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It's been nearly a week since Mikumi was near Konohagakure with the genins Satoru and N'Jobu near the front lines, upon trying to return to Konohagakure she had received a messenger bird summon that required here to position herself near Sunogakures battlefield from the higherups after they received reports of a squadron of Kumogakure ninja gathering and moving forward, it was no secret that before the war fully broke out that Konoha had played a part in enabling Sungakures forces so out of fear that a minor yet still pressing conflict was approaching the camp that had been stationed near the battlefieldsshe was called as a more experienced shinobi of war to help push the enemy forces back as well as diminish their morale.

Mikumi at the moment was not letting herself worry about the situation that was pressing down on her intently, after her earlier discovery that she could still use the transformation jutsu despite her new green like state she began to experiment by finely tuning a more advanced version of the basic academy jutsu, the idea was that as long as she refrained from using wood jutsu that she could retain a semi permeant state of her former humanity albeit still in female form but an inconvenience that no longer bothered her in the slightest as she had already gotten used to the difference of feeling  of her skin and the slight jiggling of her breasts and ass.

The first ingredient she needed was a female hair follicle in which she had procured upon entering the camp with the lame excuse of telling a woman she had an unsightly gray piece of hair that ruined her natural raven black hair moments before plucking it out and walking away as if she had done her a favor, the second ingredient wasn't exactly a single one but a myriad of chemicals that produced a low toxic plant killer that would slow down the rate of Mikumi's hyperactive Senju cells thus turning her skin to its original color, and the last and final ingredient was Mikumi's own hair strand, if for not this final ingredient then she would look more like an exact copy of the woman as her hair was inside the tonic.

With all the ingredients in front of her, Mikumi would make a makeshift small campfire in her tent and pour all the ingredients into a small pot and place it over the fire holding it in her hand, she waited for the hair essence to erode into the mixture and then took it off the fire transferring the contents into a cylinder vile and now begun a slightly longer wait for it to cool down. Once the formula was properly cooled, Mikumi didn't waste any time in fearing over the results and just gulped it straight down, the mixture was terribly bitter causing her to make a light scowl at the aftertaste before she felt a tingling in her body,  she then looks at her hand and saw that from the tips and flowing downward her green skin was turning into a lighter color meaning her experimental formula was working, making her way quickly towards a mirror she watches as the rest of the formula does its thing turning the rest of her body into a more human-like color and the flowers that once made up her hair wither before falling off, the experiment was a success.


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Mission name: This will not stand.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Quell an uprising.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4EP.
Mission Description: “There are still those who dare to stand against the Raikage’s divine will, and that of his nation. Tear down their blasphemous ideals, and show them the Light.”
Mission Details: Territory under Kumo’s control is experiencing attacks which have escalated into a full-blown rebellion against the Cloud’s presence. Kumo shinobi will attack in numerous squadrons and while the resistance largely consists of B-ranked non-ninja opponents (15-20) led by a single A-ranked shinobi with all Wind library techniques, it is not enough to stop the battle, they must be made to know Hastur’s will is supreme. Characters should leave multiple enemies alive, either sending them with a message for their allies, threats, injuries, etc back to the desert where they will make sure all who they meet will carry on the story of the Raikage’s might.

