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1 A Spy Among Us [Bounty Hunt] on Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:22 pm




Name: Kite
Age: ???
General Appearance: here
Personality: Kite is a chameleon as well as a coward, he will spend most of any fight attempting to flee and utilize his techniques in order to blend into any crowd that he’s in.
Goals: To forward information from Kirigakure into the hands of the Sunagakure rogue forces.
Abilities: Kite is a skilled stealth ninja who is a master of the transformation technique as well as the medical shadow-clone. He’s a B rank ninja who has A rank medical ninjutsu as well as ninjutsu as well as B-2 stats across the board. Kite has a plethora of A rank maintainable stealth techniques that will allow him to hide almost instantly if the ninja would loose direct sight of him as he flees. Kite will attempt to distract the ninja with clones which split up and flee as well as altering his appearance in the kirigakure compound. Kite also has a single B rank Tanto that deals the base damage for a weapon of its rank.
Requirements: A ninja Must have taken Operation Javelin as well as 2 other quest missions tracking / locating or hunting down Kite in order to take this bounty. Or 3 quest missions seeking them out. Defeating Kite rewards 5 EP to all participants.

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Having taken up his position in the dead of night as to not be seen, the sun now rising over the horizon as the camp slowly came to life with activity. The boy let out a sigh as he scanned the camp from his vantage point on the roof, the Mizukage had opened her village's border camp to the boy after he had delivered Tente to her as well as showed her the proof that he had retaining to the spy hidden somewhere within her encampment. This would make the third threat he had taken out, but this one seemed all the more dangerous. Everything that the boy had gathered about this spy and there was nothing he could find that would give away the appearance of the spy. He had to be care about his approach and his actions, if he did something that could give away the fact that he was searching for the spy without knowing who the spy was or what he looked like then the spy could easily get away or even worst send him the wrong direction. The spy needed to be dealt with swiftly and covertly as possible, as he scanned the different faces of the crowd that was the kirigakure border camp the boy could not help but feel as if he was searching for a needle in a stack of needles. The bright side was that there was at least one within the camp that the Mizukage trusted enough to share the information about the spy with, that was her kin. The boy just hoped that the woman was as trustworthy as the Mizukage claimed, and he wondered if she held the power that he had seen the Mizukage display the day the young shinobi had first met her. At the very least he hoped that the woman would not be more of a hindrance than she was a help, the last thing he needed was to be weighted down by someone who was not ready to do what needed to be done. The boy continued to look down upon the encampment from his vantage point on the roof, he took special care and choosing this spot as it allowed him to view most of the camp without giving away his position and so the only one's in the camp to know where he was, was the Mizukage herself and her trusted kin. Not even the Anbu knew of his position, this was a necessity as they did not know who to trust or where the leak of information was coming from as the spy could have easily infiltrated the Anbu as they had the camp and it would explain how they were getting such sensitive information. The boy kept his eye on the operations tent close to the gate to the barge camp, it was highly likely that the spy would be there with the announcements of some special assignments to deal with the new threats within the land of wind. He just had to look for anyone acting suspicious around the tent and then he would have his spy, or at least that was what the boy hoped. It would be a shame to have wasted not only his entire night but as well as his day looking for this spy and them not show up, he would have to keep a close eye on all of the faces within the border camp to ensure that he doesn't miss his mystery guest's appearance.


3 Re: A Spy Among Us [Bounty Hunt] on Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:38 pm



Verdandi woke up against the large furball mass of a giant bear. Her first reaction was. "Oh my god a bear!" until she remembered that it was her pet she had been raising for the last two or three years. Content by the fact the she hereby wasn't in danger she dropped her head back against the fluffy creature and nodded off again. Eventually. She would hear a buzzing noise in her ear. Waking her once more. Her movement would also waken Avalanche, the polar boy licking his fat tongue once over Verd's face. She chuckled. But had to admit it was slimy and rubbed her face clean on his fur. The buzzing noise in her ear would get louder. Verdandi had been in this area for over two days already. She was one among many head hunters that had been tipped off with their newest targets potential location. But only few actually had gotten to the depth of intel of catching a potential proper glimpse of the camp. The mists border camp was almost as large as their village by now. Seeing how many months they had been here and spreading their presence like a lazy old bear around suna. Dandi slowly moved out of the random tent she had invaded to sleep in it. Just a nap. She told herself. Just a little break from hunting this asshole's annoying track. There it was again. The buzz on the radio. He was preparing. He was getting ready for his next transmission.

