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1 The Siege of Inabayama, Blighted Sands. on Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:34 pm




Each breath that inflated his lungs was heavy and laboured. The longer the battle grew on, the longer his chakra would continue to leak out, both into the scales to continue their protection over his body as well as throughout his body in its entirety to keep the jets of Burning Ambition firing when needed.

“It looks like thirty meters is the limit for that aura.” Takao commented idly, not necessarily to Fuyuko but loud enough for her to hear. His eyes had referenced the various men and women that were stricken with the necrotic wounds and mentally calculated the distance as best he could. He couldn’t quite see the aura himself, so it was the best he had available to him. Blood began to seep from the wound over his eye again, staining the scales red and forcing his left eye closed once more.

Takao’s hand rose and chakra congregated at the center of his palm. It grew in density and mass until it became visible, and continued to grow until it reached the size of a healthy grapefruit. To the unknowing eye, it may have been recognizable as a normal Rasengan, but Takao had altered the composition of the technique drastically. No longer did it merely erupt on impact, for that required too much pinpoint accuracy when thrown. Instead, this technique ensured that the target came to it. As Takao’s arm cocked back, he thrust it forward and threw the sphere at Daremo. The range wasn’t terribly impressive in comparison, however, the partial vacuum effect that it carried with it provided an interesting threat.

The sands whipped up around the Collapsing Star Rasengan as it flew toward Daremo, tearing across the battlefield at forty-five meters per second. The distance between them was traversed in under a second, yet the true danger of the technique laid within the fifteen-meter radius surrounding it, sucking everything in around it at the same speed in which it traveled. His gaze shifted from Daremo to Mizuki, orbiting between the pair in constant motion to see when one would act.

Fight is continuing from this splinter thread.

Total Inabayama Contribution: 7,928

Total Splinter WC: 352

Chakra: 280/450

Techniques Used:
Name: Small Collapsing Star Spiral Sphere (Kohōjō Rasengan ~ 崩星螺旋丸)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind Release
Range: 40m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: (Costs 30 Chakra)

Ability: Rasengan and its variant techniques are considered as a separate jutsu of their own rank during each of their two stages; impact, and detonation.

Collapsing Star Rasengan is a technique that utilizes the core concept of the Small Ball Rasengan, but reverses them. Instead of an outward detonation, the Collapsing Star Rasengan sucks the target in and rapidly collapses them inward at speeds of 45m/s, inflicting debilitating damage to the victim. Aesthetically, it is indistinguishable from the Small Ball Rasengan.

This technique occurs in two stages: The first stage utilizes wind release to produce immense suction that draws the target in if they are within a 15-meter radius of the technique, literally absorbing them into the Rasengan, which grows relative to the target's size. The second stage occurs instantaneously afterward as the Rasengan collapses inward, causing the target to be compressed under unimaginable stress. The victim will sustain extensive bone breakage across their body, including severe bruising, hemorrhaging, and substantially debilitating damage done to their internal organs.

Additionally, this technique can also be thrown up to 40 meters from the user at speeds of 45m/s. This technique does not require hand seals.

2 Re: The Siege of Inabayama, Blighted Sands. on Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:05 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
It was quite a surprise to see Fuyuko, whom she wanted to avoid from being hit in the first place, jumping in front of the laser beams intended for Takao. From their previous spar, Mizuki knew that the then-genin had raiton, ninjutsu and fuinjutsu, but the revelation of a B-rank technique sealing hers betrayed her growth. The question to ask was mostly if the girl was simply holding back in her power, or if her slower movement and reaction speed to intervene had really been the best of her efforts thus far. That was of a lesser matter compared to the turmoil Mizuki currently felt because of that intervention. The man Fuyuko had protected had taken away one of her own. Though she assumed Fuyuko not to be aware of such a thing, protecting the man the Lady of Storms wanted to see kneeling in defeat so he would reveal the location of Myrddin, was pretty much asking to suffer a similar faith. As the saying went, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Standing between her and the target of her wrath was bound to bring repercussions.