"They must be dealt with!" Came the shout from a man who sat across the room from where the young Anbu sat scanning the room from behind the owl mask that covered his face. The room was almost perfectly divided on what to do about the situation, while one side argued that the rebellious subjects could be reasoned with the other side argued that all who opposed the will of the cloud needed to die. The bickering back and forth became so loud and obnoxious that the boy began tuning the noise of the room out, it mattered not what these men said or argued. There was only one man in this room that truly mattered, the Raikage Hastur. No matter how the village argued once Hastur laid down the decree there would be no debate, so the young Anbu sat patiently in silence as he awaited the word of his master. The self proclaimed God sat upon his would be throne, a shadow blocking his face from view as he sat back in his throne listening to the arguments of both sides as he swirled the wine within his glass. While the God gave the impression that he was listening to the arguments, the boy had the suspicion that the man had already made up his mind. The Raikage rose a hand and silence fell across the room, no one dare say another word. “Those who dare to stand against the Raikage’s divine will, and that of his nation must come to know that I am the will and the way. Tear down their blasphemous ideals, and show them the Light. Let them tell of the glory and power of my Will, and no more shall stand against you!” The Raikage lifted his glass as he finished his speech, and the room erupted in cheers. The God King had given his decree, a rousing pep talk if the boy did say, though the boy was not as cheerful is his comrades. He had come here to help these people, but everyday that became more of a struggle as those he was trying to help rose up against the Raikage and the village hidden in the clouds rule over the land. In all reality could he really blame them? The boy had chosen this path for himself after the destruction, it had been his choice, but these people are not being given that choice. They have but two choices, bow to the Raikage or Die.

The boy would not utter a single word of objection, nor would anyone else in the room. Divine mandate had been given and now there was but one thing to do, enact the Raikage's will. The boy would stand from his seat and make his way to the exit with the rest of the anbu forces, they would be the first to go into the fray of rebel scum. The tip of the spear that was the Raikage's will, today there would be survivors but what about the next day. How long would this rebellion stand against the will of the God, how long before the God gets angry and trashes the playing board like a child throwing a tantrum. What will become of the Land of Wind when that happens? All these thoughts raced through the boys head as he awaited his orders from the captain, the time was coming that he might have to choose between his loyalty to the people of the land of wind and his loyalty to the man who gave him shelter in his time of need as well as facilitated the boys rise to position that he currently held. And as of right now the young shinobi was unsure he was strong enough to make that kind of a decision, he had to believe that this was what was best for his people, that the Raikage was what his people needed to survive. The boy was assigned to a small group Anbu that would deal with the the rebellious scum near the edge of the Kumogakure territory within the Land of Wind, the boy with the three other anbu would move out and head to the encampment prepared to deal with the rebels however they needed to deal with them.


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After several minutes of waiting, Mikumi once again looked into the mirror and found that her whole body had undergone a degressive transformation back to a human form although it seemed in this form her hair became a black color and reached down to her shoulders while her eyes became  brown the same as the women she had taken the hair strand from but otherwise looked like herself, she slowly gripped her hands to make sure there wasn't any tingling or more adverse side effects she would have to deal with, upon waiting several more seconds it seems she had made a breakthrough in her medical research and Mikumi quickly reached her left hand over to a wooden table and grabbed her research notebook so she could log down the medical formula. As Mikumi was admiring her new form in the mirror suddenly the camps sirens sound would scream out through the camp, she knew what it meant, it was the sound of a battle brewing on the front lines.
With the sound of the alarm ringing, Mikumi would now have to dress, the outfit she wore regular as a male had now become useless as her womanly form held a lot more fat in certain places which stretched out her old one to the point it fell off her smaller body. She had prepared a new attire for herself for the brief time she was back in Konohagakure and it was now time to make its debut, she would walk to the left north corner of her tent and picked up a black cloth bra that looked like a cheaply made cloth just layered many times over with a red strap to tighten it more securely around breasts, Mikumi put it over her breasts and then with her flexible hands tightened it as she put it in a double knot for she cared not for cheap quality clothing at the moment, she then moved on to her next piece of clothing which was fashioned like her old jacket but this one had been tailored to make the sleeves much longer and wider with the symbol of the land of fire stitched onto each side while the Senju clan was stitched onto her back, the purpose of the new sleeves was  to conceal items from sight and left most of her upper body free from the constriction of clothing, her old chunin pants were replaced with a long skirt that went all the way down to her knees but was cut open on the left side for easier movement, finishing her main outfit Mikumi tyed up her hair using a rubber band into a small ball just so it wouldn't cloud her vision. Mikumi then slipped on black kneesocks and then put on her open toed black shinobi sandals and was ready to go, she then looked into the mirror checking all sides, she felt confident and strong and took a deep breath before huffing out and leaving the room to report to the battlefield.


