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The desert air was coarse and rough, with glass and sand riding the wind as their chariot. The sun scorched the earth, and Maikeru was at the forefront of its fury. He took a deep breath. In and out. In and out. It was something he did when he was about to start something. Something grueling. Something painful. The young man had taken up a journey. When he was in one of the independent camps, he had heard word of a missing Kumo Ninja who had abandoned his village. He was dubbed The Heretic, a Sinner, the One Who Goes Against His Blessing. He was known for his immense strength and Power. He had aided in many of the independent Sunagakure camps that raged against the Kumo machine. He was known to want to rip away the iron grip of Kumogakure’s grasp from around the refugee populace’ neck. And his views and strength greatly interested the young and brash Iwa Ninja. He had been told by a mysterious man who told him to go and seek The Heretic out. Maikeru didn't know why, but he felt the urge to go. And so he did. Maikeru continues to make the journey through the blazing desert. This day, in particular, was one of the most punishing. And Maikeru had been out and about for hours, walking through the heat. If not for his endurance, he would have sure succumbed to the immense weather. It was a tortuous time, but he knew. He knew no gain was free. He was risking a lot for just a hunch. A bunch that he could obtain something from The Heretic. Maikeru didn't know what it was, but he just knew he had to talk to him. Things have been so much for him, him being put into missions that he was of no where near the power he was able to be, the fact that he had been working tirelessly to make sure that the refugees in the Iwagakure camp were being taken care of, and his new found vendetta against the Hidden Cloud and foil against them. It had been tiring. He needed clarity. Somewhat of a break. And this was what he needed.

Eventually he had ventured far enough to arrive at his destination. It was a den. Among the near endless desert there was this man sized whole. Maikeru looked around. He didn't expect to actually find it. He had expected this to have had been a pointless mission. Instead he had found it. Maikeru took a deep breath and jumped into the unknown. It was quite the fall down. Much liver than the Chuunin had anticipated. He stiffened his legs a bit. When he landed he rolled, breaking his fall. Maikeru raised himself, and peered around, getting a sense of his surroundings. The result: darkness. Maikeru was engulfed an an eternal umbra that disallowed him from viewing his own hands in front of him. Maikeru wandered aimlessly
“Hello? Anyone there?” Colors began to dance around his eyes as they desperately tried to adjust to the darkness. But they flinched when they saw a blue spark before them. It looked like a ball, orb sputtering with energy. The ball jumped to the ceiling and then glowed ever more bright. It's light filled the area, allowing Maikeru to see. It was a borrow hall of a cave. Maikeru faced forward, and jumped back from what he had saw. It was a man
A very large man. He was wearing a black robe, and his body had been taken over by his muscular system. There was no muscle that was safe from bulging. Not to mention he was three meters tall. His beard was long and straight. His hair was equally white and equally long. “Hmph. Why are you here, whelp?”

“I don't know. You tell me.” The man opened his wary eyes, and gazed a long and unsightly gaze on Maikeru. Knew he had his attention. “And what makes your day this, whelp?”

“Strange how someone tells me that I need to come to this remote place. With no explanation to why. And it's a cave in a small home in a desert? I'm not an idiot.” The old man closed his eyes, and curved lips made their way on his wrinkled face. “You are indeed intelligent whelp. I…have heard of your endeavors. And I am to offer you assistance.” He stood up from his makeshift rock chair, revealing his incredible height. He sighed, and removed his cloak, revealing his bare muscles. Maikeru found it quite uncomfortable, which was a rare feeling. “Come, Maikomaru.”
“My name is Maikeru.” He only smiled and continued to walk towards where Maikeru jumped down the hole. “Come, whelp. We have work to do. Much of it. And no time to spare. We must hurry.” He looked up at the light within the whole. The elderly man crouched, and then sprunk up, flying through the hole. Maikeru's eyes widened. “Whoa.” Maikeru walked toward the entrance and jumped up the walls of it, until reaching the surface. He looked to his left and saw him. The man with his eyes closed, muscles fully out, and a look of serenity across his face. He spread his arms, slowly and carefully, and felt the wind that had been coming in. Maikeru couldn't deny that he looked like a work of art. “It's been a long time since I have been to the surface. It's time I stretch these old bones.” His eyes shot opened, and his face hardened. “South of here there is a gang, as you may know. Small, upcoming, but the members are very powerful. It's an exclusive gang that only accepts the best of the best. And we are going to go and kill them. All of them.”

“Am I supposed to do what you say just because?” He looked at Maikeru with a stone look. “I'd watch your rebellious tone, Maikumaru.” Maikeru saw the look of power and authority in his eyes
It was a burning one. One that took Maikeru aback. But not aback enough for him to say “It's Maikeru. And since I have been telling you mine this entire time, how about you give a little and tell me your’s.”

“My name is Isei. Now, whelp, can we cut the pleasantries and continue with our mission. The man simply began to walk next to Maikeru, his large hands around his back. Maikeru followed behind him. “Would you like to know true power, whelp? I can teach you the style of Nintaijutsu used in Kumogakure.”

“I already have a style. Its Brawling. My mentor taught me that before he died.”

“Is that so? Tell me, then. What is this style you call “Brawling.”

“It's a highly aggressive style that requires to fight with true brutality and rage. One must put your passion into it.”  

Isei tilted his head, at the thought of such savagery. “Good, good. Your mentor has taught you something valuable. But how reckless is this style you call Brawling?” Maikeru stayed silent for a while. He couldn’t say much about it. The style was highly barbaric. “That’s what I thought. It’d be best to use what I can teach. It's foolish to place all your eggs in one basket.” Isei cleared his throat, and began his lecture. “Now. Before you can be taught Nintaijutsu, you must learn the normal Taijutsu of the style. It’s a grapple intensive style that requires spectacular throws. Have you seen such magnificent things, Maikomaru?”
Its Maikeru. And no I have, when I was up against some rogue ninja from Kumo from time to time. They would use throws and stuff like that.”

