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Supply Run (D-rank Mission)

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1Supply Run (D-rank Mission) Empty Supply Run (D-rank Mission) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:43 pm



A supply run. In other words, they needed someone to haul a bunch of stuff from one end of town to the other and they couldn't be bothered to do it themselves. And they decided to hire a genin to do it for them, because what else could genin be doing with their time? Certainly not something worthwhile. Ugh. Kaida was in a bad mood before she even started today.

The expression on her face foretold death and destruction in the near future, and the poor mission docent had noticed. She scanned the mission ticket for the exact details and matched them up with her map of Konoha in her head. If she hurried, she could make a beeline with the supplies and have this "mission" done and over with and that money in her pocket in time to start another mission before the day was over. A 300 Ryo day, maybe with a tip if she were lucky. It could... she sighed out loud, letting off steam as the docent sweated about her presence, still too afraid to say anything to the angry kunoichi. It could be worse. You could do worse. Just take the stupid mission and get it over with.

Rubbing her temples, she stalked away from the mission counter, leaving the docent in shambles. The coworker to the side of her did his best to comfort her, but was still shaken, himself. Kaida, on the other hand, had completely forgotten either of them were there.

Re-reading the ticket as she walked down the street, she learned a few things about the nature of the errand. The Hidden Leaf army was running war games and needed the supplies as a part of one of their games. So, probably a crate full of odds and ends that no one bothered to pack the first time. Or it could be things they'd run out of and their quartermaster was falling down on the job about how much supplies were realistic to pack in the first place. Or hey, maybe this was a fun game to them and they just liked to watch the genin run their errands for them. It could be anything.

She arrived at the provisioner's office, which also functioned as a small canteen on its side. Anything to keep busy, she supposed. Peeking her head inside, she saw no one around. Shrugging, she let herself in and starting looking around for the things she needed. Minutes later, someone behind her cleared their throat. Loudly. Kaida turned to look at him, murder still resting in her eyes. "Oh good. You're here," she drawled boredly. She thrust the list out to him and began tapping her foot.

Nonplussed with her behavior and appearance, the old man narrowed his eyes at the young woman in response. "Yes," he said slowly. "I am here." He plucked the list out of her hand and gave it a read. His gray eyes slid back up to her and he hmphed at Kaida, looking her up and down. Youth these days, he thought to himself. No respect. Without another word, he walked away from her and into another room, fetching a medium-sized wooden box, and began to fill it with the required items. Lastly, he disappeared into the canteen, and returned with the box closed. "Here you go, young lady," he told her, putting stress on something that should have caught her manners.

"Thanks, ojii-san," she replied, taking the box from him. It wasn't as heavy as she was expecting. Good. She could make good time with a lighter box. "I'm off, then."

* * *

She was, in fact, making good time. This whole errand thing was about to go smoothly, and as she jogged down the street, her mood began to improve. Thinking back, she regretted how she'd been to the provisioner. It wasn't his fault that she'd been stuck on this stupid mission. She rolled her eyes at herself as she jogged, and took them off the street for just a moment. It was a moment too long.

A stray cat darted out from an alley as she approached, and in dodging around its tiny body, she dropped the box! The whole thing clattered onto the street, busting apart at the sides and spilling its contents everywhere. Karma, she told herself. She couldn't even be mad.

Chagrined with herself and her stupidity, she immediately swept up the fallen supplies, stuffing each one into the box haphazardly. It wasn't until her hand touched something cold that she realized something was off. She withdrew her hand sharply, giving the cold... ice cream box? Wait. Ice cream box?! Why didn't anyone tell her she was transporting ice cream?! This stuff was liable to melt if she didn't book it!

"Crap. Crap. Crap," she grumbled, reassembling the box to the best of her ability. She couldn't get the lid back on-- it had been stapled in place by the provisioner, and those staples had snapped when she dropped the box. A stray thought wondered who made such flimsy staples, but a more worried mind brushed it aside and picked up the box, lid or no. She tried to double-check her list for everything, but padding herself down, found that she had never gotten the ticket back from the old man. "Awww. Stupid!" Kaida scolded herself. Now feeling a creeping panic, she couldn't remember where she was going.

She had to calm down. If she didn't hurry, the ice cream would melt without the lid to insulate it, but she couldn't deliver the box without all its components, either. She set the box down, and into her pouch one hand went, drawing out a pair of her singing Baoding balls. Cycling them in her hand, she counted to ten, let out a breath, and centered herself. She had seen the address on the ticket. She'd read it three times. She just had to remember the route she'd picked out before, and the rest would follow.

Moments passed. The warm sun beat down on the box, threatening her cargo, but she was in her happy place. A second or an eternity passed by, and suddenly her destination clicked in her mind. Smiling, she put away the Baoding balls, lifted the box, and ran. She was a ninja. She was delivering goods to a destination. Yeah, the job sucked, but it was paying work. She had to be thankful for the things she had-- she ducked under a pair of men hauling a couch, sliding low under the furniture with her crate still in both hands, righted herself, and never slowed down once.

Kaida arrived at the training camp, panting and out of breath. Her lungs were on fire, but her feet still beat the pavement, taking her directly into the on-site quartermaster's tent. She offered the crate out to the man inside with both hands out. "Delivery for you!" she exclaimed, out of breath.

* * *

Breaks were okay. Everyone needed a little break every now and then. Kaida looked down at the cone of ice cream in her hand. It wasn't money, but it was a thoughtful tip, and after that run, she needed it.

* * *

Kaida knocked on the canteen door. It was still mid-afternoon, but Kaida had a serious task that needed to be taken care of before she could turn this mission in for another. Her already bad reputation aside, she couldn't go making enemies of people without good reason. And if she didn't want that, she'd have to make up for her transgressions like a responsible adult.

The old provisioner answered the door, gray eyes hard. "Oh good," he drawled sarcastically. "It's you."

Kaida smiled sheepishly, folding her hands in front of herself. "Good afternoon, ojii-sama," she began. "I want to apologize for my behavior earlier. I was in a terrible mood, and it was not right of me to take it out on you. I can offer no excuse for my poor manners." She bowed low to him, and waited for his response.

300 Ryo (150 mission, 150 extra WC)

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