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1 Meeting the misfits [Invite] on Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:59 pm



A preparation Topic for the Gyōsha Mission Set.

Currently invited:

- Verdandi
- Chigetsu
- Haka

- Zu
- Tokko
- Kaori

Attention: Related Story / Lore info about the city of Gyōsha is found here: Link

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2 Re: Meeting the misfits [Invite] on Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:36 am



Verdandi would get her standard ANBU gear together but seal the mask into one of her various item scrolls. She was serious thinking about starting to use body seals to avoid the raising number of weapon pouches and combat scrolls on her belt. She chuckled a bit to herself. Luxury problems she'd deem them. Verd pulled her Kiri Forehead Protector from her belt and dropped it over her snow-white hair. Tilting it sideways. Just as the iconic Kakashi of the Sharingan used to do it, to keep the eye sleeping while it wasn't needed. Verd had considered a multitude of eye patches. Contact lenses. Most of them didn't work. Surprisingly the forehead protector seemed to keep the eye off chakra sucking mode. So, she'd go with it for now. While she as certain that her new look was certainly rad to look at, nothing could beat the wonderful fluffiness of the mighty Avalanche. Verdandi had just recently been officially approved as a beast master and ninja pet expert. Due to that one might have to expect that Avalanche, the polar bear, was more dangerous than ever as his training seemed to be approaching its final stages. Verd patted the large furball on the side and trotted off alongside him to the training grounds. Like an overexcited Dog, Avalanche would run around the training ends as soon as he could see the pool in the midst of it. He was a sucker far water and cool areas. Verd let him run off and scare a few people by jumping head forth into the pond.

Verd herself would set up a little picknick set. Nothing really overly relaxing. She was still fully geared and all. Just a blanket with some cool drinks. Well they were just normal drinks. But when a Hyouton user grabs a normal drink they can make it a cool drink. Fancy eh? Verd sipped on the drinking water and pulled forth a kunai. Twirling its end by the round O shaped circled on her left index finger. She was certain that she didn't have the same perception anymore whenever the Sharingan was sleeping. But as she tossed the projectile to the next best archery testing dummy. She'd still hit the perfect mid-spot. Verd would totally go FUCK YEAH inside but she of course was way too modest to show any of these emotions. Or rather. It would have been terribly embarrassing for a woman of her stand and rank to still act like a little kiddo. Truth be told. She wasn't even eighteen yet. Still a kid at heart. Just a little twisted by a rather nasty quick career in the bloody mists rooster of professional killers. Verdandi had been informed that mission HQ has appointed several individuals to the coming mission. Verd was told she could pick as many of them as she wanted. Chi was also on the rooster and help along as sensei. Creating a perfect little mommy and daddy care pack for the youngsters.



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3 Re: Meeting the misfits [Invite] on Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:20 am



Somewhere tucked away within the expansive port side city of Terumi, two parents sat at a table in a lovely looking home. The sound of boats weighing anchor and docking would gently rattle the foundation of the lovely mansion. There was always a price to pay for a home this nice at the price they had paid. Hoshigaki, Ni used his fork to almost delicately pry a piece of the wonderfully prepared salmon. The sharp-toothed smile he would flash up at his wife, as the flavors caressed his tastebuds and delighted his appetite, was one that brought her great joy and reassurance. The large, muscular Hoshigaki man had long hair, with a navy blue coloration. He was a shinobi himself, and a very strong one at that. Sitting down for a lovely dinner was something he always had enjoyed. He had a wonderful family life, things were as good as they could have been.

The glance he received from his petite, frail looking wife would remind him that it was not in fact as good as it could have been. Kaguya, Chu was a squirrelishly small woman with pale skin, white hair,  and the trademark red markings of the Kaguya clan upon her forehead. She had nothing but worry and sorrow in her mind. Ever since the date of graduation, their daughter so called Tokko had been missing. They hadn’t heard a peep out of her since that day. The quiet clinking and clanking of cutlery and ceramic could not have stilled the terror in her mind. In a world like this one, could that petite young woman have been safe at all? Her poor, defenseless Tokko?