“Correct. They are easy to learn but difficult to master. Here, I will show you.” Maikeru jumped back away from Isei. He would not have vocalized it, but he found being thrown around by the monster of a man to be less than ideal. Isei laughed a loud and hardy laugh. “Oh so now you are timid, whelp? No need cower.” His uplifting nature dropped dramatically in an instant. It was like a change of atmosphere or a shift of winds. He walked towards Maikeru, who was intimidated. “Never cower, Maikumaru. Ever. Do you understand me?” Maikeru didn’t even have the will to respond in “Its Maikeru.” As an alternative, he slowly shook his head. Isei backed away, giving him a suspicious look. “As I was saying, you aren’t the one we will be practicing on.” Isei, as sudden as a flash of lightning, shoved his hand into the ground. Maikeru felt the shake of the earth beneath his feet. Out of the sand, Isei, in his hand, had pulled out what appeared to be a shinobi. “This is a bandit. I will demonstrate on him.”

“Wait don’t have to do could let me go…” Isei raised him in the air, giving a loud roar. He put him in a body press position. “WAIT PLEASE DON’T!!”

“STONE PRESS!!!!” On Isei’s knee and up to his thigh grew a large wedge made of stone. “BACKBREAKER!!!!!!!!!” Maikeru watched in awe when Isei drove the on his stone wedge covered appendage. The sound of a sick snap made Maikeru cringe and flinch. He screamed at the top of his lungs. It was high pitched. Maikeru winced. Isei threw him off of his leg. “That is the Stone Press Backbreaker. A powerful technique.”

“Wait...I can’t move my legs... why can’t I move my legs?”

Isei cleared his throat. “If you must know, weakling, is that once your back as bent over the wedge created on the leg, your spine either breaks or snaps completely. It is a technique I developed myself.” The man had already passed out during his explanation on the Jutsu. Isei scrunched up his face in disgust. “How respect for elders.” Maikeru raised an eyebrow. “How were you able to sense him in the sand?”

“Because using Jutsu that hides people in the ground  to ambush people is common in Suna. Especially nowadays. Anyway, I will teach you things such as that, Maikomaru.”

“Its Maikeru.”

The two had continued to walk through the endless wasteland of the Land of Wind. On the way there, Maikeru is being taught the power of Stone Press Backbreaker, until they finally see smoke over the horizon. “That’s them. Their fire is going. Hurry, whelp. Let us see what I have taught you. He grabbed Maikeru, and put him on his shoulder. It was strange, since Maikeru himself was larger than most people. Isei then bent down, and jumped into the air. Maikeru felt the wind flowing through his hair. Isei landed right in the fire, putting it out instantly. He dropped the blushing Maikeru to the ground, who was able to land on his feet. He looked around to see that there were only a few tents. Five of them. And their inhabitants scurried out of their as quickly as possible. “Hello, you disgusting scums of earth. I am here to teach this young whelp some techniques. And I was sure that your deaths will serve a great purpose in doing so.” They were all stunned by Isei’s humongous size. “Wh….who the hell do you think you are? Coming in our camp and saying you gonna kill us? Don’t you know who we are? Don’t you know who you are dealing with?!” At first he seemed intimidated, but as he drone on and on, he started to get more and more angry, as if he realized that the situation is more apalling than it was. Alas, Isei only shrugged, his hands behind his back, his eyes not fully opened, clearly showing not much interest. “I don’t know. Your gang names sound all the same to me. All of them attempt hard to sound threatening, and as a consequence, they sound the same.”

“Well, old man, I think someone should-”

“LARIAT!” Maikeru barely blinked to see that Isei had caused the man to be thrown many meters away. It happened so face that it was as if he teleported. Maikeru peered over at his body and saw that his head had been separated from his neck. “Let’s get to it, shall we?”

Isei turned to the other four. They flinched. There was fear in their eyes. “Now, Maikumaru. The first Jutsu I want to teach to you is Lighting Release. Shocking Bear Hug. You know how to surge Taijutsu to-” One of the bandits ran towards Isei. He had a Katana in his hand, and jumped into the air, and spun downward. Isei raised his hand, blocking the sword. He transitioned his hand to grab the sword while the bandit was still holding it, keeping him suspended into the air. “As I was saying, I know you are a very quick learner when it comes to learning Jutsu, so when using Taijutsu, surge the Chakra through your body, and then towards your energy. At the same time sustain the surge, and then turn it to Raiton. Surge it even stronger than you ever have. Like this.” Isei threw the sword away, and the man with it. Isei began to surge Chakra, and run towards him. His body became electrified. It sparked a magnificent blew light as he wrapped his humongous arms around the man. When he did, the electricity intensified even more. The man screamed as he was being shocked, and in one final powerful surge of lighting , paired with a strong burst of a squeeze, there was a loud crack and a giant spark of lighting. Maikeru had to cover his eyes from the light. When he opened them, he saw the Isei was still hugging him. And then he tossed him aside, like a overused and broken toy. “Thank you, sir for the demonstration. Your services, are no longer needed.” Isei reached for his head, and slightly lifted it up from the ground with a single hair. With his fingers on the top of his head, Isei twisted his wrist, twisting the neck, snapping it. The remaining three started to walk backwards, and then began to make a break for it. Isei only smiled, and he created a fist and punched it into the ground. “EARTH STYLE! BATTLE ARENA!”

The ground began to shake, an Earthquake. A formation began to grow, a coliseum,filled with seats, and spikes around the putter part of t the walls, and the inner part below the seats. Maikeru looked around, in awe. Isei’s smile faded that made Maikeru stiffen. The transition commanded authority. It was a telling that he was getting serious. “Why are you running? Don't you want to defend your honor?” He raised his hand and rolled his fist. “Remember, Maikumaru…”

“It's Maikeru.”

