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1 Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:51 pm



Mission name: Attack Village Camps.
Mission rank: C-S.
Objective: Cause chaos by attacking village encampments.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: Variable ryo + 2-5 EP.
Mission Description: Rogue groups have hired willing ninja to attack border camps and disrupt village operations by causing chaos in their ranks.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Hired players will arrive at a border camp of their choosing and attack it as brutally or as merficully as they desire, it will be defended by at least one Shinobi of equal ninja rank with two chosen chakra natures and all Library techniques of their rank and lower. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Defend Village Camps mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission and it counts as a mission of the highest rank the two of them could accomplish together.

2 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:53 pm



Anger seethe off the male as he walked above the sand, disturbing not a single gain of sand. The very air seemed to part to make way for his presence, the hatred obvious in his electric blue eyes visible only through the eye's of the owl mask that covered his face. Konohagakure had to pay for their sins against the Land of Wind, the rape and torture of innocent lives at the hand of their military was a plague upon this land. The boy was no longer in control, the Owl was out for blood. The site of the victims of the military, was the break in the male's psyche. The Kozai was no more, the boy was not strong enough to handle what had happen, what had to happen. The boy allowed his Dark side to take over, now he was Myrddin and he would make them all pay.

The male stood five meters high in the air by the time the border camp came into his view, he continued his way towards the camp a slow pace licking his lips beneath his mask. The male was enjoying this, normally the boy would keep him in check but now the Owl was strong enough to take full control. Myrddin would rain death down upon the entire camp, and the boy could do nothing to stop him. Forming a string of hand seals the boy created a copy of himself, perfection in every way. The copy landed down on the sand below the same fire in it's eyes as the male had within his, he took a faster approach on the land then the male was in the air above him. The clone would reach the gate's of the border camp seconds after its creation, with a quickness that the guards were incapable of keeping up with the clone dispatched them as the male watched from above. Inhaling a deep breath the clone released a five meter diameter ball of wind from his mouth flying towards the tents and wooden huts of the border camp. "Come out and face me for your crimes, Cowards of the Leaf!" The clone yelled his voice echoing throughout the camp. The male watched from a safe distance still suspended in the air as the clone began fighting the soldiers below, the soldiers were no match for the Taijutsu of the male and by proxy the clone. The more they came the more they fell, the clone did not even need to use chakra to deal with these pathetic men and women that called themselves soldiers. The male wanted more of a challenge, but he might have to cause more Chaos if that was what he wanted to happen. While the clone continued to battle the soldiers on the ground, the unknown male formed a string of six hand seals holding the dragon hand seal as small orbs of wind began forming in the air above the camp. Once all five hundred were created the male would release the seal allowing the orbs to plummet down upon the camp, destroying anything and anyone caught within its blast radius.


Starting Chakra: 410
Windstride -15
Shadow Clone -15

Self: 165/190
Substitution: Prepped -5
500 Stars: Prepped -20

Clone: 165/190
Great Vaccuum Sphere: Activated -25

(I will add actual techs later if needed)

3 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:31 pm



Verdandi was here see Kiri's will fulfilled. War criminals. Konoha men that supposedly offended the constitutions of civil rights. Kiri's eternal law was, that the civilians they intend to rule and govern over, are not to be harmed. As an ally and unofficial vassal of the Mist. The leaf was bound to obey the same constitution. As reports of war crimes from a certain battle unit had returned to Kiri's administration. Verdandi had been sent to become the executioner of the men in question. A whole battalion. About fifty men. Were all down on their knees. Probably looking as if they were praying for someone who didn't know what was going on exactly. It would not go without Verdandi's clean understanding that these violators had been followed by someone who wished to seek for justice just as Verdandi was about to sentence these men to death. Kiri does not take prisoners. Kiri evaluates your crime and will decide how many limbs it will cost you. The verdict over plunder, mutilation, murder and rape was pretty easy. The body part put at cost for the violators was but their head. Which of course equally resulted in their death. These men knew what was coming for them. Just a day ago Verdandi had personally used her saw blade to casually saw the head off their leaders' neck. His decapitated body would still remain as a memory towards what was coming for the rest of them. However, Verdandi was interrupted rudely in her duty.

