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Mission name: Sewer Troubles
Mission rank: D
Objective: Investigate the Sewers
Location: Konohagakure no Sato sewers
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission Description: There have been reported disturbances regarding the sewer system that runs under Konoha. Sightings of massive snakes, underground gangs, and even turtles that walk on two legs have been constantly reported. Go into the sewer system and investigate.  
Mission Details: Go into the dark underground sewers and make sure nothing is hanging around down there that could be bothering people. Anything encountered in the sewers has D-stats across the board. Underground sewer crocodiles or ninja turtles are optional.

Aratana slept through the morning, sleeping peacefully, however missing a chance to say goodbye to his mother before she left for work. His mother watched over him sleeping before she left though, looking over her sons precious face. It was endearing to say the least, however Aratana was often distraught with the following effect of not being able to see his mother at all until she returned home.

Aratana would eventually come to, with the intense heat from the suns rays flashing down upon him. In this time he’d roll over, back into the shade, however his conscious mind soon came to and he jolted over to the night stand to see the time on the clock. It’s eleven thirty already? he’d think to himself, rubbing his eyes to clear them out. ”Eleven thirty,” he’d say softly to himself, before getting up with a disappointed look on his face, for he missed the opportunity to see his mother. It was because Aratana was still young, and wasn’t quite prepared to have no one to care for him throughout his day.

After his feet hit the ground, he walked over to his restroom to get ready for the day. He’d start by brushing his teeth, ensuring he did it for 3 minutes like his mother suggested. Then, he continued to floss his teeth, followed by him using mouthwash to fully clean it. After this, he pulled some clean clothes on, starting by putting his shirt on, followed by his pants, socks, and then his denim overalls. After this, he proceeded to walk through a couple sliding doors linking to the kitchen. As he went through the halls, he glanced at photographs of his mother and father. As well as all of them together as a family. Even though the times were hard then, he still missed the man his father was when he was a toddler. Even though he had vanished though, he didn’t miss the father he was then. He then followed to dismiss his thoughts completely, following back in the direction he was going.

Eventually, he arrived in the kitchen and saw the typical bento box lunch his mom was always setting out for him. He peeked in the container, and this time is was slices of variously types of fish and a small pile of rice. Aratana licked his lips before resealing the box, and proceeding to notice a small note taped upon its top. He was tempted to read it, but then decided it’d be more fun to read later when he is in a better mood. He then placed the container in a small backpack and proceeded to go outside into day and get started with a mission. He trotted down his homes stairs, and then took a left on the street, running along it and proceeding to the administration office. As he arrived there, he’d sift through the D rank missions, mentioning something that reads:Sewer Troubles. He’d then take it to complete it, reading through the details. Citizens have been hearing a loud rumbling noise beneath the street so of Konoha, no one is certain if there is a chance of enemies or if the sewer system has gone awry.. He’d then take the papers to get stamped by an administrator, and he’d set off into the streets, looking for the location of a path to the sewers.

Eventually, as he ran through one alleyway, he’d hear a large noise running underneath him that sounded like a train going through water. As he glanced over, he saw a sign that read SEWER ENTRANCE on the front of an old rusty door with a lock that was on it’s last breaths. He approached it, and then proceeded to barely just touch the lock, which led to it falling off of the handle and breaking into a couple brittle pieces upon the ground. As he pulled the door open, it led to a old rusty cage elevator which brought you down to the sewer canals.

He went inside the elevator, and pulled the old tough door shut, before pulling a crank which led to the chain mechanism to turn on. Miraculously, the power from the city still operated this system, and it led to the elevators slow descent into the sewer. As the lowering came to a halt, he tugged the door back open and proceeding to exit into the vile underwater system. Seeing this, he’d sigh to himself, but accept the fact an adventure is an adventure, and he already spent some time to get here.