“...Never…and I mean EVER…show cowards mercy.” As he continued to roll his hand, a ball of Lighting formed. It sparkled with electricity, and raw power. He threw it at one of them, causing them to stiffen, their heads tilted up, and their arms stretched doubt downward, their fingers outstretched. “Now Maikumaru! Do it now!”

Maikeru immediately charged up the Chakra through his body, whine Isei moved to the other two men, blocking them from interrupting Maikeru. That was the easy part, but then he had to maintain it maintain that dame surge of Chakra and keep it going to turn it into lightning Chakra. Maikeru wrapped his arms around the man's body. Maikeru yelled at the top of his lungs as he began to power the Chakra more and more. The man also screamed, but was taking serious damage. The surge of electricity sparked Maikeru, he felt the strong spasming sensation of the electricity. He felt it drift from his body, going into he man who me at the same time charging the normal Chakra into his muscles to squeeze the knife out of him. Maikeru felt bones break, and when that finally happened he stopped, dropping the man to the ground. Maikeru dropped to his knees panting.

Maikeru dropped to his knees now on all fours, letting his breath out. He looked over to Isei, who was holding each man by the back of their necks in his hands. “Nicely done.” Isei then put his hand son the side of their faces she then smashed both their heads together. He did it again and blood spattered. He did it once more, and Maikeru saw that the side of their heads were mangled and bumpy. At that point their bodies went limp. He did it one final time, squeezing them together, until they merged into a hot mass of bone, blood, and brain matter. Maikeru looked at the disgusting link of their bodies by the pile of skull and blood. “Don't mind those two.” He held his hand out, creating and electric amount of Chakra. “HELL STAB!” He shoved his hand into the body of the man who received the Shocking Bear Hug from Maikeru. “You did well. But there is more work to be done
There are other gangs. And we will use them to train you. And then you will have your final test. I will teach you the complete ends and outs of Nintaijutsu. It's hard to grasp at first, conjuring Chakra in your body to manipulate it at your will. And at your discretion. But keep in mind, you will become a master of Taijutsu by the end of the day. I promise you that.”

“What's the final test?”

“That's a surprise. Moving on our next operation is a single target. One named Kaia. She's a ruthless puppet user. One woman gang. She uses multiple puppets at a time to an unbelievable degree. They are known as the Four Oni. Devastating puppets. It will be a tough fight...for you at least.” Maikeru raised an eyebrow. Isei smiled. “Come. The Jutsu you will be learning this lesson is a good one. It's the Jutsu of many Raikage, known as the Lightning Release: Lariat. “I've heard of that technique. It's very powerful. As you have demonstrated.”

“You flatter me, boy. But we just not get to that when work must be done. The lariat is a technique that I don't expect you to master today. But you could certainly practice. You might even pull it off. I wouldn't doubt you could.”

“Well well well. What do we have here?” Maikeru and Isei turned towards the origin of the voice. They didn't even notice he had come up to them. “A couple of muscle head men. Not known if the fine arts of my Genjutsu specialty.” Maikeru and Isei looked at each other for a brief moment. The man was very skinny and very posh looking, as if he was a member of a noble family. Not your average mugger. “Yes yes be afraid. Now you should hand me your valuables and-” Isei had vanished from sight. Before the man could finish his thought, he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. He made a squeaking noise as Isei knelt down to the man from behind, eyes close, a wise look on his face. “Your confidence is admirable. But I must ask.” He slightly opened his eyes to show that they were looking right into the young man's face. “Is your Genjutsu fast enough to keep me from breaking every single bone in your body.
“P-p-p-please…let me go.” Isei opened his eyes fully, giving a scowl at the man.” Maikumaru remember what I said about cowards.” Quickly, he picked the man up over his head. “No! What are you doing!?”

“STONE PRESS BACKBREAKER!!” Isei threw the man down on his thigh, covered in a wedged stone
The man screamed. He screamed a high and ear bleeding scream. Isei threw the man off his leg. “W
Wha-why can't I feel my legs?” Maikeru and Isei began to walk away
“Hey! Come BACK! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME HERE!!” Maikeru didn't care for bandits. Nor did he care for cowards. But cowardly bandits he despised. As the man spoke and yelled in protest the two continued to talk
“Hmm maybe I can teach you something other than Lariat. Another Raiton Technique. Hmm.” Isei went deep in thought. Maikeru only kept walking with him, too tired to be annoyed.” I've got it! It's a Jutsu I personally created. Lightning Release: Shock Grab Chokeslam. The startup of the Jutsu requires a precise hit to the throat. You do the you did with Bear Hug, but channel the Chakra into your hand. It's like Chidori
I'm sure that you heard of the technique.”

“Yes it was a jutsu created by one of the Hokage years ago. Ummm…Kakashi I think.”

“But this Jutsu doesn't focus on the stabbing effect of the technique. Just the speed part, as you could already do with Taijutsu.
You must grab your opponents by the throats, lifting them up and then slamming them down. Fairly simple.”

“You got anything else? Anything different. Like forbidden Jutsu?”

“Forbidden Jutsu are forbidden for a reason, boy.”

“I want to learn something other than Taijutsu and Raiton Techniques.”

“Such an ungrateful brat you are, Maikumaru.”

“It's Maikeru.”

“I do have something to teach you. You know what Chakra Modes are, correct?”

“Yeah, it's placing a type of Chakra around your body.”

“Correct. I know a few. One of them being that special Kinjutsu you so desperately want, but you'll learn it at another time. I have something different for you. In light of that bandit who so idiotically attacked us, a sensory Chakra Mode will be just the thing to deal with Tricksters.


“Yes. Genjutsu specialists. Tis a Cowardice specialization to to go into. Rather than doing actual battle with the enemy they prefer to dance around it, and play games. Them and Scribes.”


