. “Thank you”, Aoi spoke before turning on her chair, jumping to her feet, and disappearing from view with all but the tips of her feline white ears visible from behind the tall receptionist desk.

“Yes, Granny?”, Aoi would finally respond to the elderly sweet woman who raised her as she poked her head in through the opening in the doorway. A glance inside showed her that Granny, dressed in the traditional white doctors' coat, was adding supplies to a metal sterile cart.

“Ah, there you are my dear. I realize we haven’t got the shipment of supplies in from the vendor yet. We’re not running quite low as of right now but I really don’t want to get to that point. We’ll be closing up soon why don’t you go head over to the vendor and see what’s taking so long for us to get our supplies, okay? Tearu can cover the front until then.” It was only as her grandmother spoke the young woman’s name that she realized she hadn’t been alone in the supply room: Tearu poking her brown-haired covered head around Granny’s elbow and offering up a polite smile. Aoi was about to respond, her mouth opening to speak when a growling and gurgling sound left her belly that even Tearu heard and giggled over. “We don’t need the supplies today before closing, as long as we have them by tomorrow morning, so why don’t you take that growling stomach of yours and go get some food while you’re out. Take that cat with you as well before I have to put a lock on my fish tank.”

Giggling softly Aoi nodded. “Yes, Granny. Do you want me to pick you up something while I’m out to eat?"

“Only if you stop by Akitsugu’s parent's place, the rest of the restaurants around here give me gas.”, Granny responded, blinking in a confused fashion as both Aoi and Tearu burst into a fit of giggles.

Still giggling Aoi ducked her head out of the storage closet and made her way back over to the receptionist desk, coming to a pause once she got there as she looked up at Ashi whose focus shifted back onto her. “Come on, Ashi, Granny needs us to run an errand. We can stop and get some food too ‘cause you and I both know Granny isn’t going to be pleased if you eat her fish.” With a smile then forming over her face she watched as the cat stared at her for a long moment, glanced towards the fish tank in as innocent a manner as she could muster, before hopping down off of the counter and following after Aoi as the pair made their way out of the clinic. Glancing left and right up the street she turned to her right and began skipping along, her white nearly knee-length dress with the lace front and puffy sleeves billowing in the wind and revealing the black semi-short shorts she wore beneath it, while her the heels of her dress shoes made a soft click each time they made contact with the sidewalk beneath her feet. Beside her Ashi walked in a far more dignified manner, each step looking as if it were carefully planned and executed.

Name: Ashi
Species: Feline (Ninneko as per Nekomata Clan)
Rank: E-rank (+1 tier to reflexes) (Combat pet)
Specializations: Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu
Elements: Wind, Doton
Appearance: Ashi is an all white long haired cat. She is 3.3ft long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail and weighs in at 10lbs.
Personality: Ashi has a very kind and affectionate personality. She loves being petted, and really enjoys being scratched behind the ears. While not normally a grumpy or violent creature she is quite protective over Aoi and wouldn’t hesitate to protect her: so much so that she tends to jump into frays that she would be better off staying out of.

  • Name: Ninneko Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
    Canon/Custom: Canon.
    Rank: E.
    Type: Supplementary.
    Element: None.
    Range: Self.
    Specialty: Ninjutsu.
    Duration: -5 every two posts.
    Cooldown: 4 posts after deactivation.
    (Ninneko begin with this jutsu, not counting toward their Jutsu limit as a clan Technique.)

    Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless jutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. This gives this technique an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic jutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon. Doujutsu and other sensory techniques can easily pick out the use of this jutsu. This, and the fact that the chakra of the user would be active, normal makes it easier for sensing techniques to pick out transformed people. If discovered, any form of physical contact can dispel the transformation. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every 2 posts.


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“Akitsugu, deliver these to table number #3., No sooner had the words left Yōko’s mouth was the plates  taken by her son. Standing a little over one hundred eighty-five centimeters, there could only be one word to describe her son, large. Not only did he tower over many of his peers, and those who were older than him, his girth was significantly bigger as well, having a good eighteen kilograms on others around his age or older. He was big. There was no way to sugarcoat the particular matter of fact. Some would claim that he is overweight and fat, but, that was furthest from the truth. He was anything but fat or overweight, his heritage as an Akimichi made sure of that. Yet, as he moved through the throes of people, dodging those, who were too busy chattering with their friends to pay attention, while still maintaining a balance of the two plates in hand, did it really matter about his weight? He still moved better than some of slimmer and athletic people.

“Here you go, Sir and Madam.” Softly spoken, the words caused the couple, presumably so, to pause in their conversation long enough for Akitsugu to set the plates down. The young sixteen year old took extreme care in making sure nothing on either plate was spilled nor misplaced. It would not do well if a customer(s) left unsatisfied over something that could have easily been prevented. “Is there anything else you will like?” Crystal clear cyan eyes looked at each customer, making sure to make eye contact with them both, letting them know that his attention was only on them. In near perfect unison the, presumed, couple spoke, “No, but thank you.”. Smiling at them both, Akitsugu nodded his head in understand, “Very well. If you need anything don’t hesitate to call for a waiter.”,  receiving a nod from them both, who were already beginning to eat their food, Akitsugu walked away from the table.