Defying a god[Mikumi/Raphael]  Ronin_10

Rushing out of her tent Mikumi could see many of her fellow shinobi heading towards the front of the camp and followed suit, once they made it despite the large crowd she was in there was only fifteen shinobi present with her lined up in three groups of five with her being in the second row staring up at a wooden stage with a male who hand slightly thinned gray hair that was surely increasing from the stress of the war that was plastered on his face as clear as day. "Welcome fellow shinobi. I like to thank you for your efforts in this war." The male said in a robotic like voice devoid of any emotion or warmth, "But I also like to give my condolences because some of you are bound to die out there in the battlefield. Now let's get down to business." Would all the male would say, there wasn't much need for anything else as anybody who had lived up until this day already knew this was not a joke and that going out there carried quite the decent risk of losing your life, with everyone intent on not dying that day they would listen as the shinobi in command of the camp explained that Kumogakure enemy forces were approaching with a squadron of at least fifteen to twenty shinobi reported by a shinobi who had been scouting the area at the time who said they were being led by a powerful commander, their aim wasn't exactly Konoha but at this point the challenge of the Raikage known as Hastur to put all of the five great nations under his rule was too big to ignore out on the frontlines, all fourteen and herself were to head straight to them and take them head-on to impede their advance before they arrived on the battlefield to make an even worst mess of the situation. With their instructions clear it was time for them to move out, the battle had already begun.


Total WC: 1,449

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Raphael followed the other three Anbu in a tight formation as they made their way from the base camp to the edge of the newly claimed territory, Raphael would not admit it out loud be he was glad that he was not responsible for leading this group into the up coming battle. The boy was a good commander, however he knew he did not have the skills of command that others he had met had, so he was more than thrilled when one of the Anbu Captains were selected to lead their four man group into the battle with the usurpers. As they moved the boy's mind began to wonder just what it was that they were walking into, the details of the mission were not clear to him. They had no idea how many there were that they would be facing in this, nor did they know who was the culprit behind this uprising. The only thing they really knew at all was the location of the town in question that they were tasked with clearing of all threats, the whole situation stunk of a trap another reason that the boy was glad he was not responsible for the command of this mission. Personally he doubted the Raikage's judgment on the situation, while yes it was true that the Anbu were highly skilled fighters and they could best multiple opponent's, the fact that they did not have a true listing as far to the numbers that they would be facing lead the boy to believe that more than just one squad should have been sent out on this mission. But alas there was nothing that could be done, the Raikage ordered it so and that was that, nothing the boy could say or do would be able to change that. The young blonde shinobi would debate on whether or not he should voice his concern to the captain, but at the same time the boy did not want his fear to be true so he kept his mouth shut in hopes that he was wrong about the entire situation.

The boy began pumping chakra into the air around him and while he did not push it to the maximum range as he could have he only spread it far enough that it would alert him to any incoming attacks with enough time that he would be able to counter the attack or at the very least be able to dodge. The boy also began channeling chakra into his core giving him the ability to maneuver better than he would be able to do without it, the young blonde boy was ready for anything that might be thrown his way, he just hoped that the other Anbu were as well. It was not his place to give orders, but the lack of communication from their captain began to worry the young anbu operative. His thoughts were interrupted when the captain finally spoke for the first time since they left the base camp, "target is dead ahead. On my mark formation Delta Seven Charlie," the man stated remaining at the same speed they had all been moving at since they left the village based camp. "Now," the man commanded and instantly the three Anbu disappeared from around the boy, he knew the formation it was something that all of the Kumogakure Anbu learned as well as several other formations, all of which were code words for what it was that they were meant to do so that it was easier to remember. This particular one meant divide, surround, and conquer. Since he was in the back of the pack Raphael's role within the formation did not change, he would stay on the direct course they had been traveling until reaching the target location. The other three would spread out all moving at the same speed the boy was currently moving however their formation would create a crescent shape as they moved towards their target before effectively surrounding the town and then engaging the enemy. The target town was coming into view of the boy's eye sight and his wind sense was already picking up the movement within the camp, there were a lot of them twenty at least if the boy was counting the movements right. It looked as if his fear of them not being able to handle the situation was misplaced, the four of them should be able to take out these men with no trouble.