But perhaps that would not be needed. Daremo's superior speed was like a blur as he moved under the blackened skies of her own jutsu, the downpour of her rain only adding to the dark omen of necrosis he was. Standing at, what, 32-33m away from her, he unleashed the same sort of taint he had revealed before. Unlike the last time, she couldn't see the chakra itself being manifested but she did see the aftermath of it. And, she knew that if Takao and Fuyuko did nothing to stop it that both would be swallowed up by the vomiting plague moving forward. Her own technique having had a range of 50 meters at most, and the last moment interception of Fuyuko being a fact, it meant that they'd have but a small range left between them and Daremo's aura.

Hand seals would be formed on both sides. Fuyuko forming her own to thrown a raiton technique, backed by a fuuton technique resembling that of a Rasengan. All of them aimed at Daremo. Mizuki herself would form the hand seals for her own techniques, starting by coating herself in a solid protective layer of chakra. Knowing already that Takao had katon at his disposal from a previous fight, his fuuton nor Fuyuko's raiton posing in particular problem against the suiton element, the barrier would take on the suiton element until change was needed. Next, as she moved closer by 15m and making sure not to stand in the necrosis aura thus reducing the range between her and her targets to a 35m, three bunshin clones would appear at her side with a ranton arrow and the same bow Mizuki was bearing. Paired up, the teams would aim at different targets. Two of them would fire off their arrow at Fuyuko, each of them aimed at a lethal point but without meaning to slay them on the spot, two of them would shoot at Takao with the same principle in mind. As the arrows left their bows, the raging storm above them would make its presence known as thunder crackled loudly through the air heralding vengeance, the chakra that saturated it now boosting the impact strength of her Shooting Stars technique.

Though the time frame would leave them sufficient room to react, the Storm Release KKG's power stemmed from its pin-point precision and strong sense of control. Moving would not halt Mizuki's arrows from hitting there where she had aimed, the range being a solid 80m. They would be forced to bring up proper protection if they wished to counter the boosted technique. But the decision to strike both was not because she wanted them dead. Much like Takao had taken one of hers, she would take one of his. By splitting her shots over the two of them, she would force Takao to make the decision between protecting himself and leaving Fuyuko to the faith of her arrows, or forcing him to protect Fuyuko, eat all of the arrows on his own and leaving him open to a second assault from Daremo on top of that.

"You took something that belonged to me, now I will take something that belongs to you. Return the ANBU Myrddin or I'll make sure you'll end up a broken man."

There was nothing more to be said. Fuyuko's faith now hung in his hands. Wounds, fatigue. How long would a shinobi of his power take to realise the error of his ways?

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Total: 6758


Weathering the Storms: 1/3
- Prep round finished.
Great Oceanic Current (Suiton): 1/3
Shooting Stars: 1/1
- A-rank boosted to S-rank by Weathering the Storms

PvP Round 2
Born Ill: 4/8

Laser Circus: 1/5 cd
Bubblegum: 1/5 cd

A rank - Oceanic Current, Great:

Name: Water Release: Great Oceanic Current
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
With a single Dog hand seal, the user breathes out a brief cloud of raindrops that settles around his body. While looking as if it only wets the body, the chakra effectively grants a layer of solid suiton chakra which continuously flows around him and leaves behind a clammy, humid feeling. Much like natural water, even a thin body of water is enough to soak a massive impact. The jutsu is able to block three B rank jutsu, two A rank jutsu or one S rank jutsu.

For an additional 5 chakra cost, the user can add raiton chakra to this jutsu to make it a Ranton element instead.
B-S Rank Astral Technique - Shooting Stars:

Name: Astral Technique - Shooting Stars (Kōsei Ryū - Nagareboshi)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-S
Type: Offensive
Element: Ranton
Range: Each clone is created within 15m, max shooting distance: 60/80/100m
Specialty: Bukijutsu (Kyujutsu)/Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 7 posts
Requires B rank Perception & A rank bow.
After forming the hand seals (Horse - Hare -Bird), the user creates 2/3/4 bunshin clones (B, A & S rank respectively), each holding a copy of the user's bow, and enough chakra to create a single ranton arrow. While each clone can aim for a different target or serve as cover fire, the destructive power of this jutsu becomes apparent when all clones aim for the same target. Once the ranton arrow is shot, the clones disappear.

