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1 Moles[Event Mission/Raphael] on Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:16 am



Moles Above Ground C-Rank:
Mission name: Moles Above Ground
Mission rank: C
Objective: Acquire the Documents
Location: Bordercamps
Reward: 300 Ryo + 2EP
Mission Description: “Alright, your mission is to take this stone masons’ uniform and make your way into one of Kumogakure’s forward provinces you’ll be able to use our tunnels to keep out of sight as well as the fact they’re in the middle of combat so you should go unnoticed. We want you to identify and steal their officer’s orders and get out. Erase anyone in your way.”
Mission Details: The ninja will infiltrate their way into a town that’s in the middle of combat either through the tunnels or another means. Fighting has broken out everywhere, but Iwas stone mason presence allows for an easy disguise. Navigate your way through the massive battle and steal their deployment documents before returning.

Makoto was not a happy chappy as he realized what he would be forced to do in the upcoming mission, tunneling was not something he really enjoyed since he had not learned how to use the earth element and as we all know starting an underground fire can be really dangerous. While his secondary element of water might end up drowning him or flooding the tunnels, though it might be a bit too much for him in his current state the idea that the tunnels would limit him was there and set in place.

He would be meeting up with one of his past partners for this mission, before they would equip their disguises. The stone masons's uniform felt a bit big on him as he sighed a bit. It was at this time he had to pass time as he took out his extra note book and began to draw circles on a page to keep him busy.

The circles were round and round and even rounder as he smoothed the edges as he went over them, over lapping as he made laps around the entire circumference of the circle. The radius of the circle was like a life of pi, as he stared at the center he did not know why. He had this feeling that no matter how hard you try, if you stare at life like this too long all that is left is for one to cry. Makoto got shot with buggy arrows, he got attacked by a crazy genin with insane strength's and speed's compared to him.

Makoto's greatest disappointment was not doing better in his training with his sensei as he began to wonder if special sword techniques were perfect for use inside tunnels. He began to also think about tunnel vision and focusing more as he wanted to create a jutsu that may break the very fabric of existence or in this case he just wanted to find his own jutsu to make his own and become a ninjutsu god of some kind. It may be a dream, but one thing he learned in Iwa was that if you studied long enough anything was possible. Though for some reason he was never able to meet the Tsuchikage who seemed to be missing or buried deep under paper work as he could never get inside. He wanted to get permission to enter the secret libraries or something towards that effect. As he was thinking of many things his partner would soon arrive after which he would prepare for them to undertake their mission.

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War had broken out across the Land of Wind, no matter how many people tried to deny that fact the boy knew the truth. War had spread, what was once a support effort is now a full scale war for control over the desert land. Myrddin found himself upon the frontlines fighting not a group of bandits as one would expect, but the Iwagakure Army. The rats of the stone village from mountain country came in the cover of the night sky to steal that which was claimed by the land of lightning in the name of the Raikage. The town was under siege and the only thing boy could do was offer his support wherever he could, the Iwa military was no match for that of Kumogakure, however their surprise strike coupled with the over whelming numbers had the Kumo military at a disadvantage. So the help of a lethal Shinobi was something that the whole of the Kumo military could appreciate.

The owl mask clad male tore through the town that had been all but peaceful moments before, Iwa soldiers were everywhere and there was three of them for every Kumo soldier that was stationed within the town at the time of the attack. Myrddin's fist connected with the face of one of the soldiers sending the man flying down the street before he slammed into the body of another soldier before he dealt the same punch to two more of the Iwa scum sending one fly down another street and the final man straight into the wall that was behind him. The boy was on the move again before the wall the third man had been punched into crumbled. The boy was not here to mess around he was here with the specific goal of ripping the usurpers from the town that was already claimed in the name of the hidden cloud. The male did not know how many enemies there were or how long it would be before the nearby stationed troops were able to make it to them. He needed to make it to the command post for the town, stationed at the center of the town. But before he could get to that station he was going to have to work his way through all the enemy troops to reach it. Something that caused the boy to smile beneath his mask, he was in need of a good work out. The boy moved with a quickness that only a Taijutsu Master could, taking out soldier after soldier they were no match for his speed nor his strength. He was only a few streets away from the command station now the troops seemed to be heavier here, as if they too were trying to reach the command station. The only thing the boy could come up with as for the reason of this was that they were trying to gather Intel on the rest of the Kumogakure Military movements within the Land of Wind, something that the boy could not allow them to get their hands on.