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The ten-maned squadron moved out towards the town that was in the way of Kumogakures forces, everyone ran in a position that from above would look like a living breathing bow, many of the men shared looks of unease about going into the battle with only a force of fifteen, others wore a look of confidence as they were surely underestimating the enemy and was over prideful to receive war accommodations for their efforts. Mikumi who was at the back surrounded by males felt differently, it was war, she would neither so uneasiness nor too much pride for having to defeat the enemy if they so happen to, she had already spilled far too much blood for her to take any sense of accomplishment in it and by now it was something she has come to not enjoy, but still she was a shinobi of the forces of Konohagakure, and she will do her part.

When the squadron finally got within half a mile to the village the Commander stopped the group and had everyone huddle around a group of trees that concealed them from sight to review the battle plan, Mikumi's interest was piqued as they had withheld the information up until this point, the thought that possibly a spy was in the camp ran through her mind but once the Commander spoke up she quieted the voice inside her head. "Alright is everyone still here?" The Commander then looked around affirming his question for himself regardless if everybody answered, "Good, now listen up. I explained at the camp that the situation was bad but let me elaborate on those earlier words, the information I gave back at the camp was actually false. No, it is more accurate to say that we were fed false information on the situation, to put it in better terms, we're going into this battle blind-sided on just how many of Kumogakure forces were facing today."

Already from those words the uneasiness and cockiness of the squadron was beginning to flare up in a temper as some begun to doubt the leadership of the Commander before them while others scoffed at his words claiming that even a thousand shinobi would be unable to defeat them, regardless the Commander looked on with patience and calmness that Mikumi didn't let go unnoticed causing her to speak out in a sharp tone to cut through the shit storm he caused with his words as she herself was arm crossed as she laid back against a tree, "For a shinobi facing an unknown threat you sure look calm, despite your words I'm guessing you already thought of a viable plan haven't you Commander?"

The Commander then got up and walked closer to her before speaking, "Whats your name?" She didn't both to stall, "Mikumi, Mikumi Senju." The shinobi around her seemed to cheer up as they whispered the many accounts of how in the past she used to be a male as a genin and before disappearing to train in Kirigakure only to mysteriously return as a full-fledged Spec. Jounin but was now female, The Commander, however, didn't care about the rumors around him and continued to speak, "Well Mikumi, your right I do have a plan. This squadron of fifteen wasn't just some random team up, each of you is the best we have on hand on what you guys specialize in. Mikumi, you are known for your spectacular use of clone jutsu, you and four others are actually the important part of this plan succeeding."

Although those who were feeling uneasy about the mission situation had calmed down greatly at the Commanders, the man who had been seeking glory were infuriated that their chance would be outshined by the four shinobi with Mikumi who was to be the centerpiece of the operation. Despite their different viewpoint they too were shinobi and complied with the order with some level of resistance and the Commander noticing their compliance went on with the plan, "Mikumi and her group are each to create three clones of their choosing, this will create the delusion of only twenty shinobi in total, hopefully the enemy isn't that smart and there be fooled into thinking that all there is while the rest of us who are all experienced in sensory delusion will hide within the forest. When the enemy makes contact with Mikumi and her group another squad of five will create a large amount of cover to defend from possible long ranger jutsu, once that is covered all units are free to attack enemy forces. Do you understand everyone?!" All shinobi present gave a simple nod as the battle plan was set, "Alright then, Move out!"

Mikumi and her squad made it over to the center of the town before the enemy forces arrived and together, they each cast their own handseals creating three different clones to create the illusion of twenty different shinobi, now all there was to wait for the enemy to attack as everything was already in its place.