Looking around the small family restaurant, all but one of the ten rounded tables were occupied by a customer(s). Many of them chattering away while enjoying a nice hot meal courtesy of his parents in the back. It might not be the biggest or fancies place in Konoha to eat at, but, it was one of the best. There being a homy and comforting vibe to it, making those who come here feel like they were eating at a grandmother or mother’s home, rather than a strange place. Smiling, Akitsugu shook his head, dispelling the daydreams,  though this might because his mother was given him the patent look that all mother’s seem to have, and began making table rounds.

“Is there anything I can get you?”, A black hair woman, looking to be in her earlier twenties, looked up from the book she was reading. The title of the book escaping Akitsugu, but, with a quick glance at the words, he found himself having to fight down a blush. It sometimes escaped him that there were people who freely read whatever they liked in public without any shame. Who would have thought such a woman would be reading that in a public place? Nevertheless, ignoring her taste of literature, he patiently waited for a response for the woman. “An ice tea.”, Jotting down what she wanted, the woman did not even wait for him to leave before resuming reading the piece of literature. Walking away from the table, Akitsugu finish making his around, having only two more tables left.

Moving to the kitchen area, he handed the woman’s order to his mother, a noticeable blush being on his face upon remembering what she was reading, something that did not go unnoticed by the older woman, “Everything okay?” After being told what happened, Akitsugu groaned at his mother chuckling for his misfortune, “Got to get used to it, son. There are those with more weird quirks than reading smut in public.” With a pat on the back, Akitsugu delivered the ice tea to the woman, “Here you go.”, placing the glass on the counter, the woman reaching for it without looking away from her book. He did not say nothing as he turned around, heading back towards the kitchen area. He was not the only waitress here, for there was three others, and they were also on the floor.

Sitting down at the small bar, it being closed until nightfall for civilians, and only open to off-duty shinobi, he sighed in relief. He having been on his feet since the early hours of the morning. This was the first time he had a chance to sit down in rest. Allowing his thoughts to drift, they inadvertently turned to girlfriend. The thought of her bringing a smile to his face, “Thinking about Aoi, eh?”, The deep voice of his father, Jinzo, snapped him out of his musing. “Yeah, I am, wondering how work is going for her.”, He spoke, receiving a snort from his father. “Maybe you can see for yourself.”, An eyebrow was raised, and Akitsugu turned his head in the direction Jinzo’s pointed at the door.



Granny's Got Gas (Akitsugu or Invite Only) FJ1Her4




Each and every skip brought her closer to her destination while the click of her heels announced her coming nearer and then her departure as she passed by those within the street. Sure people looked at her as well as at the fairly large cat that trodden after her but she paid it all no mind: she had been dealing with their stares for longer than she could imagine so it was something that she had just grown accustomed to over time.

”I, too, would like some food from Kozue. That is if you wish for Granny’s fish to last the night.”, Ashi spoke, the feline’s words causing several heads to turn in their direction. It was by no means unheard of for animals to be able to speak, especially since they lived in a ninja village, but said animals usually tended to be much larger and tended to accompany shinobi of far higher ranks than little Aoi. As it was neither of them cared about the few extra stares that such an action caused.

”I wouldn’t eat Granny’s fish if I were you, Ashi. She already threatened to skin you alive and make you into a pair of fur boots. Those koi fish cost her a bundle, especially for one that’s all black and one that’s all white.”, Aoi shook her head at the thought: her grandmother didn’t often splurge on things, but she had spent months hunting down those particular koi fish and she had paid a pretty good bit of Ryo for them.

”That’s what makes them so appealing, they’re a delicacy. Rare and expensive. I’d be the talk of all of my friends if I feasted on such a meal.” Aoi paused at Ashi’s words, causing the cat to come up short as she nearly ran into her legs. Aoi stared down at Ashi for a moment before the Maine coon sized sigh sighed and rolled her eyes in a very human-like gesture. ”Calm down, I won’t eat the fish. I was just kidding. Well, about eating Granny’s fish, I am quite hungry though. So why do you think Granny’s supplies haven’t come in?”, Ashi inquired, hoping to change the subject and let her not-so-funny joke lay dead. Thankfully for Ashi, the question seemed to avert Aoi’s attention elsewhere, and her humanish counterpart shrugged her shoulders before absently pushing her hair back and over them.

