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1 Political Prisoners (Invite Only) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:23 pm



Mission name: Political Prisoners.
Mission rank: B-rank.
Objective: Free prisoners from village camps.
Location: Border-camps.
Reward: 500 ryo + 3EP.
Mission Description: A number of Wind Country nationals associated with resistance groups are being held in village camps. Many will pay handsomely for their return.
Mission Details: Completely 100% innocent political prisoners who employers have assured shinobi are not involved in anything even remotely suspicious have been held captive and are going to be transported to prisons. Through infiltration or force, hired ninja are asked to release them and return them to their allies in the sand. Being caught or engaging village shinobi will result in combat with an A-ranked ANBU captain with three chakra natures and all library techniques for them who leads a group of five to eight B-ranked non-ninja NPCs.

2 Re: Political Prisoners (Invite Only) on Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:56 am



Konoha had crossed the line, they were holding prisoners of war which by itself was a crime in the boy's eye those that they were holding prisoners had done no wrong. This the boy could not let stand, when word had reached the young Anbu's ears a fire began in the boy's heart. It was not something that he could explain nor was it something he particularly understood, but there was something that he did know he would free those being held against their will and were innocent of the charges against them. In the dead of the night the young shinobi moved from his tent in the Kumogakure camp, clad in his full Anbu gear the boy moved with a quickness and stealth that he had never done before. There was a vigor in the boy, a determination that he had not experienced before. It was as if someone else was in control of his body, yet he was in control he knew what he was doing and did not want to stop.

The Anbu Myrddin looked out the mask of the owl with his electric blue eyes as he stared across the desert sand once he reached the exit to the camp. The moon was gone from the sky, only the stars were left to light the desert sand. The boy's eyes shown as bright as the stars in the sky beneath his mask, he knew where he needed to go so he did not see the point of wasting time. The male moved across the desert at a speed unlike he had ever moved before, it was as if he was possessed. Suddenly possessing a power he had never felt before, he was not the man he was before he would no let such atrocities to be allowed to continue. As he neared the camp where the prisoners where being held he quickly scanned the area even in the low light that the stars provided, the boy could see at least nine men patrolling the camp. This was not going to be easy, but there was nothing the boy enjoyed more than a good challenge and with this new vigor he felt he was just itching for a fight but he knew that he had to play it smart. His approach was slow as he did his best to not draw attention to himself something he was not particularly good at, but over the past few months he had been improving significantly and tonight he seemed even more attuned to that of the stealth art. The young shinobi found himself a wall at the border of the camp, slowly moving around the corner the boy encountered his first guard. Luck was on the boy's side as the guard was facing away from him, slowly and quietly the boy crept up on the man and snagged him in a head lock from behind. With a flex of his arm the male snapped the man's neck, adrenaline rushed through the boy as the man's body went limp in his arms. He had never snapped a man's neck like that before, it was an amazing feeling for the young shinobi. Realizing there were still more guards the male did a quick look around before dragging the corpse of the man to a pile of hay and covering the body. Slowly the boy began releasing chakra into the air around him saturating the air so that any movement would allow the boy to know where it is which would allow the boy to find the guards and eliminate them, as well as not have to worry about being snuck up on.


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Makoto wanted ryo and he wanted to fight for the right cause as he made his way towards the location where the prisoners were being held. For Makoto he did not want to believe prisoners were innocent, since they usually were guilty of crimes. However whether they were prisoners of war or the like, when he was informed it was done by Konoha he could not turn a blind eye to which side he was on in this strange battle.

Makoto had set out during the day and by the time he was getting there it seemed to be nightfall already as he wished he was a little bit faster. Makoto was nearly at his target location, the mission was far too dangerous and he might get scolded for it afterwords. In the end all he knew is that the innocent should be set free and as a thanks maybe they would allow him to learn some of their kinjutsu as he was more interested in learning more techniques.

Makoto's heart raced as someone familiar passed over, he was not sure who they were but they were so fast he thought he would die if he had been standing in the path of that human horse. The only way to describe the mad speeds with which this man was moving. The boy did not do much to approach the guy since they were heading in the same direction he was uncertain of the guy's intentions, though the guy's eyes seemed to stand out though he could not quite figure it out. The moon seemed to vanish at some point and while the stars are bright, they do not help you much when your eye sight is not that good to begin with.

