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1 Become Legend [Private | Plot] on Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:34 am



Verd's personal last topic and 'conclusion' for the aftermath of the Suna Reclamation Project. Getting ready to go home. Reflecting over what happened and how it affected her. Epilogue to acquiring the Sharingan, Rasengan, ANBU-Rank, Dragon Contract, Genius Skill and evtl. more.

Will be updated further as the actual finish of the event draws closer.

The Aftermath

Verdandi moved around a lot lately but primarily spent her time around the Kiri camps or at least what remained of it. It wasn't necessarily completely wasted but one could clearly see the destruction left behind from their encounter with the ryujin forces. The devastation caused by a few would exceed often the destruction left behind by the masses. It was incredible how much damage their leaders had left in their wake while in conflict with Kiri's defenders. The joint operation of all nations against the local rebellion was almost equal in powers. It was remarkable at least how a few powerful radical sand loyalists could defeat so many of the insanely large offensive forces of all the attacking nations.

The latest battle had painted a battlefield in red. Bodies would be piling up for weeks. The number of losses on either side were sad to just imagine. It would clearly turn out to be one of the strongest memories the young snow princess ever made within her career in the village army. But the joint venture wasn't over. A silent phase of transition was looming over the camps. The fight was long from being over. More enemies were awaiting the nations and the squabbles between the camps was far from over either. Potential conflict was overshadowing the break, the breather after this battle.

But Dandi needed a break. She was exhausted. Both mentally and physically. She knew Avalanche wasn't feeling any different. The bear had sustained quite a few scars in this battle. The medic had been working on soothing the poor young beasts pain and getting him back into shape. Verd made sure she would continue to be around for him and give him a lot of good energy. Depression was not far from influencing the people's minds in the camps. It wasn't important if they had won or lost. They amount of sacrificed forces was insane. Yet the army leaders were walking through the camps as if nothing had happened. Was this the adult, grown up mindset if you become a veteran shinobi? That you eventually stop caring and just accept the fact that death is ever so present within and during all of your career?

Verdandi didn't like that, it wasn't her style nor was it something she would ever hope for herself to be considered as norm. But despite the horrors she had seen, she felt remarkably well. The way she could dominate the battlefield in the second phase was clearly a booster to her morale. Despite the fact that a lot of her friends had endured painful losses and lessons. But most of them had survived. She knew they would all be fine in the long run… at least she was hoping for the best.

A lot were still in medical treatment. It wasn't necessarily sure that all of them would survive the next day. But alas. That is how war works. No one ever waits for you. Tragic motions and pain follow you all the way down to the final conclusion of the battle.


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Welcome Dream Child

Verd needed a break. They seemed to have a little time before things would return to action. So, she had to make the best of it. As soon as Avalanche was feeling better, she would grab on the bears neck and slowly sink into and against his fur. Letting him carry her for a while but not all the way to her favourite oasis. She had to give him some time to fully recover as well. But seeing him energetic and happy as he quickly recalled the oasis from having been here with Mizuki. He quickly made his way to the trees. Kick against them until he could force a fruit to drop towards his position. Quickly munching into the nutty surface with his powerful jaw until the juicy drink and yummy fruit of the peachapple would pour all its sweet tastes into the young bears mouth.

Verd moved in between two trees. She had brought her hammock and used two kunai and her newly acquired strength to hammer them into two trees facing each other. Verd was sleepy and tired still. Avalanche munched his way through a multitude of fruits before he simply moved in to his favourite spot. The cool water pond of the oasis. It seemed to have gotten a bit bigger since last time. Maybe it had been refilled properly by the monsoon. Giving Avalanche plenty of water to dive and even swim for a bit. A huge pleasant relief for the young bear after all.

Verd created a shadow clone to sit guard nearby. Placing her own body slowly into the hammock. Sinking into the comfortable fabrics. Slowly pulling a few silky blankets over her skin and closing her eyes at last. She hadn't slept that well in weeks. She wasn't quite sure if it really was the effect this conflict was having on her personality. But she was sure that it left its marks on her. The coming weeks would decide if she could turn things around into a positive light or not. But for now. None of that would matter.

Cause Verd would casually drift off into the dreamworld. The place where, despite all the mean and shady characters existed, they would somehow calmly and politely interact with each other. Maybe this simple unconscious power was the very reason why Dandi was coping so well with the battles after effects. Forcing all those scary mean faces she had seen to shut the fuck up and sit down calmly on a table with her. Talking things out like civilized people. Sharing some biscuits and a laugh. All peace and flowers. All happy thoughts. It was just a dream. Of course, reality wasn't that forgiving. But still. Why would you try to deny such sweet thoughts if they came to you freely in a time of need and distress. Eventually Verd properly dozed off and kept a soft smile on her face. Happy that the world still was there, despite how dark the days seemed to have gotten.

