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1 His Teachings (Private) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:56 am



Mission name: His Teachings.
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Escort the priests.
Location: Border-camps.
Reward: 300 ryo + 2EP
Mission Description: “The way of Hastur’s Divine Mandate must be spread, for the good of the world, into the Great Nations. Glory be to Kumogakure.”
Mission Details: A group of three Kumogakure priests will meet up with refugees en route to another nation and join the pilgrimage. While taking the priests from the Kumo border camp to the desired other camp, their course will be assaulted by independent forces consisting of two C-ranked shinobi (one with Wind and Fire, one with Water and Fire, both with all applicable library techniques) and five D-ranked non-ninja NPCs who each possess various C-rank weapons. It is vital that the holy men are unharmed and they will be the main targets of enemy forces throughout any fighting.

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Myrddin would stand at attention as the the three priestesses entered the tent, they were more than shinobi they were above them. These three held more power within the land of lightning than any other person, save for the Raikage himself. They were chosen by the divine as the speakers of truths, and the light within the darkness of the world. They had but one goal to spread the word of Hastur to every nation, and now they came under his and his Anbu squads protection. His task was a simple one, escort these three to a refugee camp where they can blend in and travel with the refugees to the other nations so that they may spread the word of Hastur and the might of the village hidden in the clouds. Myrddin looked at the three men that would be his squad in the guiding and protecting of these priestesses, he did not know any of them nor had he worked with any of them before. The boy's one hope was that this sounder would be better fitted than the last one he had been strapped with if things went south. In the short amount of time he had been among the shinobi of the hidden cloud village the boy had made a name for himself as a competent shinobi and he looked down upon those he view incompetent, which in the boy's case was almost everyone that he worked with. This lead many to avoid working with him, even now that he was an Anbu many did not wish to work with him causing more often than not for the boy to work alone on missions. However this mission was different, orders were given by the Raikage himself, and no one would dare oppose his direct order. Myrddin had been put in charge of the squad and so it fell to him to ensure that these priestesses make it to their destination unharmed.


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Raiu Mizuki


"Nourish the heart and the soul may yet bloom."

Faith. Mizuki had never put much thought in it until Hastur had appeared to claim the title of Thunder God. Even then, she had discarded that as the antics of a man driven by hubris and a need to make a name for himself in the Sagaverse. It was with some surprise and scepticism she was now moving towards the gathering point where she'd serve as a guard for the three priests of Hastur. Her father was a spiritual man. Not a faithful one. And to some extend, though she didn't admit this easily, Mizuki was just as spiritual as well as she followed in the small sentences of wisdom her father had always imposed upon her. The truth about those words ran deep, much like they sprang forth from a lineage way before Mizuki. When she had asked about his philosophies, her father always referred to the ronin samurai that was his father, hinting vaguely at the samurai lineage that had deluded somewhere along the road of life and mingled with their branch of the Raiu clan. Despite still bearing traces of samurai lineage in the way she was brought up, Mizuki was however a shinobi. What samurai would have considered a respectable approach to unknown forces was for Mizuki just a tradition held up in respect for her father, the essence of 'faith' simply being kindness and respect for Life itself.

Upon arriving at the meeting point, a collective of people were already present. A group of ANBU, a selection of priestesses. Mizuki would bow briefly in greeting, the three priestesses looking down in return. A cold tension rose between the women of faith and the herald of Hastur as a sense of disdain and jealousy welled up within the women. Yes, despite them being selected to gospel his word, the name of the man leading them had been made known by Mizuki. While Mizuki's selection had happened based on her desire to bring diplomacy and peace, that of the three priestesses was based on wishing to receive his personal, undivided attention. To be chosen and considered a 'precious jewel'. Like he had once called Mizuki before she had left to do his biding. Ever since, the man had only eyes for the socket upon which those beneath him placed him, revered him and granted him even more reasons from which he could call himself a 'god'.

Faith. Mizuki found it a peculiar thing. Once Man himself considered itself a god, had he not become less than what he used to be? For the name of a legend would live forever without worship, but the name of a god would die as soon as his followers perished. How ironic that the man considering himself the strongest needed others the most of all to sustain his illusions of grandeur. And for such reasons exactly Mizuki preferred to walk with commoners, giving a hand in working the land, calling upon the blacksmiths of her own home to forge her blades. Because the simple man toiling in the earth was the one who shaped it every day.

"Ready when you are."

A mission of this low a rank seemed to be overly crowded with high ranked shinobi if you asked Mizuki. Perhaps the Raikage was doting over his Voices a little too much...?



