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1 Do bandits go boom? [Mission | Katsumi] on Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:28 pm



Special Jounin
Mission name: Collapse the Tunnel!
Mission rank: B
Objective: Save EVERYONE
Location: Bordercamps
Reward: 500 ryo +3 EP
Mission Description: “We can’t hold on here! This place is overrun! How the hell did they find the tunnel!? … We can’t outrun them like this! You! Take a team, and take this ignition switch. It’ll detonate the charge we set further down the tunnel, but you have to get close to use it because of the walls.”
Mission Details: One of the many Iwa escape tunnels they used to enter the nation has been overrun with bandits of varying ranks, chasing Iwa ninja back up the tunnels and into their country. But, least you all be cut down, you’ve been chosen with 5 other ninja to face the tide, and attempt to blow the charges to cut off the enemy.

The cave is filled with Bandits of varying ranks between D-B and the occasional A. All have X-1 stats of their ninja rank as well as Bukijutsu. All of them are wearing mixed armors of heavy and light of their ninja rank as well as weapons of all shapes and sizes. Note: Only the charges will collapse the tunnel due to the chakra reinforced stone the walls and ceiling are comprised of. Must be within 20m to blow the charges.

Her fingers would graze over her left eyes socket and then her left brow, the tips of her fingers tracing along the damage. Each thin, ridged or dented scarred of scaring would only draw the memory closer in her mind’s eye.  

“I don’t want no information from the likes of you.” Giving a strained grunt the female would drop a decent sized rucksack to the ground before pushing her hair from her face, she was pretty... at least on the outside. “I’ll make sure they see what I do when your looked at bitch.” Taeru would simply continue to watch the pretty featured woman before her, so angry and venomous. Not without reason, Taeru knew this to be true however when two of the lower ranking boys entered, following behind the female like whipped dogs, these two would be responsible for keeping her held down. Which would look his stomach first? The boys would take up their positions, careful all the while not to be touched by Taeru as they shifted through signs before tugging on her bindings.  Stumbling at first as they dragged her along before finding her footing, her legs shakey, for how long she hadn‘t been allowed to stand was lost on her. From the ground, Taeru's gaze would rise only to feel the blunt force of a flat object wielded by the female. losing her balance she would begin to drop backwards, aided in the movement, the two boys pulling on her bindings. only when her back connected to a ridge slab of stone her a noise leave her, the sound choked as the wind quickly evacuated her lungs followed by a splutter as she attempted to regain her breathing, yet they would not pause, drawing her hands down. Her feet would scramble for a decent footing realising that they wouldn't be raising her any higher along the slab. Tiptoeing to keep her back from arching too much, was it higher this time? Only her back and head rested against the slab, the base of her back and rump hovering uncomfortably.  Just above her head, the pretty female would roll out a cloth, the clanking of tools evident. She knew what was coming. Straps enhanced with the stench of fear filled chakra would pin her head in place pressing her face to the right to expose the left side. Her blood red orb would lock onto the female, staring up at her. The first cut, almost too shallow to make a difference but deeper and deeper they would come, the more confident the female felt. Pressing the blade against Taeru’s cheek just below her eye, the tip of the blade sitting against her eye socket as the girl lent over her to speak, the grin spread manicly along her features, “They’ll never look at you that way again. He won't ever again.” Isn't jealousy a sin? Taeru could barely remember the last time she had peering into a mirror but had she changed that much, for the female to feel so compelled to wound her face? Only then would a mirror be hoisted into place above her head. Their intent to make her watch her own mutilation...

Screams? Something that at that moment didn’t quite fit, it was a different kind of scream. The focus would return to her eyes, the glaze slowly retreating, the sounds getting louder. An attack? Pushing quickly to her feet she would secure the fabric into place to cover the left side of her face again. Shielding it from both the sun and the view of others as she sprinted from the tent. The air was electric and the noise almost deafening as a man that had clearly been on his way to her tent shouted over the noise, “WE NEED TO SEAL THE HIDDEN PASSAGE CLOSEST TO THE CAMP!  WE NEED TO TAKE IT DOWN, THERE'S TOO MANY BANDITS. WE'VE GOT OUR HANDS FULL HERE, WE CAN SPARE FIVE MEN, TAKE YOUR PICK, HERE TAKE THIS! YOU’LL HAVE TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE  CHARGE TO DETONATE IT.” As quick as the man had come he was off into the fray again. Looking down at her hands at the switch her gaze would snap up looking around, seeking out the faces of the shinobi.

Word count: 728.

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2 Re: Do bandits go boom? [Mission | Katsumi] on Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:51 pm



Shouting or whatever it was broke Katsumi's quiet concentration. Something was happening and interrupted his sleep, or something close to it. Laying there on the cot within his own tent and resting with his eyes closed and hands folded over his stomach, laying to look upwards and thinking on whatever random rants or thoughts crossed his mind. It was like chaos for an instant as his eyes burst open more annoyed than worried. But as it continued on, his worry grew and quickly he turned to slide his feet into his sandals and tied his weapons pouch to his waist. It took mere moments before he cautiously stepped through the flap of his tent and looked around him to figure out what was going on.

There was the clash of clanking steel in the distance and a popping noise like a jutsu going off or ending something. Like the beginning of the battle as Katsumi's eyes darted around and took in the calm chaos of the scene that was building around him. His eyes looked down the street, maybe a block away as a man had turned and run off past him without saying a word or motioning in the slightest towards Katsumi. Headed in the direction of the battle, Katsumi turned the opposite way and looked further down the street, seeing that girl from the other day with the poker game standing in the street looking around. It was a lapse in judgment as he glanced towards her and gave her the slightest instance of eye contact, something to connect the two of them as she looked around as well.

Still, Katsumi didn't want to impose but felt the sting of his mistake as he knew a bit about her and the look on her face. The image of wanting to help but what could Katsumi do in this situation? Caught off guard by an enemy that was making an impression against the entire camp. What could a simple genin with almost no combat experience offer in this situation? Maybe he could nod and step back in his tent to hide it out, or would that be cowardly? His life was meant to become stronger and this was how but what worth was his life if he threw it away needlessly in a situation like this?

What good was his deceit? None of it mattered as the clammering and cold sweat grew on his hand as he felt the freezing in his back. Wondering how much of this he gave off in his presence or stance, his eyes would flicker down and away for a moment before heading back towards her to see if she was acting on instinct or if she would do what he imagined was coming to him. Being dragged off into the haste of it, against his will or not.

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