Needless to specify the talks which ensued in great detail, Ni believed their daughter was simply being independent and taking advantage of her ability to take on missions and explore the world as a shinobi. His naive and lackadaisical attidue about the position his daughter was in would lead to tragedy down the road. The more aware and rightfully frightened Chu would argue with her husband to no avail, citing Tokko’s illness and the dangers she faced being of both the Hoshigaki and the Kaguya clan.

The Gyōsha District was one in which many might have said Kirigakure shinobi were not much welcome, merely tolerated. Despite it’s title and recognition as a merchants’ District, the place was in no way the safest place for a merchant ironically. They were also not too fond of the enforces of the Mizukage’s reign. That was precisely why one particular graduate of the Kirigakure Shinobi Academy made her way directly to this place. A missive lost among the paperwork that lay scattered across a disgruntled administrators desk in the large office building was easily snatched away. Tokko of the Hoshigaki Clan was a sadistic little creature of the mist. As an officially qualified ninja, she could respond to this missive and exercise her lust for blood without drawing too much direct confrontation or suspicion. The selfish and apathetic daughter of two loving parents would not have even bothered to tell them of her excursion.

The air was crisp around the training grounds of Kirigakure, where Tokko was meant to meet up with a team to take this adventure with, was relatively empty. The low quantity of shinobi bettering themselves would pass through Tokko’s mind and fill her with a rage that caused the bones under her skin to writhe, if only slightly. In her mind, the very weakness and complacency brought about by the false peace among nations was worlds greatest sin. Maybe her intensity and passion about strength and war was a direct result of the bloodied history of both of her ancestral lines. Most notable of all were the fearsome Kisame of the Hoshigaki and Kimimaro of the Kaguya. One of them being so powerful they were referred to as the tailless tailed beast, the other only having ever been able to be defeated by his own terminal illness, both of them forged and trained as merciless killing machines.

As her mind wandered and wondered about the two ancestors she had, the girl would look to notice a large white bear lumbering about within a pool, a few people seemingly gathering their things to run away in terror. Nearby, a woman who could not have been much older at all than the petite Tokko was training. It was a welcomed site that helped to bring Tokko’s blood down from its boil. The white haired woman wore her headband in a peculiar fashion, as though she either had an injury upon one eye or had need to test her depth perception with the other. Either way, Tokko was not one to be shy and withholding. She would approach, making the assumption that this individual was one whom she needed to meet with about the dealings with the Gyōsha District.

I am Hoshigaki, Tokko. I am here in response to a missive regarding the Gyōsha District. Are you my point of contact?

Tokko wore the standard genin level attire for a Kirigakure shinobi with her headband resting around her neck loosely. The girl of only one hundred and sixty centimeters and 49 kilograms was petite to say the least. Everything about her spoke volumes of being a fresh academy graduate, and she made no effort to hide it either. Her blonde hair was tied up in two messy buns and her bangs covered up the two Kaguya clan markings upon her forehead. Her amber eyes glazed over the white haired woman as she awaited a response. Most notably, her excitement would betray her. The thought of plundering and plunging through the soft bodies of enemy combatants brought out a smile that revealed the four sharp incisors in her mouth. If that did not convince the woman before her of the authenticity of her Hoshigaki blood, who knows what would have. If this was to be the leader of this mission, Tokko would be prepared to engage in strategic discussion and would assert herself early on as a major player in the events that would soon unfold.


