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1Finding the way home [Land of Wind/Suna] Empty Finding the way home [Land of Wind/Suna] on Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:02 pm

Nova Makato

Nova Makato

Mission name: Pillars of Sand.
Mission rank: B-rank - Quest.
Objective: Locate a new home for Sunagakure no Sato.
Location: Wind Country Wilderness.
Reward: 500 Ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: In the wake of the attacks on the Hidden Sand and the ruins' trampling with the carnage of war, you must find another place to reclaim what was once yours. Kaze no Kuni is the vastest of all, and those with the Will of Wind can drift wherever they need should their old life be inhospitable.
Development References:
Mission Details: In addition to the general risks of traveling through open desert, there is runs the risk of encountering either an encampment of 5 B-rank shinobi with all B-0 stats from Kumo with all jutsu of one element's library(chosen at the players discretion) or a group of raiders with the same abilities.

Naturally, there are common risks associated with traveling through the harsh desert landscape in Kaze no Kuni. You are not the only ones trying to settle in these vast and unforgiving wilds, however; raiders abound, and you're bound to encounter at least five remnants of the old Sand equivalent to Special Jōnin with B-0 stats. Each has access to at least one specialization and/or element's library.

Alternatively, you might have to expel unwanted....stragglers to show that the Sand will shift, but the sun does not bow. You can replace the bandits with Kumo ninja if you so choose.

Mission name: Toil and Trouble.
Mission rank: C-rank - Quest.
Objective: Terraform and grade the new location of the Hidden Sand.
Location: Land of wind
Reward: 300 Ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: Though the location that once housed Sunagakure is now inhospitable, a new place in the land of wind has been sought out and decided upon for its rebuild. Before construction can begin however, the land must be prepared.
Development References:
Mission Details: Requires the completion of “Pillars of Sand” to undertake. The desert is a hard place to build upon, sand being unfit for a base under a building. The sand must be cleared away to the rock beneath and then the rock must be flattened. A number of plants or wildlife may need to be relocated.

Mission name: In The Rough.
Mission rank: A-rank - Quest.
Objective: Gather valuables from the ruins of the Sand.
Location: Rebuilt Slums.
Reward: 1000 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: While a memory that some might sooner choose to forget, the various techniques used to destroy Suna uniquely fused the mineral-rich sands into an incredibly strong and sharp glass. Even if this bodes poorly for the rehabitation of the former Hidden Village, it is suspected that collecting samples could yield arms and armor of above-average quality, to say nothing of that required for rebuilding, such as for windows or even ingenious new infrastructure. With a new location for New Suna already chosen, the only thing to do is to harvest and The mission is to collect a suitable amount of the material from the ruins and deliver it to the new chosen location for the village.
Development References:
Mission Details: Requires the completion of “Pillars of Sand” to undertake. One ton of the glass (about 4 cubic meters) is the smallest acquirable amount that will suit the needs for production. Scavengers and powerful gangs yet roam the area, having grown powerful through hardship. You’ll find four A-rank non-ninja with A-0 stats wielding S-rank scimitars, led by an S-rank ninja with jutsu from two libraries of your choice and maximum stats for their rank. You are to….discourage their presence for the sake of future runs by defeating them, seeing as how they guard each deposit whether they know its value or not.

Mission name: Thou Art I.
Mission rank: C-rank - Quest
Objective: Divert building supplies from another nation to the new location for the village.
Location: Kaze no Kuni Border
Reward: 300 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: There are caravans of basic building supplies traveling between the other villages and their camps in the land of wind, often carrying supplies both to sustain the troops as well as to erect new camps. Divert a caravan of at least 3 carts to the new building location of Sunagakure, while keeping a low profile
Development References:
Mission Details: Requires the completion of “Pillars of Sand” to undertake. The caravans are guarded by 5 B-rank non-ninja with B-0 stats and weilding A-rank weapons.

Mission name: Grains to Dune.
Mission rank: B-rank
Objective: Seek out investors
Location: Land of wind
Reward: 500 + 1EP
Mission Description: There are those who remain in the land of wind that, while not willing to put forth the effort themselves to bring back a village, have the means to endorse those who do. Make a deal (through whatever means work) to secure investments to establish the new village.
Development References:
Mission Details: The investor may be either NPC or PC, and the investments can be either in the form of currency or supplies.

Mission name: Lighting the Fires
Mission rank: B-rank
Objective: Rouse the refugees
Location: Land of Wind
Reward: 500 + 1EP
Mission Description: Those who wish for Suna to be rebuilt can only rally for the cause if they are aware it is happening. Inform the refugees from the village’s destruction that Sunagakure is being rebuilt and gain their support.
Development References:
Mission Details: This mission can be opposed by either PC or NPC. While many who live in the slums with refugees would count themselves allies of Sunagakure, there are still those who wish to never see it rise again. There is group of 2 B-rank ninja with all jutsu of one element library, and one A-rank ninja with all jutsu from two elements library who will try to stop the rally(or one PC in place of the A-rank)


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