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Mission name: Mercy.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Help the helpless.
Location: Border-camps.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP.
Mission Description: “There are those who wish no part in this conflict. Those who wish to escape the sand but do not trust the Great Nations to aid them. Guide them to safety, wherever they choose.”
Mission Details: Independent shinobi have been hired to help small refugee groups who wish to migrate to minor nations instead of the Hidden Villages. Meet with them, and subtly extract them from the village camps to lead them wherever they choose to call home.

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Raiu Mizuki

Raiu Mizuki

The dark messiah. It had been a while since she had taken on the role of a little star of hope in the night sky. The last time she had done so was during the assault on Sunagakure when three massive shinobi were blowing it all up. Houses crumbling, people wounded and stuck under the debris, criminals abusing the occasion to desperately cling to the streets running empty as their delusions believed they'd survive to rule the slums. The chaos had been real back then. Now it was different. Small camps of refugees had gathered up, trying to avoid the turmoil of the waging wars. Mizuki couldn't blame them. If she could, she would have done the same. And perhaps, she would do so in time, move away to find some peace of mind. The war was taking its toll. Not just on the civilians but also on the shinobi. How much longer...?

As the woman moved forward, dressed in white desert robes she'd see the fearful eyes of those looking at the headband tightened around her arm. Whispers would follow about Kumo coming to gather them. How they'd have to run. Then others would hush them, telling them they had heard stories about this woman and the black raiton cloud. Good folk. Bad folk. Nobody knew the truth these days, the future muddled by ambitions of men believing themselves greater than the people who gave them their position. But eventually she'd meet with a young man chiselled out of courage. He would stand tall, self-assured as determination drove him to watch over these small groups.

"They say you're the storm herald. Is that true?"
"I am Arashihime, yes. The Lady of Storms, Herald of Hastur and diplomat of Kumogakure. Your desire to find shelter away from the sands reached my ears."
"We don't want any business with the Nations. They only bring misfortune."
"I understand your worries, but I have not come for the good of Kumogakure today."
"Life is too precious to let it waste in a desolate area such as this. I'd much prefer you found a home befitting your heart though the road may not be easy."

She'd turn and point to the north-east, the sun throwing its rays into her back as it was slowly sinking. In an hour the desert would be thrown into darkness.

"If you move to the east north-east you will end up in the Land of Rivers. It's a part of the Land of Fire but I believe that the lush greens and the nearby sea will provide your people with much needed food, drink and respite. From there, you could continue the road towards Tani, or traverse the Hanguri Gulf south-east to enter the Land of Tea."

He'd nod, surprised to hear someone offer directions with such ease but he would not be so naive to believe it would not be without dangers. The man's experience with shinobi and the way the Nations were treating the refugees dissuaded him from joining them. Perhaps they didn't have the worst of lives but it felt like walking towards the slaughter house nonetheless.

"Do not go north if you wish to avoid the Nations. While I'm assured that the Leaf Shinobi would mean you no harm, the north is where they originate from. Hidden Valley and Hidden Rain may as well be vanguard posts for that matter."
"What guarantee do I have you're not sending us into an ambush?"
"I admit I can offer none but I can say that our troops are too preoccupied with Sunagakure and the other Nations to care much for those who slip passed their guard."

The man would measure her words as his eyes attempted to bore them into hers. Mizuki had nothing to hide. It was far from the first time she had brought refugees to safety and certainly not the first time she had spared a life. Even if Hastur would feel a need to scold her for it, which was unlikely since the man hadn't even descended from his self-made divine throne to reward his 'jewel' for her successful world-wandering diplomatic mission, the thunder god had other things to worry about than a few refugees without combat prowess or spine to join his cause.

"Well... Thank you."
"Remain safe, wanderer. Know that we never met."

And at those words, the diplomat would vanish in a flicker, a cloud of sand being the only thing visible before the wind scattered the hapless grains.


-750 mission

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The land of Wind, what was once the proud home of one of the five great shinobi villages, was now nothing more than a land of death and destruction. Tore by a war that was not their own, but rather that of the remaining shinobi nations. Under the premise of aid the foreign devils invaded the land of wind all offering aid and support, however their true goal was soon made clear. They wanted what they did not have and with no hidden village to oppose their occupancy of the land of wind, it seemed as if the four great shinobi villages would soon grow in size. There were those of the land of wind that did not agree with the four nations, causing trouble with the villages endeavours upon what was rightfully theirs. These people were quickly labeled criminals within the eyes of the four shinobi villages, and while it was true that there were criminals that were a part of the resistance or even had a hand in it's leadership, not all that were a part of the resistance were truly criminals. These were simple men and woman of the land of wind, even some shinobi that had survived the fall of the village hidden in the sand. These people were not criminals by heroes, coming to the defense of their homeland and doing their best to prevent the annihilation of their home from spreading further than it had already been.