A punisher had arrived. Here to settle his own sentence upon these men for their crimes. His appearance wouldn't go unnoticed by the Sharingan user and yet his build up of chakra happened quickly. Verdandi moved next to the Konoha Lieutenant in charge of the remaining military. "We're under attack?! Shall we free the prisoners?" he asked, probably indicating that they could fight for their lives. But Verdandi shook her head. "No. Leave them here. Move the civilians and the guards to the centre of the camp and return into defensive positions." She ordered. The masses of them suddenly in a rather large ruckus. The invader had split himself. Verdandi could see two chakra flames of similar colour. The split-off directly charging for the camp. The chakra forming in its core seemed massive. Nothing Verdandi wished to encounter as of yet. Considering there was more aggressive chakra forming right above them in some sort of stars Verdandi had to cold heartedly calculate her chances of either venting a lot of chakra to save everyone including sentenced murderers. Or to select and sacrifice. With the civilians being moved from their camp the first wave of wind chakra exhaled itself within 30 meters of the camps front. Verdandi didn't lose any tears as a lot of the victims involved were the ninja-to-be-executed. The right of a punisher coming to judge those who have wreaked havoc amongst men. Verdandi remained her path on the retreat. She'd soon reach the group of surviving guardians and civilians and urge them to move out.

"I don't know if you guys can see those chakra balls forming above us but fuck I tell ye if you can get past its potential area of impact, that would be grand man." Verd would eventually say to the captain. Giving basically the order for the troops final retreat. As she watched the wind chakra tear the men before her apart. Some of the soldiers hit wouldn't be criminals though. Normal guards that were just at their defensive posts have been directly engaged in combat by what must have been either original or clone of the brightly glowing chakra dude. She couldn't clearly say just yet how many innocent leaf-nin had really fallen victim but she clearly showed no interest over how many of the criminals had already been slaughtered. Some of them were trying to get up and run. But the chains that would bind their hands and feet to the ground had been left in place upon Verdandi's orders. It didn't go without a certain sense of satisfaction to see them find a crueller end than Verd would have presented them with. Decapitation was a quick business and she only had the permission to saw the leaders head off. Doing the same to all of the men would have simply taken too long… Verdandi would place herself as far out of reach for both the wind blast and the incoming stars tech. But she could obviously not calculate the second one well. Depending on angle of their fall she might not be able to avoid them raining onto her head.


Chakra 310/350:

- 20, Yuki Clan Heat Compensation
- 20, Sharingan


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4 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:33 am



Myrddin laughed as he watched his clone work the Konoha military seemed to be thinning, it was as if they were not even trying to defend their camp. "What a shame," the mask man said aloud to himself. "Let's see if we can not change that, shall we" he continued as his five hundred stars finished forming in the sky above the camp. Myrddin released the dragon hand seal and focused the full force of the attack upon what looked to be a courtyard in the center of the camp that he could see the silhouettes of people, no doubt lying in wait for his clone to move through the camp. The clone had all but finished those of the military that had moved to stop him, only two where left when Myrddin releases his five hundred stars upon the camp. The explosion drew the attention of the two away from the clone and to that of the courtyard behind them, that was the last mistake they made as the clone used the opportunity to grab each by the back of the head and smashing them together. With a sickening thud the pair of soldiers fell to the ground as the clone let out a diabolical laughter that would cause anyone who heard it to think that he was a mad man.