Makoto was close to the guy, but he was more wary of the other guards patrolling the area as Makoto hid against the walls silently, though he was starting to forget the guy was there as he was more worried about the guys who he knew would attack him. He could barely see them and he was fortunate that it was a two way street in terms of what they could spot. Though for Makoto he was forced to be silent and he could not make many movements as he wondered for a moment how that guy was going to get in.

Makoto lost track of the other guy as he made his slow journey towards his main destination as he was about to turn around a corner then he heard some men and jumped into a pile of hay, the first thing he noticed as he shut his mouth, there was someone else in the hay as his heart was racing only for him to find out it was a dead body. Makoto peaked his head from the top of the hay slightly, he could not be seen in the cover of the night. Though he found it a bit disturbing as he decided to play it safely since they did not seem to be tracking him directly as he moved out from the hay silently before making his way against the walls and moving slightly better as it seemed this guard was the one responsible for this area. Upon reaching where he believed the prison to be he could hear two guards talking on the other side.

"Those prisoners can say they're innocent all they like, in their good positions getting three meals a day while we have to work our butts off. I hope they all get hanged, well after we get some money out of them" as Makoto listened in he felt annoyed as he kept his breathing still. He was nervous and carefully performed the water clone technique on the other side of the wall, he then waited patiently as he hid in a small building that was open as the other two patrolled the wall confirming its safety as one would carefully climb up onto the roof. It seemed these guards had no real shinobi training, though they definitely looked strong as the Makoto clone on the roof played it safe scouting from there.

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4 Re: Political Prisoners (Invite Only) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:09 pm



The boy soon realized based off of the movement within his range that it would take far too long for him to deal with each guard on his own and the longer he took the more likely he was to be found out. He need a plan, a good plan that could help him deal with the guards and free the prisoners without drawing it out in a large scale fight, it was then that the idea hit him. Forming the seal of confrontation the boy focused his chakra before he split it creating four exact copies of himself in the form of shadow clones, the young Myrddin then silently drew a make shift map in the sand at their feet based off the movement that he saw. Marking the position of a total of eleven men or women within the camp not counting the prisoners that were being held captive, the boy pointed to each clone before pointing to a cluster of the movement for each clone to targets as quickly amd quietly as possible. The first clone was sent to deal with the movement of three on the other side of the camp, the second would deal with the two that was not far from the boy's current position, the third was sent after the three that was in the center of the camp, while the fourth and Myrddin himself moved to deal with the last three which surrounded where they were keeping the prisoners. With a silent nod in confirmation from the other four, the five masked men split and headed for their intended targets.

Each form of the boy moved with quickness and stealth the like of which the boy doubted member's of this camp were able to keep up with before they all struck at their targets simultaneously. The first clone went after the three that were on the roof tops, not using chakra but attacking them with their fist they looked as though they were triplets though the clone did not really pay attention to their looks before his attack. This was not the time to debate that, he needed to move fast and get the prisoners out of there. The triplets would be met with a fury of the clone's fist that would reduce two of them to nothing more than the water that created them while leaving the third severely bruised as a result if the clone's fist made contact with them. The second clone met his target in the streets not far from where the first clone encountered the three on the rooftop, the two men on the street spoke of the prisoners however their conversation was a short one as the first of the two's skull was crushed inwardly by the fist of the second clone. The second man stood there in shock as he watched his comrade collapse to the ground, watching as the clone removed his fist from the man and come towards him. The second man was unable to let out so much as a yell as the clone was quickly upon him, grabbing the man on both sides of his head before snapping the man's neck with little effort. The third clone met with those that patrolled the western border of the camp, taking the first out from behind with a snap of the man's neck before grabbing the second man and twisting his arm until there was a snap. The man's cry in pain would not last long as the clone quickly covered the man's mouth before snapping his neck as he had done the first. The third man tried to run, no doubt to warn the others within the camp however the clone was much faster than the man catching up to him with ease driving it's knee into the man's back as he tackled him. The clone could here the breaking of the man's bone as he fell to the ground with the clone on top of him. The fourth and final clone and the real boy that accompanied it made their way to the center of the camp where the last three targets and the prisoner's were within the camp. The clone moved to the right while the boy moved to the left to flank the three men, each of them easily dealing with the first of their targets. The clone made it to the third man first, however unlike how easily them and the other clones had dealt with the rest of this man's men, he would not fall as easily and ended the life of the clone with a powerful blast of fire from his mouth. The clone disappeared into a puff of smoke as the boy realized that this opponent was going to be a challenge, a smile slowly forming on his face.

