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Mission name: Light in the Dark.
Mission rank: A-rank.
Objective: Help the victims of war.
Location: Any.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 4EP.
Mission Description: “After the battles end, there are innumerable wounded who require assistance and extraction. Providing humanitarian relief to those in need is as important as advancing our own goals.”
Mission Details: Iwagakure medical ninja (PC or with a Medical NPC) have been dispatched to warzones to provide aid for injured and extract wounded soldiers. The primary objective of this mission is to secure the wounded, but en route back to Iwa border camps with injured victims, shinobi will have to deal with numerous A-ranked non-ninja combatants, though they are armed with S-rank weapons and possess a multitude of (15+) explosive tags. Protecting the wounded soldiers is essential, and death of them means failure.

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Sweat rolled down the young jounin's face as the dust settled, he hoped that the Iwa shinobi had another way back into the land of wind, as he did not want to be stuck here in the land of stone. He had his own priorities and a job that still needed to be done, he left the entrance to the tunnel that had just been collapsed and began looking for anyone that could give him any information on a way back to his own border camp. Seeing a man giving orders the boy could only assume that he was one of those that could help him on his way, "excuse me.." The boy started but the man quickly cut him off, "look kid I appreciate the help you have in dealing with the attack but if you can not tell I am busy right now I do not have time for chit chat." The man's tone held annoyance in his voice, the boy could understand the stress the man was more than likely under, but at the same time he refused to be talked to as just some kid he was a high ranking shinobi and would not put up with the attitude of the man despite what had just transpired. "How about you show a little respect to the one who just saved your ass and point me to the nearest tunnel that will get me out of this dump." The boy stated, his anger obvious in his voice as he spoke. The man looked to the boy with a surprise and dumbfounded appearance on his face, it was clear that he was not use to being spoke to like that by someone who was half his age. The man went to speak again but Raphael would not give him the chance, " I am Raphael Kozai, Jounin of the Hidden Cloud and when you address me you will speak to me with the respect deserving my position. Now I understand you have a lot going on but all I want is to know how do I get back." The boy let his words sink in as he stared the man down, he was not going to be bullied by the man even if he was in the man's territory. The man did not say a word but pointed up to the north of were they stood, Raphael would nod in thanks before departing from the man heading in the direction he had been pointing.


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Makoto was too weak to help out on this mission as he seemed to be a bit tired as he sat down peacefully after taking a break as he moved back and forth with wet towels. Along the way there was a lot of issues and a medical shinobi of rather high rank was having trouble as there were people who had not managed to reach the camp as Makoto wanted to assist more, but in good conscious the medical shinobi could not go out their with a mere genin child. Perhaps if he was at least of the rank of a special jounin or higher all their problems would be solved.

The worried look bothered Makoto as he did not understand why he should even care since lots of them barely knew any jutsu and he had not quite learned other elements as of yet. However he had a small soft spot for them at the time, merely as he felt they must be in hell since he is already suffering from the weather alone. It was then that their savior would appear as he took the initiative and did not want to cause too much trouble as he moved over to a familiar face he knew all too well. "Hi, Raphael-senpai, please we need your help" as he bowed his head as he made the request, this mission in itself was at least A-rank and it just so happened an elite had shown up, someone whose skills he believed in and felt was a true elite among the higher ranks. He did not really know how strong Raphael was other then him making all the missions he went on so easy it was laughable, if he even had it in him to laugh since he had a serious face on him most of the time.

Makoto knew that there were no guarantee's, but if Raphael agreed he would begin by explaining the mission.
" The injured and the weak need help, but it's still a battlefield out there so we need someone strong for this mission." He looked to be really adamant when he continued, "We need someone as strong as you to help get through this, I can't do much and she only knows how to heal, if you can help then it would help us a lot with getting the injured to the border camps, if you can please" as he would continue with that if he agreed to listen to his plea.

If Raphael instead chose to agree no matter what the request was he would say in far simpler terms, "We need you to escort us while we get the injured to the camp"

Regardless of which option was taken he would be thankful just for the time given to him by Raphael who had already helped a lot as it is.

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