Each arrow, due to their ranton nature, inflicts major 2nd degree burn wounds (B rank damage), even when simply glancing, no matter the ranks of the jutsu. Maximum distance, flight speed and additional piercing damage inflicted by the arrows depends the used rank of the jutsu:

  • B RANK: up to 7,5 cm (3 inch) piercing wounds.
    Max shooting distance: 60m, arrow impact after 2 seconds (30m/s equivalent)
  • A RANK: deep enough to inflict deadly internal damage to vital areas or even pierce through an individual.
    Max shooting distance: 80m, arrow impact after 2 seconds (40m/s equivalent)
  • S RANK: piecing damage as A rank, and the ranton nature of the arrows is powerful enough to incinerate the whole body area it strikes (head, chest, limb, wing...) to a crisp.
    Max shooting distance: 100m, arrow impact after 1.65 seconds (60m/s equivalent)

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There was something oddly beautiful about the scene playing out around him. The screams of the damned who got too close to his kill zone. The pitiful moans and whimpering of man, women, and children alike who unknowingly stepped into the range of their demise. The stench of death hung heavier in the atmosphere. Maybe it was because of his own technique, the mass slithering across the terrain, engulfing everything its fifteen-meter wide path, and leaving behind a stark present for those who dared to touch anything that had been consumed. Maybe it was the ever-present blacken of the skin of the dead? The vileness of necrosis eating away at flesh, gnawing at bones like a starved dog, and killing everyone in range? Who knows. But, what he did know was, he missed it. This was a feeling missed dearly by the man once known as Iwagakure no Sato’s Pestilence.

While all of that, and more, was going on around him, reptilian eyes were trained on the two combatants. The one being in the scale armor being someone Mizuki had a problem with. Mettling into the affairs of others was not his forte unless the person belonged to him, yet, it here he was being dragged into something that was not his problem. Nevertheless, his eyes caught the movement of the woman, hand seals being formed, and raiton jumped from her fingers, aiming at him. Because of the proximity of the man and woman, there was no need to shift his range of view to witness the dragonic male holding up his hand - forming an ironic ball of legend. Was it the real thing or just some knock-off, similar to the one found in the library? He did not know nor did he want to find out.

As soon as he saw the ball being formed, chakra churned with his core as two different techniques would activate at once. Quicker than one could blink, his body glows a dark green, being exactly the same color as the aura surrounding him, making it incredibly hard to notice for anyone who was not looking for the particular detail. He did not know what exactly either of the techniques did, and he was very much keen on staying alive.

”Suction?”, He mused, feeling the wind trying to tug him closer to the sphere. Though, the only thing it managed to do was cause his cloak to be tugged in the direction. While lacking true defensives, it seemed, his cloak was capable of withstanding the sphere suction. Admittedly, he felt his cloak weaken ever slightly from said nuisance. It was too late for him to dodge the attack properly, or in a manner, he wanted to. Engulf by the Rasengan, he did not scream nor made any sounds of pain and discomfort as he felt the ball compress down upon his. The cloak around him remained strong against the onslaught. With a simple muscle twitch, his aura and Rasengan disperse. His cloak being able to handle the attack, surprisingly well, considering what he designed it for.

Upper clothing torn, revealing the armor anbu underneath the kosode, he did not have time to relax, for no sooner after he emerged from being engulfed by the Rasengan, the woman’s attack strike. It harmless dispersing against his enchanted durability. ”That stung.”, He silently mused, yellow eyes catching a glimpse of the arrows fired at both of the combatants. Reaching on his person, he pulled out two black senbons, one in each hand. With practiced ease, threw the first senbon at fuuinjutsu woman, aiming at her upper right thigh. Moving forty-five meters per second, the black senbon would transverse the distance in a blink of the eye. Just as it was released, the second one would be thrown at the draconic warrior with the same velocity, aiming to test the man’s defensives.

