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Original Creation of Jagi
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Clan Name: Aeko 「安依子一族, Aeko Ichizoku
Location: Scattered.
Specialization: /
Elements: /

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Clan History: This is no clan. This is something far beyond.

It's spirituality.

Ancient Wisdom does not awaken itself in a specific line of people, a clan, per se. It may be concentrated there, but by no means does it limit itself to one strict set of genetics. The Aeko are only a select group whose origins and traditions lie heavily within their zeal. They do not worship a god they can see, nor one they associate with any one thing. They, rather, revere the world and its workings. Not placing it on high nor giving it any special properties, such devotion lies solely within what could be called appreciation.

Their abilities developed slowly from this; their extraordinary way with the manipulation of elements and their attunement with nature arose from their great respect for the things that compose this world. The supreme chakra control came later, when the clan became attuned to the idea of internal energies, and perhaps this is also around the time that chakra and ninja arts became widespread. Their adeptness with many ninja arts was an evolution in self-defense of the peaceful lifestyle they always led. The Ninja Wars doubly devastated the numbers of this people; the initial casualties not sufficient, the mindset of wars and between wars led to a decrease in the number of people who shared such ideals. Even at this time, only a few small compounds remain, ever willing to take in those that share their ability. Not to proliferate, no, nor to become a great and known clan.

Yes, the truest wish of an Aeko is to do a most spectacular thing:

To live. To be. To be free.

- Sōsa Jagi

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Ancient Wisdom 「古代・悟性, Kodai-Gosei」
Kekkei Genkai Description:

Ancient Wisdom 「古代・悟性, Kodai-Gosei

As a general trait, all Aeko possess hyperpigmentation of the iris, with comparatively normal or even small amounts of melanin. This means that no matter what color it is, the iris will be piercingly vibrant.

  • The forms and techniques of the Aeko are a spiritual journey exploring the energies of the body and of the earth, very much akin to Ninshū. (They use Chi, not chakra, to execute techniques; however, due to Chi flowing through the meridian systems of the body and being a form of energy, Chi techniques interact with other techniques in the same manner as chakra.)

  • Due to their heavy attunement with nature around them, and their control over their inner energies, Aeko can learn a third specialization and element at D-rank. They can learn their fourth specialization and element at C-rank. They can train their fourths to A-rank for 10000 words apiece, and to S for 15000 words apiece.

  • Aeko are so attuned with nature in mind, body, and chi that they, as well as their energies, are unable to be differentiated from the surroundings by Sage Mode and sensory techniques derived from its method. They can use Supernatural Walking Practice on any surface made of a naturally occurring material, such as wood, earth, or water, etc. They must know at least one Specialization to control their energy to this extent, however.

  • Those who might be called Aeko possess an impotent healing factor. It heals small wounds such as very light bruises, scrapes, and cuts less than 1/4 inch 2 posts after receiving them; it cannot heal wounds more severe than this. Outside of battle, they recover quickly from illnesses and injury.

Energy Divination Art 「気同化の術, Kidōka no Jutsu

Sensory arts derived from the Aeko's connection to nature, these abilities allow the user to connect with the surroundings, and it is one they practice constantly. This ability meshes the user's energies with that of the environs, allowing them to perceive using their own natural senses (except sight) as if they were part of the surroundings, feeling people's footsteps on themselves and hearing their whispers through the trees, even able to smell and taste the people around them, however odd that is. This method also works by sensing the intrinsic energy inside of living things (life force), which only alerts them to a presence and what type of being it is (plant, animal, human). This method is trained for 1000 words at each rank, can be trained as high as the Aeko's ninja rank, and is always active as long as the Aeko is able to make bare-skin contact with the ground or a living being connected to the ground (such as animal or tree). An Aeko being in Sage Mode confers the full effects of their Senjutsu Sensory to the radius of this technique as well. The effective radius increases based on the rank of the ability which has been trained.

  • E-rank - 2m.
  • D-rank - 6m.
  • C-rank - 12m.
  • B-rank - 28m.
  • A-rank - 60m.
  • S-rank - 90m.

At C-rank, the user gains the ability to increase this range through a form of meditation. As long as a clan member moves no faster than their base movement speed, and maintains the ability to utilize this effect for 2 or more consecutive posts, the radius is doubled.