During Verdandi's search for her target. Verd had come by various radio stations that the spy had been using. Cleverly hiding himself in various different locations over time. Never spending too much time in the same place. Probably changing appearance, persona and 'job' whenever he switched locations. For a man of many faces as he supposedly was one. Not a problem. But he had a handicap. To be able to contact his allies, he had to rely on a code they understood over how to change his radio frequencies. Verdandi's preparations until here had brought her into possession of this very useful information and she has been tuned into his radio for a few days now. Having already found two or three of his previous radio stations. Verdandi was determined to find number four and hopefully catch him at last. She had scouted out a specific spot where he should appear. Apparently, he was already there if Verdandi's suspicions and calculations would all come true. Hence it was time to move out. Avalanche was told to stay here. Being useful or not. He wasn't much of a stealthy type. Verd quickly vanished into the shadows. Activating her sharingan and gazing into the depths of the camp. While she was sure she could see a chakra flame where the tent in question should be. Verdandi also noticed what Aunt Aya had somewhat foretold her to happen. "A Kozai hmm? Interesting..." She would chuckle as she noticed the odd colour that was adorning his frame in her eyes.

Also, she noticed that the colour flickered over his chest. Was that a sensory protection? She guessed he had forgotten to make it Dojutsu-proof... Verd giggled. Slowly jumping from one tent to the other, quickly making her way to the roof he was crouching against. Pretty sure he had noticed her incoming. Considering that she wasn't really hiding her approach towards him. Eventually slowing down a bit on her last steps. Verdandi's snow-white hair should quickly tip him off whom it was that would be coming to say hello. Verd eventually watched if he dared to play hostile but would sit her butt on the roof in question. She grinned at him. Her red eye still rotating. Aya had made sure to inform her over the little bit that he was the kind of guy 'you won't get along with well'. Verd wondered if that ought to turn out and become true or not. Right now, Verdandi could hear her targets voice on the radio in her earlobe and whenever she moved her face from Raphael it would distinctively glare into a specific direction and towards a specific tent. Since her Sharingan was rotating in her face, since she had found the strange chakra glow of the Kozai boy and since she was specifically staring into a direction of a very specific tent. Context towards what she was talking about and what she would mean should suffice for Raphael when she simply smiled at him and spoke.

"He is here. He doesn't know that I know. Yet. Not many have been in this position before, but those who were always lost him whenever they tried to catch him. So, any suggestions how we gonna avoid that?"



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4 Re: A Spy Among Us [Bounty Hunt] on Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:41 pm



Raphael smiled when he saw that the last of those meant to be within the tent entered, however it quickly faded when he saw the approach of a girl with snow white hair. Based upon the fact that the girl seemed to be heading straight for him and the fact that the girl seemed to bare a close resemblance to the Mizukage he could only assume that this was the Kin of which she spoke. 'So this is to be my partner?' The boy thought to himself as he watched the girl's not so stealthy approach followed by her rump drop onto the roof. He was not a fan of her approach it was as if she was intentionally drawing attention to herself, however he would not let that show on his face. The boy retained a emotionless look upon his face as he studying the girl during her approach and as she sat down, he could only hope that her skills as a shinobi were better trained. The girl was more beautiful then he had imagined based of what he had seen of the Mizukage, her skin still fair and elegant unlike the battle worn appearance of the Mizukage who saw countless battles. The boy felt a chill within the air, despite the heat of the desert this girl seemed to radiate coldness. This girl was defiantly related to the Mizukage as he had felt the same coldness, albeit at a much larger range, radiate from the Mizukage. It was then that something in the girl's appearance stuck out more to the boy than anything else about her, the girl's left eye bore something that the boy had heard about, the Sharigan. He had seen drawings of eye such as this in one of the journals of his ancestors however he had never seen one in person before, it was a speciality of the Uchiha clan if he was not mistaken. He wondered how this girl had acquired such a gift, did she best and Uchiha and take his eye as a trophy or did she buy it off of a black market merchant? No matter how she acquired the eye, the fact remained that she had it. Which meant the boy would be given a chance that no one else in his clan had since his ancestor, and that was too see the eye in action.