Once the senbons had been released from his hands, began advancing forward, closing the distance between the combatants to a merely thirty meters.  His mouth opened, a sphere of lightning jumping out, and fired at the dragonic warrior, aiming for his chest. The way he decreases the distance should be noted, for it followed the path of the creeping mass from earlier.  If any of them desired to have a close confrontation, they would need to be wary of the necrotic energy lingering within a 15 meter and 40-meter wide path; a path that he was currently standing in with no adverse effects. “This can all end if you give us back our Anbu or at least tell us his whereabouts so we can retrieve him.”, He spoke loud enough for the two combatants to hear, if they even paid attention to his words.

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Cool Downs:

Defying Hands: Substitute | 1 out 2 posts
Entropy: Faux Avatar of the Diseased God | 0 out of 8
Entropy - Disease God’s Stench | 1 out 6

Senbons Thrown:

Item: Reverse Barbed Senbon
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Price: 150 each 1200 for set of Ten
Ability/ Function: Senbon made with backwards facing barbs at the top two inches of the needle, allowing the needle to cut into a target as normal, but anchor into the victim, making them excruciatingly painful to pull-out and cause even more damage, creating wider wounds of about ½ an inch when removed, unless pushed through. The Senbon are capable of penetrating 2” deep into an opponent.
Appearance: A 20cm, mat-black needle with three rows of serrated barbs at the top three inches of the needle leaving a seven inch grip which comes to an eye at the back of the needle to tie wire or thread for sutures or combat. The mat black colour of the needle makes the Senbon difficult to see in dark places.
History: Invented for hunting, the reverse barbed senbon were weaponized by the Hunter Ninja of Kiri as a tool used to immobilize a target and tie them down to a location with wire. The barbs on the needles making them exceedingly hard for a target to remove thus limiting their movement and slowing them down, proving the brutality and cunning of Kirigakure’s hunter ninja.

255 | 420:

Name: Defying Hands: Lingering Substitute
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: Self
Specialty: Any
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
When the discussion of which specialization harbors the masters of chakra control only two comes to mind - Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu. Their ability to mold and manipulate their chakra is second to none, and it is not surprising considering both of their craft rely on precision in order perform at an optimal level. Daremo, being a medical ninjutsu specialist, understands the need for having complete control over his chakra. Through the years of manipulating and molding the energy source to save and take lives, he has mastered the art to a degree like no other.

Usually, a shinobi has to perform hand seals in order to get their chakra to move in a certain way to perform a jutsu: Daremo does not. The man having mastery over his chakra to the point he doesn't need hand seals to perform any jutsu, instead, his chakra instinctively move as if the hand seals were already made. For three turns, Daremo is able to perform jutsus without needing hand seals or to vocalize them(note: this doesn't short the preparation time of a jutsu).

Name: Defense of the God
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: -
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: Four
After performing the Rat and Bird hand seals, Daremo's body will briefly glow an eerie dark green, that can be easily mistaken for a deadlier technique within his arsenal, as medical chakra is channel throughout his veins, increasing his durability considerably. He is capable of withstanding jutsu up to 1 S-rank jutsu, or 2 A-ranks, or 3 B-ranks before suffering damage accordingly.

Name: Raiton: False Darkness
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 40m + 15(if prepped)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable(-10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: Five Posts
Description:The user of this jutsu emits a spear like stream of lightning from their mouth, capable of piercing through unprotected flesh and breaking bones. The piercing ability of this jutsu allows it to go through C rank armor and below with ease. Given one post for prep time the raiton can also be focused and refined into a straight beam, taking on the appearance of a laser. While the lightning is concentrated in that way it is capable of piercing through B rank armor and through the flesh of an opponent.

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Special Jounin
What other fight?” was the first thought that popped into her mind when she heard Takao talk about him not being at full strength. What had he gotten himself into? It mattered little right here, right now. It was a subject that they could talk after they get out of danger. Takao spoke up once more, this time talking about the man that seemed to ooze death around him, more specifically the technique that they were using. It was appreciated that he was sharing that information with her, but honestly it meant very little to her. If she got caught in the zone there was most likely next to nothing she could do to a technique that caused so much devastation in that large of a size. While running would probably still do very little. By just guessing from what they were possible doing, their base physical strengths would probably also be way higher than her own. Effectively making running a rather futile thing to do, but it was better than just standing there and doing nothing or rather, doing nothing and getting potentially killed by the technique.

