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1 From on High[Event Mission/Myrddin] on Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:07 pm



From on High D-Rank:

Mission name: From on High.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Spread the word.
Location: Any.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: “The Lord Raikage has sent orders for every resident of the Divine Mandate’s sovereignty. Take with you His holy word, and deliver His justice.”
Mission Details: Messages from Kumogakure are circulating throughout the deployed Cloud Nation troops. Sealed with the Raikage’s insignia, these scrolls are to be delivered to the front lines, but there are those would would seek to disrupt this duty. Characters are likely to be assailed by a D-ranking ninja with all C-rank and lower Wind library techniques leading several (3-5) D-ranked non-ninja NPCs.

Makoto knew from his mission with masked guy that he should not even bother asking what messages, teachings and information lays inside this Raikagean Hasturian scrolls as he experienced their lecturing first hand when he had done the C-rank mission that other time. For now he knew he needed to learn more jutsu, and in order to learn more jutsu he would need to train and in order to train more he would need to eat and drink healthily which cost ryo so in the circle of life he had to do missions to get what he wanted out of life as he would once again be partnering up for this mission as he found having partner's made missions a lot easier and were very helpful for allowing him more freedom to act as he wanted.

Makoto's experiences had taught him the importance of friendship as a way to obtain more techniques and jutsu, and to some degree even useful information and items as well. His ideas on friendship were not perfect, but to some degree they were honest as he soon realized that in life the greatest tools are not shinobi, but friends who would be willing to lay down their lives for you to survive and live on as you wanted. He was not too proud of himself as he encountered a few occasions when his jutsu simply were not good enough not counting his lack of ability as well as he wondered how things would turn out in the future.

Makoto felt like he was in a rush, but at the same time he knew that he could not simply coast along the edges either. He had to have patience while also being determined to push forward when the time came as he would now patiently wait for his partner for this mission so that they can get done what needs to be done.

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2 Re: From on High[Event Mission/Myrddin] on Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:31 pm



The young blonde shinobi let out a heavy sigh, days like today he really hated. It was not the desert heat, in fact he actually liked the desert. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to the cool air that the land of lightning held, it was the tedious mission of which he was assigned. Delivering messages to the frontlines was more of an assignment for a low level shinobi or even a civilian, not something a seasoned shinobi such as his self should have to endure. However the Raikage thought himself a god and to deny a god was punishable by death, so when an order was given to the boy by the Raikage himself he dare not object to the God's command. The one good thing about the ordeal was that the boy would have the company of a young shinobi he had come to know by the name of Makoto. He was interested in getting to know the boy more and the low level mission might prove to be the perfect pretext for a conversation, as they did not spend much time talking during previous missions. Considering the fact that it was unlikely for them to run into much trouble just carrying a message down to the frontlines, still if trouble did arise the boy would be prepared for whatever might happen with his various weapons hidden amongst his person. From his Kaminari Steel set of weapons, and other various ninja tools, not to mention Ikari, the boy's Tanto that was strapped horizontally across the back of the boy's belt anything that would try to surprise him would get a surprise of their own. Despite the fact that he did not feel as though they would run into trouble the boy released chakra into the air around him, so that he would be alerted to any movement that occurred within his range and be prepared if things did go south.

The boy snapped back to reality from his thoughts as his eye's fell upon the young Iwa Genin waiting at the gates to the Kumogakure border camp, a smile forming on his face as he approached. "Well Makoto, looks like they suckered us both into this delivery. But the good news is that we could talk more as I doubt we will run into trouble with a simple delivery assignment." The male stated in a cheerful voice as he looked to get their journey underway. "Unless you are in a hurry to get the job done I figured we could just walk there as there is really no need to hurry." The boy continued with the same smile upon his face, so long as Makoto did not object the boy would begin walking towards the destination. "So what have you been up to since last we met?" The boy asked as they began their journey.


3 Re: From on High[Event Mission/Myrddin] on Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:55 am



Makoto waited for a while and to his surprise or delight was a boy he had not seen for a while now, it was that guy with the electrifying blue eyes as you could feel the electricity in the air as the shinobi made his appearance. You would think he was a super model, like a man made in the image of Hastur as he began to wonder if this is what it meant to follow the hastur religion as he snapped himself back to reality as he heard the words from his friend or partner as it was. He did not want to say it, but he knew at times even your closest friend might end up as your enemy like when you played checkers or shogi or igo.

The joke about them being suckered into this delivery seemed about half right as he did not have it in him to deny that fact. He nodded when they asked to walk there as he greeted him with a light raising of hand as a mini wave, he had witnessed something brutal some time back. He knew it was about saving the prisoners, but that guy in the mask was brutal with no mercy. From the dead body he found in the hay stack to how that guy dealt with the enemy as if they were nothing more then bugs. Though perhaps he did not really understand it, but he knew that there was a line he was a bit too afraid to cross. He could kill, he could maim and do all those things and he just felt this delivery mission might be something far more peaceful for a change.

The moment he was asked what he had been up to he turned a bit pale as he looked down before answering, "missions..." as his resolve was a bit wavering, he could not shake the image out of his head. He killed people before, but he had never actually gotten that close to a dead body having to hide with it for a while. He might get used to it, but for his first time it was a bit much as he looked to the side. He then tried to think of something to lighten the mood for himself. "... also been trying to make my own jutsu..." as he seemed to turn a little less pale after mentioning jutsu.

However as they walked it seemed that a shinobi had picked up on their trail along with around five soldiers or bandits. Makoto had not quite noticed them yet as he trusted in Raphael's abilities. He did not feel like any harm could come to him while he was with Radical Raphael as he made up that nickname inside his head. Though the group kept their distance while closing in slowly as they kept making sure that Makoto and Raphael did not look back to them and notice their presence.

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