The girl's words snapped Raphael from his thoughts and back to the situation at hand, Raphael would sit up from his position and clear his throat before he began his electric blue eye's staring at the girl. "Well the best course I can come up with is that we spilt up and try to corner him. I have gone over all the reports and my assessment is that of a coward. He will not engage, he will distract and run, the reason he kept getting away is because of the approach of the captors. One direction. If he can get away from our view then he can easily get lost among the innocence in the crowd. However moving in upon him from multiple angles could account for this and could drive him towards a desired location of our choosing." His words were not rushed nor were they spoken in anger but spoken in a calm, cool, collective tone that would suggest that he had been in this type of situation before. His tone also held a sense of formality that one would receive from a reform school or that of royalty as he was raised, that coupled with his appearance would lead anyone to see that he had some form of regal background. His travel cloak as white as the girl's hair with the Kozai insignia upon the back, his high collar shirt that was visible beneath the cloak buttoned all the way to the top so that his entire neck was covered. His pants white like his cloak and more formal than that of the typical shinobi, down to his black shoes that looked to be more for a formal dinner than a mission.  The male would allow his words to sink in before he would continue in the same manner, "I am open to suggestions if you have any, from the look on your face you have done your own investigation into this man. Tell me what you think and we can discuss the best course of action. We have some time before the meeting will be over," he stated as he nudged his head towards the tent that they were across from. He was interested to get her opinion on how she wished to approach the situation as it would prove prudent for them both to have a consensus before the inacted a plan of action, though in the back of his mind his thoughts remained transfixed upon the girl's left eye which held the Sharigan.


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Verdandi would come awfully close to Raphael's face for a second as he stared at her. In a way it might feel annoyed by her sudden enforced presence. As he clearly exhaled the aura of a more reserved person. But he must have realized that for a moment there, all politeness and manners aside, he had been staring at her eye pretty straight forward. Verd didn't seem to make a big thing out of it but merely grinned in an almost creepy way as she widened here eyes. Basically, sticking his object of interest straight forward so he could get a good look at it. Verd would chuckle if the little tease had left the boy either annoyed or disturbed. But she liked him. So far. He didn't look bad at least. Seemed a bit too conservative in behaviour for her taste but hey. Verdandi eventually got reminded that, this guy had actually made both a proposition and asked a question. Completely embarrassed by her utter lack of manners Verd would drop her head in dramatic shame. But it only seemed to annoy him further when she played her games. Verd pouted. No fun. Eventually she dropped the play and returned to her more casual self. She wasn't necessarily a lunatic. Just sometimes enjoyed it to challenge someone's personality to get to the bottom of it. At least she figured what he was all about and that her primary observation as towards his slightly… snobby or arrogant attitude was correct.

However, he seemed to not be the unreasonable type. His words and eyes asked for skill and results and Verdandi couldn't help but smile amused at the thought of that. Having talents and providing results was something she could certainly play along with. Eventually she pulled a little paper map from her cleavage and dropped it on the table. It was a complete sketched map of the Kiri Border-Camp. A thing that basically should not be allowed to exist as to its somewhat critical form of information to behold of. One would have to glance twice that this actually wasn't a professionally made map for mass use. But instead a drawing that Verdandi had created all on her own with but a pencil. While the outlines of the camp had been drawn in a very specific darker pressure to keep a wonderfully detailed overview about corners, tents and various supply posts. Some smaller, thinner lines could be seen. Dozens of them. Remarks of various locations. Signal receiving strength over Verdandi whom must have been tapped into the spy's frequency since multiple hours if not even days. Having confirmed the persons current persona, current face, current attire and obviously now. Active chakra signature. The timing was perfect to start out her plan. Her training allowed her to use the Sharingan for quite some time however it was still quite a drain to one's chakra. So, the quicker they could get things over with, the better. Verdandi searched somewhere in her pockets for the pencil before eventually finding it where she had stored the map.

Verdandi would shortly turn her head to check if the chakra signature was still there and still the same. Her ear was still half-way plugged and Raphael could potentially hear a voice coming from it as Verdandi, as odd as she might behave, was mumbling the words she heard in her plug to herself. "… Sqaud 11, Fourteen Hundred, Alpha Gimmick, Hydra Zen Getta Pon Shelin…" and it kept going. Gibberish to most but not to someone whom had been studying the code of the spy for a few days now still useful information. Without even bothering to answer Raphael just yet she processed the new information. Pressed a button to change her Radio's Frequency and directly informed a certain Kiri ANBU about a certain Squadron that better turn back around before they walk into a massive trap. Once that was done. Verd tuned immediately back into the frequency of the spy. Seemingly if Raph had questions as to why she had not engaged her target sooner. He would probably know why now. Verd had been, as seemingly airheaded as she appears, continuously logged any information the spy had provided to the enemy and used her obtained intel to decode the messages and get the basic gist of it to warn her own troops about potential assaults, traps, revolts and alike. However, this kind of intel was something that didn't work out forever. Their target was smart, he'd figure it out soon.