“Fuinjutsu. Same thing. All tricks and no spirit. And people who stealth too. You must be weary of these Maikumaru, I urge you. Which is why I want you to know of a Jutsu. A special Jutsu. It senses all forms of chakra. Chakra systems, Tricksters’ Tricks and Scribes’ writings. All of the like. In fact, forget the Puppet bitch. We are going after a Trickster and a Scribe. The Yogaki Brothers. They do everything together, that their first names aren't even that well known. Anyway, here is what we are going to do. Before we move any further you must be aware of this jutsu. I know how quick you are in doing so. Especially because you already have knowledge of sensing. Oh and just one more thing.


Maikeru felt a sudden strike on the back of his neck. When he did, everything went black.

After drifting into nothingness, and waking up with blurry eyes. He looked into the sky to see the stars covering a dark blue canvas. He held his head and then the back if his neck. He looked and saw that Isei was sitting a few meters away, legs crossed, and arms to match. “I see that you are awake.”

“What the hell old man!?” Maikeru clutched his arm, feeling a stressed and aching pain. He saw a design. It was apparently a tattoo. “Cool. You gave me a tattoo.”

Isei out a loud and hardy laugh. “I didn't expect you to be appreciative of it. I expected you to resist. Which is why I knocked you out. I have no time to argue with whelps. Anyway, this is required to learn the string of jutsu you will learn. The string of Chakra Modes. First you are going  to learn how to use Tactical Chakra Mode. Tactical Chakra is an enhanced version of the type of Chakra that is used for Sensory. It can sense all forms of Chakra, with the exception of Nature Chakra. It can tell how such Chakra is being used. Essential for locating seals and genjutsu. A very powerful technique indeed. At any rate, here is what you must do. First turn on your normal sensory Chakra.”

Maikeru activated his basic sensory technique. He saw the Chakra within everything. In every small animal. After exhausting himself for about thirty minutes, Maikeru eventually stopped sensing, and started panting. “Good. Now let's get to the basics. Focus on your arm. The Tattoo. Focus the sensory chakra on it.” After doing as he was asked, the lines on the tattoo began to spread, creating patterns that of straight lines across his body until he was fully covered. A Light Blue Aura illuminated from his body. And then Maikeru felt...universal. He felt like his presence was everywhere. He looked around. It was an odd feeling. He could now sense the chakra systems of everything around him more vividly. “This is...its…”

“I know. It can be overwhelming and hard to grasp at first, but do not distress. Just stay in this form for as long as you can.”

“It's so surreal. I feel like. I feel omnipresent. I feel like nothing can get by me. I feel...its…”

“Calm yourself, whelp. Now release it.”

“Do I have to...I...I kinda like it…”

“RELEASE IT NOW, MAIKUMARU!!!” Startled, Maikeru immediately dispersed the jutsu.” There was a long silence between them.

“Its Maikeru.”

“Please be careful, Maikumaru. These Jutsu can be addictive. VERY. You must practice self control and restraint while on your journey. I urge you to do so. It’s why Pain Chakra Mode is forbidden. It causes damage to the body, and the chakra is addictive. You are smart enough to know what comes from that. But do not fret. I will teach you all of The Chakra Modes are very powerful. And the Tattoo makes it easy to utilize them, so we can do it all in one day. There is Hogasha Chakra Mode. Kurushimi Chakra Mode. Heihou Chakra Mode. Sei Chakra Mode. Ekibyou Chakra Mode. These Chakra Modes also alter your mood and personality slightly. And since we have some time before we reach the brothers’ I shall, at the very least, tell you what they do.” The two began to walk and talk as they moved along.

Hogasha. The Guardian. The protector. They have the ability to emit an aura around them that is the absolute form of protection. Its for the fortified. The protectors. As for a defensive technique, most of them would require at the very least two jutsu at the same power of the technique to be destroyed. However, as long as Hogasha isn’t suffering from too much consecutive hits. It will never die.”

“Sei is different from the others. You cannot will this one to last very long/ It has a duration. For as long as its activated, it emits a healing aura that can heal both you and your allies. This one activates the compassion and sympathy in the brain. You are going to be less focused on killing and more focused on healing and protecting allies. “

“Then there is Heihou, which you were taught. You know about that.”

“Ekibyou is...deadly. But I can’t teach you this one or Sei, as they require for you to manipulate the human body. I will suggest you some Medical Ninja at the end of the day. Well THIS day. Ekibyou releases a sickening and disgusting aura. It weakens your enemies to a great degree. It deteriorates the body system. Very horrendous.”

“And Finally...Kurushimi. Its for Masochists. When you use this Chakra Mode, it spreads cuts throughout your body. They don’t deal damage, but the pain is very real. Those who, for whatever reason, can’t feel pain can’t take this chakra mode. It requires you to suffer, and, in turn, make your enemies suffer. It has the Aura of Pain. Its Invisible. And deadly. Someone in the Aura of Pain will feel its power. It slices at everyone’s body. Only for those who can feel pain. Some have been driven to the brink of insanity of using it. But I am confident in your ability to handle.”

“I am more resilient than most.”

“Now, shall we continue? I would very much like to see how well you do against a Scribe and a Trickster.” Maikeru nodded. He played it cool but deep down he was excited about learning these new Chakra Modes. “What about the bandits.”

“Don’t worry about them boy. Those weaklings can live this day. We have a Trickster and Scribe to take care of.”

After an hour of walking the two had found a small camp, with two tents. “How did you know they were here?”

“I have resources, Maikumaru.”

“Its Maikeru.” They saw the brothers lazing about. They seemed very laid back. Isei simply walked into their camp, hands behind his back. “Hello gentlemen. We are here to kill you. Me in this whelp of course.”

The two looked at each other and jumped from their spots. Isei laughed. “WHAHAHAHAHA!! YES! You two are smart enough not to underestimate us. For that, instead of killing you I will simply bring you in.”

“You’d have to beat us first, old man”. One one the left had hair going over his left eye and one on the right had the opposite.

“Then so be it”. He moved at high speed, and grabbed Maikeru, whispering to him. “I’ll do the fighting, you focus on telling me where they placed seals and such. “Activate Tactical Chakra Mode. I’ll do the fighting and you be my eyes and ears.”