Boundless Flow Fist 「意万里満潮, Ibanri Manshio; contracted Iban

Iban is a largely self-defensive, technically hybrid Taijutsu style. It involves a static set of katas that can be combined with each other; the Eight Motes and the Six Steps are the cornerstone of this martial art. The Motes are arm positions created for different leverages, parries, and manipulations. The Steps are footwork created for even more leverage, and, most importantly to the style, effective dodging. While the katas are set in stone, the applications are not; each individual user creates their own expression of the combination of these fourteen stance components. Fourty-six different combinations to memorize means that the chances of an Iban practitioner being predictable are slim, not even considering individual variations. Each stance changes one's internal energy flow and by extension one's physical abilities.

Those who learn this style also are instructed in the channeling of internal chi. Due to this, all of their physical stats like Strength and Speed do not originate from training of the muscles or bones, only from chi. Apart from preventing them from telegraphing intensity of movement or attack by their body, in combination with their constant Supernatural Walking Practice it also allows them to keep normal balance even when not in stances that would normally allow it, such as on one foot. The focus here is on moving, preferably as little as possible, to dodge the opponent's attacks, and developing one's sensitivity and internal chi. To this end, they can use body movements similar to stances, gestures, and rarely, attacks in place of hand seals.

The ability to dodge is key in this style, and its most powerful (for some users, its only) attacks occur when an opponent's attack fails because of their dodging. This style's offense only consists of breaking bones and injuring muscles or connective tissue via attacks on the joints, but also upsetting the opponent's balance as a lesser attack.

Iban focuses largely on spatial awareness, and those who choose this Taijutsu style must gain their Taijutsu stat bonus in Perception instead of any other stat, though it confers its benefits at each rank except S-rank (bonus increases to +4 by A-rank).

Eight Motes Bodily Becoming 「や部位体化, Yabui Taika

Aeko have an innate knack to direct their own energy to a specific purpose without expending it; this ability does not expend any of their chi. By taking a specific position using their arms and hands, they can change their chi flow to suit a specific purpose. However, due to changing their natural flow of energy towards a certain end, they do end up sacrificing another aspect. A user of this ability can exit it at any time, removing all changes, but must wait 2 posts after using this ability before they can activate it again, as their chi must return to normal before they can correctly direct it. However, changing to another Mote simply keeps the drawback of the previous Mote for 1 post.

  • Egoist Crow, Parting Cloth 「利己鴉見切布, Rikogarasu, Mikirinuno Characterized by the arms taking mirrored movements, usually flowing circularly. It excels in deflecting opposing attacks gently using these circular movements, reducing Endurance by 1 tier while increasing Reaction Time by 1 tier.

  • Mundane Crab, Worry Seed 「下手カニ心配種, Hetakani, Shinpaishu」: Characterized by the arms being close to the body, usually bent to protect vital areas. It increases Endurance by 1 tier, but decreases the arms' Reaction Time by 1 tier.

  • Upright Hare, Achieved Rain 「真直兔雨得, Massugu, U-U」: Characterized by sweeping and outstretched movements by the arms, the upper limbs helping the lower ones in maneuvering the Aeko with cartwheels and other acrobatic maneuvers. Their Speed is raised 1 tier but their Strength is reduced by 1 tier.

  • Lukewarm Newt, Fragile Heavens 「温イモリ弱天 Nukuimori, Jakuten」: Characterized by either 90-degree bent arms or straight-extended, with little in-between, focusing only on striking either with the knees and elbows or the extremities. It increases Strength by 1 tier, but reduces Endurance by 1 tier.

  • Noisy Ass, Late Moon 「ロバ煩遅月, Robaurusa, Osotsuki」: Characterized by the shoulder and side of the body facing the opponent more than the 'front' of the body, it excels in throwing by using one's own body as a point to turn the opponent over. It increases Strength by 1 tier, but reduces Speed by 1 tier.

  • Perfect Rat, Fortuitous Night 「ネ立派便利夜, Neriba, Benriya」: Characterized by an open-palm stance, with both hands outstretched, but not totally, in a quite relaxed fashion. The calm stance inspires mindfulness, decreasing Strength by 1 tier but increasing Perception by 1 tier.

  • Impatient Tiger, Inverted Tree 「トラ急ぎ裏木 Tora Isogi, Uraki」: Characterized by standing on one's hands and using kick attacks; the hands and arms take on whatever of the Six Steps was being used. It reduces Perception by 1 tier but increases Reaction Time by 1 tier.