And so without really wanting to spend any more time standing there she started run, however that attempt slowed down as fast as it had started. The crack of thunder that roared through the sky took hold of her attention. Her head snapping to the direction it came from. There were four points of light, all flying towards her general direction. Two out of those four lights were definitely coming for her. There was no time for her to react nor did she really have a defensive technique left that could even potentially react to the technique. While it might seem like a dumb idea since it won’t really keep her moving, but all that Fuyuko was able to think of was to throw her body to the ground. Her body almost reacting on pure instincts would throw itself to the ground in hopes to avoid the technique that was rapidly closing in on her.

Fuyuko felt powerless as her body made its way to the burning hot sand. Sure she was capable of doing a tiny bit, she managed to seal a technique after all. She even shot one back herself although she felt like it probably had very little effect, it probably only aggravated them more. The whole situation just felt like a little kitten trying to fight with lions. She was heavily out classed by the opponents and she started to lament her own capabilities. At this point she was nothing more than just a liability to Takao. Her bleak thoughts got quickly interrupted by the loud words spoken by someone. Presumably they were spoken by one of the two aggressors, but there was no way for her to know with her face going straight for the sand. It did however raise a single question in her mind “What had Takao done?”.

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His left eye began to twitch, partially from the blood that slowly oozed down toward it and partially due to the overwhelming stress of battle that weakened his overall mental state. The longer he endured conflict, the worse it would become, and the barriers he erected in his mind to sate off the overbearing voices would begin to crumble one by one. His subconscious worked overtime to “protect” and thus began to manifest as loud screams and orders in his ear as though hundreds stood around him, yelling into his ears.

KILL TH//E₴//E MO//THE//R//F//#//$//C//%//K//ER₴//. B𝔘ℜ//𝔑 𝔗ℌ//𝕰//𝕸 𝔗//𝔒 A//₴H

Overbearing, loud, and unusually vulgar as they might have been, it was a rare occasion nonetheless for Takao to agree with their demands or urgings. They were shinobi who attacked seemingly without reason, and thus found themselves undeserving of any taste of mercy. He had shown the snake-woman mercy when he permitted her to run with her tail between her legs, and may have shown the Kumogakure pair the same benevolence, had their aim not fallen upon Fuyuko. She dove into the blighted sands to avoid the attacks, yet Takao lacked the confidence that she would be spared from their wrath, and thus he positioned himself between her and the onslaught of attacks.

The quartet of arrows slammed into his back first, eliciting a hiss of pain through tightly clenched teeth. He faltered briefly, but reaffirmed his balance with a firm step, and braced himself for the impacts that followed. First, the sphere of lightning burst from Daremo’s agape mouth, and Takao stood stalwart as it slammed into his back in the same manner as the arrows. Another whine left through his tightly clenched jaws while sparks of electricity arced across the weakened scale armour, and his muscles stiffened. Stalwart he remained, even as the pair of senbon collided with the armour. One merely bounced off as the scales began to fracture and fall from his back, whilst the other managed to lodge itself underneath the scales of his left arm and stick just over an inch into the limb above the elbow, missing bone and major arteries.

Panting from fatigue, he had managed to largely ignore the stinging pain in his back and arm, and adjusted his attention to settle on Fuyuko.

“Are you okay?” He asked, quickly scanning her for injuries that might have occurred from a technique slipping past without his knowledge. His hasty once-over suggested that she seemed uninjured from the latest volley, and he managed to flash her a brief and fleeting smile before the words of their aggressors boomed over the roar of the battlefield.

He recognized the woman now, whom he had done battle with at some point earlier in the week during the trap he set for Kumogakure shinobi. She would have recognized the scales that clung to his flesh, yet had not seen his face, so perhaps feigning ignorance would still work on the pair. She hadn’t any concrete proof that it was him, after all. Moreover, his darker dealings were best not revealed without care to Fuyuko. On the surface, they might have seemed malign, but stories hardly ended at the cover. His eyebrows knit together as he straightened his back and turned, still standing over Fuyuko but now facing the duo that had launched their assault in tandem.