With there no longer being any opposition between himself and the gate of the camp the clone would make his way in towards the court yard where Myrddin's five hundred stars had devastated the ground leaving a crater five meters wide and five meters deep. Any one that was in that blast would have been nearly instantly torn to shreds, while everyone else would have been blown away. "Is this all that you have to offer?" The clone yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice sounding almost as if it was carried upon the wind itself to find the ears of those within the camp. "You all have sinned against this land and it's people! I have come to send you unto the next life where you shall be judged for your actions here! If you try to Run I will catch you! If you try to hide I will find you! And if you try to stop me I will kill you slowly!" The clone would give a brief pause to allow his words to sink into whoever may have been listening. "Now come out and face the death that you know you deserve," the clone would finish his speech now standing at the edge of the crater closest to the gates of the camp, taking a brief second to look into the hole caused by the five hundred stars technique had created before looking back around the camp for any that may come to challenge or surrender to him.

While the clone gave his awe inspiring speech that and brought a tear to the male's eye, Myrddin began forming a string of hand seals before pumping his chakra into the air around him until his chakra was spread thinly over a two hundred and fifty meter radius around himself. Allow him to sense any movement within his range, and due to his proximity to the camp he could not only sense any movement within the camp but any movement on the outside of it as well. This chakra was so minuscule that most would not even know it was there yet the male's chakra saturated every single molecule of air, almost immediately he was alerted to the movement towards the back of the camp it would seem that they were evacuating rather than ingauging the male's clone. An interesting tactic to say the least, but it called into question just who it was giving the orders. Is the military really nothing more than cowards? The boy thought to himself as he began his slow walk upon the air towards the movement at the back of the camp, the male's clone seeing it's master's heading directed himself the same way and headed deeper into the camp in search for any that would dare oppose his claim to the lives of all those that inhabit this camp.



~Self: 140/190
Wind Sense (A-Rank) Activated -20
Windstride Maintained -5
Substitution post poned
~~Cool down:
500 Stars 0/6

~Clone: 165/190
~~Cool down:
Great Vacuum Sphere 1/7

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Verdandi was pretty content that the guards in the inner camp had made it to the retreat group. Eventually accounting for a bigger mass of civilians and simple soldiers than she had expected. Them being all round up Verd would move her palm to make sure they would be heading for the evacuation tunnel. The entrance to it was not all too far behind. A wonderful work of Iwagakure nin to say at least. Verdandi would stare back and see the clone of the attacker, or what she perceived to be himself for now. He was jabbering some madness over the battlefield. Clearly out of his calm. Verd wondered what to do with a guy that she didn't have any personal quarrels with, that obviously just executed a bunch of criminals. But he had also attacked Leaf soldiers. Innocent ones. Verd couldn't really confirm if they were just knocked out, wounded or dead however. If he really did kill one of them. Ewww, that would be nasty. Kiri wasn't the village to forgive and forget. Even if it were just a bunch of Konoha guards on duty. Verd crossed her fingers and was just mentally hoping for them to be still alive somehow. As for the stars, they came down crashing hard. Ripping apart a rather large area at the front of the camp. Verdandi was visibly a'gasped in awe of the technique. She had a little fetish for beautiful ninjutsu. This one had a remarkable damage output to go with it.

As the stars literally fell from heaven. Verd could watch the explosions rend the prisoners apart. While she considered herself to be of a more, lawfully good nature. Sometimes a little bit of chaos within her awakened. This was one of these moments. Seeing the stars explosions render the very prisoners apart that she had come to sentence and punish. What beautiful display. She should have thought of killing them in a similar way. Not that HQ high command would have cared how they died anyway. The few survivors would eventually crawl through the mud. Limbs torn apart. Blood spilling from their tortured bodies. But still, locked to the ground by their chains. Verd made a note to herself to commend the prison chef for picking very strong and chakra resistant chains. Verd decided that it was time to go play a bit though. He was calling her out anyway and those civilians behind her needed some time to get their asses into the depths of the Iwa tunnels. Verd moved forward. Picking up what would look like a mask from a knocked-out guard. It wasn't the usual ANBU type but still, could cover her face a bit. The cat mask adorned her face and instantly influenced her odd personality. If she had a tail she would wiggle it now. Instead she just purred a bit to herself. Wondering how life as a cat must be a wonderful thing. Kinda getting a bit angry at cats there as she was right out jealous.

