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1 Raging future demon rising destiny (open) on Sun May 13, 2012 10:23 pm



As Kami came racing in as fast he could he grinned and he kneed some animals in the head as he ran by them. He then looked at tree as he ran past it. He then returned to the tree and glared at it. He grabbed the vital spot on his throat as it felt like his mother was stabbing him from the beyond. "Mother is this where they laid your head before your improper burial." As he felt the pain again. "I see now you want me to become village evil legend." As he felt the vital spot on his heart area hurt. "Damn it father I will be the shinobi you and mother raised me to be." "You both may have nearly killed me and brother did die resurrecting me but you goals are clear to me." "Great thing you both gave me tougher skin on my vital spots or your goals for me will not ever possibly come true." As he looked back at the animals that he kneed in the head. As very dangerous look appeared on his face. As he looked up at the sky in hate. "I am the son of the death god of the uchiha and the angel of death is my mother." "You may have taken then from me but I will gladly take those titles as my own." His looked back at the animals. "You hear me idiotic creatures there will be second coming for the age of death soon."


MY MMA style will make you respect me. My skills with blades will make me the demon of the Leaf.

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