The first three clones after dealing with their targets, the first clone (whether any of his attacks hit Makoto or one of his clones would soon realize that they posed no threat to the mission), would head straight for the center of the camp to meet up with the boy and the first clone. With all of their attacks on the different guards happening simultaneously the clones would soon see the blast of fire in the center of the camp as they felt one of their own disappear from the world. Arriving at the center of the camp surrounding the boy and the last remaining man, the clones would not interfere, their master would not allow it. This man was to be his challenge, so they would just watch and wait should the boy need their aid.


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The Makoto running along side the wall did not hear much as he became suspicious of the situation. Moving along the walls his hair would flow against his face and forehead as the clone wondered how, a body made of water had hair that did not flow like a river. The front end of the fringe brushing against his forehead, the bangs on the sides swaying back and forth as he made sure to keep up the pace. One had to be sneaky and have steps that left no trace of ones existence as the hair rose up slightly as he ducked his head lower when he thought he saw the shadow of someone passing over head followed by blood. The blood came from above as the Makoto clone held his mouth closed and looked up to the sky as his hair fell across the side of his one eye. Then a body fell down right next to him as he began to wonder what was going on as he bowed his head forward as the hair fell in front of his face once more.

Meanwhile on the roof tops where the other Makoto clone had been hiding and laying low, he had not quite realized at the time what was going on as three men had seemingly surrounded him. However as soon as they were near him he knew it was over only to hear something faint, as the men all just dropped dead as one ended up sliding off the edge of the roof as he held his breathe and saw a man with eyes that told you he would end you if you got in his way as he just faced his head to the ground. Not that he could really move with the two dead bodies that managed to fall on top of him as he stared at the blankness of the roof tiles that were his floor for now. His face facing it as if he had been punished not even thinking to challenge or move from this spot until he felt the danger was gone. His hair laid in a mess as he wondered how strong this guy was to lay waste to these guys so easily and so swiftly.

Meanwhile the real Makoto was thinking of an escape plan, the innocents probably could not jump walls like he could, and running was not an option either as he felt like he came unprepared for the situation with the front of his fringe now falling on his nose as he looked forward, the sides of his bangs seemed to be split at the ends as he forgot to brush his hair before going out. He felt so worried and so confused as he started thinking if only he could make a better more longer lasting and efficient clone technique. Clones that could last long was a given, but they needed to be able to travel further away without breaking down or they would end up rather useless in the grand scheme of things. Makoto wondered if he could make it more powerful by infusing a larger portion of his chakra, while at the same time wondering how much he could get done with the clones in the first place.

As the time went on Makoto realized something as he began to formulate a plan for a new jutsu. The roof top Makoto carefully struggled to escape from the two dead bodies. While the Makoto who was patrolling looked around carefully and reported back to the real Makoto who took note of the situation. If a dead body fell from the roof top his other clone was either dead or in a state that was not very useful right now meaning he had a huge lack of chakra. Along with that Makoto raised his head as the hair flicked from the left of his face to the right before settling down the middle as he thought to himself. The rooftop clone then finally got out of his predicament when a blazing fire seemed to burst near the center of the camp as Makoto noticed in the lighting that there were quite a few dead bodies. He noticed he was wounded, though not enough to be killed he slipped and fell off the roof and died as a puddle of water after seemingly bleeding out.

The real Makoto and the one surviving clone noticed this too and so the clone went to scope it out and noticed only silence as he took a chance to peek over the wall the two guards covering the prison seemed to be dead, meanwhile it seems there were a lot of people distracted by whatever happened further on. Taking this chance Makoto clone survivor went into the prison finding that the main guards were probably dead found the keys to the prisons. The real Makoto stayed hidden close by as the clone finally managed to figure out which keys as the prisoners seemed so devoid of life it was clear that they understood there would be no trial, only an execution after they served no further purpose.

The clone Makoto moved towards them as he fidgeted and got the gate open after a while as the eyes of the prisoners began to light up. One was about to cry out in joy only to have his mouth shut by two of the others. The situation was serious as they made their way forward following the small boy to safety as the small boy knocked on the near by wall to let the real Makoto know what was up. They then moved silently as the boy signaled them to be quiet as they began to move towards the gates to escape the disaster that would soon follow.

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