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The priestesses had just finished their pre journey prayer, when the raven haired woman walked into the tent. Raphael had no idea that Mizuki was to accompany them on the mission as well, though the boy would not say anything to the her. She did not know him as he was now, she only knew the boy beneath the mask. Raphael was not about to reveal his identity to the woman as that would of broke the most sacred code of the Anbu, to keep one's identity a secret from the rest of the world even those among his Anbu brothers. The men and women that the young blonde had worked with were all the same in his eye's, faceless with the exception of their mask. It was possible that he had worked with the same people both as an Anbu and as a civilian, yet the boy would never know it to be so as the boy never knew the faces beneath the other masks.

The tension of the room was so thick that the boy could have cut the air with his Tanto, Ikari. Judging by the look upon Mizuki's face as well as the look of pure disdain that he could see upon the faces of the priestesses beneath their veil, it became obvious to the boy that they did not get along. There was nothing that could be done about that however, they would have to learn to get along or just stay away from each other as the boy did not have the time nor the patience to care about their personal issues or feelings. They had a job to do and that was the only thing on the boy's mind. Raphael would not be leading this mission however, instead one of the captains of the Anbu was chosen. The young shinobi however did not have a problem with that as it meant that he could focus more on the completion of the mission rather than having to coordinate everyone and ensure that the ladies got along and whatever else the captain might have to do while on this mission.

"Alright now let's get a move on it, Hato and Ryu. You two will have flank position, I will take point and Myrddin will cover the rear." The captain began as he delegated which position in the diamond formation each member would be around the priestesses. The captain would then turn his head to Mizuki, "You may take whatever position you wish Lady Mizuki, you are more than welcome to scout ahead or cover one of the flanks whatever you like. However I do ask that you stay close should things take a turn for the worst. Also report to me the moment you see anything out of the ordinary." The man finished before taking his position at the front of the priestesses and waited for the others to take their positions. Raphael took the position at the rear as he was instructed to, and once everybody was ready they would move out. They would not move at a particular fast pace on account of the priestesses were not the running type, along the journey if Mizuki got close to the one identified as Myrddin in the rear the boy would avoid direct eye contact with her. It was not that the male had a problem with the woman nor did the woman do anything wrong it was more out of self preservation of his identity. For beneath his mask the bright electric blue eyes of the Kozai radiated forth, eye's that the Lady Mizuki were familiar with and would allow her to identify the boy beneath the mask. The first leg of their journey was peaceful without so much as a sign of trouble, that was until the boy caught movement to the right side. Something was heading for them at an alarming rate, they were not trying to hide their presence as they made their way towards the troupe that lead the priestesses, it was all too obvious what was going on, they were under attack.


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Raiu Mizuki


"You may take whatever position you wish Lady Mizuki, you are more than welcome to scout ahead or cover one of the flanks whatever you like. However I do ask that you stay close should things take a turn for the worst. Also report to me the moment you see anything out of the ordinary."

Lady..? Woah. Mizuki blinked slightly at being given such a courteous title and the liberty to make her own decisions despite having a man of higher rank being in charge. She would grant him a bow and a smile in return, taking his word to heart as he dropped the idea of scouting. She was far from being a sensory or stealthy type but Zhinu gave her the pair of eyes she generally lacked when it came to scouting. Most people would disregard the presence of a majestic hawk high in the sky anyway, not aware that the piercing eyes of a hawk could spot an ant moving if it so wished.

"I'll send Zhinu, my hawk, ahead to scout. Her sharp eyes, high altitude and trained upbringing should give us a good awareness of movement if our opponents aren't using stealth techniques. As for myself, I'll remain close as I have a technique that should grant us good cover against ranged strikes. My archery skills will provide assistance in ranged and covering fire."

The idea of remaining close to the priestesses was not the most comforting thought but Mizuki's sense of duty would not allow their disdain to get the best of her. If they wanted to be envious of someone who had done her duty, then so be it. She had no need herself for such trivialities when lives could be at stake. Moving into position with the others, Mizuki would whistle sharply to command the rather large grey hawk into the air, and whistle a different tune to order vigilance. With strong flaps, the bird would move up and away, it's speed remarkably matching that of most special jounin as it brought its light-weighted body up high into the skies. When Zhinu was in position, Mizuki would form the dog hand seal and throw her protective measure around the advancing cart. The three meter radius would suffice to take in the cart and the priestesses but their guards would have to stand rather close if they wanted to benefit of the anti-ranged protection. Mizuki was confident attacks blocked by the barrier would pose any real danger to the ANBU, however, their strength and skill outmatching the abilities of her own barrier with ease.