  • Stubborn Turtle, Distant Mountain 「頑固カメ遠山, Gankokame, Tōyama」: Characterized by using the backs of one's hands instead of the palms, excelling in deflecting blows and pulling to unbalance the opponent. It increases Endurance by 1 tier but reduces Strength by 1 tier.

Six Steps Flow Changing 「む歩流変, Mupo Ryūka

Aeko have an innate knack to direct their own energy to a specific purpose without expending it; this ability does not expend any of their chi. By taking a specific stance using their legs and feet, they can change their chi flow to suit a specific purpose. However, due to changing their natural flow of energy towards a certain end, they do end up sacrificing another aspect. A user of this ability can exit it at any time, removing all changes, but must wait 2 posts without using this ability before they can activate it again, as their chi must return to normal before they can correctly direct it. However, changing to another Step simply keeps the drawback of the previous Step for 1 post.

  • Flying Carp, Mirage Sun 「飛こい幻日, Hikoi Genbi」: Characterized by the one-legged stance available only to the unique Aeko, who can maintain balance just as well as normal people with two legs. It increases Reaction Time by 1 tier, but sacrifices 1 tier of Strength.

  • Skilled Cow, Low Horizon 「上手牛低平, Jōzuushi, Teihei」: Characterized by a half-bent kneed stance, firmly rooted in the ground. It increases Endurance by 1 tier but decreases Speed by 1 tier.

  • Drowsy Mosquito, Thin Border 「眠か薄境, Nemuri-ka, Usukyō」: Characterized by a low stance, with one leg bent and the other foot barely touching the ground by its tip. It increases Speed by 1 tier but decreases Endurance by 1 tier.

  • Solid Slug, Sweet Earth 「海参固甘土, Irikoko, Amatsuchi」: Characterized by a leaning of one's weight on the 'back' leg, with the back foot facing perpendicular to the front, forward-pointing foot. It increases Strength by 1 tier while reducing Speed by 1 tier.

  • Leisurely Bat, Lying World 「閑コウモリ偽世界, Kankōmori, Nisesekai」 Characterized by one's facing away from the opponent (or where one thinks the opponent is), one foot forward from neutral position and one foot backward. It increases Perception using non-sight stimuli by 1 tier, while reducing sight-based Perception by 1 tier.

  • Flash of Rhino, Static Ear 「瞬サイ静穂, Shunsai Seiho」: Characterized by a complete lack of stationary being, bouncing in place or even just sprinting everywhere. It increases Speed by 1 tier, but reduces Perception by 1 tier.


  • Aeko cannot learn Kugutsu, and cannot use metal weapons or wear metal equipment or flak jackets. Non-metal bladed weapons' damage is only effective up to D-rank for weapons below A-rank; A or S-ranks are as effective as C-ranks. Alternative materials are typically not the preferred ones for a reason, and these items are as durable as an item of 1 rank lower. (They obtain no Starter Pack items except a Hitai-ate of wood; if a Ronin, they receive an item of equal value to it.)

  • Aeko may be able to attain great feats of ability, but they do not get there easily; such people to fall under this 'clan' are known for being quite mediocre ninja without proper motivation or guidance due to their spirits being so free. (This may be the reason that a good deal of them do not become ninja at all.) No Aeko starts with Primary or Secondary specs or elements; they must learn them for 1000 words and train them according to the Guidelines. (However, they do not need to pay Ryo to learn these first two without a player teaching them.)

  • Learning or training specs/elements at any rank takes 1000 extra words.

  • The training for specializations and elements must be relevant. Normal social topics cannot be used for this.

  • An Aeko gets no Academy jutsu automatically, and must learn them as a regular jutsu. They can still be used regardless of specialization, but the Aeko must know at least one specialization to use them.

  • They are taught to use resourcefulness and strategy as opposed to raw power; they can have 1 fewer S-rank jutsu at all ranks, and whatever S or SS-rank jutsu they may obtain cannot be Offensive.

  • They must take the Peacemaker trait without balancing it.


[b]Name:[/b] Peacemaker
[b]Type:[/b] Negative; Active
[b]Details:[/b] Due to a profound sense of connectedness with the universe, the person will do everything in their power to not kill their foes (and other people in general); they will avoid causing great harm, due to feeling it hurts more than one person. Neither, of course, will they allow others to do so: the individual then, expends himself protecting the foe and team mates from each other's attacks until the battle is resolved gently, either by capturing the foe, or either party flees. The user cannot of their own accord take any mission that involves killing the target.


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