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3 Re: Become Legend [Private | Plot] Yesterday at 4:18 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


How long had it been? It felt like months now. Too long. He had spent too long in Suna. The desert winds chaffed at him. The bearing sun from above had turned his skin shades darker, and as that burn had peeled away he was left with a collection of melanin spots dotting across his face. Freckles. He was sure he would barely recognize himself in a mirror now. He was hardly the boy he was when he entered this conflict. All of this had changed him. Only faintly could he remember the coatings of mist that blew about in his homeland. The moisture always present in the air seemed almost too good to be truth now, after spending so long in the bone dry desert. There was a reason his ancestors had settled in Kirigakure. Spending so long here had lost him ten pounds, but unfortunately the weight he lost wasn’t the only physical mark of his time spent here.

His hand drifted to his chest. Down on the lower left side at the bottom of his ribcage. As his fingers drew near to it he would unconsciously flinch and freeze up. A hole, perhaps an inch across. It bore all the way through his chest, coming out the other side. Pieces of his rib had chipped off, and a portion of his lung had been removed and ruined from it. Not to mention how unsightly and painful it was, even now. Scar tissue swelled and surrounded it, leaving an ugly blemish of ruined skin that surrounded the wound. The interior of it was just as uncomfortable to poke at. Reaching inside and brushing his hand across the seared skin allowed him to feel the movement of his lung. He wouldn’t be able to touch at it too long, breaking away into shivers at how uncomfortable it was.  

He didn’t want to think about it. That battle. How that mysterious man challenged the Mizukage. His defeat at the hands of Izumi. He could still remember how it felt, as she shoved her hand through his chest. Everything that had come after was still a blur. He had been barely conscious when he escaped. Of course, not without another scar. The seal that had been forcefully placed under his tongue. He could assume its purpose without having to be told. Keep secrecy. Allowing word to spread of how they were betraying the mist would be bad. It was probably the only reason they allowed him to stay alive in the first place. Remove any possible sources of suspicion.  

He scowled. As angry as he should have been he hardly had the energy for it. It was all exhausting. The battles they fought here, and all those who had died. All for what? There was nothing. All of the fun of killing evaporated once he realized how pointless this all had been. Were they any closer to achieving their goals? He didn’t know. Only that the might of the Mizukage had been successfully challenged and Kiri’s power shaken. It was an impossibly frustrating defeat.  

Laying in the infirmary, all he could do was be frustrated. His only solace would be now his exit from this conflict. Soon he would return home and feel the comforting fog of his homeland again. Soon. Until then he had settled on burning the image of the top of this infirmary tent into his eyes. The gentle beeping of medical equipment. The moaning of those around him. The stench of death. He would never forget this. The melancholy feeling that wafted off the walls filled him with bitterness.  



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Verdandi had successfully napped away the whole day in her little oasis. She enjoyed this place a lot. Places where Ava could have a swim were her favourite ones. She was literally collecting them like puzzle pieces. She had good dreams. About positive changes and new challenges. But for now, it was time to go back. Verd checked the placement of the sun above her. Visitors time at the infirmary. Casually she trotted off with the bear aiming for the entrance of the kiri camp. There was already a little barn with a lot of animal food. Avalanche would help himself. The barn master would always glare at Verdandi disgruntled. Knowing that Avalanche ate about five time the food amount of the other ninja pets and horses or camels. Verd giggles and watched Ava give the barn Master a smooching lick of his fat animal tongue to the mans cheek. Verd enjoyed the way Ava teased him. Barn Master couldn't help it but deal with it. While Ava would be feeding. Verd would make her way to the infirmary. Her father Deacon was somewhere around here. Verdandi didn't know if he had already met Chi but he was busy being all medic and stuff anyway. Dandi moved into Chi's tent. He had one for himself, on royal decree of the Yuki Clan. Having a sugar mommy surely had its perks, now right? Verd would smile and move into the tent to place her butt on Chi's bed. Giving him a smooch to the cheek.

"Hmmm still looks nasty. We can repair most of the tissue damage but I guess the scar will stay for the long run darling. It might just make you look manlier and more badass!" she chuckled. Her feet would pedal like a little teenager. She would soon get up and grab some of the special Hozuki-made medicine. The large syringe looking kind of nasty. "Now now. Liquid up a bit…" she would say and wait until part of Chi's belly would become flubbery. Pushing the 'needle' in without effort. Pressuring the healing chakra specifically designed to Chi into his body. The foreign Hozuki flesh would crawl up the holes of his wound and replace another bit of missing flesh. But again, the surface scar would remain. Now they had to wait again until this part would melt into Chi's own physiology. Being a seemingly immortal water monster doesn't make you instant-heal from actual bruises and wounds. Verd watched as the different coloured liquids moved around. She could see it in Chi's face. Part of him just wanted to reject the chakra again. "Stop fighting it weirdo. There is no need to punish yourself with a whole wound like this. The scar will remain anyway. Don't mess with yourself darling. That was a terrible war out there. I'm not sure how many times I almost got killed myself. But its going to be fine soon. We're going home not long from now. I'm looking forward to see my own bed and live through the day without ice sticking to my skin!" she laughed heartfully.

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