Verdandi's makeshift Mask. Meowww ~

Verdandi stepped forward. Her eyes concentrated on the enemy above. She wouldn't really bother to talk with him just yet. But there was a simple way to get his attention. Verd would reach into the back of her rather extensive pockets filled with misc. weapons. Pulling out senbons, shooting them up. Eight in total, four expelled from each palm. Following by shuriken, eight in total, four per hand. Following by kunai, eight in total four per hand. Verdandi made sure to get a little break between each wave of projectiles to make sure that her opponent couldn't just use a single technique to deflect or send back all of them at once. However, Verdandi's last wave of weaponry would come with a little twist. One of the eight kunai had a little present attached to it. An exploding tag. Hidden in the hilt. Invisible to the naked eye. Verdandi would use the item reinforcement to silently and without being able to be noticed, flow a miniscule amount of chakra into that kunai. While anyone, especially someone that just deflected or otherwise avoided two waves of weaponry, wouldn't really feel very threatened by a third wave. Even eventually caught at getting bored of such attacks. They would find themselves surprised that a kunai would be flying towards them, able to pass through a standard defensive jutsu that not specifically deals with weaponry and even has the ability to explode into a massive B-Rank explosion damage.

The kunai didn't even have to hit the body. Just getting close would suffice for the explosion to do a lot of damage. Verdandi was curious on how her opponent would deal with the attack. Still completely oblivious towards the fact that this was just a clone. Of him anyway.

810 / 1600

Chakra 305 / 310:

Heat Protection remains active.

Sharingan wasn't used this turn.

➕ Item Reinforcing Technique:

Name: Item Reinforcing Technique (Hokyō'in no Jutsu)
Origin: Custom.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Bukijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: One post.
Cooldown: Five posts.
Description: The ninja uses their chakra to coat an item, weapon, or armor in their possession with a sheath of energy. This protects the chosen item from interactions with jutsu and allows it to withstand impact from a technique and not break, though it will still offer no protection from damage, other than what it normally would. The chakra cost for this jutsu is dependent on the rank of the item being reinforced.

• D-Rank: Five Chakra.
• C-Rank: Five Chakra.
• B-Rank: Ten Chakra.
• A-Rank: Ten Chakra.
• S-Rank: Fifteen Chakra.
• SS-Rank: Twenty Chakra.


Item: Kunai
Rank: E
Quantity: 8 of 11
Price: 30 ryo per kunai, or a pack of 10 for 250 ryo.
Description: This projectile, on impact with human flesh, pierces half an inch into the target.
Appearance: This knife spans 6 inches, from the tip to the base of the blade, with 4 and a half inches of handle and a small loop on the base of the hilt, which can be used to hook wire or other items.


Item: Shuriken
Rank: E
Quantity: 8 of 13
Price: 30 ryo per shuriken, or a pack of 10 for 250 ryo.
Description: This projectile, on impact with human flesh, pierces half an inch into the target.
Appearance: This four pointed star spans 3 inches from tip to opposing tip, with a small hole in the center.


Item: Senbon
Rank: E
Quantity: 8 of 10
Price: 20 ryo per senbon, or a pack of 10 for 150 ryo.
Description: This projectile, on impact with human flesh, pierces half an inch into the target.
Appearance: A Senbon is a 5 inch long, pin head thin metal needle.