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Zu’s mind raged with frustrations as he was trying to was the blood that was on him. When he awoke, the only thing he saw was being covered in blood from head to toe. There unfortunately was not a sign of any remains nearby which lead his mind to wander about where the blood came from. Zu for a while has been repressing his rage to seem normal while trying to make a new life in Kirigakure for the time being. The last thing he wanted was to be blamed and killed for a death he did not commit consciously. Zu had been one for abstaining against killing if he could by any means. Some people he has killed due to their actions while being in control, but there were images of those whom were innocent that died by his hands. The process of removing the blood off him took up most of his morning. Despite this set back, the day was still young. Today was the day he was asked by mission headquarters that Verdandi had a proposition. That was quite odd to Zu, as he was not used to people actively seeking him out. Since coming to Kirigakure, he was not as single step closer towards finding people that may have survived the slaughter at Sunagakure. The same kind people that helped him when he was lost, but now they are. Zu slammed his fist into a nearby fallen tree in frustration, the pain seemed to sooth him just a bit. He needed to make his was towards the spot they told him. At the training grounds in Kirigakure, he would find Verdandi, or so he was told. A thought that it could be a trap rang through his head as he moved step by step through harsh wooded areas to get closer to the training grounds spot he was shown to meet them. The only bit of luck that seemed to shine on him was that he was not that far off from it. His bare feet, semi-torn jeans and short sleeve black shirt was all he carried with him as he prepared to enter and tried to mentally prepare himself for anything.

What the fuck His mind thought while watching groups of people flood from a pool that a bear was now occupying. Zu looked upon it from a distance as he spotted Verdandi in the distance along with another figure. He gave a deep sigh as it seemed there was no ambush but the other person there seemed unfamiliar. Squinting his eyes, he tried to see who it was if he knew them even though he hardly knew anyone. All he could do was move step by step closer keeping his wits about him. When he was within shouting distance to Verdandi, he let out a loud yell, “Hey!” His right arm would wave back and forth from as high as it could reach. Zu could feel his heart beat pick up as a fear of anxiety swarmed him. While his mannerisms seemed normal enough, he could not help but to panic at the unknown deep down. Zu looked within the mostly empty pool at the bear inside it as he walked. It did not seem to care about his presence and it made him wonder if it was someone pet as a wild animal would surely not do this. His eyes looked at Verdandi and at the unknown individual before speaking, “It is quite nice to see you well Verdandi. I do not have that missive for this, seems I misplaced it somewhere. Sorry about that…” His voice seemed to trail as he looked at the other person again to look at the features instead of a glance. Her two messy blonde buns oddly complimented her bangs. The other two were quite smaller and more petite, but as Zu learned that does not measure true strength. While he had the size advantage over the two, there was not a doubt in his mind that Verdandi could outpower him should she need to. He had seen her in action and knew she was in a league outside of his own in terms of power. Zu hoped it he would not force her hand as everything seemed normal but would prepare mentally to try and stay calm the best he could. He was unsure how much Verdandi knew of him and was still trying to keep his kekegenkai hidden from people. There was a bad outlook on his kin even to this day on people who knew of what they could do. Seeing as he wanted to make a new life for himself here for the time being, he needed to make sure as few people knew about what he could do as possible.


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Kaori Yuki


Kaori had woken early, having had a blessedly dreamless sleep. He couldn't let himself waste time today, he noted, pulling on his outfit while still half-asleep. He had finally been deemed fit to go on proper missions, and had requested to temporarily join a squad so he could take one. Today was the day he was to meet them, the people he would be undertaking this mission with. Pulling on his clothes, he barely bothered with breakfast, or anything else. Instead, he focused on gathering his meagre supply of weapons, stuffing them into his pockets as he tied his forehead protector on tight. His supply was small. A handful of senbon were his most plentiful weapon. And perhaps, the only weapons he really used. Making these simple preparations, showering, getting dressed, and eating, took him exactly 1 hour from the time he woke up. Hopefully, he wouldn't be keeping anybody waiting. He'd hate to make a bad impression on his first mission. And thus, he was soon exiting his small apartment, barely stopping to lock the door as he headed to the training grounds. It wasn't like he had anybody who needed to know he was leaving. After he left the apartment, he made his way to the training grounds. It took him longer than it would take a normal person, still not entirely being used to not being able to see or hear on one side. He was still adjusting to a lot of things. The death of the very man who had taken him in, the loss of vision and hearing on one side, being alone again. Shaking his head for a minute, he snapped himself out of it and continued on his way. No. He had to get this mission right. How would he ever prove anybody wrong if he couldn't even make it to the meet up on time?

