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1 Within Iwa's Camp [Taeru] on Sat Jul 28, 2018 7:41 pm



The cards folded along the table as Katsumi leisurely watched the intently faced opponent across the table from him. A few others who weren't ninja and one genin sat around too, each of them watching the hand unfold in front of them. Katsumi watched him intently, knowing exactly what cards were in his own hand while trying to picture mentally the lies that his opponent was telling. The fold downwards as his opponent carefully placed the cards so that Katsumi couldn't see, trying to hide even further that which was out of his view. Katsumi stretched back a bit and carried as calm and leisurely a face as he could, all of it part of the deception he was throwing about.

Katsumi looked at his card, visualizing the 8 of hearts in one card and the 10 of diamonds in the other spot as the sat carefully placed down on the table in front of him. The cards folded out and stacked in the center showed three numbers, a 9 of clubs, a 7 of clubs, and a 3 of diamonds. It wasn't very meaningful and gave Katsumi some hope for his own hand but not enough to really push things. They were gambling with spare change at best in their free time and as everyone had folded out but Katsumi and the other boy, the tension was as high as it could be for a single hand.

With a check towards Katsumi, he reached and pulled out a simple five cent piece before tossing it in silently and waiting for a response. The other boy reached down to his cards and flipped them up halfway to reassure himself of what he had. The uncertainty to know his hand meant he was playing in the moment, he might be looking ahead but he wasn't looking ahead two moves and counting the odds. The lie that he was telling hardly matched the lie that Katsumi was telling. The gamble that lied at the heart of their game.

The next hand turned of a Jack of Hearts and Katsumi showed no indication, instead as the other boy checked, he checked as well. The silent deception to know that his opponent would read the move as a loss of turn, a reduced odd and saving some money. His opponent relaxed in that face and it told Katsumi immediately that he knew what was happening. His opponent couldn't have better than face cards or a triple while Katsumi sat on a straight. Everything was in play and as everyone silently sat around and waited for the mental duel between them to end, Katsumi faceded forward his own discomfort. Adjusting his posture as if he were more focused on the last card, turning his face away from his opponent to feign submissiveness.

The last card turned and Katsumi swallowed the air in the back of his throat while pretending to mentally calculate something. His opponent smirked and reached down to throw 20 cents into the pile. Doubling the normal bet and trying to win some money, Katsumi sighed and matched him while his eyes narrowed towards his opponent. Though, the narrowed eyes turned to a smile as Katsumi flipped his cards over and revealed the straight to his opponent who was so sure of his win with a three of a kind.

Some small murmurings as Katsumi reached forward and raked the money towards himself, the small chuckling and commentary from those around him lit up as they turned their cards over to be shuffled and dealt out again. Katsumi himself merely held it together and stacked the new change into his existing pile and spoke towards the other kid while looking down and letting the coins stack onto each other.

"You make it too easy."

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Special Jounin
Beads of a cold seat would rise to break out along her flesh, her breath quickening, to match the choked strum of her heart. Clinging tightly to the material clothing her still somewhat gaunt form, her arm crossed and pressed to her torso, her knees the following suit to press her arms closer, curling into the fetal position. Her form would shudder again.

The tip of the pike would slowly be thrust into the nook section just between her collarbone and shoulder joint, the sound of the flesh tearing then splitting as it penetrated deeper, sounding quite like a popping balloon at first before the sound of her ragged breathing and choked whimper muffled all but the males voice and the females cackle as she hovered in the doorway. "ANSWER ME!" The baritone of his voice carrying as a vibration down the pike causing further discomfort. Her gaze would peel from the wound and weapon, shifting along its shaft until meeting the males gaze, before turning her head away allowing her eyes to close, her mouth remaining firmly closed. Her will alone holding her form still as she resisted a shudder, yet her muscles would tense instinctively causing her form to become upright rigid as the spearhead twisted, mangling the flesh into a wretched hole. A choked cry would splutter from her lips. "Maybe, If I go across the hall and remove one of his fingers for you, maybe then you'll talk." Internally her mind thrashed against her bondage venom swelling throughout her thoughts and stomach yet as she looked up at him whilst he spoke her gaze was empty, soulless, a blank slate. She knew better than to play to their words. Though another gasped breath would be taken as he lent against the spear slowly forcing the blade to inch her shoulder from its socket. Save for doses of pain in her features, they would always revert to the empty look she had come to perfect. Just a little further before a popping sound flooded the air suddenly drowned only by a short cry.