Chakra: 305/350

Jutsu Used:

Name: Water Release: Water Clone Technique (水遁・水分身の術 ~ Suiton: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu) 3 Clones are in use
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton/Water
Range: Clones cannot travel more than 30m away from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until clones are destroyed or cancelled
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The Water Clone Jutsu is similar to the Shadow Clone Jutsu except it creates clones out of water that have one-tenth of the original user's chakra - taken after the initial activation cost of this technique has been deducted. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body without losing control. Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water. Water clones are capable of only using suiton jutsu provided they have enough chakra to cast it. Regular jutsu cooldowns apply - if a technique is used by one clone, it cannot immediately be used by another clone. A maximum of six clones may be created at any one time. The clone automatically disperses when it runs out of chakra, or when hit by any attack that can cause the equivalence of a C rank technique in physical damage [major bruising, 1-2 inch cuts, etc.] or a C-rank/2 D-Rank offensive jutsu. The user may willingly disperse a clone - returning any chakra the clone has left to the user - but this can only be done under the condition that the clone is not under direct attack. Clones which have been dispersed by other means - ie. taking damage - do not return any chakra to the user.


Total WC:2,320

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The movement within the camp was undeniable, the enemy was there. Myrddin only hoped that they were in aware of their impending death at the hands of the four Anbu members, their strikes would be precise and simultaneous each of the four men striking at a different point in the small village that would soon become a war zone as the Anbu of the village hidden in the cloud unleashed the wrath of their Raikage upon the usurpers. The darkness of the Moonless night sky would give the men the perfect cover as they began their assault, just before the male would reach his mark where he would await the order to move in the male formed the seal of confrontation and molded his chakra into being creating an exact copy of himself that moved alongside of himself. The two twins looked at one another and then without so much as a word, just a simple nod shared between them, the two parted ways with the clone still moving towards the spot to await the signal the original would move to another location to await for the attack to begin. Myrddin monitored the movement within the camp ensuring that the other three Anbu and his clone reached their destination as well as the twenty within the town did not show signs of them noticing the incoming attack.

A sudden blast of fire from the Anbu Captain on the western side of the village signaled the beginning of the attack, no doubt drawing the attention of those within the village as the large fire dragon was created and slammed into the village. The shadow clone who was positioned to the east side of the town inhaled deeply before releasing a large five meter sphere that tore into the town ripping anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within it to be torn to shreds, followed closely by the ground shaking and opening a chasm in the earth from one of the other Anbu on the south end of the town. The fourth Anbu let forth a torrent of water that rushed through the streets on the south west side of the town, adding a little lightning to give it a little extra shock to those that were caught by the torrent of water. The quiet little town became a battle zone of confusion and chaos in a matter of seconds, the four attacks giving the illusion that there was more than just the four Anbu members. Myrddin watched it all unfold from the northern end of the town as he monitored all of the chaos through his wind sense forming a long string of hand seals before ending on and holding the dragon hand seal. The shadow clone moved into the town following his vacuum sphere, as the original on the outside of the village began forming five hundred small spheres of silver wind above the small town that was now a battle field. Whether these attacks killed a few or a lot it did not matter, this was a show. A display of the power held by the Raikage and his shinobi of the village hidden in the clouds, to ensure that those who survive would know that there was nothing they could do to stop the cloud and they had but two choices submit or die.