“I don’t know shit about any ANBU,” Takao said through laboured breathing, copious amounts of sweat having formed on his face beneath the scales. His posture was hunched, indicating his creeping fatigue, but he was far from spent. If anything, their attacks and his own internalized rage were beginning to stir a flame within his gut.

“But even if I did, you fucked up when you aimed at her.” He said, his face contorted into a wicked scowl as emphasis lingered on the first syllable of his profanity. Takao’s voice, guttural and deep as he spoke, spat venom with each word. His anger was a tank of gasoline, and they had been the spark that lit it into a blazing inferno. Takao’s right hand reached for the barbed senbon in his arm and grit his teeth as he tore it from his flesh, ripping the wound open further and causing blood to spill out from the fresh laceration. The intense pain was drowned out by the voices in his head, which only worked him up more and more with each passing second. He crushed the senbon in his hand and tossed the two halves into the stand, raising the same arm immediately afterward.

Chakra began to circulate in his palm much like it had before, growing dense and visible in the form of a glowing blue sphere. But as Takao added an additional constituent to the mixture, his hand rose above his head, and the sphere grew substantially. Four blades began to spin rapidly around the large sphere, and a shrill whistle sliced through the air. It was a classic technique from centuries past, perhaps recognizable to those who delved into heroes long-since fallen to time.

Takao pulled his arm back and whipped it forward, firing the Rasenshuriken at blinding speeds of 70-meters per second. The technique was not aimed at Daremo, however, who was substantially closer in comparison. It was aimed at Mizuki, who had begun the barrage that was partially aimed at Fuyuko. Plumes of sand arose from the path behind the Rasenshuriken as it rocketed toward the Kumogakure shinobi at blinding speeds. In the instant after it was thrown, Takao turned, picked up Fuyuko regardless of if she would protest his handling of her or not, and manifest a pair of intense jets at his back. The explosive range that the Rasenshuriken boasted upon eruption spanned 45-meters at its peak and expanded to reach this radius at speeds of 65-meters per second, thus putting Takao and Fuyuko in within its destructive range. Utilizing the powerful bursts of Burning Ambition, he moved with her in his arms out of range by ten meters before coming to an abrupt and heavy stop. His weight fell onto his right leg and he visibly winced, yet swallowed the tinges of pain and turned back to watch the aftermath.

Total Inabayama Contribution: 8,980

Total Splinter WC: 3,475

CHAKRA: 240/450

Techniques Used:
Burning Ambition maintained.
Body of Scales maintained. (1 S-Rank, 3 A-Ranks, 2 B-Ranks remaining)

Name: Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken (Fūton: Rasenshuriken ~ 風遁・螺旋手裏剣)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind Release
Range: 60m (thrown) | 40m radius (effect)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 5 Posts (Twice per thread)
Description: (Costs 35 Chakra)

Ability: Rasengan and its variant techniques are considered as a separate jutsu of their own rank during each of their two stages; impact, and detonation.

Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken is a shuriken-shaped variant of the original Small Ball Rasengan technique, and an advancement to the Wind Release: Rasengan technique. By amplifying the core concepts of the latter, the Rasengan adopts an appearance akin to a larger Wind Release: Rasengan, about double the size of a typical windmill shuriken. As the blades of the Rasengan spin, it releases a shrill whir and picks up dust and debris around the user. Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken can either be thrust as a close-range technique or thrown up to sixty-meters from the user at speeds of 70m/s. This technique does not require hand seals.

The technique occurs in two stages. During impact, the Rasenshuriken will catch and grab onto opponents and draw them in toward the center of the technique. Whilst it does this, the Rasenshuriken will also expand to overtake a forty-meter radius around the epicenter of the technique at speeds of 65m/s. As the technique detonates, it reduces anything within its radius to rubble in a violent explosion and sends a minor shockwave ten-meters out from the radius that is capable of fracturing bone and throwing anybody caught within back twenty-meters. The meat of the technique is not its inherent damage from the explosion, which is capable of shattering bones and dealing minor third-degree tissue damage, but rather how it attacks the cellular structure of its victim's chakra networks. Utilizing tiny, razor-sharp blades of wind, the Rasenshuriken permanently decimates the victim's chakra networks, rendering them completely incapable of using chakra until healed by an S-Rank technique that specifically recovers chakra network-centric injuries.