“HEY! What are you two whispering about.” Maikeru began to calm his mind, letting everything flow through him. HIs brain began to surge, and the markings began to spread across his body. Once again he felt as if he was eternally present within the area. “One of them have already activated a genjutsu. I can see it.”

“Good because I know there’s not a lot of pretty ladies in this desert. Begone you foul harlot.” Isei ran towards one of them the ninja directly. He was holding back. Maikeru had seen him move faster than this. Much faster. He grabbed one of them by the hair. Or that’s what his eyes were telling him. Maikeru saw that his chakra was somewhere else. “Hey. That one is a fake, six meters to your right.” Isei lifted his hand up and let out a torrent of lightning in that direction. He heard yells of pain, and zaps of sparks, as the location was revealed, and his invisibility ended. “That one is preparing a seal.” Isei turned towards the other brother, who was kneeling down drawing a seal. He smiled at Isei, this time a bit faster, ran towards him and kicked him in the face, suspending him into the air, and then falling to be bounced on the sandy ground. “More often then not, those who use Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu don’t specialize in direct combat. If you get passed there tricks and traps, and force them to fight like REAL warriors, then more often than not, a chance won’t be stood against you. Maikeru saw that a Genjutsu was about to be casted on him. He was able to see through it and effectively applied Kai. The Genjutsu user removed a bow and arrow from his back. Maikeru didn’t know why he hadn’t noticed it before. He aimed it at Maikeru. It was a great tactic. To them it may have seemed like he was a vital member of the operation they were participating in. In reality Isei didn’t need his help, and it was only for Maik’s benefit.

He fired the arrow, but Isei was able to react faster. Becoming a blur, Isei appeared in front of Maikeru catching the arrow. “Nice tactic. Aiming for him.” He snapped the arrow in half, which drew a look of dread on his face. The Fuinjutsu brother saw the look in Isei’s eyes, and saw his power. He took out his katana and ran towards Isei. Maikeru noticed the chakra on the sword. “Isei watch out! He has a seal on that sword.” Isei moved quickly again, and grabbed the man’s wrist. “And here I thought you and I were actually going to fight. What a pity. A real warrior’s battle. But you continue to resort to your tricks. It's a sham real-” he let out his other hand and caught another arrow. “No more games. We are going to take it up a notch.” He dropped the Fuin user and speed towards the Gen user, holding out his fist and finding its location on the man’s stomach. He began to throw punches to his face, another to the stomach. He grabbed his head, and threw it directly downward to the ground, sand going everywhere. He picked up the bow and snapped it in half. “I almost feel like killing you.’

“Heads up Isei. That one’s chakra is doing something strange.” He turned towards the sealer once more. He stared at Isei with a blank face. Isei smled. “Go on. Do it. Use your inscriptions Scribe.” He begins to use hand seals. But Isei once again moved lightlying quick, grabbing both of his hands with his one large one. “Oh nice try.” Isei crushes the man’s hand. He goes down fast, thrashing on the ground, holding his pained hand. He wiggled it about, whining and crying in pain, while his brother was knocked out. Maikeru didn’t sense anymore chakra being molded. Isei smiled once more. “Good day to you gentlemen. I thank you both in aiding me in the training of young Maikumaru.”

“Its Maikuer. Are we going after the Puppet lady now?”

“No we are not. We are going to a hot spring.”

“Excuse me?”

“A fighter must rest and relax. Overworking oneself can lead to your own demise.” Maikeru couldn't help but feel targeted by that statement. “I know of a Hot Spring in a village not far from here. The women are very...good workers.” Maikeru raised an eyebrow. The two of them walked a hefty distance to the village. It was a very small village, with very few people. It looked very run of the mill. With the exception of the back of it. The Oasis. It was covered in a curtain. When Maikeru had looked inside, he saw many woman relaxing and drinking. They all turned towards him and Isei. “Wow Isei, you weren’t lying when yo-” He turned to see that the man’s clothes had already been removed. “Well okay then.”

He began to step in the water. As he did, the women began to swarm him. Half of them. The other half looked at Maikeru, making gestures to urge him to get in. Maikeru hadn’t had a good day of relaxing in a long time. He stripped himself clean and began to get in the water. “Wow, you two look so strong.” He ignored the complement and sat and relaxed in the water. He wasn’t interested in women. He just needed to relax. They began to touch his chest, and rub against him. He started to push them all away, feeling agitated. “Awww why are you so mean?”

“Come now Maikumaru! Be nicer to the finery. Maikeru grumbled. “Its Maikeru….”

“Alright, you women get out. I would like to have a word. You will be called in when I say.” They followed his forceful tone, gigling and fluttering. “Since you want some space, for the time being you can have it.” Maikeru signed, grateful to him. “How was it being a Kumo Ninja?”

“Common misconception. I was never really a Kumogakure Ninja. I was a mercenary. Kumogakure was just the highest payer, and the most maintained. They paid the highest and kept paying. Ryo talks, whelp. But when I noticed how off and insane the newest Raikage was a bit off in the head, and became vocal about it, I wa hunted by their ANBU…

*A year or so ago*

”I was running. Quickly. My apartment had been ransacked an ambushed. I felt like a coward for not standing my ground and fighting, but it was no longer profitable to stay anyway. And they were on my tail. I looked behind me, jumping through the mountains. I looked behind me to see that one of the ANBU had blasted a bolt of lightning at me. I threw an iron rod, redirecting it. I knew these ANBU. Their fighting style and their jutsu. It was obvious. It pissed me off that the Raikage had sent goddamn new blood to come after me. It was almost like an insult to be honest. One of them threw a raiton shrunken at me, though I had another lightning rod to deflect it. Eventually I realized it wasn’t a lot of them I couldn’t handle, but let's just say they were taken care of very quickly.” A large explosion happens.

“Welp, whelp. Enough relaxation. Time to get back to work.”

“What about the girls?”

“What about them? We need to go.”

