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Verdandi returned once more to the bar that once supposed to be Ahoban's Headquarters. It had been a while since they first met here. The once Genin rascals now on the path to become Jounin. Soon they would be requested to have pupils of their own to take care of. Verdandi first entered the bar. The door keeper being someone she faintly remembered. A guy that had been webbed back to the entrance by young spider Haka? Verd waved at him faintly. Entering to see Reiko tending the bar as usual. Gin nowhere to be found. Verdandi sat down on the counter, requesting some sweet plum juice with a tint of alcohol. She turned a bit to see one of the exotic dancers' training again. Just like the first time. Despite not being much older than back then, she felt a lot more aged and adult. Feeling less disturbed by the aspect of such a powerful, skin revealing look on the girl. Remembering as well how she first found interest in the girl's dance. Even now, Verd would still try to find a special beauty in their dancing style. Always looking for inspiration within those moves to turn it into a new battle combo for her blade dance. That at least. Had not changed much. Dandi started to chit chat with Raiko for a while. The first time they came her she was the one giving Ahoban its, still in use, radio equipment after Gin had casually dozed off. Forgetting all her potential responsibilities.

It was the last time Verd had seen Gin. It was a weird feeling. She knew the woman founded this whole thing to become what it was today without ever being part of it. Verdandi thought of characters like Sero, Nayoko, Daremo, Mizuki, Takao and Ayakashi. All have been her teacher at some point in time. Then there was Maigo. The hunter that was given charge of Ahoban during the war. But never truly has there been one to actually care for the three kids. Leaving them to be on their own. Fighting their battles through Hansha, dealing with their own family matters, even becoming part of a war that was way too big for them. Growing forcefully into adults at some point. Long since, they had outlasted the competition. Far gone beyond the ranks of their former friends in their generation. And yet at heart they still remained Ahoban. Still remained, the Idiot Squad. A mix of chaotic monsters in their own kind. Without leadership to become one of the most fearsome trio's in the mist. But the journey was barely halfway. They still had a goal ahead of them. To become Legends of their own. To become monsters worthy of the bloody mist. To topple the generations before them and seek to become the true powers that rule the mist. Dreams. Goals. Difficult ones. Maybe never to be achieved. But goals still. Only if you aim high you can fly high and try to see if you don't drop again.

After some time of idly talking with Raiko. Verd would get up and see the sign board filled with pictures of what must have been various snapshots of Ahoban. Includng the original forms of their introduction here. Whilst Gin seemed to have abandoned the trio. Raiko must have continuously watched over their progress. Bringing a soft tear to the ice princess face. Smiling to herself as she went through the various paper articles and found herself and her partners on many of the Kiri reports on display.

Name: Haka Osada
Talents: Talent for hunting
Abilities: Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Suiton and Katon
Aspirations: Evolution is the eternal aspiration
Dislikes: Dislike everything else that's a waste of time
Likes: Likes Sero, spider clan, hunting, pudding, piano, pony and quietude, approves sufficiently of a few people to have decided I will kill them last
Name: Verdandi Yuki
Talents: Talent for tactics
Abilities: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Hyōton
Aspirations: Wants to Make Yuki great again, thinks the seven swordsmen are cool
Dislikes: Dislikes putting more effort forth than necessary. Ugly, dirty or stinky places.
Likes: Likes to sleep a lot and shiny, cute, pretty or strong things.
Name: Chigetsu Hozuki
Talents: Can liquefy body and turn into water.
Abilities: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Suiton
Aspirations: Think the seven swordsmen are cool. Wants to be able to talk to one of their swords?
Dislikes: Dislikes when it's too quiet, orange juice and strip bars.
Likes: Like swords, going to the beach, and watching rainstorms.



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