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Ore Gathering D-Rank:

Mission name:Ore Gathering
Mission rank:D (Repeatable)
Objective: Transport mined ores from the mine to the warehouse.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A worker in one of the mines in Iwagakure got sick. His job was carrying mined ores from the mine to the warehouse. As the job is physically hard, and the payment is low, nobody wanted to apply for the job. The ores quickly filled the small storage room in the mine, halting production. The owner of the mine had no other choice but to employ young ninja.
Mission details: You will arrive at the mine, and meet Junzo. Junzo will show you around the mine, the location of the warehouse, and take off soon after. You will get a wheelbarrow to transport the ores with. The wheelbarrow is wooden, with a metal wheel. The distance between the mine and the warehouse is about 100 meters. The wheelbarrow weight about 75 kg when full of ores. To pass the mission you need to take 10 loads.

Name: Junzo Yanagi
General Appearance:Junzos general appearance makes many people believe that he is more than 70 years old. It's mostly because of all that years working in a mine. He is quite short (165 cm) and a bit plump. He has short grey hair, and his skin is darkened because of the mine.
Personality:Junzo is a very grumpy man. He always complains about everything and wants everything to be perfect. He often plans everything ahead.
Motivations:His only motivation is his son, who is a genin. Junzo loves him very much and would die to protect him.
Fears:His biggest fear is his son dying in combat.

Makoto felt like today was a bad day to be entering the mines, but he had to do his first mission sooner or later. He did not want to be a teacher's pet since as much as he could teach those kids, they had nothing to teach him so he felt it was a waste of time. Entering the area where the pile of ores were laying he glared at them as the man finally appeared.

The employer looked to be around sixty or seventy years old and was a bit short, though still taller then Makoto as he looked at the strange man. He was rather plump and the short grey hair made them man look even older, with the darkened skin of someone who had been baking under the heat of a thousand suns.

He knew this work would be hard and the guy just said he had to deliver ten full loads to the warehouse which was not even that far away, as he began to wonder how lazy people were. So Makoto began his mission as he took a shovel and began stabbing it into the pile of ores and then he realized it was rather heavy as he flung the small portion into the wheel barrow and that was when he realized, one makoto was not going to be enough makoto for this mission as he prepared to do what he always did.

Ask himself for help with the water clone technique as he looked up at the hot sun and wondered if the sun gods had been angered by something he did recently

Words =270


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Makoto began to create his army of clones to begin doing his mission once more as they began moving around to grab shovels while two held the wheel barrow. The real Makoto would search around the area and keep an eye on things while moving with the group. The other four makoto's piled up the ores and dug away shoveling as they added more and more ores to the wheel barrow until it was full.

Two of them tried lifting it up but it was heavy, so two more makoto's joined and four Makoto's were moving the wheel barrow while the remaining two got some maps and fanned down the working Makoto's as they moved towards the warehouse completing the first delivery of ores. Makoto then proceeded to have the two free makoto's look around for any coverage.

It was really hot as they finally dropped off the first load, they had walked close to around a hundred meters which was not even that far to begin with as he wondered how lazy these workers were not understanding the true harsh nature of working in the mines as he proceeded to head back to fetch the second load for the mission

This was a mission that seemed difficult as he wondered if he should have chosen an easier mission as he contemplated his decisions entering deep in thought as he brooded over his life choices.

Words = 270 + 240 = 510


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As time went on Makoto had gained better mastery of his water clones as he kept on training them step by step. He started thinking that he needed a cheaper more efficient clone for normal labor that was not necessarily combat orientated as he wanted clones that could help with every day things in life. Makoto did a few experiments as he noticed that he would need to train harder in the future as he scratched his head for a bit before stretching some more as his clones were doing most of the work. Though watching them do this work made him feel tired for some reason as he took to riding on the back of one of his clones as he asked the clone.

"Am I heavy?" as the clone had the same idea as him the clone simply answered with. "No, we are just weak" as they continued while Makoto felt like he should improve on his use of the clones.

All this hard work on his first real mission as he began wiping the sweat from his forehead as he finally delivered the final load as the clones just dropped to their backs all around him as he did the same he thought to himself as he reached out to the sky.

"Missions are hard" as he smiled before dispersing the clones as he felt deep down inside he was really lonely. In the end he completed the mission and would soon get his reward, he did not want money, he did not want fame, he wanted jutsu more then anything else as he got up and reported his successful mission so that he would be rewarded for his efforts as he felt he could still improve even more in the future.

He felt a bit satisfied, though he felt he might not take this mission again anytime soon as he decided to think of some other kind of mission to further his gains in the future.

Words = 510 + 330 = 840

Mission = 750
Training Strength E - E1 = 75
Total = 825



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