He was greeted by an odd sight when he finally made his way to the training grounds. There was a woman relaxing with a picnic set, while another girl seemed to approach her and ask her something. A large polar bear scared quite a few people by dashing into a pond. Kaori shook his head with a sigh, observing this. He somehow had a feeling these were the people He'd be working with. When another, slightly more normal seeming male joined the group, Kaori decided now would be a good time to approach as well. Standing stiffly, and to his full height, the rather short genin made his way over to the other ninja. "Are you the people I was sent to meet with? I am Yuki, Kaori. I believe I was sent here to take part in a mission?" He said, his voice a little quiet. He wasn't quite used to working in a team yet. Perhaps a bit shy still. But he definitely wanted to do this. Taking a mission would be well worth it. The more money he made, the closer he would be to being able to take in people who had been like him. And that was a goal he could no afford to ignore. Not now, not ever.

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Haka Osada


Special Jounin
A leisure day. Was that even something a spider like her required? Could she appreciate such a thing? Before the whole ordeal in Sunagakure she would not have believed so but today it seemed different. Sitting on the roof of a nearby building, red eyes gazed out to catch the glimpse of the human world with its typical apathy. Roofs, and more roofs, would pass under her vigilant watch, interrupted only by the occasional tree or pole rivalling their heights. Below those roofs, systematically set stones and wooden panelling would form the walls of the houses that needed said roofs to remain protected against the angers of the sky. Their colours were a strange palette of reds and pinks, not overly bright but far from the ominous darkness of Spider Island Haka was used to. Further down at the feet of the buildings, right before her, was a wide open spot with lush green grass and a couple of pink blossoming trees. The green was snipped short by the humans who tended to it, and surrounded by the stone paving that cave shape to the streets. A small park. The meeting point of the Ahoban today, whatever the reasons would be as to why the Unmei's presence was requested to partake in such a... humane gathering.

The spider herself had taken her usual human form, that being a stark resemblance to her Creator Sero Osada. Pale skin would be overshadowed by long, white hair left to drape loosely over her figure. The red eyes reflected the apathy of a heartless creature loathing the very presence of humanity, the calculative glint of a natural huntress taking in the world just to see how and where she could her environment for a most efficient hunting spot. Her face, stoic as ever, betrayed nothing of her thoughts or feelings, further shrouded in mysteries as her monstrous aura draped over her immediate surroundings. The predator's expression of her inhumane essence further threw off those humans that would pass by her, instantly raising the hairs on their arms and almost throwing them in a blind panic for no other apparent reason than the supernatural awareness of a huntress watching them. Haka might easily be the only one that found this sudden rise of fear within humans an amusing thing to perceive, but if such was already the case she would not show it. For a change, the Kiri-nin was not dressed in a schoolgirl outfit or even in her white dress. Today, she bore a deep red haori over a black kosode and hakama, the black kamon of the Osada clan visible on the left side in small and on the back of her haori in large. An unusual attire for a young woman, but that discernment was not something the spider cared about. Her outfit would be completed by the Kiri-headband loosely hanging around her neck, the shinobi toolbelt around her waist on which a black book covered in leather was chained to.

Movement was registered. Verdandi partaking in the humane activity of preparing a picnic. Quaint. A typical thing to do for the only human of the Ahoban. The question was: why? Picnics involved more than one person usually, and Haka rarely ate human food as it didn't provide the sustenance the spider required to live on. Chi would most likely appear, eventually. He often seemed to be the one closing the gathering, his presence like an unspoken sign Ahoban no longer had to wait. But instead of Chigetsu, others arrived. A petite figure with blonde hair appeared and approached Verdandi. Her inexperience - her weakness - visible in every of her movement, Haka's full disdain for the human only halted so lightly by the Kirigakure headband she carried. Hm. Perhaps she was not without potential but even among the genin of Kiri few would withstand the nightmares suffered in Spider Island. It was to be seen what this little one would be capable off.