6 Re: The Siege of Inabayama, Blighted Sands. on Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:11 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
She fucked up when she aimed at Fuyuko? Mizuki had to scoff at the thought. Was this not exactly the same situation this shinobi found himself in? The very reason for her wrath was him taking away someone dear to her. Did he not see this? No, he masked his reasoning behind anger and the denial of him having been there. The scaled armour, the jets of flames to move around. Katon, fuuton. So far everything matched the man she had faced before. Everything but her own appearance. Was this the reason he attempted to weasel his way out of this?

"Is that so, Iwa-nin?", she'd ask him after he stated she had fucked up.

She couldn't say if he'd have heard her reply, seeing as he formed the hand seals for another technique of his. The typical vortex pertaining to the rasengan would reveal itself before the fuuton chakra would improve upon it further. She had heard rumours about the rasengan, about the devastating power it held. Did he intend on killing her after he came to take away her friend before? Erase his errors as an Iwa-nin, ANBU or wherever his loyalties were supposed to lie? Adrenaline shot through her body, her fury feeling the bitter taste of upcoming fear as she saw how the basic technique of legends was turned into a power none of her own techniques could match. Her arrows might have touched the base of the rasenshuriken's power before through the aid of her storm technique, but now that this had been spent... Was she even capable of dealing with this?

Not wishing to find out how powerful such a technique would end up to be, Mizuki would alter the nature of her barrier and channel chakra through her body to boost her movement as the rasenshuriken was thrown in her direction, instantly bursting away at a 35 m/s in an attempt to dodge the technique. Moving back to her former position within the storm rather than approaching Takao or Daremo, she'd have moved an 18 meters from the impact point when the rasenshuriken drew in and shred the sand-covered ground it would taste. Mizuki wouldn't be granted a moment to breathe as the fuuton chakra fuelling Takao's jutsu expanded right after its impact and shredded the immediate vicinity with such a fierce power it would have left anyone in awe.

Mizuki would not be spared from the maelstrom, the fuuton chakra mercilessly lacerating her chakra barrier as it destroyed the landscape, the corpses and bewildered the raging storm she stood in. But it would not break it. The rasenshuriken would come to pass, the Lady of Storms having endured the technique allowed to live another day. As the rain continued to pour down upon her, thunder rumbling above her, Mizuki would watch Takao from her position as she emerged from her spot within the wind storm, the same signs of exhaustion and laboured breathing as his. Unlike him, that exhaustion didn't come for his wounds nor the vast amount of chakra expenditure, but from the mental and emotional strain in addition to the creeping illness she had inherited from her mother.

"Perhaps you are the one who goofed up when you so called defended Iwagakure's facility, Dragon of Konoha.", she'd shout in his direction in between her ragged breathing. "If I was wearing the demon mask and white attire in which I opposed you on the night you took Myrrdin away, would you remember your actions or will you still keep up your facade of falsities?"

Mizuki would knock an arrow to her bow and aim at Takao since he was watching over Fuyuko. She couldn't say how much longer he or herself could keep dealing with such massive chakra expenditures but she hoped he'd come to understand she was not about to back down until she had been given an answer. Much like he protected Fuyuko in hopes not to lose her, so too was she fighting to retrieve Myrddin in hopes not to lose another person she cherished. As her arrow remained pointed on the dragon in the distance, under the darkened skies of the storm the vague red shine of the knocked arrow would illuminate briefly under the flash of lightning.

Antares, one of the few arrows that was crafted with the intent to pierce a heart, was held in place by Artemis. Ready to be fired if so needed.

"Answer me honestly. Where is the ANBU you took away?"