Which in turn again, was the very reason why Verdandi was here and not settling down as the eternal spy message converter. Tuning in on him had to be made use of while he still was unaware of such. Raphael's presence however seemed to be the final, missing piece in Verdandi's little puzzle. Well not specifically just him. All of them.

"Alright. If we directly engage him we're going to lose. He's too fast. Too smart. Too knowledgeable and perfectly prepared to run. But, while the camp is large. There are ways he must pass to escape the premises and make his way for the border walls. So why should we present our presence to him, especially both of ours from the start. If we don't instantly catch him, which is unlikely, he will adjust his tactic specifically design to avoid the two of us. But if we let him deal with something absolutely different than ourselves… we can wait for an actual opening. A moment of weakness. A moment where he mistakenly feels secure and lowers his guard. Then we will catch him."

Verd nodded. Having but two more things on her mind. First. Verdandi was already equipped with her natural sensory technique. However, she never intended to only use one sense to accomplish her goals. But if she was to hunt him with her eye she would have little time to hunt with another sense. This is where Raphael could become quite useful. Verdandi whistled once softly. A rather large, heavy polar bear would eventually rise from a nearby tent and growl right back at Verdandi.

"Oki. I'm off, try not to get lost. You can use my buddy Avalanche if you wish to make use of his nose. Bring him close to our target, just once and he will follow the guy relentlessly until he catches him. Distance won't stop him anymore. He can pick up scents over miles." With that being said. It was completely up to Raphael if he wished to use the bears help or not. Verd had to bring stage one of her plan into order. She would however wait and listen for Raphael if he wished to add anything to her inputs or expected him to be versatile enough to roll with it as things went and came to happen.

Second. If Raphael wouldn't stop her. Verd would proceed to split her body and give rise to a shadow clone. Both of them staring at each other for a second as they hushed through the shadows of the mission HQ tent. Slowly spreading whispers of the targets current location. How he looks. What he's doing on the radio and THAT BOUNTY that one might be able to reap if they would intercept him and get his head. Verd snickered. By means of simple manipulation over three dozen men would all laugh to themselves and slowly leave the Mission HQ as to move forward. The hunt would begin and Verdandi had merely sent the dogs to rile up the fox from his burrow.

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Raphael would not say a word of objection as the girl split into two beings before taking off to do her part, once she was gone the boy would snicker to himself about how the girls plan was almost exactly what he suggested with slight variations on the words used. It did not bother the boy, in fact he found it rather funny in a sense but now was not the time for laughter while the girl worked below he had his own way of working things. Looking to the large polar bear Raphael would shake his head, "sorry fella your two big for this you would draw too much attention, keep an eye on your master should she need help." The boy said to the polar bear before taking off across the roof tops that ran parallel with the building the pair had been watching, he hoped that the polar bear would have at least understood what he said as he moved away from it. Besides it was not like the large ass polar bear could walk along the roofs of these tents without causing trouble as well as making a bunch of noise and drawing too much attention. Instead the boy took his own approach to the task at hand as the girl had, they both had the same idea and the same plan, the only difference was their course of action. Forming multiple hand seals one after the other the boy began pumping chakra into the air around him giving him a wide range of sense over the area that would provide him with alerts to movement within the area. Unfortunately the camp was alive with movement to the point that they boy had to focus his effort into identifying the different movements in his search for the spy. The boy formed the seal of confrontation as he created a clone in his image just as the girl had created one in hers, once that was done the clone split off from the boy dropping down to the street below before forming the transformation technique to turn himself into some else, someone that the spy would not think twice about. It was an elderly looking man, the image of the man he had helped many many moons ago still fresh in the young boy's mind.

As the boy moved across the roof tops at a rapid pace, the clone below moved at the speed of an old man. Then at the same moment as if they were in unison both of them formed a single hand seal and began whispering words of deceit and trickery. The words of the two men flew across the very air reaching distances the boy would not have been able to without the use of his jutsu, at least not without drawing attention to himself that was. His whispering winds technique was perfect for a situation such as this allowing the boy to whisper words in someone ear while at the same moment be no where near the person. The boy had originally created it as a way to communicate with allies, however with him working alone more often than not he discovered it's purpose with other uses. From the boy's point of view on the roof tops he could not see how well the plan was coming into action, however he was able to keep an eye on the movement within the camp and from what he could sense someone or something was moving at a speed that would suggest they were running out of fear. The boy moved towards the movement keep a close eye on it to ensure that it's movement did not get lost among all the other movement within the camp, he made sure not to get close enough that the person could see him and remained upon the roof top of the border camp. At this point he was merely keeping an eye on the suspicious activity until he made sure it was the one that they were after.

