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1 Hoshigaki Clan on Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:05 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


Clan Name: Hoshigaki Clan
Location: Kirigakure
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Elements: Suiton

Clan History:
One of the few shinobi clans that are native to the countless small islands that form the expanded archipelago that is known today as Mizu no Kuni. The Hoshigaki Clan’s occupation of the region easily predates the shinobi village of Kirigakure within the Mizu no Kuni's borders, with which the clan has been allied with almost since its founding. Before joining the ranks of the shinobi world, the Hoshigaki lived as a tribal clan, using their superior mobility and hunting capabilities to survive as apex predators of the surrounding waters. When Kirigakure was founded, members of the tribe that would come to be known as the Hoshigaki Clan were actively recruited by representatives of the village who saw their intimate knowledge of the environment, predatory disposition, and unique abilities to be ideal for the role of a shinobi. Although many were hesitant to ally themselves with the newly created entity of the Village Hidden in the Mist, the Hoshigaki would eventually join the village, learning the secrets of chakra and jutsu to empower themselves. Over time Hoshigaki clan members would master the use of their unnatural forging techniques, many rising to the status of elite shinobi within Kirigakure and beyond, the most famous of these shinobi of course being Hoshigaki Kisame, a member of the legendary Akatsuki criminal organization.

Though this ninja would almost single handedly be the downfall of the clan, as with the most powerful of their weapons to ever be known, Kisame Hoshigaki murdered every standing member of the clan in Kirigakure mercilessly leaving none alive.  

It would take a long, long time for the Hoshigaki to rebuild themselves within the village, both through physical numbers and lack sheer power and support. Members of the Hoshigaki Clan were easily recognizable by their distinct appearances, making them easy targets for ostracisation. Although the extents of their mutations may vary, their bloodline trait to take on shark-like qualities including an unnatural grey/blue/ green tint to their skin, fish-like eyes, and even the gills made them almost impossible to hide themselves for long... Eventually, the Hoshigaki rebuilt themselves enough to be reintroduced to Mizu no Kuni after years of isolation, their visages becoming more varied and diverse over time. While there is very little in the way of conclusive evidence that could explain the nature of or the reason for such a distinct and drastic change to the human anatomy, modern research into the origin of the Hoshigaki Clan’s form has uncovered which data suggests a link between the fish-like appearance of Hoshigaki clansmen and Senjutsu chakra. The most plausible hypothesis proposes that the Hoshigaki Clan ancestors, the original hunting tribes of the Mizu no Kuni archipelago, possessed the ability to passively absorb Senjutsu chakra from their environment in extremely small quantities.

In recent years, under the current Mizukage, the Hoshigaki clan is widely known and respected as one of the founding clans of Kirigakure no Sato. Thus is widely looked up to amongst the other clans, with the leader of this clan being considered one of the secondary leaders to the country.


  • Hoshigaki, Kisame †⋆
  • Hoshigaki, Shizuma †⋆
  • Hoshigaki, Masaru †

† = Deceased
⋆ = Canon

Kekkei Genkai Name: Shark Ancestry
Kekkei Genkai Description:
Members of the Hoshigaki clan are widely known for their shark like anatomy, though no one quite understands where this quality came from. It stands out immediately among most members who have dominant genes in this area. While many of the functions of this genetic abnormality are subtle and aesthetic, there are a couple of which the clan may benefit from substantially. The shark-like appearance of the clan members lends them immediately to be monsters when submerged in water, their underwater ability supplemented with the developed and working gills on either side of their neck or torso.

  • The Hoshigaki’s shark-like nature lends itself to incredible talents in water. When swimming any member of the Hoshigaki Clan may move at the highest speed a jutsu of their rank may move. The working gills that they’ve been blessed with assist in this, allowing them to breathe underwater in addition to on land.

    • D-Rank: 15 m/s
    • C-Rank: 25 m/s
    • B-Rank: 35 m/s
    • A-Rank: 45 m/s
    • S-Rank: 70 m/s

  • A common myth is that sharks can smell a single drop of blood within water from up to a mile away. While this is greatly exaggerated for true sharks, for the Hoshigaki it isn’t too far off from reality. The Hoshigaki are able to even the smallest drop of blood from far distances away, even when on land. The distance that blood can be detected from at each rank is listed below, and the listed value is doubled when underwater.

    • D-Rank:  20 meter radius
    • C-Rank:  30 meter radius
    • B-Rank:  75 meter radius
    • A-Rank: 300 meter radius
    • S-Rank: 600 meter radius

  • The bloodthirsty nature of sharks is present in the Hoshigaki Clan, as well as their lack of hesitance to cannibalize their own. When members of the Hoshigaki Clan defeat another player of their own rank or higher in combat they gain access to an additional 10 chakra, up to two times per rank. They may only gain this benefit from each opponent one time per rank. This replaces the typical Chakra Pool increases gained as combat incentives, and chakra gained in this method can only be used for casting Suiton techniques. (+20 at D-Rank, +40 at C-Rank, +60 at B-Rank, +80 at A-Rank, and +100 at S-Rank)

  • The Hoshigaki’s teeth is perhaps their most immediately intimidating aspect. It is easy to tell just from a glance that their teeth could be used as a deadly weapon. The Hoshigaki in their days as tribal hunters often used their bare teeth to rip apart their prey. When starting as a Genin a Hoshigaki’s teeth are considered a C-Rank weapon, able to pierce 1.5 inches in addition to leaving deep and painful bruises. These teeth may be upgraded at no ryo cost as they rank up, to a maximum of S-Rank, and enchanted as a normal item would be.


  • Suiton Reliance Members of the Hoshigaki clan have a natural affinity for water. This is a hardcoded genetic trait that members cannot escape from. As such, Hoshigaki clan members of the Hoshigaki Clan must take the Hesitant Element special characteristic without the ability to balance it with a positive. Rather than two elements, members of the Hoshigaki Clan additionally only begin with Suiton trained as their primary element, although a second element may be trained immediately.

  • Water’s Bane The affinity that Hoshigaki have with water result in them taking an additional +1 damage from Raiton aligned attacks. Additionally, when hit by a Raiton aligned attack of equal rank or higher they temporarily lose their ability to use their gills, the electricity causing them to spasm and catch for one post.

  • Natural Habitat There is a reason that the Hoshigaki chose the Kirigakure Archipelago as their primary hunting grounds. When not underwater or hydrated by some form of moisture in the air, members of the Hoshigaki clan suffer -2 tiers to endurance.


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2 Re: Hoshigaki Clan on Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:12 am



Natural habitat: does this apply in kirigakure? Give some examples of places where this would be applicable? And places that would be considered safe


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3 Re: Hoshigaki Clan on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:33 am

Chigetsu Hōzuki


Ayakashi wrote:Natural habitat: does this apply in kirigakure? Give some examples of places where this would be applicable? And places that would be considered safe

This applies primarily in Kirigakure and when underwater, although other potential environments that could be justified could be, say at the coastline where there's a large amount of sea spray in the air, when it's raining or storming, or perhaps in a jungle environment where it's intensely humid


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