Explosive Tag:

Item: Explosive Tag
Rank: B
Quantity: 1 of 1
Price: 1000 ryo per tag. 19000 ryo for a pack of 20 tags.
Description: This tag is highly adhesive and can be stuck to individuals or objects such as projectiles. The adhesive does not bond until the tag is fed the most minute amount of chakra [no chakra cost involved] Once a second charge of chakra is applied [again, so minute that no chakra cost is involved] or when exposed to impact force such as the object it is attached to hitting another object, the seal will activate, and after three seconds, will explode. When an explosive Tag detonates, it delivers a explosive blast that covers roughly one cubic metre. This explosion, while small, is powerful, able to deal second and second degree burns. On direct contact with an individual, such as when stuck directly to a victim or when a projectile bearing a seal becomes embedded in the target, the seals can blow off limbs and inflict third degree burns. Note, you can only possess a maximum of twenty explosive tags at any one point in time. Your tag count refreshes at the end of a thread in the same way as Shuriken and Kunai.
Appearance: This piece of paper spans 6 inches in length by 3 inches in width. The tag itself is an imbued piece of chakra paper which is white with a red border. The edge of the tag is laced with a strong adhesive and kanji seals cover the explosive tag's face.


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6 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:43 pm



At last it appeared as though someone had finally heard the clone's words stepping out from the shadows in front of the clone, the boy watched from above with interest in what the lone stranger planned to do against his counter part. Whoever it was hiding behind the cat mask did not matter to the make, the only thing he cared about was that they gave him a good show before his clone killed them. As soon as the feline launched her senbons the clone began forming a string of four hand seals, and extending his chakra out into the area around him grabbing the rocks and rubble left behind by the five hundred stars technique destruction of the camp. His chakra quickly forming the rubble into make shift shuriken which he launched to counter her thrown shuriken, while he dodged the senbons that she had thrown. All that was left now was the group of Kunai that she had launched at him, the clone released a quick burst of chakra just as the Kunai reached within three meters of him. The blast of wind would be enough to send the Kunai flying back towards the girl, however he was not expecting what happened next. As soon as his wind burst collided with the girl's Kunai an explosion triggered within on of them causing a blast to kick up dust and smoke from the bomb, had it not been for the powerful gust of wind blowing the force of the explosion away from the boy he would have been severely injured. It was apparent to the boy watching above that the masked person had some skills, hiding a paper bomb within their Kunai hidden amongst normal Kunai. It was enough of an interest that the male felt that he should step in, and the girl had given him the perfect opportunity. The bomb had created a screen between the two that was on the ground, with the smoke the clone would not be able to see the masked person but thanks to his wind sense the male would not need to see her to know where she was.

The male inhaled a breath before quickly activated his substitution switching places with his clone and putting himself on the other side of the smoke cloud from the girl, releasing his breath into a powerful bullet of wind that would scream across the air towards where the girl was at a rapid rate.

Meanwhile the clone having reappeared where the male formerly was in the air without the ability to walk upon it quickly dropped to the ground five meters below him. Landing and quickly tuck and rolling before jumping back upon it's feet and charging closer towards the camp however keeping some distance between it and the camp as it formed a long string of hand seals before holding the dragon hand seal. As the male had done before him, the clone was now creating five hundred balls of wind in the sky above the camp preparing them to rain down upon the camp once again.

After launching his Great Vacuum Sphere at the masked woman, the male would run out to his right in an attempt to flank her on her left side should she dodge the sphere on that side. If she did she would quickly be met with the boy's fist fully charged with his Stunning Fist Technique that would stop her from being able to dodge the clone's five hundred stars from raining down upon her. If she chose to dodge to her right instead however the boy would form a string of four hand seals and launch shuriken made of rubble at the woman as the clone had done to block the woman's shuriken just moments before.



~Self: 90/410 or 95/410
Wind Sense (A-Rank) Maintained -5
Windstride Maintained -5
Substitution Activated -5
Great Vacuum Sphere Activated -20
Stunning Fist -15 Or Tile Shuriken -10
~~Cool down:
500 Stars 1/6

~Clone: 125/190
Tile Shuriken Activated -10
Wind Burst Activated -10
500 Stars Prepped -25
~~Cool down:
Great Vacuum Sphere 2/7

