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Mission name: Light in the Dark.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Help the victims of war.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4EP.
Mission Description: “After the battles end, there are innumerable wounded who require assistance and extraction. Providing humanitarian relief to those in need is as important as advancing our own goals.”
Mission Details: Iwagakure medical ninja (PC or with a Medical NPC) have been dispatched to warzones to provide aid for injured and extract wounded soldiers. The primary objective of this mission is to secure the wounded, but en route back to Iwa border camps with injured victims, shinobi will have to deal with numerous A-ranked non-ninja combatants, though they are armed with S-rank weapons and possess a multitude of (15+) explosive tags. Protecting the wounded soldiers is essential, and death of them means failure.

Zetsume only had a few hours in this forsaken tent of rest before his personal space was invaded. His body was laid down with his arm convering his eyes. He wondered if he laid still enough if the person would assume he was asleep, but Repede had other plans. Upon entering, the dog stood up and greeted whoever it was. Sitting close to them he would lay his head down to allow the person to pet them if they wished and luckily for him that the person did. Taking a deep breath, he decided what the issue was before shooting whoever was disturbing his slight moment of rest. When he took his arm off his eyes, the light was almost blinding. Even being inside a tent, the blaring sun was bright enough to leave a slight irritating sensation. Zetsume did not like the sleeping conditions as they were quite cramped on the outpost he was at. Due to this, he just made his own tent outside complete with a hammock. A deep sigh came from deep within as his eyes adjusted slowly to look at his intruder with menacing eyes. Hmmmm, the same guy the gave me my last mission. I suppose there is no rest for the wicked. There stood a somewhat scared of Zix a genin who was assigned to give him his task. From standing in the door way, it was a little hard to make out any distinguishable features, Zetsume was just guessing based on size, the mission in hand, and most importantly, Repede's happy movements. Even to new people, he is more hesitant than that. Repede at least helped the kid out by grabbing the paper before trying to nudge him softly out. The dog knew that Zetsume would be in a foul mood so anything could trigger him. Once the messenger was gone, Repede handed the note to Zetsume. There was some slight drool on it, but that was to be expected. Zetsume opened it up and read to himself. His eyes glanced at the contractors and the partner he was assigned with, Taeru. Shit, I can not let Repede know who is assigned with me. He will make me rush. he thought as his mind scanned what it said. The dog could tell that since Zetsume did not tell him outright what the mission was, made him wonder and try to see what it said. Noticing the movement, Zetsume burned up the message and spoke to ease the dog as he stood "Seems we are going to be in a hot zone Repede. Keep your wits about you okay. We have to escort wounded soldiers and provide supporting assistance in any way we can. Got it!" The dog barked happily, forgetting what was on his curiose mind just moments ago. It was a small lie and part of the reason he took his time was because he was assigned to another Iwagakure mission. He was coming to terms with having to kill for the sake of others. If it were not for what the mission was, saving people, he would have denied the request if he could. Considering the success of their last, it was not uncommon for villages to employ the same teams expecting the same results. It was best that Repede knew not that his partner was again Taeru, though he would have to find out soon enough. At least Zetsume was able to eat something with Repede before heading out quickly making haste of the whole morning process as to not stress the dog too much. Unlike Zetsume, he cared if anyone died. A naieve quality of someone who loves to much. Sooner or later, reality sets in.

The walk was arduous and seemed endless to the two of them. Still, with each step they could hear the thunderous roar of battle and the cries of the wounded. He was unsure where to meet his partner. Judging from where they wanted him to move the wonder to and from, he figured showing up near the starting point was as good enough. With each cry the dog grew more impatient and he could feel their deaths weigh on him. With an outstretched hand, Zetsume to felt something in that moment. Zetsume kept his wits, knowing that he could not do anything until a medical ninja showed up to treat the wounded otherwise he might as well be babysitting. Repede, did not keep his wits and bolted towards a direction. Zetsume called out to him, but the dog did not listen and ran towards the nearest cry he could hear. Zetsume could have stopped him, but subconsciously did not. If Zetsume used a serious of enough tone, the dog would have surely listened. Damnit, he thought before taking off his jacket and throwing on the ground as a marker for either him or Taeru and the medical ninja to find. Zetsume had no choice but to stock four of his arrows while he could because the unknown was far more frightening than the known.