After leaving the village, Isei turned towards Maik. “Okay. It's time for me to teach you about Guardian Chakra Mode. Very simple. It's a powerful Chakra Mode. And with the tattoo you can do it very easily. It's simple. Take your chakra, and fortify it. Very simple. Push your chakra out, and then strengthen it. Like using Taijutsu, only except its a bit outside of your body. Go ahead. Do it.” Maikeru felt the surge of Chakra in his body. He strengthen it. At this level he would be able to pick up the heaviest of objects, and break bones with ease. But this isn’t what he wanted. “No. You must push the chakra out first, THEN fortify it. Maikeru concentrated once more, and did as he was told. He took the chakra, and felt it pass outside of his body. It was a strained chakra. It felt tightened. He then stopped it from moving any further from his body. It was just on top of his skin. “Now Maikumaru. Fortify it!”

“Its Maikeru.” The Chakra exploded, and a burst of blue energy flared from his body. He looked himself up and down, and felt invincible. Isei smiled and yielded his fist back. Maikeru’s eyes went wide. He knew it was going to be a demonstration, btu seeing Iesei’s ability made Maikeru wince at the idea. His fist came down to Maikeru who closed his eyes and thought a prayer. When he opened his eyes after feeling nothing, he saw that his fist was on Maikeru's chest. Yet he felt nothing
Nor did he move. “Woah.”

“It has great power whelp. I suggest you use it wisely. And I'm surprised that your personality hasn't changed.”

“I’m more mentally resilient than most top.”

“I'm happy to hear that. Now shut it off.” Maikeru instantly shut off the Chakra Mode. “Good. Now we can go and take down Kaia. Her movements are not at all hard to track, even though she has a mobile base of operation. In fact she's in the next village over. She's far too lazy to do much. It's why she uses puppets.”

“Are puppet specialists as bad as ‘Tricksters’ and ‘Scribes’?”

“No, far from it. Yes they may use tricks here and there, but they use weapons that are in your face. They can be underhanded, but they can be just as bold. Now enough chit chat. Let's go give her a beating.”

Maikeru entered the village with Isei ahead. It was just as calm. It was almost surreal. “She's in that restaurant. She has to be, it's the only one in the village.”

“Oooh. I know where this is going. Puppets. Restaurant.”

“You are very smart, boy.” The building was small, but had a luxurious feel to the outside, being painted in red with beautiful gold. Isei kicked the door in and looked around. There was no one there. Except for a very very fat woman in the center of the restaurant. She had many plates of food in front of her, and a large gut.

“Oh no. Don't tell me that you two are here to capture me.”

“Well, Isei, I guess we are whalers today.” Isei let out a loud hardy laughed while patting Maikeru's shoulder. The woman rolled her eyes. “Yeah yeah, just let the fat jokes roll out. I've heard them all before.”

“I think you are the one who needs to let some stuff out, it will make you lighter.”

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” The woman began to stop eating, and looked down at her plate, easily agitated. Maikeru noticed it. There was a silence


“I think the atmosphere is heavier than her.” Before Isei could laugh she flipped the table over, revealing a scroll from underneath. It rolled open, and she slapped her hand on it. 5 puppets appears. They all had black robes and Oni masks. “Allow me to introduce you to the Oni. The five of them. Now prepare to die.”

Isei activated Shadow Clone Jutsu, making three clones, moving quickly and switching attacks between the puppets, and keeping them away from Maikeru. He knew what Isei wanted him to do. He took a deep breath, and moved the chakra out of his body, and then he strengthened it as if it was inward. The blue aura activated, and the marks stretched throughout his body, creating boxed designs. One of the puppets unleashed a chuck saw from their hand, and began to spin it furiously. The clatter of the puppets moved through the entire restaurant. Maikeru had to dodge some attacks,  a few of their attacks. He needed to get close to Kaia in order to strike. But then she used one of her puppets, who held out its hand, creating a disk of chakra that blocked Maikeru’s attack. The puppet had strength and pushed him away. *Maybe if you used Taijutsu, and had strength instead of puppets, you wouldn’t be so fat. The situation has gotten worse. Another puppet with a sword had attempted to flank him, but an Isei clone had moved in to kick it with enough force to shatter it into pieces. Maikeru reached out his hands, and unleashed a torrent of raiton chakra, electromagnetic Murder. When the shock happened, she spazzed her body, losing the connection between her and her puppets, the Chakra strings disappearing. Maikeru saw his opportunity, and ran straight for the woman. He yielded his fist back. He shoved it forward, and an explosion that sent the woman flying to the back of the room was set off. The explosion was powerful enough to send her through the wall of the restaurant. When she did, Isei and his clones began to destroy all of her puppets.

“Nooo! I need those!” Isei walked up to her, with a stern and solemn look on his face. The woman began to shake and quiver. “W-what are you going to do with me?”

“Kill you.”



An hour later in the desert

Maikeru sat on a rock with Isei. They were just outside of Wind country, and had came closer to Earth Country, where the mountains began to form. They were on the side of the beginning of a mountain, relaxing. “So there is a final test? What is it?”

“You will do battle with me, whelp.”


“I have taught you much, boy. Now it's time to test your metal against me.”

“Are you crazy? You’ll kill me!”

“Calm yourself. I will scale down my power. But still above yours.”

“Maikeru took a fighting stance, holding his fist out. Across him, Isei was on another elevation on the mountain. He was much higher than Maikeru. The man had his arms cross, and a smile crept on his face. “Well boy. This is your final test. I am going to come at you hard, Maikumaru.”

“I’ts. Maik. E. Ru. Maikeru. Its Maikeru.” Isei’s smile, faded slowly. His expression grew unreadable. He just looked down at Maikeru with sternness.