The very same cry echoing into reality. A violent awakening to say the least as her body sprang into overdrive, shifting into a crouch as Ripa Tsume slipped into view as though ready to tear down an invisible foe. As her eyes adjusted and her mind began to recognise her surroundings her body would slump against the mattress. Her hand would instinctively shift to grasp the long healed wound, her nails making thin pink lines in the thin flesh, even through the fabric. Even in her sleep, her subconsciousness drew back the memories only to further torment her, no peace seemed to linger with her in the quiet spaces between the missions she forced herself into. Her form would shudder with the shadowed memory of the blade twisting.

With a sigh she would slowly rise to her feet, her body remaining tired as though she hadn't slept at all. Her left hand would rise to cup over her left eye as she took a moment to collect herself, however, such teetered towards impossible stuck inside of that damned tent. Stepping to the opening of the tent she would tug on her boots before lacing them tightly to avoid allowing sand inside of her clothing. The fingers of both hands would trail along her hair to unpin the material used to cover the left side of her face, shielding he mutilations of her left side from view whilst leaving the almost pristine right side exposed. Her pointed features and high cheekbones now in proportion as her physical maturity now labelled her female at sight. Clammy and still slightly gaunt when observed close enough, she held an odd structure of beauty. Tugging the glove on before writing the finger sections of the glove itself before stoking over the area of the missing digit somewhat absentmindedly, the glove had been made to keep the missing digits area covered and extending up along her forearm to her elbow. The rest of her attire a small range of pale colours starting from white to a dusted beige.  the bodysuit made, tight and to cover her left side up to her throat completely whereas the right side showed visible flesh of her chest and arm. Draped about her form a lightweight material quite like the material of her glove and that which covered her face in part, the veil attaching to the body suit to keep it tacked in place against even the strongest of winds.

Her right hand would reach out to swipe the flap of the tent out of the way as she exited, she had no plan of what to do but walk, unable to bear the sight of the four canvas walls of the tent any longer. Her steps a little too quick at first, as though escaping before slowing to a more reasonable pace as she listened to the voices about. A walk amongst the steady hustle and bustle of the evening, cooling hours. A breath of fresh air in an otherwise choked land. Her steps would come to a halt before a small stall like set up harbouring a small selection of beverages and food. Her left hand would rest absentmindedly against the makeshift bar, soaking in the cooling air, yet her attention would shift to one of the tablets seating just two yet others milled about to watch. Her brow would furrow yet her body had already begun to move towards them. Those of the small crowd that had noticed her would part give her a birth of space. Biting down on her bottom lip she would watch as it became clear it was merely a game, but... when was the last time she had seen a game in action. For now, she would look past the gambling section of such to just simply take in what was going on and try to learn along the way as she watched the two’s facial features.  

Word count: 1004.


Taeru's Theme.
Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo
~Oderint Dum Metuant~
Completed Missions: D-4 C-4 B-3 A-1 S-0

3 Re: Within Iwa's Camp [Taeru] on Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:08 pm



With the hand ended and Katsumi's own winnings sorted within the pile he began to thumb through the cards in front of him. Keeping the numbers and contents of the deck facing away from him, he cut the deck in two and filed the edges neatly together. Feeling the smooth edge created from the conglomerate of the cards, he began to flick each half downwards, shuffling the cards between each other one at a time. His hands began to subconsciously push the cards around as the others at the table began to talk.

The small crowd around of people standing around and watching but not brave enough to enter the game themselves seemed to part for a moment as another girl who couldn't be much older than Katsumi himself emerged. His hands went through the motions of feeling the deck solid again and turning the single card on the bottom over to cover its image. His eyes would flicker towards her to gauge her interest on joining, if she was just there to observe, or if she had merely just stuck into place.

The table itself would illuminate to have a total of four players at it, two seated on each side of a bench while the wooden table inside separated them. Next to Katsumi was another woman who was rather lithe and seemed a bit out of it, not really talking or making any conversation towards the group, an outsider who sat a bit aways a way. While she was on his right, the two across from Katsumi where typically male in all the stereotypes. They had muscle and were loud, constantly jawing at each other about the other's stupidity or whatever detail they could use to get under their skin. Occasionally it would draw a laugh or chuckle at the jokes but for the most part only kept their taunting to themselves.

Did you want to join too? Katsumi would offer bluntly as he waited for her response, taking in her person and waiting to see what she would say. If she seemed hesitant or unsure at first, Katsumi would continue with his offer, It's just pocket change we bet to pass the time. Nothing too big if you're worried about losing a lot of money... Katsumi would end off with a final pass of the cards in his hand. One of the guys across from him would make a quick one-lined comment about how at this table, you're bound to lose more than a little but Katsumi mostly ignored the comment and instead focused on the girls presence.

Katsumi would sit paused for a moment and wait for some response from her, anything at all and any indication about her person, trying to find the story she told with her words of course, but past that to what her actions would hold.

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