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Mission name: In the name of the Lord.
Mission rank: B-rank.
Objective: Deliver weapons.
Location: Border-camps.
Reward: 500 ryo + 3EP
Mission Description: “The Divine Mandate has brokered a deal with local groups to help them in the name of Hastur’s Justice, we will supply them weapons, they will fight in our name.”
Mission Details: Shinobi are tasked with meeting at a rendezvous with a Rogue group in Suna who has vowed to fight in the name of the Raikage in exchange for assistance gaining access to weapons. Upon the completion of the deal, it will be revealed the group plans to attack another Hidden Village, Kumogakure shinobi can either stop the men (An A-ranked shinobi with Wind and Fire library techniques and A-ranked senbon launchers + a large group (10-15) of C and B-ranked non-ninja) or allow them to continue their attack, either completes the mission.

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Raphael had just finished his morning run and returned to his tent when a voice called from the other side of the material. "Raphael, your presence has been requested in the operations tent." The voice of a mid aged man said from the outside of the boy's tent, "be there in five." The boy replied as he watched the silhouette of the man disappear from the tent wall. Grabbing his anbu armor and putting it on before strapping his Kaminari Steel Windmill Shuriken to the back of it and placing Ikari his favored tanto into its sheath that ran horizontally along his belt in the back. With all his other gear stored within the different pouches and pockets scattered across the boy's body, Raphael grabbed his travel cloak and threw it over himself, ensuring that every piece of weaponry was concealed from prying eyes before he exited his tent and headed for the operation tent to see what it was that required his attention. The fresh morning air was refreshing after his run even underneath all the clothing and armor the boy wore, it was a small price to pay to ensure that death did not consume him. His arrival at the tent was noted as silence fell across the room, Jounin of all branches within Kumogakure eye's fell upon the boy as the silence grew. Finally the silence was broken by the one standing closest to the map table who quickly called Raphael to his side, "ah Raphael thank you for joining us. Please come on over here let me talk with you," the man said though his voice was kind as if it was a father speaking to his son there was the hint of superiority that stated I am not giving you a choice in the matter now get over here. The boy approached the table, eyes wandering around the room looking upon all the faces that were looking upon him. There was no fear in the boy's movements but rather curiosity, he had been among the hidden cloud shinobi for many years now and yet he had never once been greeted as he had on this day. As he drew closer to the table where the man stood he slowly began to piece all of it together and realized why it was that the man wished to speak to him about the situation. On the table next to the map sat a stack of papers and the paper on the top sat a picture of the man known as Ryuzaki, a man that the boy knew from his time living in the village hidden in the sand as well as a man he had encountered during his undercover operation to find the leaders of the different territories within the bandit's. "Alright so here is the situation, this man here," the man started pointing to the picture of Ryuzaki, "has come forward and shared with us some information. As well as sworn loyalty to the Raikage, him and his men have promised to serve the Raikage on the condition that we help them with the acquisition of some weapons to help them deal with the enemies set before them." The man paused as if to allow Raphael alone to process all of the information, everyone else in the room just looked at the pair at the table with glazed over eye's as if they had already received the debriefing. "Your job is to help this man and his group acquire the weapons they need so that they can serve the Raikage's will." The man said in finality, the boy looked around the room at all the capable shinobi that filled the tent. It was not like the boy to question orders but he could not help but wonder why it was that he had been summoned for this when anyone of these men could just as easily preformed the mission requirements. The man seemed to pick up on the boy's questionable thoughts as he quickly added, "you were requested personally by Ryuzaki for this mission. He said he would only work with you on this as he knew he could trust you."

Raphael nodded and without another word was out the doorway of the tent and headed for the rendezvous point to meet with Ryuzaki and his band of low lives. As the boy neared the gateway to the Kumogakure border camp he saw the familiar face of Makoto, a young shinobi from the hidden stone village that he had worked with on a couple of missions over the past few days. "Makoto, what is it that brings you here?" The boy would ask upon reaching the gates and the boy who stood there.


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Makoto was tired from all the missions he had been doing lately, he felt better after that delivery mission he had done the other time, and thought if he could find a partner he could do another more difficult mission as he was not sure how a delivery mission could be ranked so high, but he was not one to question a good pay day and he also wanted to see the new weapons.

Makoto would look to this day like any other day as his hair had gotten a bit longer with the bangs hanging a bit lower and his hair in the front was now hanging over his nose as he yawned a bit. Makoto did not fully understand how things had gotten the way that they did, but he did not really care much for how things came to be as he scratched the top of his head a bit bored. He had on his usual t-shirt and a shorts as well as he began to wonder how things would be as he stretched out his arms as he had his tanto adjusted at a horizontal angle behind him, while having a few shuriken in each pockets along with their respective kunai as all shinobi should be prepared for danger.

Makoto began moving around as he approached his destination for the meeting area as he waited only to see a really familiar face in the form of Raphael as he looked up with this some what bored look in his eyes. Makoto had spent too much time in the desert and the scenery was really bothering him a lot as he was asked why he was there.

"Delivery mission"
as he looked down as he seemed to be so lacking in energy, not that he was full of energy before as it seemed he only ever perked up when jutsu or techniques were mentioned as he was waiting for the go ahead since he figured if Raphael was here that more then likely he had to be ready to go on another mission as he was not sure if this was the third or forth mission they did together as he seemed to sigh deep down inside. He had a feeling this would be a tough mission and was not sure why he felt like this, however he knew from his time with Maikeru as well that high ranking shinobi were on this level that he could only dream of reaching one day.

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