Her attention to the girl would be interrupted by the hulking man shouting in their direction. Recognition. He called out to Verdandi, knew her. His presence towered over the two girls and would surpass hers just as much. But muscle didn't mean experience or power. And since he looked humane despite his scruffy and intimidating looks, he had yet to earn the respect of the survivalist spider who believed him to be as meek as any other human going about its life. At this point, Haka was wondering why exactly Verdandi had called them here. If it was her idea of bothering the spider for a picnic with the thought of having a casual talk and nibble away at something that wouldn't do her much good, she'd find the spider to be disappointed. Yes, she certainly appreciated being back home to enjoy the cool, humid environment of Kirigakure after they had been baking under the blistering sun of Suna but this was pretty much pushing the button of the monster. And it didn't even stop there, since a third one would join the group. From the sound of his voice, another Ice user. Maybe family of Verdandi or the Mizukage. Send to meet with them for a mission? That must have been a mistake. Ahoban had not been assigned a mission, and Haka was certainly not of a mind to drag along a bunch of fresh liabilities through a B or A rank. If they weren't able to fend for themselves properly, they'd just be left to die on their own.

Still, she'd rise up and jump down from her elevated position, almost floating as traces of mist trailed behind her. Soundless and slowly as if she was mist itself, she'd land on the floor before approaching the gathering herself, her monstrous aura betraying her arrival as it breathed down their necks. Halting behind the genin, the apathetic arachnid would merely observe their reaction stoically while raising a hand to greet Verdandi.



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Chigetsu Hōzuki


The unspoken sign would be given, and the arrival of Chigetsu would given the signal that Ahoban’s business would begin. Haka’s observation of how he was usually the last to arrive to their gathering was generally correct, born from his embarrassing inability to keep time. Too often he would arrived late to their missions, having misjudged the position of the sun in the sky. But today his tardiness would be reversed. Rather than the last to arrive, Chigetsu would instead be one of the first. His presence would only be revealed once Avalanche, Verdandi’s quickly growing polar bear, excitedly jumped into the pool. The bear entered the water with the force of a cannon ball, quickly causing a full scale evacuation. All of the excessive movement would rouse Chigetsu from his napping. Along with Verdandi he had come to the training grounds earlier, but rather than taking the opportunity to set up a picnic or train he would retire to the pool. In truth he had been taking a sneaky nap underwater, away from prying eyes that might judge his midday snooze.

The ended quickly with the bear jumping in with him. A quick bubbling and sudden current in the pool would be followed by a sudden bursting upwards, as if the water itself was attempting to rise up and leave the pool. Shape and definition would return to the water as it reached higher and higher, towering over the half submerged bear and quickly revealing itself as the Hōzuki male. His near shoulder-length white hair was quickly brushed out of his own face and slicked back soaking wet, exposing an incredibly grumpy pair of squinted red eyes. Below a loose necked and similarly soaked shirt he would be wearing his Kirigakure headband like a belt, attached tightly around his waist. Most noticeably as he rose up higher from the water the simple skirt he was wearing would become visible, colored a simple grey with the symbol of his clan printed in a lighter red. More and more recently since his return from Sunagakure he had come to wear them as a habit, although it came as an innovation out of necessity that he did rather than a stylistic decisions. Chigetsu’s lack of fashion sense was clearly visible from the simple, loose, and entirely white outfits he generally wore. It was out of necessity, as the collection of squirming tentacles that extended down from his waist couldn’t be housed any other way. Twenty limbs of squirming blue tentacles streaked down to make his lower half, replacing where his legs had been, and although they lacked suckers it was clear from the way that they moved what they were for. Nearly as thick as his arm and each over four times his height in length, he would propel himself up onto land as an awakened creature of the deep. No longer would he wait down beneath in dreaming, and in a manner of movement that mimicked a Scylla he would dragged himself onto land.