From his wind sense the male could already sense the movement of those engaged in combat, but it was impossible for him to discern the movement from each other meaning he would not be able to tell who was winning. As the clone moved through the village he found two that had survived it's attack on the eastern side of the town, one looked like his arm had got caught by the vacuum sphere while the other was unhurt and tending to the other man's wound. The uninjured individual moved against the shadow clone when he spotted it, but before the man could finish the string of hand seals he was forming the shadow clone was on top of him. Delivering a powerful punch to the chest of the man that would of sent the man flying ten meters backwards, the clone watched as it's punch turned the man into nothing more than a puddle of water. The shadow clone turned to the injured man with a confused look upon it's face, the man let out a pained chuckle. "Fool's," the man stated just before he passed out, it was then the clone realized that this was all a trap. At the same moment that the clone realized it was a trap the male felt the pings of movement on the edge of his wind sense, ten more bodies heading in from the west. There was nothing he could do while he stood there on the north side forming his five hundred stars technique, the male just had to hope that the other Anbu realized what was about to happen and were prepared for what would happen next as his stars were almost finished and ready to be dropped.


~Self: 165/410
Wind sense Maintained -5
1 shadow clone created -15
500 Stars Prepped -20

~Clone: 155/190
Greater Vacuum Sphere: -25
Destruction Fist: -10

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When Mikumi could sense movement just outside the camp she quietly alerted those closest to her of the oncoming threat that was coming their way, there were a few moments of peace but then suddenly there wasn't anymore as from four different corners of the small village there were precise and simultaneous attacks that signified the start of the battle, from the western corner of the small village a sudden blast of fire shaped in the likeness of a  large  dragon was created and slammed into the village and Mikumi could hear the sound of her allies getting burned alive before ultimately disappearing into a poof of smoke signifying that the three people who had been hit were just clones being destroyed.

From the east side of the town, a large five-meter sphere of wind tore into the town ripping two more clone's and a shinobi' whom hadn't been quick enough and got caught up had their arm torn in nearly every section of it causing him to grunt in severe  pain as his arm was now in a terrible state because of the razor-like sharp wind of the sphere, however, there was no time to rest as the following attack shook the ground and opened up a chasm in the earth from  the south end of the town causing two of the member of her squad to fall into the darkened earth chasm where they would eventually either fall to their death or be burned alive as they got closer to the earth's core although their clones would remain in the meantime, either way, their fate's would be unknown. The mass devastation continued as a torrent of water rushed through the streets on the south-west side of the town catching up another shinobi and a few clones, when the enemy added lighting to the technique it became even more devastation as the shinobi was now being drowned and shocked alive while the clones who had been caught up in the assault poofed into smoke as they disappeared, when the assault was all said and done only Mikumi and two of her own clone's as well as one more member with all his clone's had survived the elemental onslaught from the enemy.

But the enemy seems to be trying to prove a point as just when Mikumi and the remaining squad gave it a few minutes to make sure the enemy didn't have any more surprises in store for them, after a few minutes passed Mikumi felt her mind being invaded as a sensory ninja on the outskirts of the village communicated that there were was an unaligned body moving towards her location. Mikumi  prepared herself for the upcoming enemy by removing her Ninjato from its sheath on her waist, when she could visibly spot the enemy and realized she was dealing with an ANBU level shinobi they immediately reacted to her by pulling out four kunai and throwing it at her in an arc formation, Mikumi easily deflected the immediate kunai by maneuvering her blade with a left, right and slightly titled down sword swing before dashing towards the enemy to meet them head-on.

The ANBU in question realizing Mikumi would not be so easily dispatched with, reached around their back and pulled out a Wakizashi blade, When they meant in the center their blade's clashed causing the sound of colliding metal to resound around the area, to gain an upper hand Mikumi used her left foot to kick just below the ANBU's kneecap causing him to bend down but he didn't falter as the moment he bent down he used his new positioning to throw himself back up using a powerful back leg high kick, Mikumi who had no time was only able to block with the backside of her blade but the force of it was powerful enough to launch her four feet into the air, now in the air the ANBU took this opportunity and created a  fast jet of water that was four meters tall heading straight for her, however Mikumi when it goes closed used her own Suiton nature to use the water vapor already present in the air and solidified it while using it as a stepping stone in which she jumped even higher off of it to avoid the large water jet.

