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1The Long Way Back [Konoha->Suna] Empty The Long Way Back [Konoha->Suna] on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:27 pm

Akira sat on the bed in his Hotel, praying to Messiah. To his God. To the Shinigami. He was praying harder than ever before, because of the promise he made. The promise to return the little one. Recently, he had a vision. He believed that the Shinigami was leading him somewhere. Back to Sunagakure. “Are you fricking serious? We are going BACK to Sunagakure? We just went there? Why the hell are we going back?”

“Because, my dear Akisu, that is where I am lead. That is where I must go. I follow the Shinigami’s will. No matter what.”

“Now with this crap again.”

“Watch your tongue! You will be grateful to the being who resurrected you to this plain of existence from the Hell you probably came from! You mock me for my religion, the very power that YOU asked of me to use!” Akisu’s face became stuck in a position of shock. And within her heart, guilt weigh heavy on it. Her head tilts down, and her eyes look to the side, unable to look at her summoner without feeling a bit of shame and guilt. Akira turned away from her, glad to exhale his small rant, and continued to pray. His expression softened a little bit. He had to take so much verbal abuse from her. He could handle most of them, but when she speaks of Agari and the Shinigami in such manner, he had finally snapped. If he hadn't promised to not summoned her away, which she has made him get into the habit of doing, then he would have already done so.

After his longer than usual prayer, he steadily picked himself up from the side of his bed. “Come. We must go now. I have a carriage waiting for us.”

“How did you get the money for that?”

“I have my ways.” After Akira and Akisu left the apartment, the two made the walk to the carriage. The air between them was very heavy. Akisu stayed silent, while Akira walked in silence. He never even looked at her, nor said a word. Akisu, looked calm and uninterested as ever, but while walking behind Akira, she kept clanging at him, curious to his state of mind. She couldn’t help but let the guilt within her consume her. She felt like an ungrateful brat. The two finally reached the carriage, and Maikeru handed him the Ryo. “Suna right?”

“Yes” The driver looked at the two, and sensed the heavy air between them. He walked away from them, shaking his head, saying something that Akira notices was on the lines of “lover’s quarrel.” Akira raised an eyebrow, but decided to let it go. Akira walked around to the side, and hopped inside it. He sat down, and removed a book from his bag, of his favorite genre: horror. He looked inside and read about the horrific ways people were being slaughtered within the book. While the two were off to their destination. Akisu looked at Akira. She couldn’t hold it in much longer. “Akira...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I was just agitated...please forgive me.”

“Your apologies may need some slight improvement, but regardless, you are forgiven.” Akisu took a deep sigh, the feeling of the world off her shoulders. “So what was the vision?”

“A land where Agari will prosper, and settle down. That’s the most accurate and promising interpretation I can get. I saw the girl we met before coming Konoha. The one in Suna. Nova.”

“Ah I remember her...hehe.”

“Calm yourself. We have a ways to go.”

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