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Saga Rules

Saga Rules

Element Guideline X3iHBDk

Nature Transformation:
In the world of Naruto-Saga there is nothing more powerful than they mystical art of wielding ones chakra. While chakra can often be wielded in its raw and unformed state, through shape transformation as well as the addition of an elemental nature transformation / the altering of the jutsu’s Yin and Yang composition, jutsu can afford their wielder a near infinite number of uses as well as tactical advantages in combat.

Of these Chakra natures, there are five which build the core foundation of all elemental techniques. Known as the Godai Kihon Seishitsu - 五大基本性質, the five basic elements are made up of; Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water.  Each of these are so vital to the ninja world, they became the cornerstones for naming the five great ninja villages, each holding their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Each elemental chakra nature has another chakra nature of which it is strong against, and weak against. When interacting with these elements, the elemental nature will act as if it has +1 rank in strength against it. Ie. Katon is strong against Fūton, if two B rank jutsu were to collide, the Katon technique will act as if were A rank instead of B.  

Shinobi are seldom able to master or even learn a majority of these elemental natures in their lifetime, with the exception of a small handful which are trained dutifully. Ninja on Naruto-saga, depending on their clan, are generally able to begin with 2 of the 5 basic elemental natures, one beginning at S rank as their primary element, the second beginning at C rank as their secondary element, both of which can be trained up to Legendary rank. (See specialization / element training guidelines here.)

Every shinobi has an affinity towards one of their elements and specializations, this is the shinobi's primary element/specialization. This affinity means that the shinobi gets a 10% word count reduction towards any technique that uses this element or specialization (they do not stack with each other). Additionally this reduction doesn't count towards the normal training reduction cap (which is 70%), however, this can't exceed a total reduction of 90%

Fire Release | Katon 火遁

Fire Release is the art of molding a superheated volatile chakra into the user’s techniques causing a variety of effects usually resulting in destructive combustion and explosive damage to a target or area. Difficult to focus, but raw and powerful, Katon jutsu are able to ignite flammable material, but can also come in the form of scolding ash, gel-like napalm, volatile gas or powders which can be ignited into potentially vast explosions with little more than a well placed spark.

  • Strong Against: Fūton
  • Weak Against: Suiton

Wind Release | Fūton 風遁

Wind Release techniques are created by pressurizing the user’s chakra, making it as sharp and as thin as possible. Fūton focuses the strength of hurricanes into their wrath as they focus the winds themselves into razor sharp edges and powerful concussive blows. While stronger Fūton techniques have been known as Typhoon Release (Taiton 颱遁), any difference between them is in name alone. Fūton techniques are exceedingly potent at reflecting the physical force of physical attacks, controlling and maintaining soundwaves, extending the range of attacks and are instrumental in the act of both flight and levitation whether it be the user or items in their possession.

  • Strong Against: Raiton
  • Weak Against: Katon

Lightning Release | Raiton 雷遁

Most common in the nation of Kumogakure, lightning release is generated by increasing the high frequency vibrations within the user’s chakra to the point that they would generate electricity in potentially massive volumes. Though due to the requirement to control the individual bolts, lightning release is often never as fast as natural lightning. Where Fire burns and Wind Cuts, few of these top Lightning release when it comes to sheer penetrative force. Lightning release is one of the few releases able to burn on contact as well as dabbling in paralysis, creating thunderous sounds / vibrations as well as techniques capable of interfering with nerves and muscles as well as conducting through metallic objects.

  • Strong Against: Doton
  • Weak Against: Fūton

Earth Release | Doton 土遁

Earth Release is constructed by rigidly folding one’s internal chakra into structures before releasing it as Doton. Through the use of Earth Nature chakra, the user is able to manipulate the earth around them and alter its composition, transforming rock into sand/ mud or soil into stone as well as generate earth and rock matter from their own chakra. Though not limited alone to manipulation, Earth release is also able to alter the density of structures, making them lighter or more dense at the user’s whim. This fact alone makes Earth Release one of the most versatile chakra natures.

  • Strong Against: Suiton
  • Weak Against: Raiton  

Water Release | Suiton 水遁

Water nature techniques are created by moulding the user’s chakra into fluid wave formations before expelling it. Though it is noted to be much simpler to manipulate water already existing in the world around the user. Water techniques are able to create and control vast bodies of water as well as vapor, rain, moisture, clouds or mist for use of their various techniques. Water Release techniques are also by and large able to alter their density as well as viscosity, making it one of the prime elemental natures for capturing and detaining criminals.

  • Strong Against: Katon
  • Weak Against: Doton  

Yin & Yang:

While the Five basic elements create the prism from which the rainbow of all elemental techniques stem. Techniques which do not possess an element are accommodated via the use of Yin and Yang Release in equal measure. Yin, representing the metaphysical spiritual chakra nature possessed by a ninja’s mind or soul, creates intangible techniques which very seldomly have a physical form. Examples of Yin Release techniques include: All Genjutsu and the Nara Clan’s Shadow Manipulation. Yang, on the other hand, represents vitality and the chakra built up and trained by the physical body of a ninja and often interacts with the living or physical world. The vibrant nature of Yang Release often gives an element of ‘life’ to one’s jutsu. Examples of Yang Release techniques include: Healing Medical Ninjutsu and the Senju Clans’ wood release as prime examples.

Yin and Yang are possessed by all ninja in the naruto world and do not require training, nor do they often harbor any weaknesses or resistances to other elemental nature transformations. Truly neutral, they grow in strength with the user.

Advanced Natures:

Advanced natures are by and large KKG abilities on Naruto-Saga which are restricted to specific clans. Ie. The Senju’s Wood Release (Mokuton). Their abilities, strengths and weaknesses are defined within the KKG sections of those clans.


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