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Makoto waited for his partner who appeared to be a lady who simply introduced herself while having her mouth veiled with a mask. "I am Cicada, that is all. Let us do the mission, then return when it is done" as she sounded so serious as she stood firm and proper. Her back was straight like some uptight teacher who felt she was better then everyone as she moved on she did not even ask as she changed into the stone mason uniform as she did not even hesitate. Makoto on the other hand was just as weird not even really caring much that she did this as he had also changed into the uniform, though it was a bit big for him so he moved around a bit until the lady sighed and just drew a sword and cut the long ends skillfully as Makoto just froze in fear at what she did. For a moment he thought he could have died as she sheathed the blade once more they headed towards the entrance to the tunnels.

The war had broken out all across the land of the once great village hidden in the sand, as he did not understand the full depth of what was going on or its greater scope as the higher ups were not so eager to reveal their most true intentions to the lesser shinobi or villagers. To the villagers their missions were to help the hidden sand village and to help them to find a new home or rebuild, while in truth it was all a massive power play as everyone wanted to take control of this once independent land.

Makoto and Cicada kept making their way towards the location using the tunnels as best they could, there was a loud bang and some explosions above ground as Makoto fell to the side the lady caught him and then carried him like some useless baggage as she spoke. "We do not have time to waste" as Makoto surrendered to his predicament as it gave him time to think about his one true love, a love that transcended that of man and woman, his love for jutsu as he began to think of some fire jutsu for burning holes in the ground and another jutsu involving burrowing holes with water as he finally realized that if he did that he could essentially do a lot more then normal, though how would he boost his water so that it could burrow into the earth was the greater question on his mind.

Makoto knew that earth beats water, but water could wash away the earth. He did not get it, but he wanted to find a way around one of his weaknesses to break the pentastity of the pentacular pentagram of strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile Cicada thought to herself the boy was a bit heavier then she thought he would be as she made her way they were finally near the first exit point but someone crashed into the exit and it caved in as there was screaming as she sighed and would continue further to reach the next exit point near the target location. She began to wonder whether this mission will go on without a hitch, but there was no time to brood on it as she continued forth with Makoto on her shoulder like a bag of potatoes.

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The young Shinobi tore through the town that had become a war zone caring little for the destruction he was leaving in his wake, his only concern was to ensure that the secrets of Kumo's operations within the land of wind remained just that. With every foe the boy would deal with it seemed as though two more would take their place, it was a never ending supply of opponent's or at least that was the way it seemed that way to the boy. However with the help of his taijutsu techniques and the hidden cloud's military backing him, the boy soon began to turn the tide on the enemy. What started as two Iwa Soldiers for every Kumo shinobi soon shifted, with every kumo soldier he helped joining him in his charge through the town to continue there defense of the town. Myrddin was but the tip of the spear that was the hidden cloud military, however at the speed in which the boy was moving a distance soon grew between the young male and the growing army at his back side until there were a few blocks between them. The boy made quick work of any that came within his path as he made his way down the streets, though those people that fell to him might be considered the lucky ones as those that did not confront the boy was soon trampled and beaten by the ever growing mob of kumo soldiers that was behind him.

Once the boy made it to the operation building were any and all plans that this battalion would have is kept, he left the mob of soldiers to deal with the continued waves of Iwa soldiers and shinobi as he moved inside. The boy's plan was to extract the files before anyone could find them, though if he needed to be would see to their destruction before he allowed them to fall into the hands of the enemy. The boy would rather bring the entire building down on top of himself than let the plans fall into the hands of the enemy, though the boy was getting ahead of himself as there was no proof that anyone was even trying to fget to them and the mob of soldiers outside the building would be a great deterrent to keep those who would try outside. Once he was inside the central operation room the young male would ensure that the room was secure with the only way of coming in or out of the room being the doorway as he began to gather the plans spread across the table in the center of the room. The boy knew that none of the hidden cloud shinobi or soldiers would attempt to enter the room during a siege, their priority being that of defending the town itself. So anyone that might enter the room would be an enemy and would be met with the full power of the young Anbu Shinobi. If all else failed and the boy became over run with enemies, the young shinobi knew that he could easily cause the building to collapse upon himself and anyone else though that would only be as a last resort. Keeping an eye on the doorway for any sign that someone might try to enter the boy quickly gathered the different documents that were spread out across the table, no one would be able to catch him by surprise nor would he allow any of them to get their hands on the documents.


