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1Dear Kage....[Open] Empty Dear Kage....[Open] on Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:20 pm

YamI Maru

YamI Maru

Laying on a trashcan, Maru was bored out of his skull. He thought he should train but where is the excitement in that, besides he hasn't actually gone to the academy just yet so he decided to wait on training for a little while. He wanted to be famous, well known around the village but he was having trouble thinking of what could he do to get noticed. He's been pretty lazy when it came to training, that and he didn't like going to school but it looks like he needed to actually do something in order to get some motivation going... Then the mischievous feline shot up, having a idea of what he could do to get himself noticed or at least have a good laugh so he could brag to other students about what he was about to do. But before he actually went the the Hokage's residents he needed to show his inner artist first..


  A couple hours later, Maru was skipping down the street with a pink envelope heading towards the Hokage's residents, his ears perked up in high spirits and his tail swaying from side to side. Some people watched the black cat who was walking on his hind legs, while some people simply looked at the happy-go-lucky kitty as normal. as the official residence of the sitting Hokage. Everyone knew where the hokage lived, and how well guarded it was so it was no use trying to break in. Besides, he could simply get the guard to pass his message along so hr wouldn't have to do it. Unfortunately he wouldn't get a chance to see the look on the hokages face after looking at this. Would he laugh? Be enraged? Be flattered? Just toss it? He didn't know. But this would be one hell of a story to tell, especially to other Ninneko’s.

 As he approached the gate guard, the guards looked down at the small 3 foot tall cat who was handing the guard a letter in both hands giving the guard big cute eyes. “Hiya Mister! Can you give this to the hokage, please? Tell him it's from a very needy academy student.” He winked at the guard, who took the envelope then looked at it hard. It didn't seem dangerous, nor did the Ninneko before him so why not. "Alright I'll make sure hokage will get this.” Maru couldn't help but yowl with joy before walking away, he wondered how fast would the hokage get the letter. He hoped he didn't mind him using an ape for reference to his features, humans are apes after all so he figured hokage sama wouldn't mind the gorilla.

As for the letter, what the hokage would read when he got the letter from his secret admirer would read:

Dear Kage....[Open] 2dmqM15

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Rippa would have settled in for his morning muffin and coffee by then. Having been up late the night before with paperwork. Oh yes, the village needed his attention a great deal. Still for now the morning was his own. The going ons in Suna had drawn some of his attention and support was being offered to the Suna refugees despite the other nations influence. Konoha was forbidden from looting anything. They simply dropped supplies and offered medical attention, chased off bandits and protected anyone asking for it. He picked up the paper as he sipped his coffee and read up on the situation. Konoha had some limited but interesting information. It appeared there had been a rather large scale battle with such players as Mitsuo and Ayakashi and Nozomi at play. Each of them a potent name in their own right. However it appeared the battle had been fairly even. His blue eyes studied the details for a moment before smiling and setting down the paper. All those people vying for power. Forgetting the most basic aspect of suna. The people there were to proud to simply let their lands fall into enemy hands. Otherwise they would have left such a harsh climate years ago.

His own involvement was more indirect. No force was moving as an army into suna but rather offering visible support here and there. If anything the others were putting pressure on any diplomatic relations with the future nation but Konoha was avoiding that. A little less immediate gain and more long game. He personally thought it was clever but would keep it mostly to himself and that one Suna boy. His attention was drawn to the window as he folded the paper. Setting it down as he sipped his coffee. Heavy on the sugar and creamer. His half eaten muffin forgotten for the moment. Housing had been provided mostly thanks to the Senju clan for the refugees but they were certainly on edge. Still he would observe the guard approaching from outside. Choosing to knock on the kitchen door before entering. It was curious that he would come to the kitchen but there was a letter in his hand. He nodded to Rippa before speaking of a cat walking on two legs asking that this was delivered. Describing him and the fact that he took off in the direction of the academy before excusing himself and returning to his duties.

Rippa would pause before taking a small letter opener from a nearby drawer. Leaning back against the counter as he slit it open and peeked at its contents. Immediately his attention was drawn to the ape in the hokage hat. His eye brow would raise as he would frown before he would read the rest of it. Certainly it was a mixed message. Still he would fold it and place it in his pocket. His black pants covered his polished boots for the majority of them. A black vest adorned his top with the chest pocket being used for the letter. His swords and his scroll were to be left behind as he stepped outside. Before he could leave the complex a guard fell in behind him. He would pay it little mind as he stepped and from the vision of those on the street the guard and him were simply gone. Searching the streets for the cat, Before long they would spot him with ease, The guard confirming that was the one. Rippa and himself would stop only a few meters ahead of him. The crowd shifting made it appear that one moment their position was empty and the next there they were. Blue eyes watching behind white hair as they waited to be approached. Should the cat choose to do so Rippa would cross his arms and speak up in a warm tone.

"I am having trouble deciding if your a prankster or not little one. Do clarify for me."



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YamI Maru

YamI Maru

The feline wasn't exactly expecting to get a reaction from the hokage that fast, so he didn't exactly rush to get where he needed to go since Mr.Hokage would probably be all busy with huge stacks of paperwork or trying keep the peace of the village. The typical Hokage work. But seeing him, in front of him, asking him about the letter made Maru flail his paws and meowed in surprise. The reaction from the man was pretty faster than he would've expected, so he decided to explain himself. “So you caught me, huh? I guess now that the cats outta the bag let me tell ya a little something about this good looking kitty you're looking at before you." the feline said, giving a wink to the hokage. Little did he know was that he was about to get a long introduction before he got his question answered. “I am the cool cat with a cool cattitude! From the stars I came, and to the stars I will conquer! And to live long and pawspurr! To take your hearts in these paws! To make our claws be the new laws!” He paused for tension. “Yami Maru! A pleasure to meet you!”

Now that introductions are out of the way, he felt like his motto needed a bit of work. Probably need more cat puns, but he would probably have more time to work on it when he got home. Now he believed that this was the part where he needed to start explaining, true enough he was indeed a prankster but he believed since humans were a different species of apes that it wouldn't be a problem. “As for if I'm a prankster or not. Why would you say that? I thought humans were just furless apes so I took the time to give you some hawt wavy fur.” He took another look at the man's features, squinting a bit realizing how wrong he was. “Well shoot, you have white fur. New I should've used a snow ape for reference, my mistake.” He laughed bringing a paw to the back of his head, then his eyes bolted open and his ears perked up as if he just realized something. He looked at the hokage then smiled, making what looked to be finger guns at him.

“Ooooooh I see, you're here to ask me out are you!” He seemed pretty certain that he wanted to ask him out, who would go through all the trouble hunting him down if he wasn't trying to get a date in. Maru in consideration how… weird would that be. Probably due to being really young he couldn't actually tell the gender of a human right away, much less what humans eat. He was already thinking of some of his favorite cat food to give him, probably a uncooked fish too. Curious, the feline tilted his head and waited for the mans answer. “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeelll? Are you interested in The Maru?” he asked in a sort of mockingly tone.

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