Raphael was ashamed to say that he did not hold the same reguard for the land of wind as these people do, he should have been among them and their quest to revitalise his home country. Instead like a coward he fled when the village hidden in the sand fell, turning his back on his family and his people swearing an oath to a man that proclaimed to wish to help those who had fallen victim to these atrocities. Now a year later the boy learned the truth about the man who defined himself a God, he cared not for the people of the land of Wind nor did he care about bringing the criminals that brought on this tradegy to the land by destroying the village hidden in the sand. Instead the man god gave the man that held the most responsibility for the village's destruction Amnesty and Asylum for his crime. The male could not just turn his back on the oath he made to the man, but that did not mean he had to support every one of his Kage's endeavors. The endeavor within the land of wind would not longer receive the male's support, rather the young jounin boy will do whatever he could do to truly helping the people of this land, his people.

This is what brought the boy to where he now was, there were those that wanted nothing to do with the hidden shinobi villages. Non combatants requested the aid of any willing to help them with their travel to a village away from all the fighting where they would not long face the oppression of the four great shinobi villages. Raphael arrived at the refugee camp on the edge of the new Kumogakure border where the request for his help originated just before the sun had set over the horizon. Their journey was too be a long one and it would serve them to travel in the cool of the night rather than the heat of the day, it would also lower the chances of them coming under attack from bandits or those within the village hidden in the cloud that thought as the Raikage in the fact that the refugees should be serving the military of his new nation. If they were found not only would he be labeled a criminal for his attempt to free them, but all of them would be put to death by the Raikage and his radicals. It was safer for all of them this way as it did not draw attention to them, it was also less likely that they would run into trouble with bandits.

As the night sky first began to blanket the desert of the land of wind, the young shinobi met with the appointed leader of this small group of refugees. "Hello my brother," the boy stated as he removed the hood to reveal the Sunagakure hitai-ate on his forehead once again. This made the second time this week that the boy had placed the Sunagakure headband upon his forehead, rather than the Kumogakure headband he had been wearing for well over a year now. The man smiled and extended his frail arm forward to shake the young shinobi's hand, Raphael took the man's hand with ease not wishing to hurt this frail old man, however he was surprised by the strength in the man's grip. It was clear that this man was a man of labor and hardship, "I am glad to see another that survived that terrible night." The man said his voice shaking as he spoke, "this land has become too much for us, we have heard that the land of waterfalls has a nice view. We were hoping you could take us to their border," the man continued as he pointed into the direction of where it was that they would be going. Raphael scanned the group that was gathered with the man, and then looked to the horizon in the direction the man was pointing. There was a total of ten of them, besides the old man there were two other elderly men and two elderly women, there were four children that did not look like they could be much older than ten or eleven, and the final member of the group was a girl that seemed to be slightly younger then Raphael himself no more than fourteen.

The young blonde shinobi would let out a soft sigh before he lookes into the man's eyes, "I am not going to lie to you, the journey to the land of waterfalls is no easy task. It is a long distance from where we are to the border, it will take us walking through most if not the entire night and well into the morning hours for us to reach your destination." The boy would pause, looking into the faces of all that were looking to him for help. "I will take you but first, are you sure you all will be able to handle it?" The boy asked looking back to the man that was to be the leader of this troupe. The man would nod his head in simple compliance, the boy was not surprised by the man's belief in those with him being capable of such a journey. The people of the land of wind have survived through so much even before the recent events over the past year, they were a strong people even their young and elderly were as tough as the average citizens. Raphael would return the man's nod as a way of saying, "alright then let's get moving." But the boy would not say any actual words before turning and heading in the direction that the man had pointed, pumping his chakra into the air until it covered a two hundred and fifty meter radius around the boy and the group of ten that he was escorting. There would be no surprises for them tonight, any movement towards them and the boy would be alerted to it before anything could come within striking distance.

The boy had been right about the journey, it was a long one however it was at least a quiet one with them not running into any trouble on their journey. The journey taking them all the way through the night and into the rising of the sun before they reached their destination of the border to the land of waterfalls where there were a group of people wait for them to help them cross the border. "I can not thank you enough," the old man said shaking the young shinobi's hand on last time before joining the group that had already begun moving back to the land of waterfalls. A single woman stood at the border until all had left except the boy and herself, "you have done a great service young shinobi, however do not let your pride get the better of you as it will surely lead to your downfall." The woman stated in an ominous tone, the boy went to speak asking her what she meant but before he could get a sound out of his mouth the woman disappeared without a trace. The boy headed back to his camp, now that he was alone he could move quicker than he had with the group. Taking him only a few hours to reach his tent, the woman's words still ringing in his ear. He had no idea what the woman meant by what she said, but the words would soon fade from his thoughts as he slowly drifted to sleep after his long night.

Waking the next morning the boy heard the woman's voice once more stating that his pride would be his downfall, but he could not figure out how. It was not like the boy was overly prideful, he was a well trained and highly skilled shinobi and he did have a tendency to flaunt himself and his abilities but he had never thought of that was being prideful. Still the boy shook his head trying to push the woman's thoughts from his mind once again, "that is not the way I want to wake up in the morning." The boy said aloud to himself as he stretched and began his morning routine of starting his day. Try as he might the woman's words still on his thoughts, though the more he ignored it the softer it eventually came to be until the boy finally forgot about the words of the woman as well as the woman. By the next night the boy did not even remember what the people he had helped looked like, something that the boy would usually find strange cobsidering his eidetic memory however for some unknown reason he did not seem to care and simply drifted off to sleep once more.

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Mission Completed: -750
Bonus Ryo Maxed: -600
386 words discarded.

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