How positively dripping wet he was resulted in a puddle following him. He was half-melting just as he was half-awake, something that likely combined with his tentacle abdomen to give him an appearance much more like monster than man. Squinted eyes gazed down, avoiding the bright lights of the midday sun. With the added height of his springy tentacles he would stand above the others who had gathered, casting down an impressive shadow. Only once he gained enough bearing to notice the crowd would he lower himself to a level more comfortable for conversation. Still, it was clear that conversation wasn’t something he was looking forward to. His still squinted expression cast a dour glare down at those unfamiliar to him. Avalanche was the first he had seen, although despite how he loved the bear being woken up so suddenly put him in much too snappish of a mood to give him any attention, and so he would be passed by without a word. Instead the humans, and spider, would be addressed with his attention. Verdandi. Haka. Three others.

“You should have woken me sooner, Dandi.” He would say with a yawn. “When did they all get here? I hope I didn’t sleep through anything. Did introductions already happen?” Still squinting, he would turn his eyes down to the unfamiliar before him. None of them had anything which immediately drew his foggy attention to them in terms of external appearance, and so he would glance at each of them longer than was necessary as his vision adjusted to the light. The larger man was a bit of a surprise, but the two others had been about what he expected for trainees. “None of them look like very much interesting. Three of them is a bit much too, Dandi? Why don’t we have them fight, and only take the winner. It'd be easier for all of us that way.” A glance over towards Haka would have him seeking for her to agree.



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Verdandi hissed at the dismissive attitude of her own teammates. Waiting for the five of them to move up to her while she was casually sipping on her tea pot. Verd would pout like a pufferfish as the lot of them seemed to be directly invading her peace and not allowing her to finish. So, for a moment, she tried to ignore them. First the girl, then the tall boy, the yuki, haka and chi. All of them. Such a drag. Such a bother. Why couldn't they just wait a minute until she was finished! So rude! So uncalled for! So…! Verdandi would realize that by the time she had mentally complained she had also finished her cup of tea. Slightly embarrassed over herself. She let the multitude of picnic ware quickly return back into its sealing scroll and then let the scroll poof away into her vast inventory on her belt. Verdandi slowly got up and bowed one by one to the new faces around her. She would have been more confident about doing all of this on her own. But having the critical gaze of Haka and the easily bored Chi in her neck would make this whole ordeal a tad more difficult. With a winking palm she'd simple 'shush' chi away to lean back and chill down for a moment. Giving Verd some space. Haka luckily didn't rely on words to express her opinion, yet her massive disapproval was visibly and emotionally available to be felt all over the place. Verd noticed a couple of distressed sweat droplets forming on her forehead before they froze and slowly dissolved into thin air. She could only hope her squad mates would calm their tits and be nice for a change.

Verdandi inhaled once deeply. "Hello Tokko, pleased to meet you. Yes, I am your contact!"
She moved her head a little to gaze at Zu. "Hello friend, its good to see you, don't worry about it."
Moving once again to stare at the last. "Hello Kaori, welcome to the group and yes you are correct."

Putting the matter at hand to rest. Verd would make sure the lot of them had all shut up and wouldn't cause any more confusion than was already existing anyway. "Alright, I talked a bit with my auntie, she's in charge of this weird place called Kirigakure and has heard reports about either of you two." Verd would point at Kaori and Tokko. "And she heard absolute no reports about you." Pointing at Zu. "Which all in all are of equal concern. Basically, you shouldn't even exist." She said while pointing at Zu again. "You seem to have very nasty hobbies." She pointed at Tokko. "And you show a clear lack of social skills in almost all your encounters." Verd would finish with Kaori. "So, let me get this straight. THIS is Ahoban. We aren't the happy-tree-friends club. We are the misfits. If you have been sent here and put, even if just temporary, into our squad. Then something is terribly terribly wrong with you!"