“ isn’t” Isei knelt down, and launched himself forward, coming at Maikeru like a rocket on steroids. The boy was able to barely dodge, but was knocked back by the shockwave. He was thrown back as the part of the solid rock met destruction caused by Isei’s impact.There was dust surrounding the point of impact. When it cleared, Isei was just standing there. “Nice dodging, whelp. Let’s see how much of an offense you have.” He gestured his hands for Maikeru to come forth. And Maikeru accepted the challenge. He ran forward, and threw furious punches. Isei merely stood his ground, accepting the abuse put on to his abdomen. The arrogant smirk on his face welled up frustration on Maikeru, who, on the final hit, landed a Landmine Blow.  Isei was dragged by the impact, holding his stomach with one hand, the other touching the ground. He had an interested look on his face, but it was hard to tell with his eyes closed. “Yes...very good hit.” When he stood up, Maikeru’s heart skipped a beat. “Very good hit.” He moved quickly, becoming a blur as he always had. A well placed blow from a very large fist came to contact with Maiekru’s face. The power made him spin around, in a daze. When he regained his composure, he was met with another hit to the stomach. Isei took his two fingers, and placed it under Maikeru’s chin to keep him from falling to his knees from the strike. Isei looked up into the sky, while still holding Maikeru’s chin. His head went back further. Until Maikeru realized what was really happening. Isei’s forehead came in like a locomotive, slamming Maikeru in the head. The forced shoved him down into the mountain’s side.

“Is this all the power you have? Is THIS it? I know I am stronger than you, but even I expected more than THIS!” Maikeru picked himself up from the ground, holding his head.

“Screw you, old man.”

“Your form is sloppy, and you are on the offense too much. It’d be wise to use this brawling fighting style. If you can take the punishment for it. And by the looks of it I don’t think you can...” He had his hands behind his back. He wasn’t even looking at Maikeru. It was almost a monologue. Maikeru got up to his feet.  “Accept defeat boy. I don’t think this is a fight you can win.”

“And I don’t think you know me very well.”

“How foolish.”

“Then I am a fool.”

“Hmph. So be it.” He came at Maikeru with another punched. But the Otsuka side stepped. He took the chakra he had, and moved it from his body. Once it was far enough out, he strengthened it. Boxes that created semi squared shapes stretched throughout his body. “I can still beat you!” Maikeru used his Earth Binding Strength. He threw a heavy punch to Isei, pushing him back. Maikeru himself was surprised that this was effective, and threw a punch to his face again. He moved downward, and grabbed him by the leg, and picked him up in the air, slamming him down on the rocky mountain ground. Maikeru took deep breaths of air, gasping for air. Isei had gotten up to his feet, and brushed himself off. “Wow, Maikumaru. That actually hurt.”


He swung at Maikeru with a powerful punch, one that was blocked by the aura. Maikeru backed away, expending chakra to refill his defense. He breathed heavy. “You already mastered the technique. As expected with the tattoo I gave you. Now that you are all powered up, and I am at this level, I’d say we are almost equal. Almost.” Maikeru created the Ram, Rat and then snake hand seal. Once he did two hands made of earth reached from the ground, and wrapped around Isei.

Maikeru took his hand, and engulfed it in lightning, It was surrounded in an aura that took the form of lightning. He ran toward the subdued Isei, who flashed a smile on hi face. Maikeru jumped into the ari, the blade being welded downwards, aiming to pierce him. But Isei broke out of their hands with such force it knocked Maikeru out of the air,and on to the stony ground, rolling. He needed to preserve his Chakra. He didn't want to expend anymore for the Jutsu. He started waving hand symbols once more, and finally, he took his Earth Golem Form to the next level. Maikeru grew taller until his body was made of earth. He was snow about the same size as Isei. “Interesting form, Maikumaru.”
He never finished the sentence, as a large foot was planted into his midsection, Maikeru came colliding into the side of the mountain. He rolled out of the endent and cracks that were created.

He was having trouble getting on the offense, as Isei had a relentless assault. He needed to turn his eagerness to attack against him. He formed the Tiger, Boar, and Snake hand seal to make make the explosive Chakra within him more volatile. Isei came again, but a bit slower. Maikeru grabbed his arm that was extended for a punch and flipped him over his shoulder. Maikeru understood now. He needed to counter attack unto Isei realizes that Maikeru had caught on.

After he had flipped him, Maikeru didn't let go of his wrist. He swung him around, as fast as possible, and threw him far away. Isei had flipped in the air and landed on his feet. He launched himself once again, a smirk on his face. Maikeru smirked back, and when the man was in range, Maikeru set off an explosion that surrounded him. And this time, he didn't recover from the folly, and landed on the ground.

“I call that Reactor Bomb Technique. Made it myself.”

Isei got to one knee, with a smile on his face. “Your Explosion Jutsu is quite impressive. Let's see some more…”

Maikeru would accept his request while lifting his foot and smashing it into the ground. A trail of rubble would move all outward of the path that the explosive chakra was on. It was his Curb Stomp Jutsu. He didn't try to dodge. He simply blocked the attack. It had enough force to send him flying, but he was able to land in his feet. Maikeru noticed that he willingly our himself on the defense. He was assessing him. It became less about the fight and more about seeing his explosions. Maikeru couldn't deny, he was happy that an interest in his explosion style belonged to someone so strong “Just as I suspected. Powerful as ever. You have a nice grasp on Explosion Release.”

“Thanks Old Man.”

“Now let me show you mine.”

“What?” Idei I sprout wings made of lightning and flew into the sky at Sonic speeds. He flew fats and far, a long ways away from where they were. Maikeru squinted his eyes to get a closer look to see what Isei was doing. Does he he have explosion release? Isei had an orb of lightning, and threw it into the sky above a mountain. Consistent lightning smashed into the mountain from above, the source being the ball of lightning. It absorbed much of the mountain, creating a medium sized meteor. Then the meteor fell into the mountain. And then there WA she largest most biggest explosion Maikeru had ever seen in his life. It was instant and sever. He was briefly blinded by the light that it produced. When he uncovered his eyes to see what was left, there was a mushroom cloud. Something else Maikeru had noticed that there was a large Shockwave coming his way. He began panicking, and then bracing himself, as the wave of kinetic energy slammed into him, throwing him into the side of the mountain that they had fought on, knocking him out.

