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Maikeru Otsuka


Maikumaru let the wind flow through his face and hair, at ease with the cool calming breeze. Dawn was breaking in the sky. The sun was just about to rise, within less than thirty minutes to emit its rays upon the world. Maikumaru was looking for someone. And his search had led him here. He had came back to Kirigakure in search of someone. Specifically a Missing Ninja. And this time, he wasn't hunting him as he usually did. He had his plan set. His plan to launch against the monster. An enemy. The Village of the Clouds. A monster. And he was going to enter the Belly of the Beast. The driver of the boat had an eerie feeling. It was apparent. “You know what's around this island don't you?”

“I have a feeling I might.”

“They call him the Wild Man. Been recent attacks. Some go in and don't come out. If you gonna go looking for him, better have a Death Wish.”

Maikumaru ignored his warnings. He had a hunch that the Missing Ninja, Burritsu, was the Wild Man in the Forest Island. He was going through the Bingo Book and a certain Kirigakure Nuke Nin caught his eye. If it had been a year ago, he would have done everything in his power to track him down and make sure he was captured and brought to Justice. But things are different, and Maik had a shortage of allies at the moment. He had contacted a small village in The Land of Lightning. They despised Hastur. But their loathing was secret to the world. Except to Maikumaru. He had met someone in a bar who was ranting about Hastur in a drunkard state. His lips were loose, but Maik's ears listened tightly. He had explained that his entire village hated Hastur, and that Kumogakure would come and use inscription to take their villagers to aid Hastur and his army. After the man had passed out, Maikumaru helped him to a hotel, where he gave the man his proposed plan. It didn't take long for HIM to be on on board. Maikumaru had established the man as his contact between him and his village. And after back and forth messages, it was confirmed that, as much as they share no friendship towards Hastur, but they couldn't risk their own like that. Which was fine by Maikumaru. He could infiltrate Kumogakure under the guise of being a member of their village. Him and other allies he could potentially recruit to the cause.

Maikeru arrived to the island. It was primarily woodlands. And he noticed how peaceful and quiet it was, the moisture of the nist. It was serene. Smaller animals scattered about. Nothing too dangerous. Maikumaru walked around the forest carefully. He looked all around him, questioning if this was a good idea. But he reminded himself what he was here for and what he needed to do.

“Is anyone here?”

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