The cart would move on at a slow pace, the blistering sun of the desert only broken by the rare but welcome passing of a bird's shadow that provide a second of shelter against it. Maintaining her diplomatic nature even when the priestesses would chose to avoid her gaze or questions, Mizuki picked up small banter along the road with those wishing to share a casual conversation. The presence of Myrddin would not go unnoticed as for one reason or another unknown to her - his scent maybe? - made her give the impression she was supposed to know the individual behind the mask. For a similar strange reason he attempted to avoid eye contact with her, making Mizuki wonder if she was truly imagining the supposed familiarity or if it was just a case of prejudiced disinterest as that of the priestesses. Whichever the case may be, she didn't prod nor impose herself upon the matter, instead keeping her vigilance up for intruders rather than personal curiosity.

A piercing cry would cleave the skies, and in an instant Mizuki would grip her bow tightly and knock an arrow, allowing blue-green eyes to perceive Zhinu's circling flight above the point she had spotted them. Having no need to tell the others what the hawk's cry meant as they either were empathetic or skilled enough to understand it on their own, the heavily guarded cart would come to a halt and weapons would be drawn.

The attack had begun.

As they ran in to assault the cart, unaware of what vast power backing the existence of the three priestesses, she'd hear the women already panic and order the lot of them to take those 'heathens' down. And so one of them would be met with an arrow piercing its chest deeply, the impact strong enough to send him flying a meter before hitting the ground. The man would not stand up, his life ended well before he would have made his life useful. By the time she would have knocked her second arrow, there would be little left to take down. The small amount of people simply being insufficient and too unskilled to deal with the ANBU squad that had shot into action as fast as she had released her first arrow. The attack was over before it had begun.

Total: 1395


Bubblegum: 1/X

C Rank - Bubblegum:

Name: Water Release: Bubblegum
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: Personal
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained, 5 chakra/post
Cooldown: Duration x1.5 posts
After performing the dog hand seal, the user blows a bubble of suiton chakra into existence similar in execution as blowing bubblegum into shape. The layer of chakra surrounds the user in a 3 meter radius wide bubble and moves with the user. The bubble is invisible to the naked eye, but every time it is hit by a weapon, the chakra briefly becomes visible where it was struck, revealing a continued flow of water.

The continued flow of suiton chakra prevents all projectiles, thrown with a strength of B rank or lower, from getting through the bubble (counts for both directions). Chakra infused projectiles follow the basic rules of clashing against defensive jutsu, but non-weapon jutsu will not be blocked by this ability.

As for perceptive matters, all but sound-based sensory jutsu will remain unaffected. Since water generally distorts sounds of all kind, the flowing suiton chakra distorts sound-based detections by imposing a -1 rank to its effectiveness but does otherwise little to prevent detection.
The sharingan will not be able to see the user as the layer of chakra completely surrounds him in a globe, but tracking the chakra signature remains otherwise not the hardest of tasks. The byakugan, known to suffer some trouble with barriers, will be able to see the user through the chakra with a -1 tier penalty to perception.
Item & Pets:


1x 'Artemis':

Name: Artemis (アルテミス - "Arutemisu")
Type Of Weapon: Longbow
Rank: A
Elemental Alignment: -
Quantity: 1
Basic Abilities wrote:
Damage: while a bow is not intended to be used as a melee weapon, a good whack will still fracture bones but not break them.
Projectiles: ammunition fired with this bow will maintain their impact efficiency up to 70 meters, reaching the end of that distance in a single second (70 m/s).
Crafted from flexible shaft of wood of 68 inch (172.7 cm) long, the ends are connected by a strong cord, causing the wood to bend and keep the string under tension. It allows a draw length of 28" (71 cm), with a hemp cord being wrapped around the handle to solidify the 5" (12 cm) grip. The bow has been painted a pallid white, the chakra sealed within during its creation giving the bow a faint aura reminiscent of moonlight.
History: Ever improving upon the kyujutsu style learned by Zetsume Zix, Mizuki's skill outgrew the limits of a training bow. As such, she requested the construction of a quality custom bow which would allow her to make the most of her kyujutsu skills. Artemis, inspired by the celestial goddess of the hunt, was thusly given shape.
10x High-quality Arrows (pre-update):

Name: High-quality arrow
Type of Item: Arrow
Rank: A
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 10 (full quiver)
Ability/Function: None

Appearance: This arrow spans 32 inches from tip to tail. The broad head is an inch long, provided with three sharp blades made out of steel, and intended to provide a swift death by cutting major blood vessels while anchoring itself into the target. Its shaft is made of wood, with three fletches stabilising the aerodynamics when flying through the air.

The arrows effortlessly pierces 3-inch deep and cause light internal bleeding.

History: Every quality bow deserves a quiver with quality arrows.


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