7 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:37 am



Verdandi watched how the lucky shot of her opponent's wind jutsu collided with the explosive tag. Despite his luck he still seemed quite surprised as things went boom in such a close range. How he quickly recovered from it only showed his intuition and skill in battle. Verd wondered why such an apparently high ranked shinobi would have such a weakness to go berserk. As the boom goes off. Verd has to open her eye to actually see what's going on behind smokey clouds. The faint blink of the exchange technique replacing the glow of a stronger chakra flame with a dimmer one. The incoming, rather sudden attack leaves Verdandi to do a rather emergency defense technique. Forming an ice-armor straight over her skin. She did however see the wind chakra earlier thanks to her Sharingan, buying here a few mini seconds extra to work with it. Verd would move backwards quickly. Not sure if any of the attacks, be it wind blast, Raphs charge from the side or chakra in the rubble would actually get to hit her. Verd just wanted to make sure she was safe and jumped a tiny bit up before she created a sudden, huge life-sized frost statue of herself. (A-Rank Defense value). Technically, the statue would probably eat the damage of the vacuum sphere. But also create a huuuge mess on impact. Like the sphere would cut the frost statue apart and send a lot of ice chunks flying in each direction. Probably forcing Raphael to abort his charge towards Verd unless he wanted to be caught in the blaze of the colliding techniques of thick ice and wind.

If Raphael decided to charge after Verd anyway, whom was retreating backwards again, he'd have to keep up with her B-3 rank speed. So, he wouldn't be able to just blink past her as if she was standing still. But in any case. If he somehow managed to overcome the only minor gap in their speed. Verd was still wearing a nice set of ice armor able to swallow quite a lot of damage. (S-Rank Defense value). While Verdandi was running away. She would - on purpose - grab a thick piece of paper, looking a lot like another explosive, wrap it around a kunai and toss it with two others in direction of Raphael, specifically towards his feet, be it him chasing her or not. If he really did move on instinct as her Sharingan had predicted, Raph should end up reacting, maybe backing off or even defending himself at the next potential exploding tag thrown at him. His apparent reactions to the ruse were yet to be seen.

Verd could see the stars forming above. But having seen their execution before, even with the Sharingan, she knew she still had plenty of time to react to them coming down at her. By then she would surely have the next defense ready or might be able to out-run its area of effect. For now, she moved quickly at 13 m/s away from the vacuum vs. frost statue impact. She had seen the stars previously falling in about a hmmm 15-20m radius and she was certainly not moving in the direction of the 'other Raphael', rather in the very opposite and he was already quite a bit further at distance than the closer guy. So the chances of her running for a long enough time to escape the radii of the stars were pretty neat. Verd however would have to keep an eye on Raphael and be ready to blow her chakra in his direction if he dared to catch up with her despite all obstacles and even try to overcome her ice armor and hurt the young lil snow princess.

All the while a lot of civilians had already escaped in the iwa-made tunnels, mostly cause Verdandi's distraction to the attack, taking his attention fully on her was working quite well. But some soldiers were still left, scattered all over the camp, running towards the cave entrance. Verd was ready to move for the entrance if necessary to safeguard the civilians escape. She wouldn't however mind if some of the soldiers wouldn't make it due to the attackers next moves. Sometimes losses were... acceptable.

720 / 2320

Chakra 240 / 310:

Active Effects
- Heat Protection remains active.
- Ice Armor is active.
- Item Reinforcing Technique 1/5 CD

Spent Chakra
-20 Sharingan
-20 Ice Sculpture
-25 Ice Armor

Already used items:
-8 kunai
-8 Shuriken
-8 Senbon
-1 Explosive Tag

🛡️ / ➕ Ice Release, Scuplture Technique:

Name: Ice Release: Scuplture Technique (Hyōton: Kōrizō no Jutsu)
Origin: Library / Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive / Supplementary
Element: Hyouton
Range: Self
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Until broken
Cool-down: 5
Chakra: 20
Description: The user flares an amount of their Hyouton chakra in a position they are in, shortly clouding the area around the user for just a few seconds. The user then steps away from his position and leaves behind an ice sculpture mimic of themselves almost instantly in their stead, in the precise and perfect position they were in when they activated their ability with all weapons and additions adorned. The mimic is however 3x heavier than the user and can be used to soak an attack or hold something in place that would be trapped beneath it. The statue can be broken by an A rank jutsu, 2 B rank jutsu or 3 C rank jutsu.

