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Clan Name: Ishido
Location: Ruins of Sunagakure / Konohagakure [Scattered]
Specialization: Chakra Flow OR Ninjutsu
Elements: Futon OR Raiton [Not Required]

Ishido [Revamp] HhU72Pp
Clan History: A long-lived clan founded by a monk named Akihiro Ishido. This clan was originally a sect of close-knit Shinto worshippers that lived in Sunagakure no Sato, keeping to themselves and having very little contact with those outside of their group. They soon became a family and gained an innate ability that gave them great power, believed to be from Akihiro's unique bloodline. Soon enough, they yearned to become deities themselves like the ones they worshipped. They became ninja and mastered various arts in an effort to do so. After generations and generations of learning to mold their chakra and use it in new ways to compliment their power over physical matter, the matriarch of clan, Fuiyoka Ishido, suggested they venture out of their shells; she desired to move to Konohagakure and to make the clan an influential mass of political power, becoming workers for the Hokage and Daimyo of Hi no Kuni. Many members of the clan agreed and they left with her, but the remnants of the clan that stayed in Sunagakure planned on becoming gods their own way, through wealth and violence. The two sides were, within months of separation, nothing like one another. Those who lived in Konohagakure under Fuiyoka called themselves "the Pursuers of Truth", and those that stayed in Sunagakure with the new patriarch, Fuiyoka’s son Tsurugi assumed the title, "the Seekers of Fortune".

In the coming years, the Seekers became a dark and desolate sect, with their numbers diminishing and their intentions becoming more malevolent, as they killed and stole to get what they wanted. Tsurugi ruled over them with an iron fist, and a majority of the clan, including his son, Daraku, were all trained to be assassins toward his cause. Eventually, people began to rally against him because they wanted peace and freedom; they created a group and attempted to go to Konohagakure in order to follow Fuiyoka's path and become part of the Main Branch. Tsurugi, in pure rage, killed all of the rebels, as well as his wife, in an event that became known as the Great Massacre. This discouraged further rebellion using fear tactics but only increased tension beneath the surface.

Eventually, Daraku made it his goal to eliminate the Main Branch of the clan by assassinating Fuiyoka, and so he went to Konoha and killed many members of the Pursuers to weaken her forces. This changed him, and he perceived the clan's state in a different way, realizing that Tsurugi's rule over the Seekers was just as corrupt as Fuiyoka's false hope in Konohagakure. After he returned for a second time to Hi no Kuni and killed Fuiyoka, he went all the way back to Sunagakure and killed his father as well. Now that he holds the position as Clan Head, Patriarch Daraku has reunited the two branches of the clan into one, and allowed them to move throughout the five nations freely on religious pilgrimages or journeys rather than being confined to either Sunagakure or Konohagakure under an iron banner. The clan still maintains its primary stronghold in Kaze no Kuni, Ishido Castle, towering over the desert landscape.

Following the destruction of Sunagakure no Sato and the disappearance of Daraku, the remaining leader of the Ishido outlawed the practice of separating the clan based on the former allegiance lines. With this act, the clan was unified as a single entity, dedicated to securing their own future.


Ishido [Revamp] Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Phasing (Sei-shō ~ 整相)
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Ishido aren't known for much aside from the "Seekers of Fortune" exploits and infamous reputation as brutal, merciless assassins and thieves. Their kekkei genkai is hardly seen or understood by anyone outside of the clan; it is believed to be an advanced application of Fūton or Raiton, considering many Ishido seem to have one of those two chakra natures, but this is entirely untrue. The technique itself is a simple body transformation wherein the user's molecular state assumes a somewhat ‘gaseous’ form, giving them the appearance and essential qualities of a ghost. This is more than an aesthetic change; their compromised physique gives them the capability of quantum tunneling to pass through (or "phase" through, as Truth clansmen say) physical matter, including walls and obstacles. Members of the clan are able to apply for jutsu that allow them to phase through physical matter, whether these be offensive, defensive or supplementary as a free ability of the technique. These techniques allow the user to interact with an instance of a obstruction as if it did not exist. Obstructions of E rank [or those of unspecified rank] can be phased through for no cost.

  • The Path of Truth and Fortune: During their long time in Konoha, the members of the Ishido have enhanced their mind over their bodies and are naturally excellent strategists and scholars. They focus more on jutsu use and skill mastery in conjunction with their kekkei genkai than anything else. They have a passive +1 to perception and all training word count requirements for learning new techniques will be 10% lower for them.

  • The Perfect Killer: Tsurugi trained his fellow clansmen consistently up until his death, and they still tend to undergo his same training regimens even though he isn't around to enforce the training, though mastery is not achieved as fast as when Tsuruhi was alive. Thus, when a clansmen reaches at least C rank, they are able to undertake a special training to unlock the Lurking Darkness trait for their clan jutsu, which allows them to hide from sensory techniques of rank lower than the jutsu used. This mission must require the clan member to assassinate a target of a least B rank [This may be a pre-approved mission. The target must be a PC or NPC. If the clan member is higher than B rank, the target must be at least their own rank. If attempting to assassinate a target of one rank higher, the clan member can undertake this mission alone.] in a thread of at least 3000 words. Clan members who have passed this requirement are considered to have been honed into perfect assassins, using stealth and surprise tactics to their advantage as often as possible. Their superior reflexes and dexterity grant them a +1 to reaction time and their phasing techniques has an acquired stealth application as an additional ability.


  • Assassin’s Physique:Members of the Ishido clan members are not used to drawn out combat where they would use techniques one after the other, again and again. Ishido clan members are typically fond of hit and run tactics, and as such, they suffer a -2 to their Endurance stat.

  • Menace to Society: Despite the high number of successful assassinations performed by members of the Ishido clan and the wealth gathered from such, those who were of the Path of Fortune in Sunagakure no Sato tarnished the clan’s name somewhat, leaving them with a reputation of being thieves and brigands. As such, the general populace has developed a fear of the clan, leading to many merchants charging members of the Ishido clan higher prices for their goods. As a result, any catalogue or custom item prices are increased by 10% for Ishido clan member. In addition, clan members are not allowed to take the haggler special characteristic.


Ishido [Revamp] JqW3Lnz

In our faces no emotion
With our fists clenched by our side
We let it burn
Under our skin

And we stand calm and collected
We’re so cool and in control
Don’t take comfort in this quiet
Because something might explode

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2Ishido [Revamp] Empty Re: Ishido [Revamp] on Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:05 pm



Quantum Tunneling effects? >_> *Totally not jealous*


General: Alright, you know this already but know this phasing doesn't protect you against any pure chakra based attacks. Additionally you won't be able to interact with things while phased.

Lurking Darkness: Can you please clean it up a bit more? I can read and understand it, however it wouldn't hurt to have it easier to read.


So for all the awesomeness this clan affords you definitely need more active drawbacks.

That's all for now. However more may be decided on next modding.


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