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Mission name: Military Coordination.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Assume command.
Location: Any.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: “The radicalized groups who have turned Suna into a warzone understand this land far better than we do. Shinobi of Konoha, guide our samurai, mark targets for our allies, and win this war.” 
Mission Details: Unable to adjust formations on the fly without the aid of village Shinobi, military groups from Konoha or other villages are requesting Leaf Village scouts to coordinate military efforts. Characters will be assigned a military unit and given command of it, after which they are expected to navigate to a conflict where they will serve as reinforcements. After arriving, characters may either complete the mission or continue to the next mission in the same thread: Uphill Battle (C-Rank). “Chained” missions can be redeemed cumulatively by adding the rewards together when completed.

Kirin would normally dress inconspicuously but today in addition to her usual outfit she wore her leaf headband as a hairband so there was no mistake who she was. She'd received new orders in the land of Wind, her success with the assistance of Satoru, her kinsman, had earned her a bit of trust and in return she'd been placed in command of a small unit and ordered to reinforce the front line. Kirin didn't want to think about why they needed a genin to lead forces, thoughts of her death weren't very fun. Kirin feared for the life expectancy of the squad leaders if her number was called. The combat she'd been involved in recently was exhilarating it had been the kick start she'd needed to get her spark back.

It was early morning and she'd taken the time to gather her ninja tools and weapons. It seemed that Kirin's knack for genjutsu and seals was to be tested again. Kirin headed off to the rendezvous point listed in her papers the week's cool weather had persisted and the early morning departure was accompanied by welcome additions of clouds to cover the already minimal heat the morning sun provided. Kirin wasn't sure if she was actually ready for this and had thoughts of just running away and joining some bandits or something when her unit had shown up. Not only was she the youngest in the group she was the lowest ranking ninja. Kirin began to suspect it was another paperwork mistake pushed through on the basis of her clan name.

At least she wouldn't be in total danger, they seemed to lack a scout and Kirin's unique talents seemed suited for the unique challenges presented by being one. Initial greetings having passed without a hitch Kirin took the lead the group had a set of radios to communicate and she guided them through the dunes and valleys on the way to the ongoing mission that they were needed in. It would be Kirin's first time taking the lead on a mission and she was nervous for its outcome. The squad was comprised of three Chunin but luckily Kirin's age was able to make her pass as a true leader and she never let on her inexperience. Along the way had been some bandit scouts that Kirin had easily dispatched with her illusory arrows that never seemed to run out. Kirin commonly disguised the projectiles as insects and other things using her genjutsu, sure an insect warrants a swat but then the missiles generally found their mark. The ordinary is disarming, easily used to make a swift strike. Luckily the bandits were rarely shinobi and even a genin seemed a league ahead of the mundane folk. Kirin's confidence grew with each kilometer they covered and every challenge overcome.

484 words.

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For the first time in her life, Ess was alone. Now, of course she had been by herself plenty of times. After all, it was hard to avoid moments of solitude when one lived for thousands of years. However, those moments spent by herself had been a choice. She could always call upon her servants, interact with her family members or even venture out of the palace to meet new faces. Right now, though, in the middle of the desert, all she had for company were assailing bandits that she wanted nothing to do with. Moreover - and this was probably the worst part - she didn't have anyone to tend to her needs at her beck and call. Yes, Yi, Er and San were missing.

She hadn't seen Er in a few days. In fact, the rabbit had disappeared soon after their arrival at Sunagakure, after attempting to kill itself in front of the cultist priests. Such things were common in her servants, to the point where it was either a minor nuisance or a funny joke depending on Ess's mood. The following day, Yi had scampered away, fearing reprisal for using dragon powder in a public place, potentially exposing humans to its hallucinogenic effects. Finally, today she had ventured into the dunes alongside San, only to have the rabbit disappear from one moment to the next.

Lost, assaulted by the heat and feeling annoyed, it was no surprised that Ess would lash out at anything or anyone that came near her. She had always seen bandits in particular as a nuisance and with the rumors that they were working alongside the cultists to undermine any restoration movement, violence seemed to her like the only viable reaction. Anger coursed through her veins, hot and imposing. She had started to lose control over her human form. Pale skin gave way to bright scales. Green hair turned vibrant shades of white. Light enveloped the entirety of her body, wrapped around her like a cocoon and triggering her metamorphosis. A loud roar spread through the open landscape, reverberating and echoing against the dunes.  