Deep Freeze: This technique is extremely cold. When in contact with water or suiton, the hyouton chakra causes said water to instantly freeze into ice within a 5 meter radius around collision impact and then continues to freeze the remaining body of water as usual. This ice has no specific effect other than it's natural properties. The interaction powers against suiton remain exactly the same.
🛡️ Ice Release, Ice Armor:

Name: Ice Release: Ice Armor
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-A
Type: Defensive
Element: Hyouton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4
Cooldown: 5
Description: This technique allows an ice user to make use of the water or frost deposits underground. It will creep quickly onto the surface and start to crawl up the targets legs. It will aim to completely encase the target until it layers over every part of their body. The speed of the ice's movement is high and the protection of the armor will be ready in an instant after casting.

This is the defensive tech to it's twin Ice Prison. The defensive technique aims to cover the user in a thick layer of protective ice. The user can choose for himself if he wishes to completely encase their body in ice or not. Despite it's density the ice is very thin and doesn't restrict the users movements at all.

The usual elemental reactions are given:
Contact with katon element will be regarded as 1 tier weaker against ice.
Contact with raiton element will be regarded as 1 tier stronger against ice.
Contact with any body of water will freeze the water over time.

C-Rank: Shields against 1B, 2C, 3D Jutsu.
B-Rank: Shields against 1A, 2B, 3C Jutsu.
A-Rank: Shields against 1S, 2A, 3B Jutsu.


Item: Kunai
Rank: E
Quantity: 3 of 3
Price: 30 ryo per kunai, or a pack of 10 for 250 ryo.
Description: This projectile, on impact with human flesh, pierces half an inch into the target.
Appearance: This knife spans 6 inches, from the tip to the base of the blade, with 4 and a half inches of handle and a small loop on the base of the hilt, which can be used to hook wire or other items.


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8 Re: Shinokyōfu (OPEN) on Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:34 am



In time the rain of stars would fall down. But Verdandi had already escape its range. Her armor seemingly becoming impenetrable to her opponent and the amount of guards that were left for him to harm were but miniscule. It seemed like he was going to retreat himself a bit. Which would most likely be a good thing for Verdandi. She'd quickly form the handseals to split herself up with three shadow clones. Sending one specifically to the tunnel to make sure the civilians were escaping well. While completely ignoring the 'death sentenced' prisoners, Verd's other two clones would move out to grab on the injured guards. Meanwhile, the real Verdandi would keep the attacker in-check. In case he tried to attack further. But considering the amount of damage he had already given to the camp. There was not much left to defend or attack anyhow. If he dared to go for the clones as they were rescuing the guards, Verd would have to move in and use her Rasengan and Ice Prison to stop the man. But for now, he seemed to be passive and just watch what was happening. In time he'd disperse his clone and return to become one single body. Verd just waited it out until the clones had dragged the bodies of injured soldiers to the tunnel. Letting the last remaining civilians help with pulling them in for rescue. As soon as she could see that they were safe. Verd would move to the tunnel entrance by herself and then cover it up in a thick layer of ice.

She'd make sure to keep her Sharingan active and watch him even through the tunnels walls. He eventually started his attack on the camp again. Seemingly taking pleasure in slaughtering the guilty prisoners at his own accord. Verd didn't mind. He had however, harmed innocent men and that was something Dandi couldn't really work well with. She would have to report this. The man's behaviour clearly out of line. Masked or not, Verdandi's Sharingan allowed her to see his chakra. Was it really Raphael? The man she worked on so many cases in favour of Kiri and the good of the villages. Was he that outraged by the event that he would have to attack innocent men alongside the guilty? Verdandi couldn't really grasp it as to what suddenly had turned this man's psyche from calculated and perfectly capable companion into an outraged, berserker that was willing to sacrifice hundreds of life's for the simple gain of revenge. She couldn't blame him for hating the rapists and murderers. But to justify the slaughter of innocent ones was… just as bad it seemed. She would have to talk with him at whenever next chance they would have to discuss it. Hopefully in a casual and non-harmful way. Verd would just write down that she encountered a man with cyan coloured chakra. A kozai presumably. Leaving it up to interpretation if it really was Raphael or not.