Verdandi would continue to elaborate. While the certain view of displeasure and irritation would form in some faces. Verd would however continue. "And that is absolutely awesome! Cause fuck being normal. That sucks anyway. Ahoban is officially the mission squad for Kiri's local monsters. While either of you have been sent here in means to participate in a mission, that's only half right. We're here to get to the bottom of why you were marked as potential trouble makers. All of you and for that reason we, or at least I do, have to study you and make my report about it to the Mizukage."

Verdandi would let that sink in for a while. Allowing all of them to somewhat process what she had said. They should already know a bit of what she meant and she wasn't going to discuss the semantics around it. Verd would nod and continue. "In that manner, each of us Ahoban will be appointed one of you as a pupil for this mission. We will all go together, we will all finish this as a team but we will have different objectives during the missions." Verd lifted another paper from the vast amount of scrolls she had on her. Some specific ANBU remarks were displayed on various info scripts about either of the newbies. She would re-read them to make sure that she would make the right pick for this.

"Tokko will be assigned to Chigetsu to learn a bit about controlling their emotional output and do something useful with it."

"Zu will be assigned to Haka to endure her monstrous presence and learn more about controlling their physical urges."

"Kaori will be assigned to Verdandi to learn how to overcome physical restrictions and find your own use in battle despite imperfections."

Verd lowered the paper. Gazing at all of them. "Either of you can go home any time they want, no one is forcing you to stay here or participate in this social experiment. However, I must make note that it can negatively impact your reputation if you don't comply. Especially for you Zu, the administration does not see reason why to tolerate you any further within our borders if your presence only causes troublesome reports. That being said. I'm sure either of you could have a lot of fun participating in this and learn something. Be it about fixing your shortcomings." Verd would look at the pupils. "Improving your social skills to function in our community." She gazed at Haka. "And to learn about taking responsibility." She'd finish with Chi. "If all of you comply. I suggest for either of you to shortly introduce themselves, express what you feel about the accusations made to you being misfits and maybe tell us about yourself in a way so we might better understand you."

Verdandi would, despite most of the picnic ware being gone. Sit back down on the ground. Giving Avalanche a short look to see if the boy was still fine in the pool or not. Seeing him taking a nap would solve that worry quickly though. "To give you an idea, let me start."

"I am Verdandi Yuki. I am the third in line of heirs and a princess to the current Yuki Clan, yes that includes your sorry ass Kaori. I am a very talented ice users and have some… gadgets at my disposal that make me a very useful tool on the battlefield. My role is to serve as a tactician and sensory specialist. My best friend over there, Avalanche, is my pet. He is very strong and very cuddly. Don't hurt him or he will bite you. Caress him and he will like you. You probably don’t want to know what he eats so we'll leave it at that. I'm a misfit because I can't deal with authority and tend to put people on ice sticks that fricking annoy me. I like Chi, Bears, Sleeping and cool stuff, literally. I dislike people arguing with me over silly stuff and people trying to tell me what to do. I also dislike dirty and stinky places. My goal is to become strong and bring my hometown, Heidel, in the land of snow back to its former glory."

Verd caressed her chin like a wise old man realizing he had no beard. "Well I guess that's about it. Your turn." She said and pointed at Tokko.

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Often when a person sets upon a certain task, they will experience some pitfalls and tribulations throughout the course of completeing that task. They will either conquer these inconveniences and reach the desired result, or succumb to them and fail rather spectacularly. In this given instance, Tokko has plotted out stealing a missive from the administrative desk in order to secure an easy access route to the Gyōsha District. She had believed that this was something not meant for her, and that she had so cleverly gamed the system. As Verdandi addressed the group which had gathered, an interesting cast of characters to say the least, her words would raise awareness within Tokko that she had in fact been the one outplayed by the Mizukage herself. This realization would amount to the latter of the two aforementioned results. Tokko get a sense of failure, worse than a simple failure however, she felt that she had been played for a fool.