"WHERE. ARE. MY. RABBITS?!?!?!" She cried at the men, consumed by pure rage. Having seen nothing but a defenseless girl in a fancy yet revealing outfit before, they thought they had chosen the perfect target - likely a noble woman that had been separated from her caravan. Alas, they had not. Confused and not exactly understanding what was going on, the men hesitated. With their makeshift weapons still drawn, their bodies tensed, unsure whether they should press on or flee. That moment of uncertainty proved to be their undoing.

Maybe they could have run away. Maybe they could have managed to subdue the lunar dragon before them. Or maybe it would have all been for nothing and resulted in the same scenario. Ess whipped her tail at one of the men. One claw swiped at the other. Her teeth sank into the fleshy neck of the last one. In the blink of an eye, one was strangled, the other shredded and the final one mauled.

Ess discarded the bodies as if they were little more than rag dolls. Each tossed aside simultaneously. Normally, she would have felt at least a modicum of regret. She viewed humans as humans themselves saw animals - cute, adorable and worth petting, for the most part. There were a few such as these, though, that should be put down and left at that.

As she finished them off, a second group approached. At the very least, they looked to be more orderly than the bandits. Had she not been blinded by her rage, she would have noticed their headbands and singled them out as shinobi. However, her focus was elsewhere.

"You! Where are my rabbits?" She asked the girl. Her lips didn't move when she spoke, her voice seemingly emanating from everywhere and nowhere at once. Her teeth flashed, sharp and ready to tear into flesh once again. Blood still coated her fangs. She addressed the girl that seemed to be the group's leader, patience wearing thin.

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Today was an interesting one. A little strange, but nowadays in the Land of Wind, what day isn't a little bit strange? Ryo has been within the Iwagakure camp for several weeks now and was swiftly moving up the chain when it came to missions and trust. With his performance during his last two assignments, the people in charge thought it was time for him to act as a leader to others. He was assigned to a small group comprised of three other genin, where he was seen as the leader due to his age. He was always mediocre when it came to shinobi duties, but now it seemed that Ryo was growing stronger with every passing day, even though he didn't really intend to. This situation in Sunagakure was lighting a fire under Ryo, placing him into situations that he'd never think about. He did dislike doing things such as running from a large group of bandits as an ice demon lady slaughtered ones who opposed you or sneaking through a battlefield to steal papers of off someone's desk. Unfortunately, things like these were swiftly becoming reality. Why did everything have to be such a drag?

Eventually, after a few days of getting to know one another, Ryo and his 'team' were assigned to a mission. It was rather simple compared to the other ones Ryo was dragged through, which made doing it slightly less annoying. As the four made their way over the seemingly endless dunes, anyone who saw them wouldn't make Ryo out to be their 'leader'. Compared to the other three, Ryo looked surprisingly bland. His white button down, black slacks, and normal shoes were extremely outmatched by the athletic, smooth looking gear the others bore. The only thing that made Ryo's status as a shinobi stand out was his Hitai-ate, which was around his neck. While the others were arguably better at combat than himself, Ryo did have a strange amount of experience. While he didn't exactly do anything, he did have a knack for tactics. Bandits acted impulsively, often acting as barbarians as they attacked various desert-wanderers. They seemed lost with everything they did, making it easy for Ryo to formulate plans to take them down without delay.

After a few hours of walking through sand and dealing with the occasional bandit, something strange occurred. Now, the desert had its fair share of animals such as snakes, coyotes, armadillos, and so on. However, they didn't have many rabbits. Because of this, Ryo was pretty surprised when one approached him. Strangely calm for a rabbit in the wild, this one must've been pretty lost. Ryo calmly bent down and picked the rabbit up with little trouble. While it started to panic, it quickly calmed down as Ryo held it. Soon after, yelling came from the distance, too far away to be made out. With the rabbit in hand, Ryo and his team ran to investigate.

The small team of genin quickly found the source of the sound but were greeted with even more confusion as they faced another team of shinobi, a pile of dead bandits, and... a dragon? Ryo squinted his eyes, trying to make sense of what he was seeing, it had to be some sort of costume, right? Some distance away, Ryo watched as the dragon approached the other team of shinobi--who seemed to be from Konohagakure--and shouted about their rabbits and where they were. Slowly, everyone around Ryo and himself turned their gaze towards the rabbit he was holding. With looks of terror and confusion, the team seemed to be frozen in place as the slowly turned their gaze back onto the dragon. Now, Ryo was really hoping that it was a costume.

Word count: 635 of 635

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