”I don’t know but I do hope it’s nothing serious. Maybe they just didn’t have anyone to deliver them?”, Aoi could only shake her head while feline ears twitched and she slowed to gracefully squeeze her way through several people who had decided to occupy the sidewalk outside of the restaurant owned by Akitsugu’s family. Ashi, who was head of her doing to being a much smaller size, was about to squeeze through an opening in the door when Aoi called out, ”Hold on, Ashi, let’s not have a repeat of someone complaining…”. Reaching into her purse that had been slung over her shoulder and across her chest she pulled out a smaller headband than the one that hung around her own neck. Kneeling down gracefully she quickly tied it around Ashi’s neck, ensuring that the leaf symbol was in clear view and facing upwards instead of down. ”There we go, just better to be safe than sorry.”, Aoi spoke as she stood back up, opening the door and letting Ashi walk in first before following after her. Even though Ashi didn’t comment she could tell by the strut the cat seemed to pick up that she was a bit annoyed about the reminder of what happened last time: someone complaining because they thought a stray had got inside, not realizing that Ashi was not just a cat but a Ninneko, a ninja of the village.

After a quick glance around she spotted precisely who she was looking for: her boyfriend Akitsugu. She smiled and waved to him and his father before making her way gracefully through the people and chairs inside, careful not to bump into anyone or anything, and dodging the waiters and waitresses with practiced skill. Reaching Akitsugu she didn’t hesitate to hug him, a soft purr immediately starting and resonating from her throat as her happiness grew at seeing him. She spoke not a single word for a moment as she simply clung on to him as if she hadn’t seen him in weeks, but that was simply her typical nature: she was very affectionate.

”Give the man a chance to breathe.”, Ashi spoke, having jumped up on one of the bar stools nearby, licking her front right paw and giving the couple a bored expression. As if she had just realized with Ashi’s words that she was being a bit clingy she moved to step back, releasing her hold on Akitsugu with an ‘oops’ expression on her face as she stared at him with dark blue eyes.




Hearing his father’s words, and seeing the man looking towards the front door leading into the restaurant, Akitsugu turned and looked as well. As the door were opened, the young Akimichi smile grew brighter upon laying eyes on the girl, wearing a near knee-length white dress, entered into the establishment with her very familiar companion tagging along. “You have worked long enough for today, consider yourself off duty.”, The words of his father caused him to briefly look away from the beautiful girl, “You will still get paid in full. Now, just enough yourself with Aoi-chan.” After having said what was needed, Jinzo walked way, heading back into the kitchen, presumably to talk to Yoko.

Turning his attention away from the retreating figure, Akitsugu locked eyes with the girl who had previously enter. He could not been more happier to see his adorable girlfriend after a long day of work. Both of them have duties outside of their shinobi and personal lifestyles; Aoi helped out with granny’s clinic, he, himself had obligations at his family restaurant. While some teenage couples might find it difficult to balance the different avenues in their lives, and continuing on maintain a good relationship with their lover, Akitsugu did not have the problem. Aoi understood that he had duties outside of being in a relationship with her, and vice-versa. Maybe it was because of them both having other commitments to family that made them get along so well?

As Aoi made her way towards him, Akitsugu already knew what to expect when the petite girl got into range. Sure enough, his arms wrapped around her lithe body, embracing her in a hug. Because of their massive size difference, to the outside viewer who did not know any of them, it looked like he was hugging a child, not a teenager who is the same age as him. Though, the opinions of others did not bother him much as he moved his right hand to scratch behind Aoi’s ear, knowing well her soft purring would only increase in volume from such stimulus. “Hey Kitten.”, He whispered, still hugging the girl, letting her know that he had missed her as much as she missed him. The world around them began to fade into nothingness, at least, it would have, if a certain cat did not ruin the moment.

Instead of getting anger at the large maine coon, Akitsugu chuckled in good nature, “Hello to you too, Ashi.” Turning his attention back to Aoi, he shook his head, “Kitten, you know I don’t mind. I love how affection you are with me.”, He spoke, knowing well how overboard Aoi can get when showering those who she cases about with love. He had no problem dealing with it. Honestly, he found it adorable to say the least.

Tilting his head to the side, Akitsugu stared at Aoi for a moment. His eyes never leaving her as he hummed softly to himself, “Have you eaten today?”, before giving her a chance to reply, he clarified himself, “Asides from a snack?” If there was one thing about Aoi that drove him crazy it was her forgetfulness when it comes eating. He has lost count the number of times he found out she hadn’t eaten nothing, or if she did it was very little, throughout the day. He, and his parents, made sure she eat something more sustainable than just a snack.

“You and I both know the answer to that, Akitsugu.”, Yoko spoke, setting down a boil fill with tuna in front of Ashi, and a plate of Nigiri-sushi made specifically for Aoi, “Here you too, eat.” Nodding in appreciation at his mother, Akitsugu looked at Aoi, “Come on, sit down and eat.” He suggested. He wondered would she take the stool beside him or do something else, like sitting in his lap.  No matter, after she sat down, Akitsugu’s attention would solely be on her, “How have you been? How has things at the clinic doing?”, He asked.



Granny's Got Gas (Akitsugu or Invite Only) FJ1Her4

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