The movement that he was monitoring turned a corner and suddenly broke out into a full run, there was something chasing the man though from where he was the boy could only sense the movement not see what was causing the movement. He could only assume that the girl or one of her clones had spotted the target and was moving in on him and he spotted her or them and bolted. Luck seemed to be on their side however as the man seemed to be making all the moves that the girl had predicted that he would. She knew this camp better than the young blonde shinobi so he trusted her in the fact that she knew where it was that they were leading him too, at the same time he had to ensure he was in the right position to spring the trap when it was time. The male moved across the roof tops to the destination that the girl had picked as the end of the line for their spy, once he was in position all he could do was wait. The boy felt his body begin to shake slightly from the anticipation of waiting, he was not use to this kind of thing, relying on someone else to ensure success upon a mission let alone something of this magnitude. Still the boy would inhale deeply calming himself as he did so, it was in that moment that he saw the spy running down the alley towards where the boy laid in wait. Seconds before the man would be directly underneath him before jumping from the roof and doing a hundred and eighty degree turn in the air while releasing the air and chakra within his lungs straight down at the ground below him in the alley. The burst of wind collided with the ground directly in front of the man, and while it did not kill him as a direct hit would have the blast was enough to cause several lacerations all over the feont of his body. If the man had been moving just a few steps faster he would have been met with the full force of his wind bullet, the man should consider himself lucky in the boy's mind that he was at least not dead. The boy landed on the left side of the man, while whoever was pursuing the spy would arrive behind him. Seeing the two of them the man tried to continue forward however his path was blocked by that of a raggity old man, and the man's attempt to move past the old man found the spy meeting with the end of the old man's fist before the old man turned back into the image of the blonde boy. Both of the blonde boy's began channeling chakra into their hands, seeing this the man tried to run to the only side that was still open only to find it was blocked by a fourth member of this hunt, he had no where left to run surrounded on all side not only by the shinobi that hunted him but the rasengan that they each held in their hands. It was over.

~One Hour Later~
The male brushes some of the dust that had managed to make it upon his cloak during the hunt, Raphael would look to Verdandi with a smile upon his face. "Thanks for the back up, we ought to do it again sometime." And with that the male was going leaving nothing more than a swirlibg dust cloud where he had once stood.

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Verdandi munched on some carrots she had in her pockets. Her eye glaring into the depth of the camp as she watched the bounty hunters surround the targets tent. Kicking in the door as he had already vanished. The lot of them spreading into the Kiri camp on a loud, screaming spree of whim to catch and hit the guys head with their sticks and stones. All while Verdandi casually kept an eye on the chakra flame of the actual target. There was a certain feeling of power to be able to see him while he was not. Seeing the distress in his outline. The scared motions. The way he would run. Run quickly away from the horde that was chasing him like a witch now. Raphael had his own ways of persuading the character to move where he wished. A welcome result. Dandi wondered what the story behind the old man was that Raphael seemed to make use of in some way. However, the hunt was coming to a quick conclusion. Not long before all of Verdandi's math and calculations came down to that one moment where he would walk into her trap. Verd was casually sitting in a little earthen hole in the ground. The mob, the people, the huntsmen. All of them chasing young spy boy down here. Raphael as well. Taking the full concentration of the kid. Taking all his brain power and calculation skills. Verd watched his chakra flame come close. Inhaling deeply. Deeper… waiting…

With a loud exhale of a mind shattering noise. The moment the spy stepped foot above Verdandi's hiding place. The paralysation shout would creep through his skin and instantly start to numb all his limbs. Raphael had already staged his own attack. Verd jumped up to join in and pull off a little Rasengan to the belly on her own. Watching the massive chakra collide in between the lot of them. Tearing into Kite's body and blasting a damage output in that would shatter his corporal form completely. Verdandi picked up what little remained of his head. Placing it into one of her sealing scrolls and quickly informing her superiors about the outcome of the hunt. The bounty hunters behind Verd and Raphael cheering but also kind of pissed that they didn't get any of the action. Dispersing slowly into the depths of the camp. Eventually it had all come down to a long, proper and steady preparation. The actual execution was fairly doable. If they had just faced him right on this wouldn't have gone that easy or smoothly. Verd was a bit disappointed. But she'd take it as it was. Leaving the camp to cash in the bounty.


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