Aratana eventually would begin walking on the 3 foot wide platform that wrapped along the alleyways in the sewers. He’d walk along it, barely being able to see from the murky sewer lighting. As he went along, eventually he’d come to a large platform where the water was touching the bottom of his boots. He examined what it was, and it appeared to be a bridge to connect alleyways but the water was too high in that area. So then, he proceeded back the way he came, the elevation shifting, before finding another bridge to cross to yet another side.

In doing this, as he was about to turn a corner, a massive white snake glided through the size of an entire canal. Hissing as it’s eye shifted over at Aratana as it went by, like a predator finding a potential meal. Eventually, he’d hear the same hissing and rumbling coming back in his direction.
With this, he’d attempt to surge taijutsu energy to his legs, with the snake coming closer and closer, it’s mouth eventually opening to attempt to eat Aratana. As soon as the snake was about to get his meal, Aratana leapt lightly over the water, before kicking off the air heavily and kicking the snake over his head. He’d quickly be interrupted though, with the snake irritated it’d swing its head to the side, attempting to smash Aratana against a wall. Using his sharp reflexes, he’d use his momentum to carry himself to a wall, his taijutsu legs slowly shrinking down. Soon after, he’d cast a bird hand seal, where a sharp wind aura would form around him, shifting his futon chakra like a storm at 10m/s.

Aratana would look over to the neck of the snake, where it smashes against the wall, to see a thumping muscle upon near its neck. He’d approach this, charging his legs with taijutsu energy, and bursting towards the snakes heart at a rapid pace. He’d smash against its side, slamming against the muscle, and slicing through the snakes soft skin he hugged against it and proceeded to cut the same area for a period of time while the snake was unconscious. Eventually, he’d rupture it’s heart.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the snake would shift it’s mouth in the direction of Aratana, quickly giving one last attack with the strength it has left. However, this snakes speed in a cramped sewer was no match to the nimble Aratanas reflexes. He’d shift around the snake, giving its heart one last kick after a taijutsu burst, causing the snake to quickly have a spasm and eventually die.

After his success, he sat down and rested for a few moments, before trying to figure out what the time could be. He then nah walked back over the bridge and proceeded to follow the path back to the broken old elevator. As he arrived, he pulled hard and somehow managed to get the door open once more. He then pulled the crank, and the elevator seemed to go up a lot quicker than down, causing Aratana to wobble around. As it arrived to the surface, he’d pull the metal door open once more, draining his energy further. He then exited, and walked among the streets. He was in a good mood now that he had gone on an adventure. So he trotted back and forth through the alleyways and blocks leading back to the administration office. As he eventually had the office in site, he hopped over a small fence and continued towards it, eventually reaching the entry point.

He then proceeded to enter the administrations office to claim his reward. As he arrived, his mission information was asked for, and he went on to explain the circumstances of the mission. ”While down in the sewers I came across the source of the noise, it was a wild giant snake. I then proceeded to stop its heart to finish it. You can find it in near the northernmost residences at an old sewer entrance door, which is what the sign reads, with a rusty elevator going down near it’s body.” he’d report. Before being given a nod of affirmation with him seeming to already know the details. He’d stamp the paper, and give the award to Aratana, thanking him for the help.

After this, Aratana sluggishly dragged himself back home, and camp through the front door as it was around dinner time. When he approached the kitchen he sat down to eat his bento box. It somehow preserved fairly well in the sewers, and he ate every last bit of it. Towards the end, he opened the note on top of it, with it reading:Aratana, don’t adventure too long! I will be home early tonight. Love, Mom he smiled after seeing this, glad he wouldn’t be out too late again to miss his mother. As he sat in the living room the hours progressed, seven, eight, and eventually his bed time nine. He then went up stairs, with a deep pit of despair within him. An unshakeable feeling of sadness. As he laid in bed, he stared at the ceiling in the dark for quite some time, before slowly falling into rest, awaiting the next morning, hoping that since he went to bed early he’d be able to see his mother the next morning.


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