When he had finally woke up, it was night time, and Maikeru had woken up next to a fire. He looked around him. He was on top of a mountain that overlooked The Land of Wind for a good distance. He saw Isei sitting by the fire, a sullen look on his face. Then Maikeru had remembered what had happened. “So you are an Otsuka too?”

He took a deep sigh. Maikeru looked over the horizon and saw that the sun was due to raise. He must have been passed out for a while. “Yes I am. But I was born outside of Iwagakure. I offered many times by the Otsuka Clan to join them, but I greatly valued my independence. So I became a Mercenary. And you know the rest. Well not all of it.”

“When I was younger however, I worked for Iwagakure for a time. And I met a young woman. She was amazing. Very powerful. Not many people in the village New her by name considering that she was an ANBU. She was offered to become a Monolith on multiple occasions, but the shadows were her ally. And then she became pregnant. With my child. But by the time I had found this out I had already left for the higher paying Kumogakure. If I had brought a child into the world, it's my duty to see that he grows up strong and powerful. So I returned to Iwagakure. And my son was born. I was elated. She wanted him to grow up and beck. She wanted him to grow up and become powerful Iwa Ninja. Tsuchikage even. But she uncovered that a minor village had planned to launch an assault on Iwa. She and a small group of other ANBU out a stop to this. But she was poisoned in the process. After a few days she died. And I was left with a child. Her last request to me was to make sure he grows up strong. But…I….couldn't parent alone. I couldn't. I was terrible. And I didn't trust the Otsuka. I didn't trust almost anyone. Even though it would have been in everyone's best interest to do so. And so…I gave the child to an orphanage in Suna.” Maikeru perked up. He saw the parallel.

“Yes Maikumaru. Maikumaru is your real name. Maikeru came from one of the runners of the Orphanage misinterpreting it. I left you there. But I've been watching you closely. Until you got adopted. I had lost track and I found out you were taken by Jashini9. I was geared to go straight ahead and slaughter those animals. Fortunately I found out that it was already cleared out by Takehare. And I saw that he was teaching you. Teaching you things that no Shinobi Academy could ever teach. And when he died O saw you try to go out on your own, when you were far too green. I knew it was time for me to head your mother's wish. So I had gave a tip to your whereabouts to the Otsuka Clan. Huh, they still probably despise me for giving up someone with explosion release to an Orphanage. Anyway, as you know, they had recruited you. And I must be honest. I was seconds away from beating you. I saw that no progress on your power was being made, you weren't making something great of yourself. But then you started to unleash your potential. Look how strong you've grown in less than a year. You have made me proud.”

Maikeru was at a lost for words. Even at a lost for thought. “I just want you to know that on this day you have shown me your power. Your potential for power. And you are going to become strong. And one more thing Maikumaru. Defend Iwagakure. It is your mother's dying wish. Defend it with your life. And defend it until your last breath. I know this is a lot to ask for, but your mother's soul will never rest until you become stronger. Become Tsuchikage.” He reached in his bag, and pulled out a book
.” These are Jutsu both your mother and I wrote for you. To train. And this…” He reached in and pulled out a letter. “Is the letter from your mother. She wanted me to give this to you.”

“Wait. You aren't gonna teach this to me?”

“No…. My time is up. I saw to it that you had the power and motivation to achieve great things.”

“Y-you can't just leave me, I can't do this all on my own!” Isei grabbed his sons shirt and lifted him up, looking him in the eye. “Yes. You can. Because you come from me. AND your mother. You will NOT disappoint us. Either of us. Do I make myself clear?” Maikeru nodded his head out of determination and fear. He slowly put him down, and then lowered to his knees. Isei put his forehead on the ground, bowing to Maikeru…well…Maikumaru. “Please…forgive me…I could have been a better father. I could have done more. And I'm sorry. Please forgive.”
Maikeru was shocked. He had never seen someone so powerful be so submissive. “I forgive you, old man. I think I turned out great.”

“Thank you Maikumaru. Now all things are settled. I must die now.”


“I lived for far too long Maikumaru. Car too many years. I know I'm a bit younger than some elders. And Hastur is hunting me relentlessly anyway. So my days are numbered regardless. I'm tired….so tired. My journey ends. But yours begins. Stop Hastur. He may be strong, but you are smart. Stop him. Make sure that he doesn't hurt your village. Become Tsuchikage. Protect your village. This is my will from your mother's. She loved Iwa and I loved her. Now go. Now. Go my son. Get stronger. And show the world what you can do. And…I love you. I…just wanted to say that. Now. Go.”

Maikeru had walked away. He felt something knotting in his heart. In his mind. He was overwhelmed. He processed everything in his mind. It was too much. After he walked for for an hour , he looked back at the mountain. And then, suddenly, there was a large explosion. Bigger than the one that was done before. Larger mushrooms cloud. And a larger Shockwave heading his way. It knocked him back further than the last one. He ragdolled through the air, and landed on the sand. And that was it. His father was dead. The father he had just met. Maikeru looked into the sky in a daze. He knew what he had to do. It was time for him to focus. He had an enemy. He has a goal. And he has a wish he needs to heed. Maikeru clenched his fist. He found purpose. The Chuunin opened up the book of Jutsu, feeling the pages. They felt new, and smooth. Maikeru felt purpose. He felt stronger than ever before. He felt like he was given power. And he needed to flex it. He walked onward feeling pained after his fight with his father and the days without proper sleep. But he felt good in his heart. In his soul. It was time to expand his goal past Suna. It was time to avenged his father. Maikeru took a deep breath. Because it would be his last. Maikeru took his last and breath. And the exhale belonged to Maikumaru.


10089 WC

7000: Taijutsu B-S

3000: Raiton/Bakuton B-A


Maikeru's Last Breath 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.
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