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2Lightning in the Dark [A-Mission/Taeru] Empty Re: Lightning in the Dark [A-Mission/Taeru] on Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:25 pm



With her left hand pressed firmly atop her right in which she clutched a bloody rag that she pressed down against the gushing wound of a fellow shinobi, yet her attention did not focus on him but the doctor before her, instructing her along, over the noise of the chaos that ensued around them. The sounds of paper bombs causing a ruckus yet where they were. Out of place being a good term for her she had been sent to guard and escort the wounded back to Iwagakure's camp along with the medics that had moved in to assist, yet with the lack of assistance at the present time all that she was able to do were hoist the wounded into one of the mud huts, yet in her attempt to leave and help the others secure the hut she had, by none other than her own doctor been dragged off to assist with the wounded. Though she had been scolded by the doctor before her, her own doctor to boot, she hadn't heard such tone of voice before, he had always seemed so... Milquetoast. Yet the usual nervous nature of the man had vanished as his mind worked in overdrive to aid his patients. “Your going to have to help me”  Her head would tilt a touch to one side the confusion heavy in her visible facial features, ”I am, I’m doing as you say wha-” cutting her off part way through her words, “No we need to heal some of his wounds otherwise he isn't going to make it if were attacked whilst on the move.” his words cut the air, sharp and pointed. His gaze finally setting on her features, his own now stern “And don’t tell me you cant. You will. Now, let go of the rag and place your hands above mine, pass your chakra into my hands.” slowly she would do as he said, opening her mouth in an attempt to protest in the process, against being shot down, “I’ve seen what you can do, it takes fine chakra control to wield genjutsu the way you do, iryojutsu is similar in the control needed. Now focus the way you would as though you were going to perform a genjutsu, but channel that chakra finally into my hands and I will guide it.” Essentially passing chakra this way would be easy enough, though her brow still creased she would physically rest her hands atop the doctors before filtering her chakra into his hands. The sensation odd to say the lease as she felt their chakra mix and combine only to feel him wield it like a fine needle and thread, creating a beautiful piece of embroidery, save for their canvas was a wounded comrade. As she followed each movement of their chakra feeling hers bend to the need of his whilst her gaze set upon the wound watching strips of flesh regenerate, weaving the broken body back together. Was this what it felt like to have the hands of a healer?  

Her gaze would raise to lock on the doctor, now watching his features she had etched into her mind after watching him work on her own from time and time again, yet the shift in his form would have her brow crease noting his hands had withdrawn to his lap, with him watching her hands intently. Her gaze would shift to her hands to see the eerie healing glow remain for a few seconds longer. Withdrawing her hands her gaze would cut to the doctor, a mix of irritation and confusion as the frustration grew in her mind. “You’ll get the hang of it, you could feel it right? The way the flesh was knitting together....” placing his hands atop hers to move her hands before nodding. “We can do it again, come on.” only then would another explosion rattle the ground in which they knelt. Immediately she would rise and for the first time in a long time she would mumble, “I’m needed at the front.” the unease seemed to crawl along her flesh raising goosebumps as she headed back out to assist in keeping the wounded and the doctors secure. She could still feel the odd sensation of another's flesh being knitted back together by fine threads of chakra, an unusual feeling when the sensation felt is usually rending the flesh to ribbons.  

Looking up from her hands her gaze would shift about the team assembled, her brow creasing once again. Stepping up to place her hand atop the shoulder of one of her comrades she would murmur into his ear, “Where is the ninja of Kumoagakure, the mission details was sent hours ago...” with a shrug the bloke would tilt his head to speak back, “maybe they were ambushed on their way here... look we can’t hold up here much longer, we’ll have to go without them if they aren't here soon.” Giving a short nod she would weave her way through the broken mud huts, the echoing screams and cries of wounded men and women seemed to follow in the wake of her footsteps. As she headed to the edge of the hostilities, seeking out any sign of one from Kumoagakure.

Yet to no avail at first, a sigh would raise from her lips as she turned away to head back. Stopped only when catching sight of Repede from the corner of her eye. Turning back to watch Repede arrive she would sprint out to meet the hound quickly skidding to a halt before dropping down in a crouch, “Repede! Stay down they’ve got paper bombs... where’s Zix? We need to hurry we’ve been waiting for hours, we need to get the wounded back to Iwagakure’s camp.” Her hand would absentmindedly find its way into Repede’s fur of his shoulder before grazing her thumb against his shoulder bone as she looked about, seeking out the sight of Zix, “Were you attacked? Are you both alright?” Leaning back some she would inspect him in-case of wounds or maybe even a note before darting her gaze back towards the chaos hearing another whimper of pain seep into the air like a stagnant smell.

Word count: 1049

EXIT (due to inactivity.)

Training: Towards Iryojutsu 500/500


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