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Osada Clan [Revamp] Kain__s_Clan_Symbol_Re_Color_by_Fatala

Osada Clan [Revamp] FAHfQ33
Clan Name: 夜叉 Osada
Location: Kirigakure no Sato.
Specialization: None.
Elements: Katon | Suiton

Osada Clan [Revamp] HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Osada clan (夜叉一族, Osada Ichizoku) had been created since the reign of the first Mizukage, being formed by one of the third nephews of the First Mizukage. Their power was brought out into action by dangerous missions, clan rivalry, and pervious wars. Their power had also been sought out by S-rank missing ninjas for experiments in Otogakure, having the lust for spewing mist with tremendous particles that can break even the strongest substance, similar to the Fifth Mizukage breaking Susanoo's ribs.

The First Mizukage's third nephew was a master of the Water Release and somehow figured that Fire Release would be very suitable in combat. Concentrating chakra in his body and condensing it as water, he spewed a cloud of mist from his mouth onto a tree and the tree burned away from the mist . He named it Boil Release. He taught it to his family at a medium age and the Kekkai Genkai has been passed down from generation to generation.

After the reign of the First Mizukage ended, The Second Mizukage took control of Mizugakure. He did not care of the Osada clan and that the new leader was a female descendant of the First Mizukage's Third Nephew, the first leader of the clan. But when the Second Mizukage researched the jinchuriki and saw the Three-Tailed Isobu on a rampage, the Osada clan were there at the Second Mizukage's aid. For further study, the three-tailed beast was sealed into different hosts for further study, none of which were part of the Osada clan.

The Fourth Mizukage came into power. The Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, was kind to the Osada clan and brought them their own village out in the east, near the village. Seeing Isobu on a rampage because it was released, The Fourth Mizukage instructed that the beast be put inside Yagura, using the Osada clan's aid to weaken the beast with their Kekkai Genkai jutsu, Skilled Mist Technique. The Osada clan were successful in doing so, giving Yagura the chance to finally seal the beast inside of him. Later, under no circumstances, Yagura ordered a new academy ritual. Mizugakure was then known as the "Village of the Bloody Mist." The ritual practice was discontinued after a young Zabuza Momochi massacred the entire graduating batch of Academy students, and when revolted, Zabuza tried to assassinate Yagura. Some of the Kiri-nin felt that their Mizukage was being controlled by someone else, and that was where the Osada clan had to take action. Some of the Osada clan-nin found out that Yagura was under the control of Tobi and charged against the Masked Man, only to be left dead. Under no circumstances, the Fourth Mizukage died.

Mei's reign, the Fifth Mizukage. That time, the Osada clan was then lead by a female descendant of the leader of the Osada clan during Yagura's dreadful reign. Fortunately, the Fifth Mizukage sought that Kirigakure be a much better place. She fixed every commotion that was going on. For her to learn Boil Release, the Osada clan's leader taught her when Mei Terumi was a genin. Mei Terumi, in many of Kiri-nin's eyes and even the Osada clan's eyes, was the best Mizukage that Kirigakure can ever have.

100 years later...

Jurou was born, being the heir to the Osada clan. Also the time when Jurou's father and grandfather started the fight, ending with annihilation with part of the Osada clan and the village destroyed and subdued to a snow-like wasteland. Now, everyone knows little of the Osada clan, except that Jurou's father was the destruction behind the massacre and that Jurou now has to carry on as the Osada ninja in Mizugakure. Since his imprisonment at and assumed death in the destruction of Fusa Prison, the clan had chosen Sero, who is also the Mizukage like the one before, as their successor.

His tenure was memorable but brief, only just having rebuilt Kirigakure when he met an untimely end at the Gokage Summit. An heir was left behind few were aware of, and despite being subservient to Wolfgang for a time, his skills and bloodlust won him both awe and fear as the new head of the clan. Sero Jr, a new monster all his own.


  • Osada Jurou (presumed dead)
  • Osada Sero (KIA)
  • Osada Wolfgang
  • Osada Sero Jr. (Current Clan Head)

Osada Clan [Revamp] Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Osada Clan [Revamp] Boil11 Boil Release / "Vapor Style" | 沸遁 Futton
Kekkei Genkai Description: Boil Release is manifested by simultaneously creating Fire and Water nature transformations; by finely manipulating the temperature and composition of water using such a close combination of chakra natures, the Osada can also manipulate its pH. Thus, despite the name of this nature, it does not manipulate boiling water, nor does it boil other substances. Like Storm Release, the name is symbolic because of the appearance and effect of this nature, as the corrosion seen is similar to hot water burning something. However, it can also esoterically raise chakra itself to the boiling point.

The rank of Futton is always the same as the lowest rank of its constituent elements - for example, if Katon is S rank and Suiton is C rank, Futton is also C rank. Futton is not only effective against solid forms like Earth Release; the very chakra is turned acidic, allowing it to melt pure chakra with the same ease a real acid could melt through metal.

However, the exothermic reactions involved with acids boil water very easily, making that water boil into steam. This resulting heat also makes Ice Release weak to Boil Release by 1 rank on-principle, whether it is chakra-based or actually producing ice.

Liquid Acid
A basic form of attack, this type of Boil Release allows the user to expel various vitriolic compounds in a free-flowing form at varying viscosities. The acid is extremely potent when initially released, but denatures quickly; when making a Liquid Acid technique, you include three damage values - the first post of use uses the max values of one rank higher, the second post uses normal values for the rank, and the third post is relegated to the minimum damage values for 1 rank lower. (If a liquid-acid jutsu lasts longer than this, it does not lower its damage any further.)

This type of Futton is useful against non-Suiton physical constructs, interacting as if 1 rank higher, but is resisted easily by chakra constructs (such as Susano'o or the Four Violet Flames Formation), interacting as if 1 rank lower.

Liquid Acid can be diluted by more neutral pH values; thus, Water Release acts as if it were 1 rank higher when interacting with it.

Corrosive Mist
This form of Futton is a slow-but-sure method. As it is more dissolute, Corrosive Mist deals damage to a living being or item as if it was 2 ranks lower, and interacts with jutsu as if it were 1 rank lower. However, Corrosive Mist interacts with other jutsu at this lowered rank every post it stays in contact, and this interaction is cumulative, regardless of the rank of techniques a target could normally resist/ignore.

For example, if the S-rank "Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu" came in contact with the S-rank "Susano'o", each post the mist would interact with Susano'o as if it were an A-rank jutsu; two posts of exposure would equal an S-rank jutsu, and four posts of exposure would melt it.

The user can adjust the pH within a radius no smaller than to that of 2 ranks lower, creating 'pockets' of non-acidic mist for their allies to reside in. (Thus, while they can avert collateral damage, this ability is not discerning in who is spared.) An Osada is never affected by their own Corrosive Mist.

This type of Futton is useful against chakra constructs, interacting as if 1 rank higher, but is resisted easily by physical defenses like an Earth Wall, interacting as if 1 rank lower. (This does not stack with its normal advantage against Hyōton.)

Corrosive Mist can be dispersed easily as if any other cloud of fog; as such, Wind Release acts as if it were 1 rank higher when interacting with it.

Drawbacks: Members of the clan cannot learn any new elements, and cannot take the Hesitant (Element) special characteristic. Members also need to take the Hesitant (Specialization) special characteristic without balancing it.

Both their Primary and Secondary elements begin at C-rank.

The corrosive chakra of an Osada burns away even helpful jutsu. Chakra-based supplementary positive effects used on them are reduced by 1 rank in power, but only if used by another individual.

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