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Cicada did not know what was going on as the tunnels should not have been suffering this much shaking as the rocks fell as she through Makoto to a safe spot as he hit his back against the wall as she punched a rock with her fist turning it to crumbling crumbs as the dust fell.

Makoto could not bare this feeling as he felt a slight pain as he realized he hurt his arm slightly, but the walls seemed to be caving under the pressure as she took a deep breathe and then ran not even asking permission as she picked him up once more, her speed had stepped up to levels he could not understand as it felt like they were flying beneath the tunnels as the location seemed to be falling apart. What on earth was going on as she tried to figure out what it was that had brought about all this chaos.

As they made their way it looked as if they would be trapped as some routes were being cut off with multiple cave ins she realized that this was no longer a safe location as she found the nearest exit and jumped out only to notice that there was far more destruction than what was originally reported for the uptake of this mission. There was someone far ahead that she could not even see, but the swarm of soldiers all ran towards a single location as she realized what was going on as they decided to try and take a short cut through the side tunnels to avoid the charge and to avoid conflict as things were completely going out of what was in the scope of the original plan. This was no longer at the level of an ordinary C-rank mission, but she could not simply retreat without making attempts to get more information or salvage whatever they could from this mission as she then dropped Makoto who managed to land on his feet as she made a decision for herself realizing their return route was blocked and that it was still too dangerous to do anything else as she let him get on her back. It took him a while to figure out what she was suggesting as he felt bad that he was too slow to keep up as she dashed to the side tunnels which were far more stable as she dashed as fast as she could in hopes that she would make it in time, only taking the boy with since she did value the lives of her comrades over that of the mission results. With the other villages having some distinct advantages outside of education.

Kirigakure who had adopted a rather military like operations under their dictator 'all hail Ayakashi!", to the mad ramblings of the shinobi god Hastur who might as well be known as Hastur the Horrible and his followers as the Hasturian Horde. Not to mention Konoha breeding like a bunch of rabbits with their overwhelming population, not counting that they should have been able to protect Sunagakure. However Makoto knew none of this, or at the very least he did not fully understand it. All that makoto knew was that Konoha was an evil place full of shinobi out to kill others for the sake of their goals.

However they were also cowards who fled from battles that they felt they could not win, or when they felt it was too dangerous and decide to just up and run away. The side tunnels were definitely a short cut, though the reason for that was not clear at the time as they made their way towards the exit point as they arrived all they found was an army of Kumogakure and Iwagakure all going tooth and nail into a fight over this area as this made no sense at all. What on earth was happening to the world, had the Kage all lost their minds in pursuit of power as things looked to be even more dangerous then they should have been for a C-rank mission, she just could not wrap her head around what was going on.

As they entered the building it was completely unguarded as none of this made sense at all. At the very least they would have usually left a few behind as this must have meant the battle outside was far more chaotic then they had planned for and found an all out defensive assault was the only option left for them as they walked through the facility there seemed to be no one and even the staff that were meant to be present seemed to be missing.

The disguises they wore also helped them slip in since the shinobi had no time to spend on a woman and a child. As she held Makoto's hand which seemed so different to what she did earlier as she looked towards him as he felt a bit uncomfortable after a while as the pace was slowing down she stopped and then spoke to him. "No matter what happens, you must return to the village safely."

Makoto just scratched his head slightly before looking around. "okay"

Cicada noticed that the rear entrance to the room was blocked for some reason as she sensed something was wrong as they would make their way to the other entrance she signaled for Makoto to keep his distance. She told him to wait and then before reaching the entrance she cut off the path to her as he felt a bit confused not realizing what she was doing as she reached the entrance and only shouted these last words directed at makoto through the wall she created herself.


Cicada formed the tiger hand seal. "Katon..." as Makoto was not sure what was going on as she would not even hesitate if the shinobi killed her, but she knew if someone infiltrated before them that all he would be was a liability as he did not understand the full extent of what was going on the building would start to shake as Makoto wanted to stay, but having no other choice he ran away. The building was shaking as it seemed to be falling apart as it was unclear what had happened to Cicada who had encountered someone who should not have been there, she was not that strong, however she was strong enough to know that her opponent must be strong if she did not detect his presence before reaching the entrance. Her instincts alone were the only thing that made her choose her choice of actions as Makoto ran with everything he had as the base seemed to be under siege as well as he was making is way back towards the tunnels.

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