Within the hour, the civilians and Verd would arrive at the other end of the escape tunnel. At an oasis path. Far away from the camp. Despite their distance. With the eye of the Sharingan Verd could still see how the crazed man was blowing his wind chakra down into the camp and break even the smallest tents to pieces. She'd shake her head. It seemed as he was a broken man inside. But Verdandi had other things to worry about. First and for all she had to bring these people to safety. In the primary attempt, they would have to restock on water at the oasis. Hydration was a big topic as usual. Then getting off and away towards the south. The travel through the desert to the next Konoha camp was over a days' worth of walking. Verd would make sure to support the weak and injured. Having long since sent one of her messenger birds to the camp. They would send rescue troops towards their location and hence make the trip to the meeting point only half a days' worth in time. When Verd would arrive at the meeting point. She'd help the people set up the tents. Get water from the next oasis bit. Have a secured surrounding and even build an ice-dome that could protect from sand and ill weather for a while. Verd wouldn't move from their side until the injured were taking care of enough to get them properly ready for the final transport home.

Verdandi would find herself in the uncomfortable situation of being continuously asked as towards what she was going to do about the attacker and about the intel she could give about him. She'd try to stay and remain as vague as possible. Clearly trying her best as to not really give out a fixed statement towards whom she'd think it really was. Instead obfuscating the infos slightly and just giving generalized descriptions that would be able to come from any of the onlookers and participants that had escaped the scenery. Verd honestly didn't know at this point if Raph had only injured or really killed a Konoha soldier. If her really acted out this crime as implied. She wouldn't know what to do with this information. Maybe talk with aunt Ayakashi about it? Or would she be in need to tell the Hokage about this? Or were neither of them interested at all. Verd tried to shrug it off for now. Not much she could do about. They would soon reach the camp in question. Allowing the civilians to disperse into the various tents. They would eventually have to move back to the main camp in time. Verd just made sure that the injured ones were taken care of and put to relax in the medical tent. ANBU Squads would go out to engage the camp in question. Verdandi refused to return as she was offered to join them. There was no specific need to fight this guy any longer.

Verdandi went to see off the civilians and then moved to intercept Avalanche on his waiting location. Grabbing on the big bear to travel ahead back to Kiri and get this topic over with. As she was questioned by the Kiri officials. Verd didn't have the heart to lie to them and offer the intel about the Kozai. She still refrained from naming Raphael out. They would have to do that bit on their own. Instead she'd go and gather the pay for the mission as she could and head towards her own quarters. Wondering what to do about all this. She thought it might be better to write down her perspective of the mission into a scroll and keep it sealed for now. She wrote down the exact happenings and the potential deaths of the Konoha soldiers in question. Writing it all down surely helped her getting it off her chest. But as the time came for her to seal it into her storage. The idea of possessing this just weirded her out too much. Instead she'd burn it. Turning the ink to ash and make sure not even an ANBU would be able to retrieve what was lost this day. She would be held accountable maybe. Maybe she could play it dumbed down if she ever encountered the situation. Hopefully it'd never come to this in the first place. She wasn't the type that liked it to end up hunting a friend if it was avoidable.

[EXIT] - closing due inactivity.

Verd WC: 1'270 / 3'590
Total WC: 5'464

WC Usage:

2500 for B-Rank Mission Pay.
1040 (1300 on 20%) for training Reaction Time from A-2 to A-3.


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