Verdandi would continue her briefing, a rather long introduction of the situation which had been brought before them. This Ahoban squad was supposed to be a collection of misfits. A grouping of monstrous individuals within the Hidden Mist Village who would take on certain tasks and either reinvent themselves or, at best, utilize their societal ills for some form of good for the village. Some time before the explanation, a few others had arrived in a mostly traditional manner, Tokko had taken a note of them all. The most interesting of the lot, arriving on the scene from within the nearby pool, surfing a long trail of water behind legs that were not legs at all. With white hair and red eyes, the individual would seem to have had some sort of albinism. Apart from that, they were clearly capable of some sort of shape shifting. They were the most interesting, but the other woman to have arrived gave off an aura of uneasiness. Not her own unease, oddly enough. Being near her raised the hairs on ones skin and gave the incessant feeling of being watched. White hair and red eyes once again. A pattern was forming, and not one Tokko was sure she fit within.

Though her anger had been subdued, even after discovering she had not been on top of this situation after all, Tokko had been too absorbed in the words of Verdandi to have realized that her Shikotsumyaku had started acting up, all on its own accord. Sharp, curved bone spears were slowly piercing her clothing in different places. It was her own little equivalent of grinding ones teeth in frustration. The words of the tentacle clad individual rang true through her mind, regardless of whether it had been in jest. The three of them should have fought for a position on a squad sanctioned by the Mizukage herself. Much like the Academy of the formerly called Bloody Mist. Her visage was likely no longer just a frail little genin girl any longer, her formidable kekkei genkai revealing itself autonomously. The two being addressed alongside Tokko were so-called Zu and Kaori. One of them was a hulking individual. He had the look of a formidable foe. His clothing was battered and dark hair framed his face. The other was nearly the opposite. Small, frail-looking. Almost sickly in his appearance. Blueish-Black hair distinguished him along with a noticeable eye injury.

So many assumptions had been made up to this point about everyone here. Tokko was near her boiling point as Verdandi finished her brief biography. The organizer of the whole meeting would then pass the figurative torch to Tokko, stating that it was her turn with an attached gesture. The young Kaguya clanswoman had since realized her kekkei genkai was acting up. There was nothing she could do about it at the moment and made an effort to continue on as normal, directly opposing the assumption made about her being unable to control something as petty as emotions. Tokko would take in a deep breath and give a polite, shark-toothed grin at all of her surrounding peers.

Hello. My name is Hoshigaki, Tokko. I am sixteen years old an a recent graduate of the Kirigakure Shinobi Academy. Though my father was a full-blooded Hoshigaki it would seem my mothers DNA was superior, as I am one of few who possess the Shikotsumyaku kekkei genkai. I am able to control the osteoblasts and osteoclasts within my body to do a wide range of things with my own bones. I strongly believe that only the strong in this world ought to survive, and that times of peace breed only weakness among us. Weakness is a cancer that can be excised from society...if we only just made the efforts.

After a momentary pause, feeling proud of herself for marching through the introduction and being honest about her views, a lightheadedness would spread throughout her brain. She looked down and saw blood dripping rather continuously from some instances of her bones reacting too quickly for her skin to naturally make way. She looked around at what she would have imagined were likely to be bystanders looking rather concerned about her, protruding bone spikes drizzling steady trickles of blood into the ground around her, one coming directly out of her shoulder, the rest of the bloodied ones on her forearms.

She would pretend nothing at all was wrong as she stood perfectly quiet after completing her monologue. A faint healing jutsu would emit from her fingertips as she forced scabbing over the ill-formed exit wounds of her own bones. Retracting them had been a painful process but the genin had kept calm through the entire ordeal. Stoic, even. Despite that, she had already envisioned several dozens of scenarios in which she could have beaten down and butchered the other two genin. She would not have been caught being cut down so early from her crusade. There was still so much to be done before the Bloody Mist could be realized once again.

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