Total: 7524


Weathering the Storms: 2/3
Great Oceanic Current (Ranton): 2/3
- Suiton -> Ranton (Ranton > fuuton, Rasenshuriken efficiency lowered to A-rank)
- Blocked 2 A-ranks in full, barrier destroyed.
Celestial Step: 1/X

PvP Round 3
Born Ill: 5/8

Laser Circus: 2/5 cd
Bubblegum: 2/5 cd
Shooting Stars: 1/7 cd
Great Oceanic Current: 0/5 cd

D Rank Astral Technique - Celestial Step:

Name: Astral Technique - Celestial Step: Blur of the Milky Way
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Utility
Element: Raiton | Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained, 5 chakra/post
Cooldown: Duration x 1.5 posts
Description: Based on the Supernatural Walking Technique, this technique coats the user's body with chakra to create the same 'sticking' effect while granting a second effect depending on the element used.

Raiton: Grants a 15 m/s speed boost while maintained.
Ranton: Bright light cloaks the user, preventing identification. While better perception can't pierce through the bright light (it makes the blinding worse), tracking by sight/sensory is done with a +1 rank effectiveness.
Suiton: A fog surrounds the user in a 3m radius, masking his actual position. C-3 rank perception may see a silhouette in the fog, but details remain shrouded and continue to deny identification.

The user may switch the technique's element once per post for 5 chakra.



There was a lot regarding the context of the impromptu fight Daremo did not know for certain. Mizuki had only told me the dragonic warrior had a hand in kidnapping a Kumo Anbu before she went on an initiating an attack against the man. If indeed what the woman said was true, then, why would she reckless attack someone who had the necessary skills to take and apparently defeat an Anbu; the most elite shinobi of any village? And also, seeing how she recognize this man as the one who took the Anbu, it stands to reason she was there when the event took place. She obviously fought the man back then, probably with the Anbu member, with the outcome ending with her retreating, and the elite member lost to the man. Even when she had the number advantage, she seemingly lost against this man. Yet, she initiated another fight with him anyway?

While he could understand it from a lover or relative standpoint. Sure, he would have fought the man again. But, fighting someone who had already bested you, presumably, all because of an Anbu member? He could not see the logic. Anyone who joined the elitist group knows exactly what they were getting into at the time. They understood that their lives are on a razor edge with the slightest mishap being potentially fatal. Whoever the Anbu was, they should have known the risks in the profession.

”And here you are helping her on this pointless crusade, hatchling.”, He welcomed the voice of his animal side. It having been oddly quiet since the start of the conflict and had him wondering if the beast was simply sleeping or silently watching the mortal affairs from its confines. ”I only talk when someone of interest piques my curiosity. You know this.”, Indeed he did, nevertheless, it seems the animal side went back quiet after having spoken what it wanted.

The words of the dragonic man, who Mizuki referred to as an Iwa-nin, something which Daremo mentally scoffed at, fell on deaf ears. Everyone was self-righteous to an extent. Everyone had a perverted sense of right or wrong. Everyone was a hypocrite when their possession are touched or harm by another. It was the beauty of man after all.

Sharp eyes picked up on the formation of a similar sphere being condense in the warrior’s right hand. Having some inkling at what was to come, assuming it was another Rasengan, similar to the one he had dealt with prior, Daremo muscles tensed in preparation to move. As the chakra composing the sphere revealed itself as fuuton, any doubts on what exactly was being formed were erased. He had to bite back a wince from the high pitch squealing of the attack. When the dragonic warrior cocked his arm back, Daremo did not waste time in jumping further(15 meters) to the right, away from Mizuki who was already thirty of more meters away from him.

Though the dodge was seemingly unneeded as the rasenshuriken was not aimed at him, but rather someone else, presumably his charge. The earth was carved up, and plumes of sand showered the earth. There was no time to worry about his charge as the attack landed. Some might have stared at the destructive power of the attack, but, Daremo did not. With him being out of the blast radius, his eyes were trained on the two combatants. “She is right you know. If the situation was reversed, wouldn’t you be doing the same thing? While we could have gone about this in a diplomatic approach, there was no telling the outcome.”, His voice carried across the sand dunes, “Just tell her what she needed to know, and we can be on our way. I do not care what damage the Anbu is in, I can fix him with ease. We just need to know where.”

Daremo would not make any aggressive or proceeded such, actions towards any of them. If the information was received, and Mizuki satisfied with the answer, he would leave the battlefield, and report back to base.

[Possible Exit . . . if information is given/conclusion is reached]



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