Vexed that his initial shot missed the ANBU was now cocky that he wouldn't miss the second time proving the short of ninja to belittle his opponent at crucial moments such as this when it was a life or death struggle, with a quick weave of handseals large amount of water into a giant, powerful shark, while at the same time in her left arm just right below her hand popped out three chakra infused sticky seed's the size of a sesame seeds,  as the shark begun to make its way to her at a rushed speed Mikumi throw the speed at a speed of 30m/s while the shark came towards her at 35m/s, confident that his attack hit the shinobi snickered from behind his mask but when Mikumi ocne again seeemed to jump while still mid-air his mood switched as he visibly tensed up, since he was do distracted by her movements he didn't see that the seed she had thrown swelled up into the size of a tennis ball so when it connected with him it caused a large explosion where Mikumi could see the Shinobi arm being blown off and she was sure she won until she felt a sudden stab in her stomach that made her grunt loudly in pain.

Suddenly in front of her the same shinobi appeared and impaled his Wakizashi into her stomach, it seemed Mikumi also underestimated her enemy a bit and at some point had been caught in a genjutsu but what was the trigger, could it have been when he was chuckling? Mikumi really didn't know but it didn't matter at the moment as she still had to deal with the enemy in front of her. Now that the genjutsu had been broken by the man himself after thinking Mikumi was so weak that a simple stab in her stomach would finish her off he jumped away leaving her blade impaled into him, but she found she still couldn't move away, Mikumi looked down to realize that the blade actually had a seal on it that she supposed was restricting her movements at the moment.

Similar to the genjutsu the shinobi thought for sure Mikumi couldn't move as he took out a kunai while walking towards her slowly as if savoring the moment he took victory over someone who had given him trouble in combat, Mikumi was stuck she couldn't move, but she wouldn't have too. The shinobi had been so absorbed by their battle he completely didn't notice the two clones of Mikumi who had been watching from all the rubble that surrounded them from destroyed buildings, as soon as he got within two meters of her Mikumi let out a low but audible whistling sound and her two clones immediately dashed at their top speed from the shinobi left and right side, he wasn't able to pick up on them in time as they both landed a strong right and left hook on each side of his cheek with such force that the male's neck twisted into gruesome levels as his body being hit by equal force on both sides didn't move anywhere as his body simply dropped to the floor afterward.

The seal that had been placed on Mikumi through the Wakizashi and she was able to move once again, she took the hilt of the blade pulling it out of the stomach, and then proceeded to find cover so that she could heal. After several minutes of having a medical ninja patch her up the village was mostly destroyed any lingering any longer would mean certain defeat, Mikumi resounded the alarm for a full retreat as it had seemed the commander succumbed to one of the many combination attacks leaving Mikumi the temporary commander.


Total WC:3,648



Jutsu used:

Name: Wood Release: Cursed seed or Mokuton: Norowareta-shu (呪われた種)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wood (Mokuton)
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: From the user's left arm just right below their hand pop out three chakra infused sticky seed's the size of a sesame seed that allow the user to use wood release jutsu without the need for hand-seals instantly, these seeds when exposed to other element infused jutsu except katon have varying reactions.

Name: Wood Release: Wrath of the capensis seed or Mokuton: Kafeinshīdo no ikari (カフェインシードの怒り)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Wood (Mokuton)
Range: 50 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Jutsu can only be used when "Cursed seed" is active. By either flicking the seed itself or attaching it to a projectile weapon at 30 m/s, the user can send it out anywhere within 50 meter  in a single direction, when passing through or landing in a water jutsu the seed swells up into the size of a tennis ball instantly before exploding causing up to minor 3rd degree tissue damage in a 10 meter radius (for a extra -10 Chakra the seed causes a second explosion that does minor 2nd degree tissue damage)
Name: Water Style: Liquid solidification or Suiton: Ekitai gyōko (液体凝固)

Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water (Suiton)
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Description: Once within the air the user can solidify the water particles around into two disk shape objects in which he can use as a makeshift temporary ground for both feet or tilt it in order to do a double or triple jump.

A-rank Mission: 3500/3500 (148 Words Left)

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